Redeemed Vessel Hits on Unique Ministry

Redeemed Vessel Hits on Unique Ministry

When a native missionary in Brazil went to an unreached people in the country’s southwest, it didn’t take long before he found out about the most hated man in the village.

The missionary had heard that Carlos* looked for excuses to fight with his neighbors, as if he needed constant conflict to feed a voracious anger. Constant drinking also fueled his temper. His drunken rages often left his wife with bruises impossible to hide.

When his wife dragged him to an open-air evangelistic event in the village in Mato do Grosso do Sul state, in Brazil’s southwest, Carlos sat in the back. Speaking in his native Kaiwa language, the missionary’s message of Christ’s suffering as a guilt offering for the sins of the world touched a raw spot in Carlos’s troubled soul.

He didn’t hesitate to accept when asked to pray to trust in Jesus for salvation from sin – he knew instantly that his life was never going to be the same.

Not knowing how to read, he memorized biblical passages that his children read to him.

“He had an encounter with Christ through the Word preached by the missionary,” the director of the native ministry said. “Carlos’s life was completely transformed, his home had peace, and he shared the gospel message daily with his family.”

His fervor, combined with his dramatic testimony, led to similarly rapid conversions in others. Carlos decided he had to devote more time to evangelizing.

“I am going to work half of the month in my farm field to support the family,” he told the missionary one day, “and the other half of my time I am giving to God, to visit the many villages of the region, taking the message of salvation in Jesus Christ that changed me and my family.”

Not knowing how to read, he memorized biblical passages that his children read to him, which he included in his preaching. As he prayed about how to evangelize other villages, a strategy occurred to him.

“He arrives in a village and offers to work one day in the fields, and while working he also shares about Christ,” the ministry director said. “Almost always the day ends with a worship group with families and neighbors.”

Elsewhere in the area, a small city surrounded by three villages has invited the native ministry to send missionaries to share Christ with residents, and similar opportunities are emerging throughout Latin America. Please consider a gift today to send the gospel to countries throughout the region.

*Names changed for security reasons.

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