Your Prayer Guide to Reach the World.

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February 1st


Of the thousands of urgent requests for food and medicine that local missionaries receive, most come from families living in camps for those displaced by violence within the country. These camps have become starvation centers as pandemic lockdowns have prevented deliveries of food and water by outside agencies. Local missionaries save the lives of children, the elderly and many poor families with deliveries of food and medicine, besides presenting the gospel and Bibles for the salvation of many souls. They seek donations to continue giving life-saving aid to the needy. Pray the Lord would protect local missionaries from COVID-19.

February 2nd


A local ministry has adapted to the coronavirus pandemic by dividing into house churches for worship and forming disciples through Zoom, texting and social media messaging. One woman decided to trust in Christ for salvation after members of a ministry church plant invited her to home meetings; local missionaries are discipling her online, and she planned to be baptized after the lifting of lockdown. Youths are also coming to the Lord as teenagers meet virtually on Saturdays and children do on Fridays. Donations are sought for training and other tools of evangelism and discipleship. Pray that new Christians will find precious fellowship online or in small groups.

February 3rd


Members of a fast-growing cult were among people who most resisted Christianity. Local missionaries were praying to be able to reach cult members when they got an opportunity to share the gospel with a couple from the group. The couple put their faith in Christ and asked for Bibles and Christian literature to share with cult members, and a year later the entire sect had received Christ. Local missionaries seek donations of $16 or $32 to provide Bibles to young people, schools, churches, drug addicts, hospitals, Bible schools and other groups. Pray the Lord would open hearts and minds to His Word.

February 4th


Local missionaries trekking to mountain villages are visiting unreached ethnic groups such as the Wa, Lisu and Lahu to bring them the gospel, while others make equally arduous journeys to encourage new believers to remain steadfast amid opposition and restrictions. One local missionary brings the message of Christ’s salvation to youths in the mountains, reconciling parents and children as they grow in the Lord, besides hosting two social media groups to proclaim Christ. Donations of $60 or $120 are sought throughout the country for such gospel proclamation and follow-up, including training of pastors and other workers. Pray the Lord’s protection over workers and the churches that they’re planting.

February 5th

South Asia

After flooding that damaged more than 10,380 houses, daily wage earners already suffering hunger from the COVID-19 pandemic were desperate to feed their families. Local missionaries provided rice, biscuits and water, among other relief aid such as soap and candles, to 500 families. Workers in other areas throughout the region are helping to feed and clothe poor people devastated by the pandemic and locust swarms. Donations of $35 or $70 are sought to provide such compassionate aid to people suffering from natural disasters and poverty. Pray the Lord would be glorified through good works as families acknowledge the living God.

February 6th


An Iranian who had heard the gospel on a satellite channel was forced to leave his home country after he became increasingly interested in Christianity when his son was healed through prayer. Seeing where others had sown, local missionaries in Athens watered, teaching him how to put his faith in Christ and be baptized. A month later, his son also became a Christian. Workers are seeing an increase in the number of refugees who are open to the gospel. Donations are sought to bring more refugees to saving faith and disciple them to maturity. Pray that refugees’ bruised and battered hearts would find healing and wholeness in Christ’s saving sacrifice.

February 7th


A villager who put his faith in Christ after hearing the gospel from a local missionary shared it with his family and two friends, and now all three families, 13 people in total, are Christian – even after they were forced to live in tents when villagers destroyed their homes for leaving tribal religion. Local missionaries are training 14 new workers to send to seven unreached people groups. Workers who saw 115 people put their faith in Christ during a previous six-month span seek donations to provide training and other tools for such evangelism and discipleship. They request prayer to reach more unreached people and to feed a growing number of hungry people with leprosy.

February 8th

Middle East

Thousands of refugees from Syria and elsewhere rely on local missionaries to survive a harsh winter and a relentless pandemic. With economic pressures from COVID-19 lockdowns driving up prices, local missionaries need assistance to provide staple food items and hygiene kits to men, women and children who have no other means of survival. Last year more than 600 families received such aid from one ministry in the region. Workers seek donations of $35 or $70 to deliver food, water and other aid in Christ’s name to desperate refugees. Pray that local missionaries can meet the needs of people fighting for their lives.

February 9th


Praying and fasting for the end of the COVID-19 pandemic in their country and throughout the world, local missionaries held a gospel meeting at which 38 people put their faith in Christ. Another 68 people who had recently believed were baptized. In another area, the native ministry’s church held a women’s meeting over four days where 49 people accepted Christ. Donations of $25 or $50 are sought to help workers plant churches by reaching the lost with gospel proclamation and the spiritual formation of disciples. Pray the joy of the Lord would lead His children to share the hope they have in Christ with others.

February 10th


From proclaiming Christ at youth camps to training church leaders how to mobilize congregations to serve their communities, local missionaries are devoting their days and nights to the Lord’s service. Workers trained Christians how to study and apply the Bible, taught servant leadership to pastors and led hundreds of people to Christ at various camps; at one youth camp, 45 girls put their faith in Christ. Local missionaries also prepared correspondence courses that deepened the faith of some and led others to receive Christ. They seek donations of $60 to cover their monthly expenses. Pray the Holy Spirit would infuse all their efforts to bring people closer to Christ.

February 11th


A native ministry teaches every person who turns to Christ how to start a church at home, so churches have continued to sprout and grow in small groups amid pandemic restrictions on large gatherings. Local missionaries and church leaders baptized at least 10 families as natives of Spain and refugees from the Middle East and Africa put their faith in Christ. When necessary, training and discipleship takes place via Zoom meetings. Workers seek donations of $25 or $50 for this gospel proclamation and follow-up. Pray that the Lord will keep safe new believers from Muslim families, and that their joy in Christ will take deep root.

February 12th


The alcoholic father of a young girl was rarely present with his family, and when he was, he beat the children and their mother. He was not sober often enough to hold a steady job, and the traumatized mother was unable to support the family as a domestic maid. Local missionaries accepted her request to care for the girl, and the physical, emotional, spiritual and educational help she received has transformed her into an eager, lively student. Workers throughout the country seek donations of $35 or $70 to offer such compassionate aid to the needy. Pray that workers will be strong in Christ to strengthen the poor and downtrodden.