Divine Breakthroughs in Pandemic-stricken Kenya

Abandoned by her husband when he married another woman, a 25-year-old mother of three children in Kenya prepared to take her life.

Surrounded by dirt-floor households where people could no longer support themselves due to coronavirus lockdowns, now Visola* and her children were facing the same hunger. First rejected and now destitute, she saw no other way to end her agony and the suffering of her children. She had obtained poison and was waiting for nightfall to administer it to her children and then herself.

The door of her sunbaked home was open when a local missionary knocked on it, but Visola did not look up to see who it was.

“I entered without the lady welcoming me in, and the Spirit of God told me to praise the Lord first before I could pray and talk to her,” said the missionary, a pastor of a church in another village. “While I was singing, the lady joined in, but in the middle of singing, she started to cry bitterly.”

“While I was singing, the lady joined in, but in the middle of singing, she started to cry bitterly.”

Trying to calm the children as he waited for her to regain her composure, the worker sat quietly. At length Visola began to explain, and as the worker learned the details he listened again for the Spirit of God; he needed to know how to pray. After praying for her and children, he asked her to bring him the poison.

The worker knew it was important that she be the one to dispose of it; he suggested she pour it into the pit latrine. The act of pouring it away helped revive her soul.

He encouraged her to trust in God, and the leader of the local ministry said the pastor later reported a miraculous resolution to her once unsolvable problem.

“The husband later on came back to his family and confessed that it was the work of the devil,” the leader said. “They both gave their lives to Christ. It is now two months, and they attend home fellowship.”

Demonic Forces

Fear, depression and frustration in the face of the pandemic seem to have unleashed a host of evil forces in Kenya, the ministry leader said.

“In some families, the parents, especially husbands, have decided to abandon their families because they feel there is nothing they can do to provide for them,” he said. “So many terrible things are happening, and there is no fear of God anymore.”

Pandemic-related business closings and job losses are creating not only fear and desperation but gaping moral chaos, he said.

“There are killings and so many other mysterious things happening,” the leader said. “Everybody is living in fear because of what we are seeing and hearing, and because of this tension, it has caused much depression; that is why we daily hear cases of suicide and brutal murdering –parents murdering their own children, husbands killing their wives and vice versa.”

Recently two young men killed more than 10 children between the ages of 10 and 16 years old and buried them at different intervals in different places, he said.

“They claim to have been possessed by evil spirits, that when committing the crimes they felt extra strength in themselves, then afterwards they came back to their normal senses,” the leader said. “They are helping the authorities to show where they buried bodies of their victims.”

Effect on Faith

While some have taken refuge in the Lord amid the crises, the prevalence of illness, death, robbery and mayhem has caused many Christians to grow spiritually weary and has weakened their faith, he noted.

“Many have grown faint in their faith; they think God is tired with human beings and has decided to keep quiet and just look at what people are doing,” the leader said. “We need to wake up and earnestly seek God to intervene.”

In spite of the chaos, local missionaries are pressing forward with the gospel, winning souls to Christ, healing the sick and delivering people from demonic powers, he said.

“The Lord our God is providing for the needs of His people miraculously; many have maintained their faith in God as they strongly confess Jesus as their personal Savior,” he said. “There are many testimonies of the working power of God as we visit people door to door, and we thank God because of His grace.”

One local missionary knocked on the door of a woman who was suffering complications in her pregnancy. Doctors had referred her to a hospital two days prior, but her husband said they had no money for the care. The worker said he had no money to give them but prayed for her, and she safely gave birth in her home that night.

“This encouraged him to visit and to pray for more patients in that hospital this lady was referred to,” the leader said. “He went in the wards and preached to patients the word of God; he prayed for them, and there was a miraculous power of healing and salvation. Four women and a man gave their lives to Christ, and also they were all healed.”

Workers are bringing the light of Christ to despairing people throughout the country. Please consider a donation today to encourage and equip them.

*Name changed for security reasons

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