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Your support of $60 a month helps meet the needs of indigenous missionaries and their families while they answer the call of God to share the message of Christ among people groups who have never heard the gospel.

Support Indigenous Missionaries

Christian Aid Mission helps indigenous ministries spearheading the growth of God’s Kingdom in the world’s most difficult mission fields. They understand the language and cultural mindsets of the people inside of their own countries, and they employ appropriate evangelistic strategies to reach these people with the gospel.

In addition to sharing the gospel, indigenous missionaries establish schools and literacy centers in destitute villages, care for abandoned or orphaned children, shelter widows and the elderly, provide medical care and open clinics, drill wells, and open feeding centers. When natural disasters strike, they are the first responders, taking every opportunity to share Jesus’ love.

Indigenous missionaries are doing 90 percent of pioneer missionary work with only a tiny fraction of global mission resources. They need your help. Investing in their work is your opportunity to take part in God’s eternal plan to reach all nations with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

You can help indigenous missionaries around the world reach the nations with the gospel!

Specific region opportunities

African people listening to local Christian missionary
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The battle for souls rages on in Africa, home to the world’s largest Christian and Muslim communities. Indigenous ministries assisted by Christian Aid Mission have sent more than 4,700 missionaries to the field throughout the continent, mainly in regions dominated by Islam, where millions of people belong to unreached people groups. These missionaries are planting churches among some of the most radical Islamic people groups, including the Hausa, Kanuri, and Fulani tribes. Entire villages are turning from false beliefs to worship Jesus Christ.

With help from Christian Aid Mission supporters, native missionaries in Africa are planting churches, making disciples, training leaders for ministry, meeting practical needs, and developing communities through education, vocational training, and clean water. They are living testimonies of God’s love and mercy.

Your monthly support will help missionaries in Africa reach their communities with the gospel.

Chinese christians read their bibles and worship together
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China has the world’s largest population of 1.3 billion. Previously a world leader, China declined after its Cultural Revolution crippled the economy and took millions of lives. Since 1978, however, China has risen as the world’s second largest economy. Every day in China, thousands of people make the decision to follow Christ, bringing the estimated number of Christians to at least 100 million. They meet together in secret house churches and Bible schools, where they receive the training they need to take the gospel to China’s 56 ethnic groups. 

Over the past 30 years, Christian Aid Mission has assisted more than 150 Bible schools in all 31 provinces of China, along with Sunday schools, orphanages, and special outreaches to widows, the homeless, Muslims, and Tibetans.

Your monthly support will help missionaries in China reach their communities with the gospel.

European christians gather together in a cirle to worship
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Throughout Europe, evangelicals comprise only a small percentage of the population. In Greece, only 0.45 percent of the population is evangelical. The Orthodox Church sees evangelical Christianity as a threat. In Spain, only 1.35 percent is evangelical. Roman Catholicism used to dominate as the state religion; however, Spain has become increasingly secular.

Spain’s declining religious sector has given way to immorality. It is one of the largest consumers of cocaine, heroin, and marijuana in the world. Albania, the only country ever to classify itself as an atheist nation, is home to many who identify themselves by their families’ religion in name only.

The civil war in Syria has caused hundreds of thousands of refugees to immigrate to Europe. Indigenous ministries are befriending them and showing them the love of Christ. This has resulted in many former Muslims rejecting Islam to embrace the Savior. The aid is going to refugees but not to locals.

Your monthly support will help missionaries in Europe reach their communities with the gospel.

Christian missionaries feed poor and overlooked in community
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In the vast region of Eurasia, indigenous, pioneer missionaries travel far distances to bring the message of Christ to isolated, unreached people groups.

