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December 1st


Smiles came across the faces of malnourished people in Kenya when they received life-saving food and other aid from local missionaries. The COVID-19 pandemic has closed markets where people used to sell cattle and goats and stopped the flow of tourists. Villagers and city-dwellers throughout Africa rely on such local missionaries for food, water, soap, face masks and other items to survive the pandemic, for which donations of $35 or $70 are sought. Pray the lives of villagers will continue to be transformed as they experience the love of Christ.

December 2nd


Church leaders are asking local missionaries for food as the COVID-19 pandemic disrupts and destroys lives. Local missionaries are providing food and personal protective equipment to the poor families who are the most hurt by the disease. Unable to carry out Bible camps for children under restrictions to stop the spread of the coronavirus, workers were glad to distribute basic provisions and sanitary items to more than 700 families, and they continue to distribute bags of such items daily in Christ’s name. They seek donations of $35 or $70 to make such aid available. Pray that lives will be saved, and that the Lord would restore people whose lives have been shattered.

December 3rd


Two university students from the Yi people put their faith in Christ under the guidance of local missionaries from a native ministry that reaches out to campus Yi so they can bring the truth, hope and love of Christ back to their high mountain, home villages. The two new Christians are bringing the gospel to other Yi students and are looking forward to sharing with people in their home village during the winter break. Donations are sought for such evangelism and discipleship efforts throughout the country that lead people to Christ. Pray that campus and other outreaches will seed new generations of Christians.

December 4th


Needs among refugees for food, medical supplies and other aid have increased as the economic crisis deepened following the Aug. 4 chemical explosion in the port of Beirut. Local missionaries in Beirut and elsewhere in the country are providing food, medicines and other aid to the increasing number of refugees living in poverty as unemployment and inflation soar. Workers seek donations of $35 or $70 to provide aid in Christ’s name to struggling refugee families and individuals. Pray for local missionaries who need encouragement and protection as they work amid the dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic.

December 5th


When a local missionary delivered food to a new Christian who had none, a friend who witnessed the delivery wondered, “Why didn’t my own god know that I need food?” This led to a long discussion with the missionary, and the man put his faith in Christ. In another area, a Hindu priest was impressed as he observed a native ministry leader speaking to groups about Christ – so impressed that he asked the leader to speak to about 50 Hindus at the Hindu temple, an unheard of gesture. Workers seek donations for such evangelism and discipleship efforts. Pray the Lord would work in those who heard the leader speak at the temple and that he receives wisdom to minister to them.

December 6th


Helping Kurdish, Syrian and other refugees in a holistic way, local missionaries not only demonstrate Christ in their lives but have plentiful opportunities to share the gospel, as they have varied language abilities and interpreters. Sorani-language Bibles help to disciple Kurdish refugees putting their faith in Christ, and workers also have Urdu-language Bibles for refugees from Pakistan. In meetings for women, youth and others, local missionaries counter the many misconceptions about Christ that refugees bring with them. Donations of $32 or $64 are sought for these and other evangelism and discipleship efforts. Pray that those in transit to other places will bring their new faith to other peoples.

December 7th


The Holy Spirit is opening hard hearts. A homeowner who once opposed letting a family hold Bible studies at the home of a new Christian now allows it and even invites others to come. A school principal who forbade students to attend local missionaries’ presentations invited workers back and asked them to pray for her family and health, and she has opened her heart to the Lord. Visiting homes and proclaiming Christ in 19 areas of the country, workers seek donations for such evangelism and discipleship initiatives. Pray that those coming to the Lord would find strong, unified fellowship.

December 8th


Local missionaries recently gathered people in their village in Malawi for an evangelistic event. The ministry leader proclaimed the power of Christ and asked if anyone wanted to receive Him, and 38 villagers gave their hearts to the Lord. He also prayed for their physical needs and saw the Lord move in people’s lives. At another event, 97 people received Christ. Such workers throughout the country seek donations of $32 or $64 for Bibles and other tools of evangelism and discipleship leading to the planting of churches. Pray the message of Christ’s salvation will find ways to reach people amid varying stages of COVID-19 restrictions.

