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July 1st


A local municipality near a camp for refugees refuses to collect their garbage, leaving foul odors – and leaving children with skin diseases and hair loss. Local missionaries are providing food for the nutrition that children and the elderly need to ward off disease, and they plan to repeat a mobile medical clinic for refugees if funding is available. The food and hygiene kits that workers distribute have softened the hearts of families and even some Islamic extremists. Donations of $35 or $70 are sought for such aid, which includes Bibles. Pray that workers will have the means and opportunities to meet refugees’ deep physical and spiritual needs.

July 2nd


A 38-year-old Mixtec man was enslaved to alcohol before he put his faith in Christ, and he now faces pressure from friends in his hometown to drink again. He has been resisting with the support of a small group led by a local missionary, who along with other workers pray for him and help him study God’s Word. A huge opportunity for the gospel has appeared in many villages; people are opening up to local missionaries because they have remained by their side amid the coronavirus pandemic and violence. Workers need donations of $25 or $50 to continue sharing Christ and discipling believers. Pray that local missionaries will be protected from persecution and the pandemic.

July 3rd


Violence has driven thousands of people from their homes, leaving families and individuals in crisis; many are dying of hunger. Local missionaries are providing them bags of rice, maize and other food items, along with bedding, in Christ’s name. The local ministry has set up safe camps for the displaced and schools for their children. Workers are reaching more than 24,000 such displaced persons with this aid and the message of salvation, helping those who receive Christ to resettle and rebuild their lives in secure areas. Donations of $35 or $70 are needed to meet the needs of the displaced and persecuted. Pray the Lord would strengthen workers facing huge needs.

July 4th


Many people who lose their sight later in life cannot read Braille, so listening to the Bible is the only way they can access God’s Word. Local missionaries provide solar-powered audio Bibles to them in Hindi as well as Christian books to the blind who can read Braille, opening the way for the Holy Spirit to act in their hearts. Amid coronavirus lockdowns, local missionaries are telephoning those reading the Bibles and other literature to help them understand and counsel them. Donations of $25 or $50 are sought for local missionaries to reach the blind with the gospel in these and other ways. Pray the needs of the blind will be met amid this time of scarce resources due to the pandemic.

July 5th


A local ministry helps people recover from their addictions to drugs, alcohol, smoking or website pornography through biblical counseling and the study of God’s Word. Workers then teach skills to help residents re-enter society. One young man trapped in drug addiction said that he became aware of his sin at the ministry rehab center and, gradually, the Holy Spirit led him to surrender to God. He broke free from addiction and plans to attend seminary to prepare to serve the Lord. Donations are sought to help train and disciple leaders to minister to such addicts. Pray the knowledge of God would transform more lives for His kingdom and glory.

July 6th

Burkina Faso

A Muslim high school girl received a New Testament from a local missionary and was amazed by Christ’s parables and casting out of demons. She sought more information from a church-planting couple, and after the wife met with her three times, she put her faith in Christ. She is one of many people local missionaries are discipling who are blossoming in their faith. The ministry trains its church planters in job skills that generate income and help them to integrate into communities. Workers throughout the country seek donations of $25 or $50 for these and other evangelism and discipleship initiatives. Pray the Lord will protect workers and disciples from opposition and COVID-19.

July 7th


Police observing refugees crowding around a local ministry’s office didn’t know the local missionaries’ work but told the leader to keep doing whatever it was – because, the officer said, the refugees always left happy and thus contributed to peace in the area. Local missionaries provide the refugees with clothing, food, baby formula, counseling and legal information, among other services. For the critical aid and assistance, the ministry team includes social workers, case workers and interpreters who provide services in Christ’s name. The ministry needs donations of $35 or $70 to help the growing number of refugees. Pray the Lord would provide more divine encounters that would expand His kingdom.

