Your Prayer Guide to Reach the World.

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April 1st

Middle East

Especially amid the coronavirus pandemic, strengthening the faith of young people is crucial to sustain and expand God’s kingdom. Through Zoom and when possible by traveling, local missionaries are training workers throughout the region to disciple young people ages 4 to 18. They use an effective curriculum for youth ministry leadership in a region lacking in such materials. At the same time, about one-third of the ministry’s trainings help church leaders to disciple adults. Donations of $60 and $120 are sought for such mentoring. Pray the Lord would strengthen workers who are under many pressures as they minister to people suffering physically, economically and spiritually.

April 2nd


Another wave of coronavirus has struck the country, with devastating effects on many families that local missionaries serve. Each week workers are attending funerals and praying for others with COVID-19 who are in hospital care. At the same time, another wave of locusts has hit, reducing food supplies. Local missionaries are supplying relief food to as many villagers as possible but pray for more in the face of overwhelming needs. They are also supplying protective KN95 masks to pastors who are frontline workers as they provide aid. Donations of $35 or $70 are sought for relief from these disasters. Pray for relief and recovery for families facing personal, household disaster.

April 3rd


The coronavirus pandemic has created stresses on parents as they strive to juggle work and other responsibilities while their children learn online at home. A Christian pre-school for needy families and church workers’ children has also shifted to online classes due to the pandemic, and educators are addressing these stresses by providing training to parents and teachers to help them know and trust God more deeply. As the adults are reminded of their identity in Christ, their little ones flourish. Local missionaries seek donations of $30 or $60 for such community engagement outreaches. Pray for spiritual and financial stability for parents, teachers and their children amid pandemic stresses.

April 4th


A 50-year-old woman visited several witchdoctors when she fell ill, but she only became worse. Desperate, she called local missionaries and regained her health almost immediately after putting her faith in Christ. She continues to grow through Bible study in a small group, the main source of discipleship for most people as only small gatherings are allowed amid the pandemic. Missionary training also continues in person or via the internet. Workers seek donations of $25 or $50 for these and other means of evangelization and discipleship. Pray that more people will come to know Christ in spite of limitations on church services.

April 5th


The father of 11-year-old Tejaswi does not work, lives elsewhere and visits his family only occasionally. Her mother tries with all her might to support the family but can get only temporary jobs. She placed Tejaswi in a local ministry’s shelter home for orphans and needy children from broken families, where she receives education and her physical, emotional and spiritual needs are met. Her mother says she is enjoying a happy and peaceful childhood. Workers seek donations of $30 or $60 for such ministries to children. Pray that needy children receiving help throughout the country would grow up with gratitude toward God.

April 6th


A refugee held hostage by criminals in Greece recalled a friend in his home country telling him to call upon the name of Jesus if he was in need. He did so, the ropes miraculously fell from his hands, and later a stranger, unprompted, asked him if he needed help and directed him to local missionaries. The refugee was one of many people workers have led to Christ. Recently local missionaries are seeing a new person trust in Christ for salvation every two or three days, and donations are sought for the means to carry out such evangelism and discipleship. Pray that new believers will find fellowship to strengthen their faith in spite of obstacles from coronavirus restrictions and opposition.

April 7th


With prayer and fasting, gospel meetings and seminars, local missionaries see people leave behind superstitious rituals and turn to Christ as Lord and Savior. At an evangelistic event in one area, 68 people put their faith in Christ. Several others committed their lives to Christ and were baptized at revival meetings in other villages. Workers seek donations for Bibles, training and other tools they need to carry out such evangelism and discipleship, often among people who have never heard the name of Christ. Pray the Holy Spirit would go with those stepping out in faith to proclaim the gospel.

April 8th


Impoverished parents who can’t afford to send their children to school were overjoyed when local missionaries offered to teach their young ones how to read and write, among other subjects, including computer skills. Educating the children also presented opportunities to share the gospel with parents who asked why they were doing it for free. Poor villagers were also grateful for borehole wells that local missionaries dug, providing water for drinking, cooking, washing and even for pets. Donations of $25 and $50 are sought for such community engagement projects. Pray that improved lives will result in praises to God.

April 9th

Sri Lanka

Measures to contain the spread of coronavirus forced a local ministry’s church to split into two groups, in addition to congregation members worshipping in their homes. The Word of God continues to spread, with two devotees of another religion leaving it behind to turn to Christ, while an entire family also repented and is attending church services. Local workers with one ministry saw 36 people put their faith in Christ over a six-month period. For the tools, training and other means to carry out such evangelism and discipleship, local missionaries seek donations of $25 or $50. Pray that thanksgiving for the Lord’s salvation would overflow into further gospel advance.

April 10th


A group of people far from a ministry’s leader’s city came to Christ through his online sermons, and after he and others travelled to baptize them, the workers were encouraged to learn that the new Christians continued to grow in their faith and were sharing their testimonies with others. In addition, local missionaries who had begun churches in five cities are now seeing interest from new converts in another city who have asked them to help establish a church. As families hunger to learn God’s Word in home services during pandemic lockdowns, local missionaries need donations to sustain these and other evangelism and discipleship efforts. Pray for more God-ordained connections to strengthen and expand God’s kingdom.

