2022 Christmas Catalog

This Christmas You Can
Spread the Hope of Christ

2022 Christmas Catalog

This Christmas You Can
Spread the Hope of Christ

2022 Christmas Catalog

This Christmas You Can Spread the Hope of Christ

2022 Christmas Catalog

This Christmas You Can Spread the Hope of Christ

Multiply a Missionary’s Impact with a Bicycle

While his wife pedaled the bicycle adapted for his disability, the native missionary rode on the back, proclaiming the gospel for months throughout the rural town in Cuba. Now, around 120 people gather to worship the Lord there. “The gospel of Christ has changed these lives and this community,” he said. A bicycle can double—even triple—the number of people a native missionary can reach. In places without public transportation, missionaries must walk for hours, sometimes days, to share the Good News with unreached people. This Christmas, accelerate the spread of the gospel with your gift of a bicycle. 

Your gift of $100, $200, or $300 provides 1, 2, or 3 bicycles 

Bless Families in Need with Farm Animals

Missionaries in Iraq met Azhar*, who worked as a shepherd for meager wages. After they explained how Christ is the Good Shepherd who leaves the 99 to save the one, Azhar accepted Christ, and the missionaries gifted him with his own sheep. Under his expert care, Azhar’s flock tripled in size, allowing him to better provide for his family. Today, you’ll hear Azhar shouting “Christ’s sheep! Christ’s sheep!” as he travels through the pastures, telling everyone who hears him about Christ and His salvation. 

Extend a lifeline to a struggling family with your gift of farm animals. These valuable creatures are gifts from God that can break the cycle of poverty. Sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, and water buffalos provide families with an extraordinary opportunity to be self-sustainable. 

Your gift of  $50 helps provide farm animals to struggling families

Change a Child’s Life

After their mother died of cancer, the twin sisters, age 10, tried to care for their younger sister in a slum in India. Working long hours, their father made little income, and the girls didn’t have enough to eat. They walked to school alone in old, tattered clothing. Today, the girls are well cared for, thanks to their uncle who brought them to a ministry’s children’s center. “Here, they came to know about Jesus Christ as their Savior,” the leader said. “They are growing in God’s love.” Change a child’s life with your gift to support children’s ministries in the world’s poorest countries.

$30 helps care for 1 child for a month 

$60 helps care for 2 children for a month

Help Persecuted Christians

After her husband was murdered for sharing the gospel with his ethnic tribe in Mexico, Mariana* courageously began ministering in his stead. She disciples a group of believers despite threats on her life. Thanks to gifts from Christian Aid Mission supporters, an indigenous ministry has been able to provide support for her and her three children, along with the widows of several other martyred pastors. Your gift for persecuted Christians will help provide for their livelihoods and cover the costs of medical aid, legal aid, and shelter for believers who are attacked, imprisoned, and whose homes or belongings have been destroyed.

Your gift of $35 helps a persecuted believer

Reach Refugees for Christ

War and terrorism have turned people who once lived comfortable lives into refugees who now live in tent camps that lack even the most basic elements of human survival, like food, clean water, and adequate shelter. Parents look helplessly into the eyes of their starving children. But God is sending His followers into these camps with His hope! Indigenous missionaries are on the ground sharing critical aid and the hope of the gospel with these desperate people, and they need your help to keep up with the need. This Christmas, you can send life-saving provisions in Jesus’ name to refugee families from Syria, Afghanistan, Ukraine, and other nations.

$34 provides life-saving provisions for 1 refugee family

$68 provides life-saving provisions for 2 refugee families

Transform Lives with the Truth of God’s Word

After missionaries in the Middle East gave 8-year-old Aadel* a children’s Bible, he read a chapter of it every day to his illiterate father. Aadel asked the missionaries to visit his father, who warmly welcomed them and told them how Aadel won’t stop talking about Christ. “He was very proud of his son and feels like his son is changed!” the ministry leader said. “After a period of talking and presenting Christ, he surrendered his life to Christ and obtained an audio Bible in Arabic.” Your gift of Bibles will bless someone with the truth of God’s Word in their own language.

$32 provides 4 Bibles in local languages 

$64 provides 8 Bibles in local languages

Feed the Hungry

When pandemic lockdowns kept Masud*, a day laborer in Bangladesh, from working, he did not know how to feed his wife and three children. They had not eaten in four days when native missionaries learned of their situation and brought food. Masud wept, saying “I heard about love, but today I saw real love from Christians.” Masud and his family now attend a house church.Share Christ’s love today with your gift to provide life-saving nourishment to poor families.

Your gift of $35 helps provide food for poor families

Equip a Missionary to Share the Gospel

Who is bringing the gospel to the ends of the earth? Indigenous missionaries! They are reaching people with the message of Christ in some of the world’s most difficult mission fields. Poverty holds them back, but you can be their supply line. Your gift of $60 will help provide for a missionary’s living expenses and equip them with training, Bibles, and transportation to bring news of our Savior to every tongue, tribe, and nation.

$60 equips 1 missionary for a month

$120 equips 2 missionaries for a month

Provide Hope and Dignity with Sewing Machines

After Amina’s* husband died, she begged for food and money in the streets of Niger. A mother of six, Amina is also disabled and had no other way to survive. But her story does not end here. An indigenous ministry accepted Amina into their vocational training program, where she learned how to sew. At the graduation ceremony, the ministry presented Amina and 15 other disabled women with their own sewing machines.   

Amina started a sewing group where the women come together to work and support one another in providing for their children, and they have begun earning income to feed their children and send them to school. “They are gaining self-esteem and morale as they no longer have to beg,” the ministry leader said. “They also testify of how the love of the believers has impacted them.” You can bless a woman who’s completed a sewing program with her own sewing machine—and hope and dignity for her future.  

$80 provides 1 sewing machine 

$160 provides 2 sewing machines 

Names changed for security