No Formulas for ‘Success’ in Evangelism

No Formulas for ‘Success’ in Evangelism

An indigenous missionary with a far-reaching radio ministry in Laos was on the last day of a week-long medical outreach on the Thai side of the border when he met a villager who wanted to talk with him about Jesus.

Like many of those benefitting from the medical and dental outreach, the man was an ethnic Khmu who had come across the border from Laos. He worshipped the spirit of rice as his principal deity, but he had come to the thatched-roof church building on the Thai side of the border after seeing hundreds of others from his district come for treatment.

The ministry leader, Pastor Keoki*, was exhausted. More than 400 people, all Khmu from Laos, had come for treatment the previous day, and there were large crowds on this final day of the clinic.

Pastor Keoki took the man to the back of the church building to talk about Jesus, but then he noticed that more than 30 people waiting to see doctors had come over to listen. His energy returned.

After he finished his message, he asked those who wanted to accept Christ as Lord and Savior to raise their hand. No one raised their hand.

“They were excited, and so was I,” he said. “I thought, this is a great opportunity to lead 30 people to Jesus just from talking to one man.”

After he finished his message, he asked those who wanted to accept Christ as Lord and Savior to raise their hand. No one raised their hand.

“I was surprised, but then they all told me that they were Christians,” he said. “They were so excited to hear me share about the Bible because they always hear me on the air. I had spent an hour talking about the basics of the Christian faith, hoping to lead them to Jesus, and it turned out they were already Christians.”

The Khmu animist did not put his faith in Christ that day, but over the course of the week, 171 people did. The outreach provided 1,426 people with medical and dental treatment, a service the ministry has been providing for 20 years.

The same day that Pastor Keoki preached for an hour in vain, he later noticed one of those seeking treatment had taken it upon himself to block those waiting to get through the church door until their names were called to see the doctors.

“I saw this as a good opportunity to share the gospel with them, so I stood at the door and spoke to them about Jesus for three minutes,” he said. “Thank the Lord, six people accepted Christ.”

The Holy Spirit does not work according to formulas but partners with those serving in faith such as these native missionaries. They are working tirelessly throughout Southeast Asia to bring Christ to people who would otherwise not know Him. Please consider a gift today to help send, hearten and empower them.

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