July 8th


The coronavirus pandemic has caused food needs for Syrian refugees to skyrocket, and local missionaries are providing nutrition and clothing as resources permit. Advocating for and attempting to meet the needs of refugees is a key activity for ministry team leaders with hearts eager to make disciples. Refugees who have been rejected by so many on their journey are deeply grateful for aid and ask local missionaries why they provide it, opening channels to the gospel. Workers need donations of $35 or $70 to supply such compassionate aid in Christ’s name. Pray the Lord would provide new Christians with fellowship and help workers to disciple them.

July 9th


Local missionaries are making contact with the unreached throughout the islands. A meeting of various fellowships attracted area residents who heard the gospel for the first time, and later workers visited and prayed with them. Relatives of local missionaries and other Christians in another area also attended a native ministry’s gathering, an anniversary celebration, and nearly every one of the visitors received Christ as Lord and Savior. Bible studies and other follow-up meetings are helping them grow in their faith. Workers need donations to continue carrying out such outreaches. Pray the Lord will go before church-planters to aid and encourage them for kingdom expansion.

July 10th

North Africa

A woman who heard the gospel from a local missionary said God opened her heart to receive Christ in faith and repentance, and she is now enjoying relationship with the Lord and a fellowship of believers. Local missionaries taking appropriate coronavirus precautions share the message of eternal life in home visits, cell groups and evangelistic events. Over the course of six months, workers made 5,391 visits to new homes and 29,633 follow-up visits to families, giving priority to areas where there are no churches. They need donations for the tools and means to share the gospel and form mature disciples. Pray that new believers would increase in the knowledge, love and grace of Christ.

July 11th


Seeing her three small children study Scripture at a local ministry’s Bible club, a young mother felt an emptiness in her life and sorrow for her sins as she heard them pray and talk about the Lord. She put her faith in Christ after a visit from a native missionary, and now she invites other family members to study the Bible. The coronavirus pandemic has limited or closed some church services, but local missionaries offer outdoor Bible studies in small groups. Among other outreaches, they also preach and pray through groups on WhatsApp and Facebook. Donations are sought for such outreaches. Pray that as God’s kingdom expands, churches would be unified in Christ’s love.

July 12th

Sri Lanka

Less than 8 percent of the people on the island country are Christian, but the Word spreads as church members bring their neighbors to hear local missionaries speak during worship services. Workers went to the homes of congregation members during intermittent lockdowns to encourage them in their faith and also visited the homes of the unreached with the salvation message. One ministry plans to baptize 150 to 200 people this year and plant five churches. Donations of $25 or $50 are sought for the tools and means to carry out such evangelism and discipleship. Pray workers will overcome obstacles of poverty and opposition to establish God’s kingdom.

July 13th


People displaced by military conflict are grateful to local missionaries who help them gain access to food and shelter and help them find meaningful work. Distributing food to the needy is part of the local ministry’s priority of sharing the love of Christ in word and deed. As refugees are not expecting any help, such aid creates bridges for sharing the gospel, which in turn leads to Bible studies and house churches. Workers providing assistance to needy individuals, families and groups who are in constant crisis need donations of $35 or $70 to share the love of Christ. Pray that resources and staff will be available for the needy.

July 14th


Drinking was an all-day activity for many people in one town until local missionaries brought them the message of deliverance through faith in Christ. Now they are involved in a church’s prayer times, Bible studies and evangelistic home visits. Local missionaries made disciples in various parts of the country through such visits, praying for those who were ill, learning of other needs and sharing the gospel. They also led people to Christ in revival meetings, children’s Sunday school and small prayer groups. Donations of $25 or $50 are sought for the tools and means to proclaim Christ and nurture disciples to maturity. Workers request prayer for wisdom, the Holy Spirit’s guidance and protection.

July 15th


Local missionaries are proclaiming the Lord to unreached people by translating the Bible into their languages and then recording them as audio files for the illiterate ethnic minorities. They plan to add translations for at least three more unreached groups this year, as well as New Testaments for two others. Praying for new Christians when they were unable to see them during pandemic lockdowns, workers were pleased to see the Lord inspire many of them to deepen their faith in prayer meetings and Bible studies. Local missionaries countrywide seek donations in order to cultivate such disciples. Pray the Lord will work many more wonders to bring people to Himself.

