After the civil war in Syria broke out in 2011 and displaced over 11 million residents, hundreds of thousands of refugees have poured into Greece. Many now live there illegally, confined to abysmally overcrowded camps. Greek society does not welcome competition for jobs and social benefits after a severe economic collapse in 2009. Only 0.45 percent of the population is evangelical. The Orthodox Church sees evangelical Christianity as a threat.

In Spain, only 1.35 percent of the population identifies with evangelical Christianity. Roman Catholicism used to dominate as the state religion; however, Spain has become increasingly secular. Spain’s declining religious sector has given way to immorality. It is one of the largest consumers of cocaine, heroin, and marijuana in the world. Younger generations are particularly disillusioned, rejecting ideas of absolute truth.

Albania, the only country ever to classify itself as an atheist nation in its constitution in 1967, is home to many people who identify themselves by their parents’ or grandparents’ religion in name only.

Meanwhile, Europe’s Islamic population has increased due to the large influx of Middle Eastern refugees.

How You Can Make a Difference

Indigenous ministries in Europe are taking the opportunity to share the love of Christ with the multitude of Middle Eastern refugees who have fled their countries from Islamic terrorism. The practical aid that these ministries offer has opened the hearts of many Muslims to the gospel message. Practical aid, however, is a constant need as indigenous ministries are inundated with requests for help. Your support will enable these ministries to provide vital food, medicine, and shelter in Jesus’ name to refugees in physical and spiritual need.

Ways To Give

Pastor in Spain preaching to his congregation in the main hall of their church

Evangelism & Discipleship

A fast-growing indigenous ministry in Spain has catalyzed a revival among local Spaniards, planting at least 100 evangelical house churches in the country. In response to the high number of North African and Middle Eastern refugees entering the country, the ministry created a successful outreach program, teaching the new arrivals Spanish and helping them find shelter and meeting their other basic needs. The ministry’s robust training program is equipping indigenous leaders to reach their own people in Spain and North Africa. GIVE NOW to help evangelistic and discipleship ministries like this one in Europe.

Christian woman helping to teach an Albanian girl how to write in English

Community Engagement

Recognizing that most Albanians would never set foot inside of a church, a native ministry leader opened a much-needed language and vocational training center as a platform to share the gospel. Elementary and high school students come for supplemental English and computer instruction; Christian women volunteer their time to teach sewing classes. Bible studies are offered for teenagers, men and women. GIVE NOW to help community engagement ministries like this one in Europe.

Muslim refugees in a tent with blankets in Greece


An indigenous ministry in Greece seeks to alleviate the suffering of refugees while sharing the hope of Jesus with them. Upon arrival, weary and destitute refugees are met with food, clothing, information on their rights in Greece, and sympathetic hearts for their stories and concerns. The ministry tries to connect them with accommodations, assist them through the asylum process, connect them to government agencies, and provide them with counseling. The ministry has occasionally been referred to as a church, which has prompted people to call the ministry daily with questions about God. The ministry has shared the gospel with thousands of refugees. GIVE NOW to help compassion ministries like this one in Europe.

Exclusive Stories from the Mission Field


Send Aid to Desperate Refugees in Europe

Refugees fleeing dangers in the Middle East and Africa rarely find a warm welcome in Europe, and the love of Christ that native Christian workers offer makes a deep impression. Besides the food, clothing, infant care items and other aid they need to survive, the spiritual and psychological support they receive is a salve for weary souls.

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Provide Critical Aid to Refugees in Greece

As economic turmoil causes governmental and other programs to fade, more refugees are seeking ways to survive. “The projects and organizations working with refugees are closing one after the other, leading the people to despair and pushing them to leave the country as quickly as they can,” a native ministry leader said.

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Help Build Strong Disciples in Spain

The gospel took root in the hearts of many Spaniards and refugees as native Christian workers shared the message at dinners for married couples, young people or children. Word of Christ’s salvation also spread in street festivals, prison outreaches, sports activities, home groups and on radio and TV broadcasts.

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Muslim refugee woman with markings on her face and a head covering sitting in a building in Europe

Help Workers’ Seize Gospel Opportunity in Europe

Most of the refugees that a ministry in Europe serves are Muslims coming from countries in the 10/40 window where it is dangerous to share the gospel. Native Christian workers providing food, clothing, legal orientation and other aid have daily opportunities to share the message of eternal life in Christ with them.

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Refugees in Greece wearing masks waiting outside of a government building

Build Strong Disciples in Greece

Native workers sharing the gospel with refugees disciple hundreds of new Christians each year, as new arrivals stream into the country while others move on to new destinations. Faith grows in weekly Bible studies, Zoom calls, WhatsApp messages and meetings with individuals.

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A man and woman each holding both of the others' hands

Support Gospel Proclamation in Spain

A man listening to a native ministry’s open-air worship service on a neighborhood street received a Bible from one of the church members, and he recently came to the congregation’s regular gathering saying that Scripture had changed his life. He put his faith in Christ and asked for baptism.

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