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January 1st | South Asia

The Power Of One

When a small band of native missionaries showed up at a remote village, the tribal people asked them why they had come. The villagers assumed they had come to bring them some material gifts, but the Christians said they had brought them only one thing. “We told them that we don’t have any money or any material to help them, but that we had the Good News to give to them,” the ministry leader said. “Then we started sharing the gospel by meeting the villagers personally, and one by one people listened eagerly, and some of them shared their personal and family problems.” The evangelists requested they come to an evening meeting to hear God’s Word. “We assured them we would pray for their problems to be solved in Jesus name, and that Jesus would deliver them from their problems and sicknesses,” the leader said. In a village that has never had electricity, the chiefs agreed to let them hold the meeting in front of one of their homes. With a battery-powered sound system, the Christian workers praised God in song and proclaimed the death and resurrection of Jesus for salvation from sin. “At the end we prayed for their deliverance,” the leader said. “The Lord honored our words and blessed the villagers that evening. Our hearts were really moved with compassion for the villagers, and we prayed that the Lord may bring electricity into that village soon.” The corporate worship, Word of God, tracts, prayer and follow-up talks all took place with the help of the Holy Spirit. “Now the result is three families have accepted Christ and are regularly attending the church service and are growing in the Lord,” the leader said. “Our team is doing follow-up work in that village.” Native missionaries undertaking such front-edge work are bringing God’s kingdom to the unreached throughout South Asia with your help ($132 per missionary per month). Pray that the rest of this village – and the rest of the region – would come to know Christ.


January 2nd
Middle East

Infants in refugee camps are at risk for disease and even death during the cold winter months. Compassionate aid such as baby formula, blankets, and quilted baby clothes help these most vulnerable survive, and native missionaries seek assistance in any amount for such aid. Pray that grateful families will seek to know more about Jesus.


January 3rd
North Africa

From providing furniture to a Christian family displaced by persecution to meeting the medical needs of a woman with a debilitating condition, native ministries throughout the region are reaching out to entire communities with compassionate aid, counseling and other services – that all may come to know Jesus. The resource-starved ministries welcome assistance in any amount. Pray Christ’s name will be lifted up.


January 4th

An indigenous ministry working among 21 people groups plans to construct a center where missionaries will be trained and housed, including an office where workers will evaluate, plan and coordinate outreaches. Planning to reach another six people groups, the ministry seeks assistance in any amount for the $22,000 center. Pray that many tribes may experience God’s glory.


January 5th

Mothers and other women serving time in the Kiev area get scant food, clothing and other items from their prison. Native missionaries bring them these basic goods, spiritually guide them and see the changes in their hearts – just one example of how your assistance (any amount welcome) for compassionate aid projects changes lives in former Soviet countries. Pray that Christ would be glorified.


January 6th

When a native ministry’s Christian pre-school had to drop its name and change to three new locations due to persecution, half the children left, but the rest decided to continue, showing their faith in Christ. The ministry needs assistance in any amount for the three new sites. Pray the Lord will keep them safe.


January 7th
West Bengal

Native missionaries proclaim Christ to poor villagers awaiting medical care at clinics organized by a local ministry, with many patients finding salvation along with healing. Workers wishing to offer one medical clinic per month seek two donors to provide $150 each for each one. Pray that those healed will remember the Great Physician.


January 8th

Native missionaries pray and fast for God’s guidance and provision as they share the gospel with the unreached. Filled with the Spirit, they need only assistance in any amount for Bibles, transportation, monthly expenses and other items. Pray the new year would see new believers from people groups yet to be reached.


January 9th

Providing discipleship training for former Muslims, native missionaries seek assistance in any amount to bring these new Christians to safe areas for training and to cover costs for other evangelism tools. Pray that those called to preach Christ to the unreached in high-risk areas would know God’s peace.


January 10th

In a country with a population that is 94 percent Muslim, native missionaries proclaimed Christ’s love at two major events at the Palace of Congress. Meantime, people are coming to Christ through workers trained and sent by a native seminary and through outreaches made possible by your gifts in any amount for evangelistic tools. Pray for God’s kingdom to spread like leaven.


January 11th

Native missionaries praise the Lord for 130 children who put their trust in Jesus after receiving Bibles and hearing the gospel in their school. The ministry needs Bibles for the new year to share while this door is open in the schools, and your gift of $30 will provide five Bibles. Pray these children would grow in the power of His might.


January 12th

Native missionaries operate a school where students excel in a country that has high illiteracy rates. The children need educational supplies such as books, bags, uniforms and stationary ($30 per child). Pray that students learning to read will discover the Bible.


January 13th

Native missionaries offer poor people small businesses or farming projects for income, and they open doors to closed, hostile villages. Other missionaries engage in microenterprises themselves to become self-sustaining, add value to communities and build relationships. Assistance in any amount is welcome for such projects. Pray the gospel will arrive to unreached groups in 2019.