April 11th


Children living on the streets have often lost connection with their parents and do whatever they can to survive, from petty theft to selling scraps from dumps. Local missionaries are rescuing these children and placing them on the path to recovery. A feeding center in one city provides nutrition as the kids learn to read and write, while in another area street children receive food, clothing and an education. They get a chance to be “normal children” in play times built into the programs, and workers include the gospel in their teaching. Donations of $35 or $70 are sought for such outreaches of compassionate aid. Pray that saved lives will lead to eternal life in Christ.

April 12th


A local ministry strategically reaches college students with the gospel, disciples them and then sends them out to reach others. A college Christian discipled by the ministry’s local missionaries recently helped bring his neighbor the gospel, and he put his faith in Christ. Workers introduced the neighbor to a local church, and believers there see his continuous growth in the Lord as they faithfully follow up with him. Ministry workers who have planted 14 house churches, four college fellowships and a Bible training school seek donations for the training and other tools to carry out such evangelism and discipleship. Pray they would receive wisdom in how to proclaim Christ amid opposition.

April 13th


A graduate of a local ministry’s biblical and theological training programs says they instilled him with the motivation to plant new churches among the tribal communities where he grew up. Several other graduates testify how the Holy Spirit worked in them through the training in the same way. While COVID-19 has temporarily halted some courses, others with appropriate measures continue to help tribal people overcome the nominalism, syncretism and superstition that comes from lack of biblical knowledge. Donations are sought for the training that equips Christians to share the gospel. Pray the pandemic would not keep villagers from physical and spiritual food.

April 14th


In spite of coronavirus restrictions, local missionaries were able to bring the message of eternal life in Christ to unreached people in remote areas. Home visits, small group Bible teaching and counseling continued, with four new families in one area putting their faith in Christ. They began attending two newly planted churches in different villages. At a Bible camp for couples, seven people received the Lord’s salvation. Local workers seek donations for such gospel proclamation and follow-up. Pray the Lord’s glory and grace would permeate their worship.

April 15th


A 3-year-old boy who was pulled off his mother’s back after she was shot dead while fleeing rebels in 1999 was nurtured and educated at a local ministry’s shelter home. He attended school at all levels, graduated university with a degree in Information Technology and obtained work to support himself and the family he plans to have with the woman he recently married. He also has a leading role at his church. Local missionaries seek donations of $35 or $70 for the means to guide and nurture such needy and vulnerable children. Pray the future fruits of Christ’s kingdom would be multiplied through the care of the children.

April 16th


People unable to work due to COVID-19 restrictions became desperately hungry until local missionaries arrived with food packs. A widow who had lost her income wept with happiness when she and her children received food and other aid made possible by Christian Aid Mission donors. In one outreach, local missionaries delivered aid to 100 families in various villages. Other families received further aid over the next four months. Donations of $35 or $70 are sought to help starving families survive the pandemic and other disasters. Pray that suffering people will find relief and healing in such expressions of the love of Christ.

April 17th


Refugees fleeing countries of conflict in the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere are especially vulnerable to COVID-19 even as fewer agencies are willing to help them, but local missionaries continue to provide food, clothing, housing and orientation. Soon refugees help to cook and distribute food to new arrivals. Parents are grateful for the toys, pencils and other supplies that accompany food for their children. Workers who have daily opportunities to explain the Christian love behind their help seek donations of $35 or $70 in order to provide aid to desperate refugees. Pray that more refugees will find their true citizenship in heaven.

April 18th


People unable to work because of coronavirus lockdowns were seeing their children go hungry until local missionaries arrived with rice, corn, cereals, canned goods, noodles and other items distributed household by household, as gatherings were prohibited. Committed foremost to the poorest of the poor, workers told suffering families they had no government funding but were distributing the goods out of Christian love. Local missionaries also helped families obtain medicines. Workers seek donations to provide aid for victims of COVID-19 and other disasters throughout the country. Pray that aid would arrive in time for many suffering people to the glory of God.

April 19th


People from a largely unreached tribe have heard the gospel, and many are starting to trust Christ for salvation and have begun worshipping at a church service. Local missionaries from a daughter church had long shared the gospel with a woman suffering from blood cancer and prayed for her healing. As she began to believe in the Lord, she was cured. Local workers who are discipling new Christians in person or in online classes seek donations of $35 or $70 for gospel proclamation and follow-up. Pray that fledgling faith would deepen and contribute to strong churches.

April 20th

Cote d’Ivoire

Planting corn, plantain and cocoa, local missionaries help support themselves and others as they share the gospel through cell groups in homes, films, and one-on-one proclamation while distributing tracts. They also pray for families in home visits. Following up with those who come to Christ through home visits, a mobile Bible class and phone and online means, workers have planted two new fellowships, and five more cell groups have formed from the ministry’s church in a major city. They seek donations for the tools needed to carry out these community engagement, evangelism and discipleship efforts. Pray the Holy Spirit would lead workers to hearts open to the Word of Life.

