Make a Difference

Impact the world for Christ through gifts to share His love and hope

Help Establish a Witness for Christ in Every Nation

Today, more than 7,000 people groups throughout the world have no witness for Christ among them. You can help native missionaries share Christ with these unreached people groups. Your gift will help continue the work of finding, evaluating, and raising support for indigenous ministries in countries of great poverty and where Christians are a persecuted minority.

Your gift of $50, $100, or $200 supports worldwide ministry.

Provide Healing for Body and Spirit

When Jesus walked on earth, He ministered to the whole person, body and spirit. Today, you can follow in Jesus’ footsteps with your gift for medical ministry. Your support will enable indigenous ministries to hold free medical and dental camps, supply medicine to needy families, restore sight through free eye surgeries, and provide prosthetic devices to victims of leprosy—all while proclaiming the Good News to the poor.

Your gift of $25, $50, or $75 provides medical care for the poor. 

Give the Gift of God’s Word

The Psalmist declared God’s Word to be a lamp for his feet and light to his path (Psalm 119:105). Today, you can shine God’s light on the paths of people stumbling in darkness. Your gift will fortify the faith of new believers and introduce unbelievers to the Savior by providing them with copies of God’s Word in their local language.

$14 provides 2 Bibles

$28 provides 4 Bibles

$35 provides 5 Bibles

Help Persecuted Christians Worldwide

Christians around the world are being attacked, beaten, imprisoned, and murdered. You can stand with persecuted believers with your gift to provide for their needs, including living expenses, legal aid, counseling, and rehabilitation. Your support will also provide food and supplies to imprisoned believers, and help relocate and resettle Christians who are in imminent danger.

$35 helps persecuted believers

$70 helps persecuted believers

$100 helps persecuted believers

Reach Refugees for Christ

Indigenous missionaries go tent to tent in refugee camps to share the hope of Christ with people who have suffered unimaginable loss and trauma. But they need your help to provide refugees with life-saving food and other necessities. Your gift will fill empty stomachs and open broken hearts to our loving Savior.

$34 provides life-saving provisions for 1 refugee family

$68 provides life-saving provisions for 2 refugee families

$102 provides life-saving provisions for 3 refugee families

Accelerate the Spread of the Gospel

Without vehicles to transport them to remote villages where many unreached people groups live, indigenous missionaries must spend hours—even days—traveling on foot to their destinations. They are also limited in the amount of aid and number of Bibles they can take with them. Your gift toward vehicles like motorcycles and vans will expand missionaries’ outreaches and accelerate the spread of the gospel.

Your gift of $50, $75, or $100 helps provide time-saving transportation

Help Poor, Needy, and Suffering People

Undeveloped countries throughout the world lack social assistance programs to care for the most vulnerable members of society—like the elderly and disabled. You can share Christ’s love with people in greatest need. Your gift today will equip indigenous ministries with resources to provide the poorest people on earth with food, clothing, medical care, shelter, and most importantly, the hope of the gospel.

$30 helps poor, needy, and suffering people

$60 helps poor, needy, and suffering people

$90 helps poor, needy, and suffering people

Provide a Place for God’s People to Meet

Throughout the developing world, many Christians meet for worship and fellowship in a home, underneath a tree, or in a field. Without resources for a church building, believers must gather together in the open air to be baked by the sun or drenched by a rainstorm. Your support for church buildings will provide gathering places for Christians in need of encouragement, community, and stability.

 Your gift of $50, $100, or $200 helps provide a building for worship and ministry

Support Indigenous Missionaries

Lack of resources is indigenous missionaries’ number one obstacle. They work in the most destitute regions on earth, and the fledgling congregations they are planting are often too poor to provide for their needs. Your gift of $60 will help meet the needs of a native missionary and their family for one month while they answer the call of God to plant a witness for Christ among people groups who have never heard the gospel.

$60 helps support 1 missionary and their family

$120 helps support 2 missionaries and their families

$180 helps support 3 missionaries and their families

Nurture Needy Children

Throughout the world, children are orphaned, abandoned, abused, or neglected. You can help redeem the life of a precious child with a gift to provide a month of food, shelter, and education through an indigenous ministry.

$30 cares for 1 child for a month

$60 cares for 2 children for a month

$90 cares for 3 children for a month