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February 1st | Africa

The Power Of One

The West African missionary who led the wife of a Muslim sheikh (teacher) to Christ is on intimate terms with the dangers to her – and to himself. In the undisclosed country in West Africa where he ministers, time and again he has seen Muslims who turn to Jesus kicked out of their families or forced to divorce their husbands or wives. When children put their faith in Jesus, their parents no longer provide for basic needs such as food and clothing and refuse to pay school fees. “In some extreme cases that I have witnessed, the converts are physically and mentally tortured or even threatened with death,” the missionary said. The woman he led to Christ, Rashida, is the mother of a small child. The missionary understands why Rashida remains a secret Christian even though her heart is fervent for Jesus. Though not overtly Christian, she speaks of His sacrifice for salvation with other Muslim women. “If she becomes a public Christian, she fears being divorced or violated,” he said. “The day the husband discovers that she is even reading a Bible, something bad will happen, either divorcing or killing her. Please remember her in your prayers.” A witness to many Muslims who have sacrificed so much to remain faithful to Christ, the native missionary has faced threats on his own life as well. “Sometime Muslims plan to kill me, but God keeps me away from those bad plans,” he said. “It is not easy to reach out to a Muslim with the gospel – you must be unique and have a call from God.” He and the ministry team he directs work with joyful spirits amid such hostilities, as native missionaries throughout Africa do. Their biggest challenge is lack of resources; at times they cannot even buy enough Bibles to keep up with demand. For Bibles, training materials, transportation costs and other needs, please consider a gift of $60, $120, or $180 for these faithful missionaries. And pray for strength for Rashida and other secret believers and missionaries.


February 2nd

Native missionaries need to get through rough terrain to remote tribal people in areas unreachable by car. Motorcycles ($1,100 each) make this possible, and they seek donations of $100 or more to buy several of them. Pray that God would go before them.


February 3rd

Native missionaries recently saw 541 people put their faith in Christ and establish 10 new congregations among the Gond, Korwa, Oravan and Mundal peoples. The ministry seeks assistance for discipleship camps and other evangelistic outreaches. Pray the Lord would strengthen and protect the missionaries amid growing opposition. Your gift of $25, $50, or $100 will help missionaries with these outreaches.


February 4th

Working among remote Guahivo, Zikuani, Piapoco and other impoverished tribal groups, native missionaries with The Lord’s Vineyard of Colombia first hold small group Bible studies for children and then distribute much needed items such as shoes and clothing ($30 per child). Pray that these groups, the first step toward building fellowships, grow strong in faith.


February 5th

Native missionaries’ hearts break as they see child after child barefoot and without coats during harsh winter months. Parents are overjoyed when workers arrive with clothing and shoes, and the missionaries seek gifts of $25, $50 or $100 for these and other relief items. Pray Christ will be revealed in the aid.


February 6th

After years of seeking an opportunity to better engage unreached people in a remote village, native missionaries got permission from Muslim leaders to take 30 elementary school students and teachers on a three-day field trip to an urban area. Seeking to build on the deepened relationships, the workers seek assistance of $30, $60 or $90 per month to support the needy children. Pray that they will better impact the lives of kids and parents with Christ’s love.


February 7th
Burkina Faso

A native ministry that emphasizes making disciples rapidly reproduces congregations and leaders by radical obedience to the Word of God. They are finding high receptivity to the gospel among several tribes and seek gifts of $60, $120 or $180 to seize the opportunity. Pray that new Christians will be strongly knit to Christ and to one another.


February 8th

Students in Pakistan can take Bible correspondence courses in Urdu for free, and they receive Christian books, New Testaments or Bibles depending on levels completed. Students in the 96-percent Muslim country report learning to love God and humanity. Your gift of $35 will help students complete these courses. Pray more people will come to saving faith.


February 9th
Jammu and Kashmir

As leaders become trained to better guide churches, more Hindus and people of other religions are not hesitating to come to home fellowships for healing and encounters with Christ. A native ministry that has trained 130 people the past six months seeks assistance of $101 per new trainee for this vital program. Pray for new leaders to keep pace with church growth.


February 10th

A former Muslim recently showed the native missionary who brought him to Christ a group of worshipping refugees the convert had led to faith in Jesus. The new evangelist had begun his journey to Christ by receiving one refugee food pack ($65) and other compassionate aid. Pray that such aid would start others on the path to salvation.


February 11th

Native missionaries have more opportunities to proclaim Christ in newly reclaimed parts of Syria, but they need to train new volunteers and leaders for children’s camps and other outreaches, which also reach parents with the gospel. Your gift of $35, $70 or $105 will help reach people in Syria with the gospel. Pray for desperately needed new workers.


