The populations of many countries in the difficult mission field of Eurasia are almost entirely Muslim. However, native missionaries are traveling long distances in these countries to bring the message of Christ to isolated, unreached people groups.

Some of the challenges of missionary work in this region include depressed economies and poor infrastructures, oppressive governments that outlaw Christianity, vast distances between rural communities and rough terrain. For instance, mountains cover more than 93 percent of Tajikistan. Sturdy vehicles are critical “gospel tools” for effective outreach.

Native missionaries in Turkmenistan report that, because of a vehicle provided to them by Christian Aid Mission supporters, they are able to make weekly visits to rural mountain villages where they lead an average of two to three people to Christ every week.

In Tajikistan, where it is illegal to share the gospel with minors, our supporters helped an indigenous ministry hold children’s camps outside of major cities where they were less likely to be noticed. They were also able to hold a conference for 150 women who were taught how to be missionaries to Muslim families. In addition, their Bible school continues to train native missionaries who are starting home churches among remote people groups.

How You Can Make a Difference

Thanks to dedicated indigenous missionaries, the gospel is taking root among the ethnic minorities in Eurasia, but they need help to reach the remote communities where these minorities live to disciple and train them in God’s Word. You can supply them with vital resources for transportation and living expenses, along with Bibles and training materials.

Ways To Give

Evangelism & Discipleship

Building Christ’s Church

Indigenous ministries in Tajikistan and Turkmenistan, some of the world’s most gospel-resistant countries, are effectively sharing the hope of Christ and planting churches among the region’s ethnic minorities. Your support will equip them with the tools they need to expand their outreaches, like all-wheel drive vehicles in places where public transportation is non-existent. These vehicles will enable missionaries to traverse mountainous terrain and reach remote villages for evangelism and discipleship. Your gift will also be used toward the training and living expenses of native missionaries in Eurasia.

Community Engagement

Being Salt and Light

More than 50 percent of the population of Tajikistan is under the age of 25. Families are traditionally big, and by reaching children, an indigenous ministry is reaching entire families. They report that young people are very open to the gospel. The law prohibits the church to work with minors, so the ministry holds summer and winter camps where they can reach children ages 8 to 18 outside of major cities. They plan to conduct two 10 to 12-day camps in the summers and winters. Give now to help support this important work.


Sharing the Love of Christ

Since 1997, a children’s ministry has been rescuing orphaned or abandoned children from the streets of Ukraine and caring for them in a home-like environment staffed by missionary couples. In 2017, the ministry welcomed four new couples, each of whom are now caring for up to 10 children. The ministry also started a Christian school. The leader reported: “Our children were able to raise their educational level this past year, which brought the attention of the villagers, who showed interest in their children attending our school.” GIVE NOW to help compassion ministries like this one in the former Soviet Union.