December 9th

Sri Lanka

A pregnant woman whose unborn child was not forming properly became weaker as hospital treatments failed. She and her husband were not Christian, but her Christian mother’s pastor came to pray for the couple and shared the gospel with them. The woman quickly recovered and gave birth to a healthy baby, and the couple put their faith in Christ. They were among several people who joined the church, and four members began another fellowship that has grown to 18 members in spite of the pandemic. Donations are sought for such evangelism and discipleship efforts throughout the country. Pray that new Christians will be able to resist increasing opposition.

December 10th


Displaced persons and refugees are making urgent requests for food and medicine as the COVID-19 pandemic has hampered efforts by Non-Governmental Organizations to make distributions to tent camps and apartments. Local missionaries are delivering those and other relief items, along with the gospel. Since March, at least 14 families who have received aid have also put their faith in Christ. Workers seek donations to help meet such physical and spiritual needs in Christ’s name. Pray that workers would be strengthened and encouraged to meet overwhelming needs.

December 11th


Five new home fellowships emerged in different areas after local missionaries handed out Bibles, engaged people in conversation and led them to faith in Christ. Workers distributed 500 Bibles in areas where Christ’s name was unknown. In another area of the 96-percent Muslim country, local missionaries planted two other house churches. Donations of $32 or $64 are sought for such evangelism and discipleship efforts. Local missionaries request prayer that they will be able to buy 1,000 Bibles to distribute and can obtain transportation to reach people in other areas where people have never heard of Christ.

December 12th


Children continually enticed to quit school to join gangs, sell drugs or make money in other illicit ways receive guidance and encouragement to continue studying when they come to a ministry center for hot meals three times a week. This is the main source of nutrition for two boys whose father cannot work because of a disability, and the oldest is attending Bible studies. Five new children who collect garbage to survive have received food, clothes and shoes from local missionaries and are also attending the study. Workers seek donations of $35 or $70 to provide food that builds gospel bridges. Pray families would build strong bonds as they receive aid and knowledge of the Lord.

December 13th


A violent campaign to do away with religion began in 1967 and did not come to an end until December 1990, leaving generations in hopeless secularism. The country’s population is now 57 percent Muslim. As the world prepares to celebrate the birth of Christ, local missionaries are bringing the hope of the Savior into this land with various outreaches, including youth groups and activities, women’s meetings and couples’ retreats. Workers seek donations for such evangelism and discipleship initiatives as churches form and grow. Pray the Holy Spirit would go before local missionaries to prepare hearts to receive the message of salvation in Christ.

December 14th


Local missionaries are seeing that when people face uncertainty about money, health, business and career, they focus on the purpose of life and are more open to seeking God. During COVID-19 lockdowns, missionaries are using Zoom and other online means to train leaders, disciple Christians and share the gospel with friends, neighbors and others, with several receiving Christ. In some areas church services have resumed, and in one remote village 40 people put their faith in Christ. Donations of $25 or $50 are sought for such evangelism and discipleship programs. Workers request prayer that those seeking God will find faith in Him through His Word.

December 15th


A young woman was suffering from severe headaches when local missionaries visited her home, and as they prayed with her, they discovered she was involved in magic. After persuading her that her implements of magic should be burned, they prayed with her further, and she was delivered from her suffering and embraced Christ. Holding evangelistic outreaches and meeting physical and emotional needs, local missionaries are seeing many lives change. They seek donations for the means to show the love of Christ and disciple those who receive Him. Pray that lives will be touched and transformed as troubled people find the peace of the Lord.

