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December 1st | Europe

The Power Of One

Two young men from Yemen had become disillusioned with Islam even before they found themselves on a boat in the Red Sea, ducking bullets from Saudi security forces. Yasser and Nadheer had fled to Saudi Arabia from their own war-torn country, only to find Saudi secret police trying to kill them for their objections to injustices by Saudi allies in Yemen. In their young 20s, the two were among a group of refugees who had hired a trafficker to float them across the sea to Somalia. Security personnel enforced Saudi Arabia’s ban on leaving the kingdom without permission. Years of witnessing war atrocities in Yemen had not hardened the young men to the sight of shot bodies floating in the Red Sea, but the bullets missed them, and after making their way to Mogadishu they sought asylum in a European embassy. They had seen enough religious violence in Yemen and Saudi Arabia that they called themselves Muslims only to avoid being accused of apostasy. When they won asylum in an undisclosed city in Europe, they were among dozens of Yemenis receiving assistance from a native ministry. “When they first arrived, they were immediately open to the gospel and asking questions about Jesus Christ,” the ministry director said. “They were looking for answers and no longer believing in Islam.” Native missionaries provided language lessons and helped them adjust to a vastly different culture. And through gospel films and retreats with other refugees, the Yemenis are learning about Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. “These two are really open to trusting in Christ,” the director said. “They will say they are no longer Muslim.” The Yemenis have already shown interest in their relations back in Yemen learning the gospel. Many more Yemenis and other refugees throughout Europe are open to the gospel, and workers seek assistance in any amount for tools such as Bibles and discipleship training materials. Pray refugees would see a witness established in their otherwise closed countries.


December 2nd
South Asia

Native missionaries are seeing young people leave the lifestyles of their increasingly secular societies and glorify God in gospel proclamation and discipleship after receiving Bible training. For materials, travel and food, among other needs for such trainings throughout the region, contributions of $50 are sought. Pray for the Holy Spirit’s leading.


December 3rd
North Africa

Shunned by her own family after her abusive husband divorced her, a 36-year-old woman resorted to a shelter but was mistreated there as well. Switching to a native ministry’s shelter, she felt loved for the first time and learned to read, pray and cut people’s hair for a living. Assistance in any amount is sought for such life-transforming projects. Pray that God’s love would transform hearts and communities.


December 4th

Community development as a means for planting churches and bringing holistic transformation has proven highly effective, and ministry leaders from ethnic groups in the Amazon region request training in it to help unreached tribal people. They seek 50 donors to give $110 each for one session. Pray the gospel will take root in remote tribal villages.


December 5th

Facing severe economic and social problems, residents and refugees alike experience the love of Christ from native missionaries. Among the missionaries’ compassion projects is aid for families of those martyred for their faith in Christ; workers seek gifts of $35, $70 or $100 to help persecuted believers. Pray those who have suffered for turning to Christ will know the love of the brethren.


December 6th

Native missionaries leading house churches say they feel heartened by your prayers to share the Good News with those in darkness during an especially cold winter. They welcome assistance in any amount to sustain their churches’ ministries. Pray the fellowship of the Holy Spirit would stream out to bring rivers of Living Water to their countrymen.


December 7th

After 47 people put their faith in Christ and a church was formed with more than 150 children attending Sunday school in Korets District, native missionaries need assistance in any amount for evangelistic camps and other kinds of outreach. Pray they obtain the equipment needed to bring Christ to more people.


December 8th

God is using a ministry in Bangladesh to train Christians to establish a witness for Jesus among 16 different people groups. For discipleship, evangelism, pastoral and other training, $50 is sought for each participant. Pray that those He has called will hear His voice.


December 9th
Middle East

During brutally cold winter months, traumatized refugees experience Immanuel, “God with us,” from native missionaries providing blankets, warm clothing and shoes ($25-$50 per item), besides life-sustaining aid such as food and medicine. Pray that these gospel bridges will open hearts to gospel warmth.


December 10th

When Hindus and animists hear native missionaries play Christian songs on a small sound box, they ask about it, giving the workers opportunities to say how Jesus has acted in their lives. For the training in evangelism and discipleship that enabled them and others to undertake such efforts, 55 donors giving $100 each are sought. Pray for God’s kingdom to overcome hostile territory.


December 11th

Native missionaries shared Christ with 500 people in one previously unreached village and planted several churches. For their evangelistic efforts such as door-to-door visits, Bible distribution, and travel, they seek assistance in any amount. Pray they would obtain the tools to expand God’s kingdom.


December 12th

Formerly trafficked young girls are rescued, restored and released to new life as native missionaries provide them food, job training, housing and the gospel. Workers seek four donors to provide $80 each month for this safe environment where the girls gain practical skills and learn to put their faith in Christ. Pray they will flourish as they serve their communities and Christ.


December 13th

A native ministry that has planted 88 churches seeks assistance to construct three worship facilities in an area where a building makes all the difference for those searching for truth. Indigenous missionaries seek 55 donors to give $100 each for each of three buildings. Pray for warm fellowship to inhabit them.