An indigenous ministry in the closed, landlocked country of Kyrgyzstan is meeting people’s felt needs while sharing the hope of Christ. Ministry workers provided food to poor, mountain communities where many Kyrgyz lost their livelihoods due to COVID-19 lockdowns. The Kyrgyz are nearly 100 percent Muslim; however, ministry workers have already planted several churches among them. In Armenia, an indigenous ministry that has planted 13 churches is sharing the gospel and caring for families displaced by a war with Azerbaijan in 2020 over disputed territory.

Native missionaries in Russia are reaching nomadic reindeer herders who live near the Arctic Circle in an area translated in their language as “the ends of the earth,” along with several other unreached people groups who are isolated or marginalized like the gypsies. Missionaries are making inroads into their communities through programs for children and youth and by helping to meet their needs for food, medicine, and clothing.

Your monthly support will help missionaries in Eurasia reach their communities with the gospel.

Latin american christian missionary and his family in front of their house
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Latin America

While Christianity is spreading at a rapid pace throughout Latin America, its expansion has been somewhat shallow and lacks societal change. For instance, countries in Central America have the largest Protestant populations in the region, but corruption, violence, and extreme poverty are still rampant in these countries.

Many Native American minority groups are still unreached, or completely unengaged. Brazil tops the chart of Latin American countries with the most unreached people groups. Mexico is number two, followed by Peru and Colombia.

Indigenous missionaries in Latin America persevere in sharing the gospel in some of the world’s most dangerous field missions—where gangs, drug traffickers, and hostile animist communities view them as a threat to their territories.

Your monthly support will help missionaries in Latin America reach their communities with the gospel.

Middle eastern family walks through refugee camp
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the Middle East

Since the civil war began in Syria in 2011, the people of the Middle East have suffered unimaginable hardship and loss. Millions of Syrians fled their homes when ISIS invaded their communities. They are now destitute, living in foreign countries like Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, and other places where they do not speak the language and cannot find employment. Likewise, millions of Iraqis fled their homes and headed for the northern region of Kurdistan.

Christian Aid Mission assists numerous indigenous ministries inside Syria and Iraq, as well as in the countries to which refugees fled. Away from their homes, where it was risky for them to inquire about the Christian faith, refugees have been talking with native missionaries about the gospel. Many have expressed disillusionment in Islam and interest in Jesus Christ.  The fields are white for harvest, and God is providing unprecedented opportunities for His servants to share His truth in the Middle East.

Your monthly support will help missionaries in the Middle East reach their communities with the gospel.

Christian missionary sits in circle and prays with other believers
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South Asia

Radical Hindu, Muslim, and Buddhist groups in South Asian countries are actively pursuing the eradication of Christianity, making ministry increasingly difficult for native believers. But despite higher levels of persecution against Christians, the gospel is rapidly spreading throughout the region, and tens of thousands of people are giving their lives to Christ every day.

However, there is still much work to be done. Northern India contains the world’s largest number of unreached people groups. Islamic extremism in Pakistan has significantly increased during the last 10 to 15 years due in large part to Islamic education centers where 40 million children are taught to persecute religious minorities like Christians.

Christians are typically the poorest members of society, as the gospel first took root and is spreading among low-caste populations.

Your monthly support will help missionaries in South Asia reach their communities with the gospel.

Southeast asian christians raise hands and pray together
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Southeast Asia

Christianity has taken root and continues to grow among ethnic minorities in Southeast Asia who face increasing persecution from oppressive regimes and the Muslim population. Indigenous missionaries in Southeast Asia are challenged to minister to unreached people groups in regions of extreme poverty and where there is rampant drug usage.

With the growth of Christianity in Southeast Asia comes an enormous need for trained church leaders. Thousands of rural congregations languish without adequate leadership, falling into unbiblical teaching, moral failure, and syncretism.

With strategic assistance from supporters, indigenous missionaries are spreading the gospel and planting churches in Southeast Asia’s challenging mission field. They are providing crucial discipleship training to new believers so that new churches are built on the solid foundation of God’s Word.

Your monthly support will help missionaries in Southeast Asia reach their communities with the gospel.