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January 1st


A widow came to Christ under the home church teaching of a local missionary, and later the native ministry helped her start a laundry business with a micro-enterprise loan. A Muslim customer who left money in the pocket of clothes to be washed was surprised when she returned the money, and he asked her why she hadn’t pocketed it like most people. Her answer about doing godly business intrigued him, and when local missionaries shared the gospel with him and his family, they began a Bible study and put their faith in Christ. Donations are sought for workers to carry out such evangelism and discipleship. Pray the love of God would penetrate barriers to bring more people to Christ.

January 2nd

North Africa

During a children’s meeting, a local missionary learned that it was a little girl’s birthday and afterward brought her a piece of cake with a candle in it. Moved to tears, the child said it was the first time she felt someone cared about her since losing her mother. Workers hold several events for children, help the poor with aid and vocational training and offer biblical counseling that restores marriages, among other ministries, and such care helps them start Bible studies and lead people to faith in Christ. Local missionaries need support of $60 or $120 to help with their monthly expenses. They request prayer for resources to make up for pandemic-related shortfalls and more capacity to expand outreach.

January 3rd


A young father of three grew so hostile while drunk that he was in constant legal trouble, and his wife and children left him. A local missionary explained how Christ took the punishment for his sin, and he committed his life to the Lord. He reconciled with his family, found steady employment and has stopped drinking. Gospel workers are proclaiming God’s grace, distributing audio Bibles in the native languages of various tribal people and holding seminars to strengthen disciples. They need donations to carry out such evangelistic outreach and follow-up. Pray for workers’ health and protection from community violence.

January 4th


Recently workers led seven people to put their faith in Christ and baptized them. In areas where tight controls and/or COVID-19 restrictions have forced Christians to meet only in homes, with church leaders ministering to them only through visits, local missionaries are edifying and encouraging believers in small groups or online. They build up church leaders through online training that helps them raise awareness about evangelizing and every-member ministry. Donations are needed for such training, discipleship and gospel proclamation. Pray workers will be equipped, inspired and protected as they minister to minority ethnic groups.

January 5th


After the death of her husband and ongoing abuse from hostile relatives, a depressed mother decided she and her two daughters would commit suicide. Before they could attempt it, a local missionary shared about the love of Christ and prayed for her, and as she and her daughters began attending church services, they experienced the joy and peace of the Lord in their lives. They were among six people who were recently baptized. Local missionaries need donations of $60 or $120 in order to bring word of Christ’s saving sacrifice and faithfulness to people trapped in despair. Workers request prayer for good health and for strength, wisdom and courage for Christians facing growing opposition.

January 6th


Among many children who attended a local ministry’s Bible studies and special events was a young boy who had many questions. Local missionaries answered them, but he said something was missing until he attended a prayer and worship event and felt “a fire inside of me.” He put his faith in Christ, and now he shares his testimony with others. Last year the ministry saw a doubling of the number of kids who joined house fellowships after attending prior events. Workers seek donations in order to keep up with the growing number of children who want to attend evangelistic camps, Bible studies and events. Pray for the ability to meet needs as expansion opportunities grow.

January 7th


A Syrian refugee who had lost his ability to walk without aids in an airstrike arrived at a local ministry’s office with his wife and four children, homeless and hungry. Workers provided him legal help, a wheelchair and baby formula for his infant child, and as he left he thanked staff members for giving him hope. The local ministry provides legal assistance and other means of integrating into society to about 750 such people each month, and it distributes food and other goods to many others. Staff members need donations of $35 or $70 to provide such compassionate aid to a continuing stream of refugees. Pray for more workers, and for the refugees to recover their lives.

January 8th


A tribal villager recently put his faith in Christ after attending a local missionary’s seminar. Workers are visiting homes with the gospel in several areas; in one of the hill districts, a 37-year-old alcoholic who had violently opposed the faith of his Christian relatives and neighbors overheard a preacher quoting Scripture against the worship of false nature gods and asked the local missionary to explain. He went on to study the Bible with him for weeks afterward, left his addictions and put his faith in Christ. Workers need donations of $25 or $50 in order to proclaim Christ and cultivate strong disciples. They request prayer for new believers facing opposition from criminals and militias.

January 9th


A young Muslim man who had conversations about the gospel with a local missionary received Christ and now joyfully shares his faith with others. In another village, workers identified an influential “man of peace” who put his faith in Christ, leading the entire community to become receptive to the gospel, including the local chief. In total, 127 people recently received Christ as Lord and Savior through one ministry’s outreaches. Those workers and other local missionaries rely on donations to undertake such evangelism and discipleship. Pray that new believers will hold closely to the Lord in the face of opposition.

January 10th


Local missionaries with one ministry recently shared the gospel with more than 2,000 people in 30 areas in the 96-percent Muslim country, with 180 souls committing their lives to Christ. Distributing 250 Bibles, they regularly followed up with new believers in various villages. Workers focused on remote areas of neglected poor people and saw the Holy Spirit transform lives; villagers were eager to have and study God’s Word. Donations are sought for the tools and means to share the gospel and edify and encourage new Christians. Pray that new churches would sense God’s presence.

January 11th


A Muslim from Africa was one of 120 new arrivals at a local ministry’s refugee center who gradually trusted workers enough to listen to them share the gospel. At first resistant, he now loves reading the Bible, attending church services and listening to sermons. Pray for him as workers continue to help him know the Lord. Both refugees and Spaniards are coming to Christ and establishing home fellowships, and the ministry recently trained 30 young evangelists to start 20 new house churches. Workers need donations of $25 or $50 for such tools of evangelism and discipleship in order to form new disciples. Pray for local missionaries’ health and safety amid opposition and COVID-19.

January 12th


Several tribal people in various villages recently accepted Christ, and local missionaries are helping them grow in their faith with Bible study and spiritual guidance. In other regions where villagers have long resisted the message of salvation, 15 tribal people recently trusted in the saving power of Christ and are eagerly learning to follow Him. So far seven of them have taken baptism. Workers seek donations for the Bibles, tools and training to proclaim the Lord’s grace and help form strong disciples. Pray for protection from flood-related disease and attacks by gold miners and drug traffickers.