August 2022

Your Prayer Guide To Reach The World

August 1

Help Send the Gospel in Syria

About 150 university students with little chance of ever knowing about Christ heard the gospel thanks to the efforts of a devout woman who has become a leading local missionary.

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August 2

Equip Evangelists in Brazil

Local missionaries obtained an invitation to visit elders of a large, semi-isolated people to tell them how the gospel had freed villagers of the Ticuna tribe from alcoholism and vice to living blessed by the Lord.

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August 3

Help Form Strong Disciples in China

The daughter and son-in-law of a man suffering from cancer heard his testimony after a local missionary led him to repent and accept Christ, and when he died they saw the heavenly hope of Christians at his memorial service.

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August 6

Help Spread the Good News in the Philippines

Three siblings heard the gospel from a local missionary, accepted Christ and then came to Sunday worship with their parents. Workers shared about Christ with their parents after the church service, and they also trusted in Christ and were baptized along with their children.

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August 7

Make Eternal Life Known in Iraq

During a time of war, a Muslim who had learned about Christ through satellite TV programs had no one to answer his questions about Christianity, but after fighting ended he told a local missionary that when his city was being bombed, Jesus had visited him in a dream and given him a message.

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August 8

Help Send Word of Redemption in Greece

A young Muslim from Iraq arrived as a refugee after Islamist militants tortured him and killed his father. When local missionaries led him to faith in Christ, he said he felt a sense of freedom, peace and joy.

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August 9

Help Uplift Communities in North Africa

An impoverished woman supporting three children as well as her siblings was able to make ends meet with a micro-enterprise loan from a local ministry; it made her fish business more profitable, one of various projects that bring hope in Christ’s name and help break the cycle of poverty.

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August 10

Help Save the Lost in Chad

Men, women and children of a village steeped in fetishism wore many amulets to protect against evil spirits until a local missionary brought them the Good News of Christ’s salvation.

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August 11

Help Give Voice to the Gospel in Bangladesh

A worker visiting a village met a man whose mother was so ill that the family was kept in isolation out of fear that she had COVID-19. The villager invited the local missionary to visit and pray for his mother, and after her rapid recovery, the man and his entire family put their faith in Christ.

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August 12

Feed Hungry Children in Peru

Poor children faced pressure to sell trinkets rather than attend school, and local missionaries encouraged them to stay in class. Every day of the week, children also received nutritious lunches at the local ministry’s feeding center, giving them the health they needed to excel in class and helping workers sow the seeds of God’s kingdom.

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August 13

Help Cover Worker Upkeep in South Asia

In the face of disease and poverty, local missionaries are bringing the Word and building the kingdom of God. Workers saw prayer deliver a woman from depression and free a man from drug addiction, while others offered vocational training that enabled 14 girls to start a tailoring center.

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August 16

Help Cover Missionary Expenses in South Asia

Even as COVID-19 took the lives of many loved ones, local missionaries brought the love of Christ to the poor in the way of food and other aid. Workers at one ministry supplied food rations to nearly 100 families over a six-month period, as well as to a children’s home and to widows.

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August 18

Power Gospel Outreach in Spain

Minutes after a worker shared the gospel on a prison patio, an 18-year-old inmate told him he didn’t believe in God. They began a conversation, the inmate received a Bible, and after further visits over the next month, the young convict received Christ and His grace.

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August 21

Help Release Gospel Power in Sri Lanka

In spite of unrest and upheaval, the gospel went forth as local missionaries visited villages, returned later to those they met and built close relationships – often praying with them at night. Workers also reached people online or by phone.

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August 22

Help Send Aid to Refugees in Turkey

For the few refugees who can find work, pandemic curfews have kept them from getting to their jobs, as such violations can result in deportation and large fines. Many malnourished refugees are below healthy weight.

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August 23

Help Form and Strengthen Disciples in Mexico

His friends and father were heavy drinkers, and a 17-year-old boy was on the verge of falling into the same lifestyle before a local missionary led him to Christ. He faced ridicule from his friends, and his father often beat him for becoming a Christian, but he was very public that he would not deny Christ and hoped to win others from his ethnic group with his testimony.

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August 27

Provide Worker Living Allowance in China

A native ministry oversees 10 churches and four student fellowships, and some of the newer churches do not yet have full-time pastors. Local workers put in long days teaching and counseling those in their care, besides organizing camps for children and university students.

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August 28

Help Make Gospel Heard in Indonesia

A 56-year-old man invited local missionaries to his home to talk about God, and when the workers showed up, 40 friends and relatives had gathered. They all accepted Christ and, over the following month, were baptized.

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August 30

Help Workers Plant Churches in South Asia

In spite of pandemic lockdowns, workers at one ministry undertook numerous outreaches, prayer meetings and Bible studies that resulted in nearly 4,000 people putting their faith in Christ over the course of six months.

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August 31

Help Find, Vet and Evaluate Workers

Giving priority to native ministries sharing the gospel with the world’s unreached and least reached peoples, Christian Aid Mission finds and supports local workers who are in the best position to convey the message of eternal life in Christ.

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