Alcoholic Convict Finds Freedom – and More

Alcoholic Convict Finds Freedom – and More

A woman in Kazakhstan had been an alcoholic for many years before a native missionary told her the gospel, and she learned about Jesus Christ for the first time. Within months, she was sent to prison for nearly killing someone.

The native missionary had helped Dasha* in many ways besides sharing the Good News of Christ’s forgiveness with her, but her disease devoured the implanted seed. She hadn’t made up her mind what to think about Jesus when one of her drunken rages removed all restraint as she thrashed a long-time rival. A judge sentenced her to three years in prison.

At the large prison camp in 70-percent Muslim Kazakhstan, feeling ruined for life, she began reading a New Testament the native missionary had given her. Cold and alone, disgusted at the wreck she had made of herself and wracked with remorse, she acknowledged Jesus as Savior and asked Him to forgive her.

Feeling the Holy Spirit seep into her, she vowed to serve Christ for life. Her New Testament became as vital to her as the meager food she received each day.

Cold and alone, she was disgusted at the wreck she had made of herself and was wracked with remorse.

“I found out that I was the only Christian in all the prison, but little by little I began to tell other women about Jesus,” she recently wrote to the native ministry leader. “However, there was great opposition against me because almost everyone there was ‘Friday people [Muslims],’ and many became very angry with me – but also some women started to believe in Jesus.”

After serving three months of her sentence, she was thanking God for the freedom she had found in Christ. He had vanquished her alcohol addiction and broken its destructive cycle. She decided to appeal for amnesty, praying, “Lord, I also ask you to give me my physical freedom, too. I know everything is possible for You.”

Guards told the warden and the prison judicial committee, “This woman is very different from all the others in prison,” and she got a hearing.

After she answered their questions, the chairman of the judicial committee told her, “It’s good that you’ve improved and changed in such a short time, but you’re going to spend your full sentence in prison.”

They told her to stand. As she was about to be escorted out, however, a man in the courtroom said, “Wait a moment. I have come from Astana [the capital], and I am the supreme official in this courtroom, and I have decided to give you another chance because of the things I have heard today and what the leader of the prison has told me. You are hereby granted amnesty, and your judgment will be changed.”

This miracle happened in March, and since then Dasha has been serving in the native missionary’s church.

Later two Christian women were allowed to visit a female inmate in the prison and were surprised to learn that she had become a Christian. The inmate said Dasha had told her about Jesus.

The two women began to make regular visits to the prison, and they along with Dasha are in touch with 46 new Christians there.

“I am a very happy woman today who is very grateful to God,” Dasha said. “I ask you to please pray for these women.”

The financial, psychological, and other compassionate aid that Dasha received has transformed her life, as have similar outreaches throughout Kazakhstan and other countries of the Former Soviet Union. Please consider a gift today to enable native ministries offer critical relief to hurting souls.

*Name changed for security reasons

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