December 2022

Your Prayer Guide To Reach The World

December 1

Provide Aid to Refugees in Turkey

In the unofficial tent camps where Syrians have taken refuge, the only food many families and individuals see comes from local missionaries, as the plunging economy further shuts off job opportunities.

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December 4

Help Power Gospel Outreach in Brazil

Praise God that native missionaries visiting villages are developing relationships with indigenous leaders and others to open the way for gospel proclamation. Assistance from Christian Aid Mission donors has provided workers and their families their daily food and the fuel to travel for such outreach.

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December 5

Help Form Strong Disciples in Kenya

A native ministry’s church committed to ministering to five villages, and recently 65 people in one of the communities were saved. Workers bringing the gospel to homes saw people healed through prayer.

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December 6

Help Cover Worker Expenses in Burma

Local missionaries are distributing aid and sharing the gospel with people living in desperation amid war, COVID-19 and economic collapse. Displaced persons and others receive rice, clothing and financial help along with the gospel, bringing hope in Christ.

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December 8

Help Desperate Refugees in Greece

A Kurdish family of four from Iraq had walked 37 days through mountainous terrain when they arrived with a skin disease at a native ministry’s center. Workers provided them breakfast, clean clothes and medicines and looked up a hospital with an emergency dermatologist.

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December 9

Help Plant Churches in Pakistan

Distributing food packages and Bibles, local missionaries are seeing many opportunities to share the Word of God with impoverished villagers. Workers visiting areas where there were no churches saw the Word of God change hearts.

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December 10

Send the Message of Salvation in South Asia

An impoverished married couple with five children battled unclean spirits, illness and hostilities within their family. After receiving gospel literature from local missionaries, the wife phoned a worker and attended worship the following Sunday.

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December 11

Help Expand Christ’s Kingdom in Chad

Native missionaries at one ministry are expanding the kingdom of God, with 40 working among more than 25 unreached people groups. More than 10,000 people heard the gospel last year as workers planted more than 20 churches.

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December 12

Help Workers Proclaim Christ in China

Praise God that local missionaries led seven people to Christ in one town and two other people to saving faith in another. A family had suffered for years from the same disease as pleas to their gods and idols for healing were ineffective. The workers shared the gospel with them, and after they accepted Christ, the team prayed for healing.

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December 14

Help Give Aid to the Poor in Guatemala

In a country where impoverished children are tempted to join criminal gangs to obtain security and financial reward, local missionaries providing hot lunches and grocery bags encourage kids to follow God’s ways.

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December 15

Help Proclaim the Good News in Israel

An unbelieving soldier who attended a local ministry’s church for more than two years came to realize his knowledge of science did not conflict with faith as he had thought, and he recently testified of accepting Christ at his baptism.

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December 17

Meet Urgent Needs of Refugees in Europe

A 17-year-old shepherd boy whose parents died on their journey from Iraq, four minors from Syria who had nowhere to sleep and a 26-year-old mother of seven whose husband abandoned her are among the refugees who have fled strife-torn homelands seeking recovery in Europe.

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December 18

Help Make and Grow New Christians in Nepal

In spite of the pandemic, people heard the gospel by visiting with Christian neighbors as they attended online worship services. Workers at another ministry met with every member of their congregations in their homes during lockdowns, encouraging them and praying for them.

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December 19

Help Refugees and the Poor in Lebanon

When refugees and Lebanese nationals impoverished by a collapsed economy receive food, clothing and other aid from local missionaries, they often ask workers why they are helping them. The workers gladly share about the love of Christ.

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December 21

Equip Gospel Workers in Indonesia

Various tribes are hearing about Christ in person and online, and new believers receive in-depth discipleship as they face strong pressures to recant. A convert from Islam who became a local missionary specializes in deepening their faith.

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December 22

Help Send Word of Salvation in Sri Lanka

Leaders of a local ministry are constantly training new people for evangelism as they see a large window opening for gospel acceptance. Teams are visiting homes and hospitals with the Lord’s healing power and the message of forgiveness in Christ.

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December 25

Help Spread the Good News in Kyrgyzstan

Local missionaries sponsor various camps for youths that exert a powerful influence on young lives. Muslim parents allow their children to attend such camps, as they see the godly values they learn and how much they enjoy them even as they learn about Christ.

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December 27

Equip Workers for Gospel Proclamation in South Asia

People who have received gospel tracts and Bibles from local missionaries are coming to faith in Christ. In one area, five fathers were freed from worldly corruption and entered into God’s kingdom, while a worker in another visited a home where four family members trusted in the Lord for eternal life.

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December 28

Help Implant Faith in Christ in Ghana

Praise God that workers with a native ministry providing assistance to widows led 39 of them to put their faith in Christ. The gospel is also spreading through a literacy class where 180 adults use the New Testament as a text. “Most will encounter Jesus as they read the Gospel,” the ministry leader said.

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December 29

Help Provide Compassionate Aid in Peru

Impoverished children feel strong pressure to leave school to sell candy and soft drinks on the streets. Local missionaries have a feeding center where they get to know the children, visit them in their homes and share the importance of continuing their schooling in order to break the cycle of poverty.

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December 30

Help Propel Gospel Initiatives in Bangladesh

Praises that the leader of a native ministry and two other workers traveled to a village and, visiting one home after another, saw enough people put their faith in Christ to plant a church there. The leader recently dedicated three tribal children of the new Christians to the Lord.

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December 31

Help Find, Vet and Evaluate Workers

At a fraction of the cost to send a foreign missionary, native Christian workers are doing more than anyone to bring the gospel to the world’s unreached people – in large part because the unreached are their own people.

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