January 14th

The government granted a native ministry a large property that will be remodeled for children’s ministry, a great opportunity to bring Christ to parents who take their kids to it for Bible study and prayer. To cover costs of such evangelism opportunities throughout the region, native missionaries seek assistance in any amount. Pray the Lord would break down barriers for His kingdom.


January 15th
South Asia

As thousands of people have been cast into misery from cyclones, flooding and other natural disasters, they are taking comfort in God’s Word. Your gift of $30 will provide five Bibles for them and others struggling with everyday problems. Pray for God to strengthen their hope in Him as they read his Word.


January 16th

Native missionaries provide prayer and the hope of the gospel to cancer patients and their families, as well as follow-up with gospel materials and visits. $75 per worker is needed each month to sustain these fruitful evangelistic projects. Pray that those who feel weak may know the strength of the Lord Jesus.


January 17th

A native ministry that has seen people come to Christ through seminars, films and other outreaches has led a tribal chief to Jesus, which could result in 600,000 of his predominantly Muslim, tribal people coming to Christ. The ministry leader says they lack only prayer and financial support from the worldwide body of Christ. Pray for God’s protection and provision.


January 18th

Leaders of a native ministry’s church last year were arrested and ordered to stop holding worship services, but most of the congregation started meeting in smaller groups. Each full-time worker seeks monthly assistance from five donors of $110 each as they learn to trust God amid constant change. Pray the Lord will provide for changing needs.


January 19th
Middle East

Muslim refugees are continually baffled that Christians offer them life-saving aid, leading to gospel conversations. In the bitter cold, native missionaries provide wood, heaters and blankets, in addition to food packs, as far as they receive assistance; they seek contributions of $50 to $100. Pray that each item would reveal the tangible love of Jesus.


January 20th

In areas where people did not have a concept of “God,” they are coming to know Christ and taking baptism thanks to the work of a native ministry. For their personal evangelism, social outreach, prayer for the sick and needy, home worship and more, workers seek assistance in any amount.


January 21st

Among tribal people who live in fear of their animistic gods, a native ministry shares hope in Christ. Workers seek assistance for outreaches that lift poor children physically and spiritually, including shoes and clothing ($25 per child). Pray many will be drawn to Jesus through this provision.


January 22nd

Native missionaries, including some going to unreached tribes, have planted churches but need to send more workers. Having seen many lives transformed, they would like to train more workers and seek assistance in any amount for such evangelism and discipleship efforts. Pray the Lord would go before them to prepare hearts.


January 23rd

Providing wells helps native missionaries show that they truly care about villagers, an important step in church planting. That is just one way that workers use your gifts for community engagement projects that demonstrate Christ’s love. Pray that workers would continue to be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit.


January 24th

In war-battered east Ukraine, thousands of kids who know little of Christ attend camps where they receive children’s Bibles. Native missionaries need to buy the full-color Bibles for these and other outreaches in the former Soviet countries, for which they seek gifts of $30, $60 and $90. Pray that young hearts will grasp the deep love of Christ.


January 25th

Native gospel teams travel to far-flung areas to conduct 2- or 3-day tribal outreaches, showing gospel films and sometimes incorporating medical outreach. Following up with interested seekers afterward, the workers have established many churches with this approach, for which they seek assistance in any amount. Pray for healthy churches.


January 26th

Amid great opposition, native missionaries are taking great joy in the spiritual growth they see in the young Christians they are mentoring. Besides opportunities to share the gospel through aid to widows, orphans and HIV-infected children, they undertake personal witness, open-air evangelism, television and radio broadcasts, films and distribution of literature, for which they seek gifts of $25, $70 or $120. Pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance.


January 27th

Through its Bible college, a native ministry prepares students from different states in India to plant churches, and then sends them back to their home areas to assist pastors in personal evangelism. This training, for which assistance in any amount is sought, eventually leads them to plant churches among their own people. Pray that hearts will be softened to the gospel.


January 28th

Native missionaries prayerfully engage unreached communities with the gospel through projects such as water wells or quality Christian preschools. Such projects, for which they seek assistance in any amount, bring Christ to children and parents. Pray the love of Jesus would flood into closed communities in 2019.


January 29th

Through strategic outreach to receptive tribal people of the three Hill Districts, native missionaries have been able to plant churches that serve as a light to others. Your gifts help them do person-to-person ministry, going house-to-house to proclaim Christ. Pray that lost souls will be won to the kingdom.


January 30th

The predominantly Muslim Rohingya are said to be the most downtrodden people in the world as they are stateless, impoverished and persecuted. A native ministry has planted churches by offering them hope in Christ, and it seeks assistance in any amount for evangelism among them and other peoples in the region. Pray for strong, deeply rooted fellowships.


January 31th
Christian Aid

It’s now been more than 65 years since Christian Aid Mission began identifying, evaluating and assisting native ministries. We haven’t had to look far to see their commitment to Christ and prayer, even as we have worked to ensure your donations are used for their intended purposes. Pray that native workers would not feel forgotten, and please consider a gift today to help Christian Aid find and sustain them.