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January 1st


An unprecedented opportunity lies before local missionaries as Muslim refugees flood the region, many of them disillusioned with Islam. They arrive with physical needs and spiritual voids that Christian workers based in the region are in prime position to meet. As local missionaries share the gospel, refugees are forming churches and need discipleship and leadership training to remain rooted in the face of strong opposition. Donations of $60 are sought for the tools workers need to share the gospel and train new believers in planting and overseeing new churches. Pray for workers to receive strength and inspiration from the Lord as they daily address refugees’ deep pain and needs.

January 2nd


Doors opened to a local missionary for a rare opportunity to offer training on how to start Bible studies among seekers in an area of opposition. Two Christians who obtained the training were later able to start eight Bible studies in one of the most closed areas of China. A door was opened in another area for the local missionary to teach a large church how to give such training, and those who learned from those new trainers later started six Bible studies. Donations of $30 or $60 are sought for these and other tools of evangelism and discipleship. Pray the Lord would open more avenues for the gospel to advance in spite of COVID-19 and other obstacles.

January 3rd


Working in areas of poverty where hopelessness is common, local missionaries made a dramatic difference in needy people’s lives by providing school fees for children and loans for aspiring entrepreneurs to start businesses. In an area that is remote and difficult to access, other workers helped villagers drill a borehole, remedying a severe water shortage. Donations are sought for such community engagement initiatives, which open the way for gospel proclamation. Pray that thanksgiving for improved quality of life will flow into praise for eternal life.

January 4th


Seeking people who will hear the voice of the Lord in their efforts, local missionaries distribute Christian literature among the poor in dangerous city neighborhoods and remote villages. Recently 28 people committed their lives to Christ, including a Buddhist woman whose husband strongly opposed her new faith. He physically and verbally abused her, but as she and other Christians prayed for him, he also trusted in Christ’s death and resurrection for his salvation. Gospel workers throughout the country seek donations of $25 or $50 to proclaim Christ and disciple believers. Pray workers will sense God working among them as He guides them.

January 5th


Prevented from carrying out traditional evangelistic outreaches due to COVID-19 restrictions, local missionaries are teaching disciples to take the gospel to friends and relatives through WhatsApp, email, Facebook, Zoom and Instagram messages. Some are making telephone calls based on random selections from the telephone book, and as a result 11 people have put their faith in Christ. A woman who recently accepted Him has shared photos of Bible passages with non-Christian relatives in social media posts. Local missionaries seek donations for the tools and means to proclaim Christ to such people and disciple them to maturity. Pray the Holy Spirit would guide workers as they try new forms of outreach.

January 6th

Middle East

Refugees throughout the region are hard-pressed to avoid the ravages of COVID-19 as they are crammed into small living spaces in tents or run-down apartments. With no means for returning home, either to Syria or other countries rife with conflict, they rely deeply on the compassion of local missionaries for survival as deep winter cold sets in. Workers are providing food, water and hygiene kits along with blankets, diapers and infant formula. In Turkey, nearly 700 families received food over the course of half a year, and local missionaries throughout the region seek donations of $35 or $70 to make more life-saving aid available. Pray the love of Christ would lead to knowledge of His saving grace.

January 7th


Local missionaries recently brought the gospel to four unreached people groups. Three families comprising 18 people put their faith in Christ among one group; in another, one family accepted Christ; in the third village, two people accepted Christ; and in the fourth, one person received Him for eternal life. Making contacts in new areas and establishing themselves among the tribal inhabitants, workers are seeing new disciples and training leaders to pastor churches. Donations are sought for the means to carry out such evangelism and discipleship efforts. Pray that workers would be led to God-ordained encounters that lead to rich spiritual harvests.

January 8th

Sri Lanka

From those suffering illness and disease in hospitals to children learning about the one true Lord, people in the South Asian island country are hearing the gospel from local missionaries who have grown up in the same culture. Speaking their heart language and dialect, workers see hearts transformed as people put their faith in Christ. Local missionaries who see family relationships healed as they proclaim Christ and present Bible teaching need donations of $35 or $70 in order to sustain their ministries of reconciliation between sinful humanity and the holy, heavenly Father. Pray for new opportunities for workers to proclaim Christ to more people.

January 9th


Local missionaries plan to expand their capacity to offer counseling and legal advice to refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and other areas of conflict. Providing relief items, counseling and other services at the ministry office, refugee camps and elsewhere, local missionaries have natural opportunities to share the gospel as they engage the needy wherever they may be found. Donations of $35 or $70 are sought for food, clothing, help with applications for housing and asylum and other services. Pray for the Holy Spirit’s presence and power as workers daily face overwhelming needs.

January 10th


COVID-19 has cast a pall over Albanians already living without hope in a country where evangelical Christians are less than 1 percent of the population. With more than half the people identifying as Muslim and most others nominally belonging to traditional churches where the Bible is not taught, local missionaries are seeing harvests especially among children, older youths and young adults as they share the Good News of the Lord’s saving grace. Workers need donations of $25 or $50 for youth meetings, home visits, Bible studies and other means of evangelism and discipleship. Pray the truth of Christ’s life, death and resurrection would penetrate a largely secular mindset.

January 11th


In a recent prison outreach, local missionaries proclaiming the gospel to hundreds of inmates saw 358 put their faith in Christ, including 70 Muslims. The outcome was stunning in a country that is just 7.6 percent evangelical. More than 57 percent of the population is Muslim, and about 16 percent of Chad’s people practice animistic tribal rituals, not including many Muslims who blend such traditional beliefs with Islam. In other outreaches such as home visits, 40 people accepted Christ. Local missionaries need donations for such evangelism and discipleship. Workers request prayer for God’s protection of formerly Muslim prison inmates who now have faith in Christ.

January 12th


People suffering unemployment and inflation at unprecedented highs are lacking health care in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. As the number of poor and needy grows, local missionaries are providing them medical services; people with no other access to such care receive lab tests, wound and burn care, physiotherapy, fetal monitoring and other services at no cost at a native ministry’s medical clinic. Donations are sought to make this medical care available to the poor in Christ’s name. Pray for economic and political stability, and that those in desperate straits economically and physically would find wholeness and peace in expressions of Christ’s love.

January 13th


Local missionaries invested much time in prayer before deciding to gather Christians for gospel proclamation at a celebration service in spite of local opposition. Church members invited friends and neighbors, and at the end of the celebration, 10 people put their faith in Christ. Native missionaries also led Bible studies that deepened disciples’ understanding of grace, while others trained Sunday school teachers. Workers throughout the country seek donations for such efforts and the tools to proclaim Christ and train disciples and church leaders. Pray that evangelists would be given wisdom to know how to be both bold and gentle.