April 21st


Invited to a house church service, a Muslim family attended several weeks before they put their faith in Christ. At their baptism, the father explained why the family had committed to Christ, noting that church members prayed with them during difficult times and that the Lord actually listened. During lockdowns, some poorer seekers and disciples do not have access to Zoom and social media, so workers visit them individually or in small groups with appropriate precautions. Donations are sought in order to carry out such gospel proclamation and follow-up. Pray for focus and peace for workers facing intense pressures, and that those they are serving will survive loss of income due to the pandemic.

April 22nd


A young mother was able to take time from her work as a handloom weaver for two hours of daily classes about Christianity because they were offered within walking distance through a local ministry’s mobile program. As she grew thirsty to learn more, she entered into relationship with Christ. Local missionaries seeking to reach more weavers in the area known for its handloom products have enrolled 10 more people in the 16-month program, while others have planted five house churches in different locations. Donations are sought for such evangelism and discipleship programs. Pray the faith of new believers will grow strong in love and righteousness.

April 23rd


House church leaders often lack resources on how to educate congregation children about walking with God. A native ministry helps many house churches by providing materials and curriculum for children’s Sunday school. Keenly aware that discipling the next generation is crucial, church leaders and parents have eagerly welcomed the ministry’s programs, saying they have had a huge impact on their young children and older youth. Donations are sought for this program, training, materials and other tools for evangelism and discipleship. Pray that little ones’ relationships with the Lord will deepen throughout their lives.

April 24th


A Muslim-majority area has a self-supporting indigenous church undertaking efforts to replicate itself in nearby areas thanks to the efforts of local missionaries. The church meets under a tree and worships in local style, with men and women singing in their dialect in traditional garb. Workers also provide solar-powered devices so that remote people can play SD memory cards loaded with biblical content. A Muslim area chief who received such an SD card later confessed Christ after receiving healing prayer from local missionaries. Donations are sought for such evangelism and follow-up. Pray that new Christians and churches would grow strong in order to face fierce opposition.

April 25th


A local ministry obtained permission from authorities to continue a program to feed poor, Wichi tribal children and others amid the COVID-19 crisis. Local missionaries regularly cooked and served food for about 180 children, which also provided the opportunity to engage with their parents and share the gospel. The ministry feeding center also serves families lining up for food, the only meal of the day for many. Local workers seek donations of $35 or $70 to provide food for hungry people whose numbers are increasing amid the pandemic. Pray that lifelines for nourishment and the message of salvation will stay open.

April 26th


Some evangelists avoid poor, brick kiln workers because they would have no offering to support a church, but local missionaries supported by Christian Aid Mission are sharing the gospel with them regularly, starting two Sunday schools in different villages. In another 20 villages, workers have shared the gospel as they distributed 400 Bibles, and they start group discussions where people interested in Bible study groups are identified. Workers answering questions of seekers coming to faith need donations of $25 or $50 for such evangelism and discipleship efforts. Pray the Holy Spirit would empower new Christians to stand strong against opposition.

April 27th


Local missionaries had ample opportunities to explain the gospel to a guard at a nightclub, and he put his faith in Christ – as did his three wives and nine children. Having kept one wife and helped the others to start their lives anew, he is co-leading a house church. Leaders are trained to share the message of Christ’s salvation by telling their testimony, which has proven effective amid the pandemic as people receiving contributions of food ask why they are helping them. All new believers learn how to train others who then plant new churches. Donations are sought for such evangelism and discipleship. Pray that gospel love will melt the barriers of the secular mindset.

April 28th


COVID-19 drove many villagers to seek aid at local ministry churches, and when the pandemic forced the churches to divide into house cells, those small fellowships also grew as more people in need of aid came to Christ. Local missionaries discipled new Christians with established materials that lead learners to biblical truths, and they trained pastors, elders, teachers and small group leaders to build deeply rooted faith. Workers seek donations of $25 or $50 for the Bibles, training and other tools to instruct others in the principles of salvation and daily living in Christ. Pray for protection and provision for God’s children amid disease and opposition.

April 29th

South Asia

Local missionaries are greatly encouraged at the signs and wonders accompanying their outreaches. A 70-year-old man who suffered from chronic headaches received healing prayer from local missionaries and received Christ as Savior and Lord. A 42-year-old mother suffering mental disorders was miraculously healed after prayer and put her faith in Christ, and local missionaries led scores of other people to saving faith over a few months, including 40 people in one area and 15 in another. Workers seek donations for such gospel proclamation and discipleship. Pray the Lord’s name would be further glorified as people are healed and saved.

April 30th

Christian Aid

They work in obscurity but in the light of the Lord. Content that God knows them and their work, they go forward in poverty but in faith that the Lord will provide the means to reach more people who don’t know Christ. You are their supply line through Christian Aid Mission, serving nearly 400 local ministries that reach 2,000 ethnic groups around the world. Donate today to help us find, evaluate and support local missionaries, and pray they will be encouraged and inspired to fulfill the Great Commission despite hardship and opposition.