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August 1st


A Muslim couple from another country watched a local missionary’s sermons on the internet, and after discussion with him on social media, they decided to accept Christ. Pressure from friends and relatives kept them from seeking out the scant options for fellowship in their area, but the couple and another relative have been baptized and are connecting in spirit to the worker’s church online. In another town, a local retiree put his faith in Christ a year after taking one of the New Testaments workers had handed out. Sharing the gospel in homes, prisons, on the street and online, local missionaries need donations for the means to cultivate such disciples. Pray for more divine connections.

August 2nd


Local missionaries spreading the gospel ran into a man who said he had assassinated officials of various parties for political reasons, and that he had never heard of repentance as the workers preached it. Pledging to stop killing people, he repented and confessed faith in Christ as Lord and Savior, along with the rest of his family. Workers visited homes, preached in public places to small crowds and showed the Jesus Film as they established prayer cells that became churches. Donations of $25 or $50 are sought for such outreaches, worker training and discipleship efforts. Workers request prayer to establish new ministries to further serve and bless communities.

August 3rd


In cities as well as jungle areas where drug cartels and witchcraft rule, local missionaries visited homes with the gospel while also reaching out through social media. In one jungle area, a shaman became gaunt with illness that his rituals could not heal. A local missionary led him to faith in Christ, the Lord answered prayer for healing, and the tribal leader now shares with many others about the one true God. Workers who recently planted a church, shared the gospel in tribal people’s native languages and provided food, clothes, shoes and Bibles to the poor need donations of $60 for their monthly upkeep. Pray the Lord would protect them spiritually and physically.

August 4th


Small teams of local missionaries took appropriate cautionary measures amid the pandemic as they recently visited three villages bearing the Good News. About 30 people from those villages attended a special worship service, and seven of them put their faith in Christ; workers planned to start a new church among their seven families. Amid pandemic lockdowns in other areas, local missionaries divided discipleship training sessions into smaller groups that deepened disciples’ faith. Donations are sought for such outreach and cultivation of mature disciples. Workers request prayer for the Lord’s wisdom in how to bring Christ to the unreached amid the pandemic.

August 5th


Ethnic Manobo in a remote area recently heard the gospel for the first time when local missionaries established a base among them, and many of the tribal people committed their lives to Christ. Workers visiting homes elsewhere found people suffering from the coronavirus pandemic were unusually receptive to the gospel. At the same time in an urban mission field, 11 people who recently put their faith in Christ were baptized. Donations are sought for the training and other tools necessary for such church-planting efforts. Pray that the faith of new believers will deepen in the grace and peace of Christ.

August 6th


Local missionaries have begun using text messages and social media along with their evangelistic meetings as the country that is less than 1 percent evangelical adjusts to COVID-19 restrictions. People are hearing the gospel over coffees, lunches and dinners, while others are attending meetings where workers teach the New Testament. One woman who has refused to listen to the gospel for many years recently showed great interest and desire to know Christ, and local missionaries have begun a study of the Gospel of John with her. Donations are sought in order to carry out such evangelism and discipleship efforts. Workers request prayer for the Lord to guide them to fulfill their ministries.

August 7th


In three villages where three churches have been planted among once unreached ethnic groups, local missionaries are discipling new believers while continuing to share Christ with people who do not know Him. Through prayer and counseling, a ministry leader helped a new Christian learn how to resolve a conflict by encouraging her to clothe herself with humility, one of many breakthroughs among workers who help believers achieve spiritual maturity. They also cultivate disciples in online chat groups. Evangelists throughout the country need monthly donations of $60 to carry out such discipleship and gospel proclamation. Pray that unified churches will be strong witnesses to their communities.

August 8th


A 26-year-old alcoholic hated Christians and beat his Christian wife if she attended worship. After a series of episodes in which he inexplicably lost consciousness, however, he began attending a local ministry’s church services, where he felt God’s love flow toward him through church members in spite of his hostility. As he came to know Christ, his black-outs stopped, and he received the Lord’s salvation. Local missionaries throughout the country saw another 118 people repent and receive eternal life. They need donations of $25 or $50 to reach more people and disciple them to maturity. Pray for wisdom as workers share Christ amid religious hostilities and pandemic risks.

August 9th


A witchdoctor confessed to the pastor of a church planted by native missionaries that he had killed several children through occult members under his command. After repenting and putting his faith in Christ, the witchdoctor invited pastors to his home who prayed for him and his family, and the whole family received Christ’s salvation and were baptized. Their testimony led to gospel breakthroughs throughout the village. Workers elsewhere recently visited homes and planted six house churches. These and other local missionaries need donations in order to proclaim Christ and help disciples grow in grace. Pray for the safety of workers amid COVID-19 and other health risks.

August 10th


Families displaced after attacks by foreign forces last year were grateful when local missionaries provided food, clothes and Christian literature to 150 families, and workers also visited other needy families with aid and Bibles. A Christmas outreach provided 650 gifts to impoverished children, and workers are helping more than 90 poor families with coronavirus-related medical costs, utility bills, clothing and food. They seek donations of $35 or $70 in order to provide such compassionate aid to the needy. Local missionaries request prayer for peace in the country and encouragement and safe travel for workers.

August 11th

Sri Lanka

Impoverished children have hope for better lives as local missionaries provide them education, nutrition and a loving environment at a residential care center. Rescued from various dangers, the children’s lives are transformed by an array of opportunities, from computer training to personal counseling to learning to love the Lord. Likewise, other native workers provide single mothers shelter, food and skills training, as well as education for their children. Local missionaries need donations to provide these and other community service programs in Christ’s name. Pray the Holy Spirit would infuse all workers’ efforts to serve the poor.

August 12th


Many people infected with COVID-19 have sought the Lord amid their suffering, and local missionaries have guided them to Christ. Workers shared the gospel in home visits, special church meetings and aid distributions, among other ways, and 12 families recently accepted Christ as Lord and Savior. In addition, a program to teach the Bible to children led to 64 of them putting their faith in Christ. Many church meetings were held online due to the pandemic, and workers trained family heads to lead small services for those without internet access. Donations are sought for such evangelism and discipleship efforts. Pray the Lord would bring spiritual and physical healing to many suffering people.

August 13th