December 16th


A local missionary was offering protective masks to tribal people on the street to help stop the spread of the coronavirus when local leaders interrupted, asking if he was trying to convert them. The tribal people said he was not, but that he was trying to help them in ways that local leaders never did. The leaders left, and the people asked the missionary to come back later and tell them about Christ. Local missionaries involved in outreaches throughout the country seek donations for such evangelism and discipleship efforts. Pray the Lord would continue to work through the COVID-19 pandemic to soften hearts to the gospel.

December 17th


A woman with a kidney disease who had no more money for medical treatment went to receive rice from local missionaries, where she heard the gospel. She began attending services at the native ministry’s church, and after putting her faith in Christ along with eight others, her kidney ailment disappeared. She now prays that her alcoholic husband and two children will receive Christ. Donations of $25 or $50 are sought for such evangelistic outreaches and discipleship efforts. Pray the Lord will guide workers to hearts ready to receive Christ amid coronavirus restrictions.

December 18th


A student at a Bible school was deeply repentant for his sins as he put his faith in Christ, and then he stunned his classmates with his willingness to serve others. A hometown friend who had long resisted the gospel received Christ soon afterward, saying it was the student’s transformed life that finally convinced him of the Truth. Students augment their learning with internships at churches. Local missionaries there and elsewhere in the country need assistance of $60 per month for the tools to carry out such evangelism and discipleship programs. Pray the Holy Spirit would embolden workers and open the hearts of those who hear the word of eternal life.

December 19th


The COVID-19 pandemic and nearly a decade of civil war have left local missionaries scrambling to keep up with needs. The unprecedented opportunity to provide compassionate aid along with the gospel has multiplied as local missionaries have won the respect of new contacts and communities but has also increased funding needs for food, water and other relief items. Workers fed 6,500 people and cared for 10,000 children in the first half of this year alone, and donations of $35 or $70 are sought for such compassionate aid in Christ’s name. Local missionaries request prayer that their sights would be fixed on Jesus amid increasing despair in those they are serving.

December 20th


Local missionaries who have planted seven churches are planning to establish bases for two new fellowships in the Muslim-majority country. They are engaging people in various outreaches in the two communities while carrying out discipleship programs among new Christians in their established churches. Workers are also constructing buildings for worship and outreach, and for these and other evangelism and discipleship expenses they seek donations of $25 or $50. Pray that workers will continue to have freedom to share the gospel in spite of efforts by Muslim leaders to criminalize outreach.

December 21st


In a remote area where most people cannot provide for their children’s basic needs, local missionaries provide a hot meal five days a week to 50 children. This gives the kids the nutrition they need to function at school. In other areas, local missionaries provide clothing and shoes to children, helping them to excel in school and providing gospel bridges that sometimes extend to their parents. Donations of $35 or $70 are sought for these outreaches and other initiatives providing compassionate aid to children. Pray that children will learn values as well as school lessons that will improve their family life and communities.

December 22nd


Refugees streaming into Europe, many of them Muslims, have left all their belongings behind after fleeing the bombings and atrocities of war in their native Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and other strife-torn countries. Many are traumatized, some have been abused. Christian workers based in Europe offer them the only love they have known in their journeys by providing food, clothing and medical aid in Christ’s name. Also helping with housing and resettlement, local missionaries need donations of $35 or $70 to continue providing critical aid to desperate refugees. Pray the Lord would begin healing battered souls through the aid refugees receive.

December 23rd


A 9-year-old girl’s parents were poor, illiterate laborers who worked in other people’s fields during harvest time. Unable to afford to send her to school, her parents asked local missionaries if they would accept the girl at the native ministry’s orphanage. The Christian workers accepted her into the orphanage, which allowed her to complete the first two years of schooling. Local missionaries seek donations of $30 or $60 to provide such care to needy children throughout the country. Pray that care that has improved the lives of impoverished people would bring glory to the Lord.

