December 2021

Your Prayer Guide To Reach The World

December 5

Gospel Proclamation and Follow-up

Sunday, December 5 – India Visiting unreached villages, forming friendships and organizing talks, local missionaries are spreading gospel seeds. When people suffering illness receive healing

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December 7

Support Local Missionaries

Tuesday, December 7 – Jordan Local missionaries are encouraged that the Christians they’re training to spread the gospel and lead churches in the Arab world

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December 9

Help Cover Worker Expenses

Thursday, December 9 – Africa Visiting villages in search of persons of peace, starting Bible studies and providing discipleship training for new believers, local missionaries

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December 10

Unleash Gospel Power

Friday, December 10 – Sri Lanka A local ministry’s church in Central Province recently saw six people put their faith in Christ and receive baptism.

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December 13

Help Plant Churches

Monday, December 13 –Philippines In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, tribal people are accepting visits to their homes by local missionaries who then start

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December 14

Provide Bible Classes

Tuesday, December 14 – China During periods when COVID-19 restrictions closed regular church meetings, a local ministry’s Bible study materials were timely lifesavers for Christian

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December 16

Supply Disaster Relief

Thursday, December 16 – Nepal A tribal group already without income due to COVID-19 lockdowns also saw their crops fail from scarce rainfall. Local missionaries

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December 17

Spread God’s Word

Friday, December 17 – Cuba Church services stopped because of the pandemic, but the spread of the gospel has exploded online. Young people are sharing

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December 19

Help Expand God’s Kingdom

Sunday, December 19 – Sierra Leone As people put their faith in Christ, follow-up and discipleship are crucial. In classes for new converts, local missionaries

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December 20

Bring the Lost to Christ

Monday, December 20 – India When a boy who had been sick for several months failed to respond to medical treatments and suddenly fell unconscious,

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December 21

Multiply Gospel Harvest

Tuesday, December 21 – Spain A local ministry’s vision to establish thousands of self-replicating house churches makes training of all new believers crucial. Local missionaries

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December 25

Send the Word of Salvation

Saturday, December 25 – Laos Animists who worship various spirits are embracing Christ even knowing that it could bring persecution. Local missionaries provided digital audio

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December 26

Eternal Life for the Lost

Sunday, December 26 – Peru Local missionaries visited brethren in five communities in the Andes after a long absence due to pandemic restrictions, greeting them

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December 27

Relief for Desperate People

Monday, December 27 – Bangladesh Poor people suffering from natural disasters and increased poverty due to the pandemic are in desperate need. Local missionaries recently

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December 29

Global Gospel Reach

Wednesday, December 29 – Europe Local missionaries are training leaders for churches among refugees who speak Arabic, Sorani and Farsi. At the same time, many

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December 30

Advance the Word of Life

Thursday, December 30 – South Asia A father received Christ after healing prayer by local missionaries delivered his son from a chronic illness, and he

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