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July 1st | Middle East

Arriving in Lebanon weary and traumatized from war in his native Syria, Tarek and some of his relatives thought there was nothing they could feel more sharply than hunger. But after weeks of restoring their health with the food packages that native missionaries provided to them at an unofficial tent camp, they felt something strange and deep as the workers continued to visit them. One day Tarek visited the native missionaries in a prayer tent they had set up to minister to refugees’ emotional and spiritual needs. “In the beginning I only wanted you to come because we wanted food packages,” he told them. “But, every time the group came in, we felt something different.” The ministry leader suspected he had tasted God’s lovingkindness and invited him to join a Bible study group. After engaging with God’s Word and enjoying the fellowship, Tarek confessed that he had initially come to argue with them. “I came to criticize, but you are full of love,” he said. He put his faith in Christ and now loves the Lord with all his heart, the ministry leader said. Such native missionaries throughout the Middle East share the tangible love of Christ with refugees through compassionate aid, seeing great numbers come to the Lord Jesus. Your gift of $30, $60 or $90 equips them to reach the lost and needy. Pray that hungry people will find the food that never perishes.

July 2nd


A family recently brought a blind, elderly man to a gospel meeting in Kahama. Native missionaries prayed for him, and the Lord healed his eyes. When his family saw the miracle of restored sight, they received Jesus as Savior. The next day neighbors came, and they too put their faith in Christ. As new believers are discipled and churches are formed, native missionaries are seeing entire communities transformed from areas of moral rot to shining beacons of love and righteousness. Donations of $60, $120 or $180 help cover monthly expenses and the costs of tools needed for revival and follow-up. Pray that impoverished workers and their families will find provision from God.

July 3rd


As tribal Dogra people have been putting their faith in Christ, native missionaries have been steering them toward forming a sustainable church-planting movement. Hostility toward outside workers has compelled them to train local elders to undertake the movement, and the ministry has 15 key people training them for the past four years. Donations of $50, $75 or $100 will be used for the rent, food, tools and materials for the training. Pray the elders and their flocks will catch the Lord’s vision.

July 4th

Middle East

Even with Iraq’s restrictions and difficulties, native missionaries were able to distribute children’s Bibles to students in five public schools. Hundreds of children put their faith in Christ, many of whom continue to read the Bible and attend Bible school. Native missionaries throughout the Middle East are getting the Bible into the hands of many people, from children to displaced people and refugees, with your gift of $24, $48 or $96. Pray that God’s Word would break through barriers to establish God’s kingdom.

July 5th

Sri Lanka

Unprecedented devastation struck the country on Easter Sunday (April 21) when Islamist suicide bombers attacked three churches and three hotels. At least 321 people were killed in the predominantly Christian areas, including 104 Christians at one church alone, and more than 500 people suffered injuries. The effects on survivors will be long-term, and native missionaries in the areas need assistance of $25, $50 or $75 to care for their brothers and sisters suffering through this horrific tragedy. Pray for physical and emotional healing for survivors.

July 6th


Praise God for the 1,000 people of the Wichi tribal people who accepted Christ as Lord and Savior in the past year. Tragically, most of the Wichi live in extreme poverty, and infant mortality rates are high due to malnutrition and disease. Native missionaries provide a nutritious, life-sustaining meal to 25 needy children every day at a cost of only $11 per child each month. Your gift of $22, $44 or $66 helps bring Christ’s love to these children and their families. Pray for Christ’s name to continue to be honored in this effective ministry that is planting churches and caring for those in need.

July 7th


Every year missionaries working among the Miao/Hmong are grateful that God opens doors for them to reach people in remote mountain areas who have never heard of Jesus. They now also have the chance to serve the children there. When workers visit the villages, the parents accompanied by their children share their difficulties, and the missionaries are able to lead them to pray for each other; the workers also learn from the purity of the children’s prayers. Deepening relationships among people and fostering their relationship with God is made possible by donations of $60 or $120 for the workers. Please pray for them.

July 8th


 shelter built for a maximum of 75 children is now housing 105, and the kids are growing weary of the crowded conditions. Normally the native ministry in charge of Father’s House organizes a summer camp for the children, and this year the high number of children is leading workers to try something different: They plan to send the kids in groups of five to 10 to different Christian summer camps throughout the country. Giving the children a chance to find new friends and a new experience of Christ, the plan involves greater costs, and workers seek donations of $30, $60 or $90. Pray the Lord will work His will through this new arrangement.

July 9th


In a world of suffering and hardship, native missionaries find people want to have Christ on their side – even if they were raised in Muslim families. In gospel radio broadcasts, audio-visual materials and personal visits to remote villages, native missionaries find that presenting salvation in the Lord Jesus answers their deepest problems. Former Muslims secretly tell them they believe the gospel and encourage workers to persevere. But the workers lack funds for their monthly living costs and seek donations of $60, $120 or $180 for that and the tools needed for evangelism and discipleship. Pray the Lord will continue to answer their faith with fruit.

