Gospel Creates Lives Peruvians Never Imagined

In remote corners of Peru where villagers live in obscurity, the Cross of Christ is transforming their lives in ways they never imagined.

At a small, crudely constructed nightclub in one rural village, blaring music was drowning out the message a local missionary was giving during a three-day gospel campaign at a nearby church site. It was a message that villagers were eager to hear, and they prevailed upon the owner, Roberto Diaz*, to turn the music off.

Business waned, and Diaz went to his nearby home, where he was fuming when he overheard the local worker proclaiming Christ’s death and resurrection. He was further annoyed when the preacher and other Christians visited him the next day and invited him to attend.

At last he agreed, having written off the three nights of the event as a loss of time and sales. The Word of God, however, moved powerfully and swiftly in him.

“He asked that they pray for him, because he said he was tired of living in fear of the devil who forced him to do evil.”

“The second night of the evangelistic campaign in the church, he gave his life to God,” the leader of the local ministry said. “He said that for the first time he felt free to serve Christ – that same night he gave as a gift his nightclub sound equipment, the console and speakers, for the worship ministry of the local church.”

The liquor he sold had led to assaults and other harmful behavior, Diaz realized, and that same night he also threw out all the establishment’s alcohol, the leader said. Diaz began selling only food and, under discipleship from the local missionary, dedicated himself to helping the church in different jobs.

“God made a radical change in his life – he does not stop talking about Christ and testifying that God changed his life,” the leader said. “He does not stop talking about the Word of God to the young people who used to attend his nightclub, telling them that it is not good, that the nightclub is perdition, that they rather should live for God.”

Occult Bondage

In separate areas of Peru, two people were bound up in the occult before embracing Christ.

An influential Asháninca woman, the sister of a former village chief, had been accused of using witchcraft against a neighbor on several occasions when she began showing up at Bible studies led by a local missionary. Some in attendance were uncomfortable with her presence.

When the pandemic kept the local missionary from traveling to the church site, he began leading the Bible study through WhatsApp videos at a Christian’s home. The woman continued to attend, the ministry leader said. To the surprise of many, she embraced the gospel as truth.

“She gave her life to the Lord,” the leader said. “She continues to attend faithfully every week, although she was accused of being a ‘traditional healer’ or witch by some people in the village. Thank God she was victorious over her past life. We thank our heavenly Father for rescuing her from the life of sin in which she was living.”

At another church where a local missionary was invited to speak, a tribal man who practiced black magic showed up.

“After listening to the preaching of our missionary, he asked that they pray for him because he said that he was tired of living in fear of the devil who forced him to do evil to the people of his village and other neighboring villages,” the leader said. “That moment, all the believers prayed for this man, and God freed him from the slavery to the evil one.”

Now a faithful assistant in the church, the former sorcerer continually testifies about what the Lord has done for him, the leader said.

“He confesses that now he is a man free from bondage,” he said. “God gave him a fresh start to testify of the wonderful work God did in his life.”

Gospel Advance

In the evangelistic campaign that the nightclub owner attended, nine other people also put their faith in Christ.

In Peru’s Loreto region, a gospel outreach in various remote communities led to more than 60 people and their families receiving Christ, the ministry leader said. In the Junín region, another local missionary recently led 10 people to saving faith.

“For our missionary and his wife, it is not easy to walk six to seven hours to reach the remote rural communities where they teach the Word of God,” the ministry leader said. “They do it because they love God.”

In spite of the occult, COVID-19 and pandemic restrictions, the gospel continues to advance, he said.

“The work of the Lord continues in this region, and His missionaries also are working tirelessly,” the leader said. “For this reason we thank God for His great love and for using our missionaries as instruments in His hands, to save everyone who believes in Him by listening to the Word of God.”

Such workers are proclaiming Christ throughout Peru. Please consider a donation today to equip them to bring the salvation message to people living in great darkness.

*Name changed for security reasons

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