December 14th
Middle East

He who came to a lowly stable as an infant today comes to infants and child refugees in tent camps, slum flats and war zones through native missionaries providing life-saving aid. Without such baby formula, diapers and medicine, some children would not survive the winter months, for which workers seek contributions of any amount. Pray these children and their parents would know the Lord.


December 15th

Volunteers for a native ministry cook and serve food on the streets every Friday for the homeless, then share the gospel and pray with those who request it. To serve more than 200 people each week and provide several kinds of compassionate aid to others, they seek assistance in any amount. Pray God would reign in hurting hearts.


December 16th

When children drop out of school to help their families with income, delinquency increases. To keep kids from going to jail, native missionaries started a Christian school; 18 poor children need help paying monthly school fees of $20 each. Pray kids will learn to grow into mature Christians.


December 17th

The families of 30 men freed from drugs and alive in Christ see the transformation and seek to know Jesus. Those caught in addiction receive freedom in Christ through a native residential discipleship ministry, for which workers seek five donors to give $99 per month each to minister to 30 men. Pray the healing would reach whole communities.


December 18th

Native missionaries who shared Christ and audio Bibles with people who were blind or illiterate heard one of them voice thanks for the opportunity to hear the Word of God. Likewise, Bible students appreciate Study Bibles, and workers hand out Bibles with the ministry’s phone number in evangelistic efforts. For all three kinds of Bibles, assistance in any amount is sought. Pray God’s Word would achieve His ends.


December 19th

As authorities continue a crack-down on religious organizations, officials twice have checked an orphanage run by native missionaries, prompting the leader to remove ministry information from public view. They seek gifts of $100 to continue feeding and caring for the children. Pray for God’s protection.


December 20th

Communities are being transformed as native missionaries bring the gospel in personal evangelism, home fellowship and films. Seeking to establish bases for long-term work, the missionaries seek assistance in any amount for new property, additional workers and evangelistic tools. Pray God will strengthen their hands and send more laborers.


December 21st
Middle East

During the season when we celebrate the Word made flesh, native missionaries need evangelistic tools such as Bibles, gospel tracts and children’s gospel storybooks (assistance in any amount welcome) for Muslims and others curious about Christmas. Pray that those who receive the Word of God will have eyes to see and ears to hear.


December 22nd

Previously opposed to gospel proclamation, a hostile Hindu attended a Christmas party where hundreds heard the Good News. The sponsoring ministry seeks assistance for Christmas and other evangelistic outreaches throughout the year. Pray God’s Word would go forth amid opposition.


December 23rd

Feeding and helping poor children with their school costs, native missionaries are now seeing youths graduate from high school and become responsible adults, rather than worshipping idols and fighting. For such community engagement projects, including an eye clinic, workers seek assistance in any amount. Pray that hearts would soften to the gospel.


December 24th
North Korea

Native missionaries minister the Word secretly to formerly trafficked women and their families from the privacy of a home, and during the Christmas season provide care packages of food and clothing. They need five donors to contribute $101 per month for the underground missionaries’ expenses. Pray for God’s protection and provision.


December 25th

Native missionaries link medical, dental and other community engagement projects with the gospel, and many people receive Jesus. These projects cost little compared with foreign-based programs, and your gifts go a long way. Pray that healed people will help heal their communities in Christ.


December 26th
Sri Lanka

A native ministry planting churches through gospel meetings, home Bible studies and Christian literature aims to complete a building for one of the new congregations. A gift of any amount is sought for the total cost of $15,899. Pray the church’s worship will attract seekers.


December 27th

In this 86-percent Muslim country where it is illegal for Christians to minister to non-Christian children, a native ministry has won the right to invite more than 700 kids who know almost nothing about Jesus to a youth camp. Native missionaries seek assistance in any amount for this and other community engagement projects. Pray that young lives will be nourished in Christ.


December 28th

A native ministry for both the deaf and the hearing sends missionaries on foot to bring word of Christ to tribes in remote villages. For conferences, youth camps and other meetings, they need interpreters, and for this and the costs of Bible school training of church leaders, they seek assistance in any amount. Pray that spiritual ears will be opened.


December 29th

A father of two was discussing the Bible with three other Christians when Muslim extremists surrounded them, insulted him in foul language and beat him until his shirt was soaked in blood. Just as area workers helped this impoverished brother with hospital bills, native missionaries seek assistance in any amount to help victims of persecution. Pray God would heal and hearten His children.


December 30th

More than 200,000 remote, Urdu-speaking people in northern India read gospel literature last year thanks to a native ministry’s small printing system. Workers throughout the country seek assistance in any amount for such tools to reach Hindu and Muslim neighbors through education, medical help and biblical literature. Pray God’s Word would reach all people in India.


December 31th
Christian Aid

God’s Spirit is working in the hearts of native missionaries throughout the world who catch His vision for myriad ministries before they have the resources to carry them out. They begin in faith, and you have the opportunity to participate in the Lord’s work by helping to find, vet and provide assistance to them. Pray they will be heartened and helped before daunting challenges they face.