July 10th


Native missionaries see reaching youth as central to bringing the gospel to entire families in areas that are difficult to access. In sports camps, Christian children reach other kids with the gospel thanks to training they have received from indigenous missionaries. Likewise, in weekly Bible clubs, about 600 refugee children hear the gospel each month thanks to training that workers received for Christian youth programs. The workers seek assistance of $30, $60 or $90 to bring the light of Christ to such children. Pray for young ones who have lost so much to know Christ and reach their generation for Him.

July 11th


Many evangelists and pastors from a native ministry who are planting and nurturing churches do not have formal seminary training, so the ministry equips them with three-day seminars four times a year. About 90 workers attend those seminars each year. Another 15 young men and women benefit from a 10-month Bible training for youth and church leadership. Reaching their own tribes to make disciples of every people, the ministry seeks donations of $25, $50 or $75 to cover the costs of the training. Pray the workers’ faith would deepen for more and better fruit.

July 12th


Reaching Muslim refugees from the Middle East and Africa, native missionaries in Spain are seeing them come to Christ and plant churches in Spain and North Africa, even in prisons among Islamic extremists and hardened criminals. Your gift of $60 or $120 to support these missionaries and other church planters in Europe helps with expenses such as food and phone cards, paving the way for the gospel to expand into closed areas. Pray for these transformed ones to carry the gospel to areas previously closed tight.

July 13th


Native missionaries are planting new churches among people of Muslim and Hindu upbringing in this 90-percent Muslim country. A female evangelist in Muslim areas is regularly leading women to Christ who have even been baptized in spite of the opposition it can bring, resulting in at least one new church plant every year. Indigenous missionaries like her need assistance of $35, $70 or $105 for support and ministry tools. Pray that God’s light would break through the darkness.

July 14th


In the hyper-hostile environment of this majority-Muslim country, native missionaries’ efforts to meet people’s basic needs for livelihood and survival are essential for building relationships. Workers teach skills that can be used to find employment and provide micro-enterprise financing that lead to spiritual outreach. Youth empowerment, summer school for children and tutoring for grade school kids is also highly valued by the peoples reached for the gospel. These efforts rely on your donations of $30, $60 or $90. Pray the Holy Spirit would infuse all outreaches and relationships.

July 15th


Native missionaries in the vast Amazonian region regularly travel for days on foot or by river to remote villages, often through jungles filled with poisonous snakes and wild animals. They bring Christ to people from various tribes and deepen relationships with those who receive Him through Bible training, Bible translations and pioneer church planting, among other means. Donations of $35, $70 or $105 sustain these efforts. Pray that many ethnic people groups may experience God’s glory.

July 16th


Working among millions of people with millions of gods, native evangelists know the cultural nuances of their particular areas and are highly motivated to see people lost in darkness know the healing light of Christ. They see thousands of people coming to faith after seeing the Lord’s power in prayer for healing. Such workers are inexpensive – at one native ministry, they are planting churches with support of only $70 per month each. Your donation of $60, $120 or $180 trains, sends and sustains them. Pray the Lord would make their faith fruitful.

July 17th


n this 96-percent Muslim country where radical ideology is increasingly taking hold, native missionaries are boldly proclaiming Christ’s salvation. Often they are working in areas of deep poverty where there are no schools, hospitals or electricity. Planting churches in such remote areas throughout the country, workers need donations of $35, $70 or $105 for Bibles, transportation and discipleship materials, among other evangelistic tools. Pray that fledgling churches would grow strong.

July 18th

Southeast Asia

A native ministry’s learning center in the Philippines serves orphans and other underprivileged children with studies in school subjects as well as in biblical values. As the children experience God’s Word and love, native missionaries witness their complete transformation. Parents see the change in their children, and many families join discipleship classes and Bible studies. In developing countries like those in the region, small resources can yield a quality Christian education. Workers in countries throughout the region seek $25, $50 or $75 for such community engagement projects.

July 19th


A fruitful, indigenous ministry in Albania holds outreaches, discipleship meetings for children and young adults, and retreats for couples and parents in a rented hall – all to share the Good News of Christ’s love. The hall they have rented for 20 years is a fixture in the local community. Such worship spaces are important tools for bringing the gospel into areas hard to reach in European countries, and missionaries throughout the region need assistance to continue renting or paying them down with your gift of $25, $50 or $75. Pray that many families will be drawn to these gospel lighthouses and come to know Christ.

July 20th


Sharing the gospel in Tibet requires a determined heart as well as the physical condition to live 10,000 to 15,000 feet above sea level in highland areas. While few missionaries are able to withstand life there for more than five years, by God’s grace Brother Light and his native ministry team have served there since 2011. His wife contracted a highland disease last year, and they had to return to the mainland for five months of rest, but they are now back and sharing the Good News of Christ’s salvation to unreached people with your donations of $60 or $120. Please pray for their health and God’s provision.