February 12th

In a remote area without access to transportation, electricity, schools or health care, native missionaries bring the Good News of Christ’s salvation to poor farmers and other unreached people who otherwise have virtually no chance of knowing Him. Your gift of $60 or $120 will help ensure these people in Nepal are reached. Pray they will be encouraged and strengthened.


February 13th

God’s love letter, the Bible, transforms the lives of seekers and new Christians. A native ministry brings Bibles to unreached tribal groups. Your gift of $36 provides six Bibles as workers proclaim the message of Christ’s love. Pray God’s Word would find rich soil.


February 14th

Native missionaries train women in sewing and other skills for earning a livelihood, which is critical as accepting Christ means losing husbands and their income. Workers also provide food for the needy and education for children. Your gift of $35, $70 or $105 will assist with these outreaches. Workers ask for prayer that their sacrifices bear fruit.


February 15th
Sri Lanka

Destitute children receive food, shelter and education from a native ministry, which equips them ($66 per child) with skills to become productive members of society. The children learn the Word of God, and those who have parents pass the gospel on to them. Pray the children and their families will find hope and love in Christ.


February 16th

Many are coming to Christ in this Muslim-majority country, but they face persecution from their communities and families. Discipleship is critical, and native missionaries seek assistance of $60 or $120 to make and strengthen more disciples. Pray the eyes of many hearts will open to Jesus’ love.

Bedouin siblings living in Lebanon

February 17th
Middle East

As Muslim refugees from Syria and elsewhere are in danger after putting their faith in Christ, native ministries provide relocation help for monthly living expenses such as housing and food, for which assistance in any amount is sought. Pray these secret believers will be able to share Christ with others.


February 18th

A village leader who ruled by force was shot in the leg and lost his income, family and health – and then put his faith in Jesus after a native missionary with Caiua Evangelical Mission shared the gospel with him and gave him a New Testament in his tribal language. CEM has five such faithful missionaries who need support ($60/month each). Pray their faith and zeal will lead to a rich harvest.


February 19th
West Bengal

Native missionaries are proclaiming Christ’s redemption through medical camps, films, clothes and food distribution, hospital visits and other means, and the ministry has added church-planting seminars for its workers. Your gifts of $25, $50 or $100 for all such evangelism and discipleship programs are sought. Pray that new Christians will form strong churches.


February 20th

Parents in this predominantly Buddhist country who want their children to receive quality education allow them to attend Christian schools. The families often put their faith in Christ and form churches. Workers seek donations of $75, $100 or $150 to help cover costs for the schools. Pray that God will accomplish His will through the schools.


February 21st

Though new religious regulations have made it more difficult to share Christ with minors, workers were allowed to share the gospel with students in Tibet by providing winter clothes, school supplies and water purifiers. Assistance of $60 monthly is sought for each worker going to unreached peoples. Pray for protection and provision.


February 22nd

Native missionaries are celebrating the advance of God’s kingdom as they inaugurate a new church in Kotu after arduous evangelism efforts. Your gift of $50 or $100 will help towards a multi-use training center and continued evangelistic outreaches. Pray that God will reveal his Son to hurting souls.

February 23rd
Sri Lanka

An evil spirit had seized hold of a Hindu priest’s family before a native missionary told them about Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection. After several more visits, they received Jesus. Such native workers committed to sharing Christ with the lost seek assistance of $60 or $120. Pray the Lord would honor their faith.


February 24th

As traumatized refugee children hear the gospel at a Christian school run by native missionaries, symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress are relieved and grateful families embrace Christ. Assistance of $30 or $60 is needed to assist Muslim refugee children. Pray for Christ’s healing touch among Muslim refugees.


February 25th
Uttar Pradesh

As one united body, hundreds of Christians from various denominations gather for collaborative, strategic prayer to complete the task of a witness for Christ among every tribe and tongue. Assistance to help bring them together is sought. Pray their work in prayer and planning would help fulfill God’s ends.


February 26th

Traumatized refugees eagerly attend a native ministry’s marriage retreats, where they receive the hope of the gospel for deeply stressed marriages. Workers welcome assistance in any amount for the annual cost of retreats ($6,050). Pray those who attend will know Christ’s love.


February 27th

Native missionaries who planted eight churches and equipped the congregations to multiply are seeing other opportunities, such as an opening to proclaim Christ to high school students. They seek assistance of $35, $70 or $105 for Bibles in local languages, gospel campaign equipment and other evangelist tools. Pray that faith as a mustard seed will grow into strong trees of the kingdom.


February 28th
Christian Aid

Indigenous missionaries are doing 90 percent of pioneer missionary work, but they receive only a tiny fraction of global mission resources. Please consider a gift to help Christian Aid Mission find, evaluate, and assist more of these indigenous missionaries to complete the task of a witness for Christ in every nation.