December 24th


In spite of dangers from Muslim extremists and COVID-19, local missionaries are bringing the gospel to people in various parts of the country and improving their lives with borehole wells for fresh water and relief aid such as food and clothing. As many are ministering in overwhelmingly Muslim areas, they believe they must show Christ’s love in deeds in order for their words to be heard. In this way they see new Christians grow stable in their faith in the face of opposition. They seek donations for such projects that engage communities, provide aid for the displaced and other needy people and plant strong fellowships. Pray that workers will be encouraged and overcome fears.

December 25th


A refugee teenager whose father died when he was young and whose mother suffered mental illness was tempted to quit school to help his family survive. He has continued his school studies with the financial support and encouragement of local missionaries who provide immigrant families with aid and educational support, including help to learn Mandarin. Workers recently distributed rice and vegetable oil to 300 such migrant families barely surviving on poor, high-altitude farmland. Donations of $35 or $70 are sought for such compassionate aid. Pray that poor foreigners would adjust to a new country and glorify the Lord as they overcome economic and cultural obstacles.

December 26th


Local missionaries who handed out 200 Bibles need assistance to buy more copies as they bring the gospel to hurting souls. Presenting the message of Christ’s death and resurrection for the forgiveness of sins to individuals and small groups under COVID-19 restrictions, they use Scripture to introduce Christ to the unreached and guide new believers to maturity in the majority-Hindu country in the Himalayas; during one six-month period, 135 people put their faith in Christ. Workers seek donations for Bibles and other tools of evangelism and discipleship. They request prayer that worship buildings for seven fellowships will be built.

December 27th


A new fellowship grew so much that the congregation expanded its worship building with support from Christian Aid Mission donors. Even as COVID-19 has forced many churches to pause Sunday services, local missionaries are proclaiming the salvation of Christ online and sending many New Testaments to people in various cities who request them. A native ministry director reports that three people repented and received Christ as Lord and Savior in one month, and that there are likely many others yet unknown to workers. Donations are sought for such evangelism and discipleship. Workers request prayer for many refugees coming to Christ who need protection and provision.

December 28th


The chief of a predominantly Muslim community in a remote area was dismayed when local missionaries began making weekly visits to show videos of the life of Christ in their local dialects. As the chief came to know the Lord, however, he told the missionaries that he and two of his children wished to receive Christ; some weeks later, he died knowing the Lord. In other outreaches, 129 children put their faith in Christ at three evangelistic camps. Workers seek donations for such proclamation and follow-up. Pray the Lord will keep church planters safe as they face dangers in travel and opposition.

December 29th


More than 2,000 people who were unable to work due to COVID-19 restrictions heard the gospel after local missionaries provided food for them on a regular basis. Spread across several towns, many of these people have put their faith in Christ and are being trained to lead house churches; each house church, in turn, is taught to plant other fellowships. Also training refugees who come to the Lord to lead and plant churches, workers seek donations for the tools to carry out such evangelism and follow-up. Local missionaries and new believers request prayer for protection as they face increasing hostilities.

December 30th

South Asia

Through friendship evangelism, visiting homes, Facebook and text communications, seeker gatherings and literature distribution, local missionaries are planting churches among the unreached. One ministry distributed 500 children’s Bibles and 1,000 local-language Bibles over one six-month period and is training house-church leaders and more missionaries. A Hindu farmer who received a gospel tract called local missionaries and, after meeting with them several times, put his faith in Christ. Donations of $25 or $50 are sought for such evangelism and discipleship activities. Pray the Lord would bring new Christians into inspiring fellowships.

December 31st

Christian Aid

Often unsure whether their families will be able to eat from one day to the next, local missionaries work with zeal to show the love of Christ in poor areas where opposition is common. They know they are the only Christians in position to reach people who otherwise would never have the opportunity to hear about the Lord. They just need the support of the international body of Christ. Please consider a donation today to help us find them and verify their faith and financial integrity. Pray workers would be kept safe and fruitful amid threats to health and home.