July 21st


House fellowships are mushrooming as native missionaries are coaching church planters, and several projects designed to serve peoples’ needs have helped form hard-earned relationships and create gospel bridges. This has led to many decisions for Christ; in one city, more than 40 families repented and put their trust in the Lord Jesus for salvation. For picture Bibles for children, training and other evangelism and discipleship tools, workers need donations of $35, $70 or $105. Pray for God’s protection as more Muslims turn to Christ.

July 22nd


A native ministry’s vision is to plant churches among the unreached by training local tribal people to proclaim Christ to their own ethnic groups. The ministry has 400 churches in India, 80 percent of them among various tribal and linguistic groups. With Bible institute training and a leadership development program, the ministry is sending new workers to the region every month. For this training and other tools, missionaries seek donations of $35, $70 or $105. Pray for protection for fledgling churches.

July 23rd


With government officials recently closing churches, native missionaries have found new opportunities to share the gospel – starting with the lawyers, bailiffs and police officers they’ve met in the course of legal battles to re-open their worship centers. Meeting in smaller groups in homes has put people into their path who are interested in the gospel, and an entire family was recently baptized. Workers seek donations of $35, $70 or $105 for gospel literature, discipleship books and other tools needed to proclaim Christ amid a hostile Muslim environment. Pray that the spiritual momentum would result in greater victories in Christ.

July 24th


A native ministry finds summer time is the most fruitful time for outreach, children’s camps are the most effective means, and children’s Bibles are the most important tool for such efforts. Each year more than 5,000 kids participate in the camps. Most of these children come from broken and non-Christian families, and native workers have seen hundreds of those who have come to Christ lead their families to saving faith. Each child receives a free Bible at the camps, but there is a shortage of them, and workers need donations of $24, $48 or $64 to purchase copies of the Ukrainian-language Scripture. Please pray that faith in the Lord Jesus will spread throughout the land.

July 25th

Middle East

Muslims with few economic opportunities are vulnerable to recruitment from Islamic extremist movements. Many who might otherwise fall prey to such destructive ideologies, however, are instead counting their lives lost for the Lord Jesus Christ thanks to native evangelists. The former Muslims are forced to leave families, jobs, safety, possessions, and flee for their lives after becoming Christ followers. To sustain and relocate them, workers need assistance of $50, $75 or $100 as the former Muslims share the love of Jesus knowing it could cost them their very lives. Pray that those who choose life in Christ would survive and thrive for the kingdom.

July 26th

Southeast Asia

In the potpourri of religions practiced in the region, native missionaries are well practiced in how to present the gospel most effectively to their particular people groups. In Vietnam, where folk religions and Buddhism draw the largest number of adherents in the officially atheist country, native missionaries have seen cancer patients and their families come to Christ after giving the patients rechargeable MP3 players with gospel-loaded memory sticks. For these and other evangelist tools, native missionaries seek assistance of $35, $70 or $105. Pray the Holy Spirit would go before the harvest workers.

July 27th


Native missionaries have to be careful in how they share the gospel in a Muslim society hostile to faith in Christ. They proclaim Christ discreetly through a website and a radio ministry that enables them to secretly follow up with those interested in becoming Christians. Nineteen people recently put their faith in Christ, and pastors are training entire churches in how to share the gospel and how to train others, thus planting new fellowships. For the tools and training for this evangelism and discipleship, they seek donations of $25, $50 or $75. Pray that new Christians will remain safe from harm.

July 28th


A key service that native missionaries provide is health care, as medical treatment is hard to obtain in the country. Native missionaries provide free medical camps where Christ’s eternal healing is proclaimed, and one ministry has an eye hospital where the poor can maintain their sight. With donations of $30, $60 or $90, native missionaries work continually to serve their communities in these and other ways – digging fresh water wells, offering skills training for income-generation and loans for small business development, among other services. Pray that Christ’s name will be honored.

July 29th

Southeast Asia

One way indigenous missionaries reach children for Christ is by distributing food in some of the most impoverished areas of the region, including programs for widowed mothers. In pop-up, outdoor Sunday schools that accompany these outreaches, children often receive the gospel message. One native ministry in the Philippines is already caring for 1,000 children. Workers in countries throughout the region seek $30, $60 or $90 for such compassionate aid. Pray for Christ’s name to be revered and worshipped in these countries.

July 30th

South Asia

Ministries in South Asian countries such as Nepal and India want to raise up mature believers in Christ. Training and equipping believers through seminars, short term sessions and longer-term academic studies is key and leads to more church plants. Each trainee needs $50 per month for food, travel and school materials as they reach the Chepang, Newar, Tamang and other ethnic groups with the gospel. Pray that hard but hurting hearts would soften to the gospel and heal.

July 31th

Christian Aid

Seeing what Christians abroad could accomplish among their own ethnic groups, the late Bob Finley established the first organization with the mission of equipping native Christian leaders to proclaim Christ to their own people or to near-culture peoples. The “unreached” thus became “reached,” advancing Christ’s commission to make disciples among all nations (peoples). Then as now, Christian Aid Mission is grateful for your donation today to help establish a witness for Christ in every nation. Pray for the Lord’s soon return.