July 16th


In one of the poorest countries in the world, children have no hope of improving their lives without education. A local ministry provides school tuition for 24 children at its hostels, along with food and medical care. The ministry also provides micro-enterprise loans and helps other impoverished villagers with adult literacy programs, tube-wells, sanitary latrines, blankets and mosquito nets following a severe cyclone. Local missionaries seek donations of $35 or $70 to provide such compassionate aid. Pray that jobs lost to the pandemic will be recovered, and that full health will be restored to the economy, workers and their children.

July 17th


A prison built for 100 inmates now has 847 men and women, bringing a local missionary to tears as he saw the conditions in which they live. His gospel presentation to many of them led 17 inmates to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior. He and his team members also visited homes and led prayer cells in which 50 people, including Muslims, put their faith in Christ. Workers then connected them with small groups or fellowships to coach them on how to change their lives and share their faith. Donations are sought for the Bibles and other tools to make mature disciples. Pray that new leaders would emerge to build strong, outward-focused, self-sustaining churches.

July 18th

Southeast Asia

A new outreach to two tribes in the Philippines resulted in 50 people putting their faith in Christ, including a former rebel warlord. Discipleship continues with Bible studies designed to encourage the new believers to reach more of their own people. There and elsewhere in the region, workers bring the message of salvation in home visits, sports and medical outreaches, film screenings and other public events. Local missionaries need donations of $25 or $50 for the tools, training and means to proclaim Christ and form mature disciples eager to create churches that multiply among their own people. Pray workers will trust God to help them meet the right people and say the right words.

July 19th


A local missionary has begun six new home churches in five villages, small groups among unreached tribal people that are expected to grow into larger fellowships as members share Christ with their friends and relatives. A worker in other areas has begun 10 such cell groups worshipping in homes. Six of them are among the Quechua people, with the missionary sharing the gospel initially online and through radio broadcasts. Also distributing Bibles and other follow-up materials, the local missionaries seek donations of $25 or $50 for such evangelism and discipleship. Pray that new Christians will be protected from the pandemic and grow deep roots of faith.

July 20th


Since a ministry leader led a businessman to faith in Christ two years ago, the CEO has learned how to make his company the Lord’s enterprise – opening his office site for church use, doing deals with justice and love, and proclaiming Christ to colleagues and others on business trips. He and others are discipled at the ministry’s small group Bible studies, which continued online during pandemic lockdowns. Five new Christians requested baptism over a six-month stretch. Workers throughout the country seek donations of $25 or $50 for the tools and means to undertake such evangelism and discipleship. Pray that new believers would grow in faith and knowledge of God.

July 21st


The percentage of people living in poverty has grown since the COVID-19 crisis began, leaving children especially vulnerable. More than half of the children in one native ministry’s church need help paying for their education and monthly needs, and the ministry’s orphanage needs assistance for food, medicine, clothing and school tuition, among other items. Another local ministry is struggling to provide shelter for needy women and children. Donations of $35 or $70 are sought for these and other acts of compassionate aid. Pray that local missionaries will be able to lead youths away from drug addiction and abuse and toward Christ’s love.

July 22nd


A Muslim father of seven children in a camp for diplaced persons received healing prayer in Christ’s name. He felt the power of the prayer, and the Bible that local missionaries provided gave him joy and peace. Today his entire family confesses Christ as Lord and Savior. Workers provide not only food, medicine and other aid but Bibles in every house or tent they visit. Team members disciple those who come to the Lord, establish house churches and train others to carry out such ministry during a window of unprecedented openness to the gospel. Such workers need donations of $60 or $120 for their monthly upkeep. Pray the Lord’s protection over workers from COVID-19.

July 23rd


A wealthy man heard about Christ from a young Christian, and the next day he met with local missionaries who led him to the Lord. The man said he felt a power go into him as the workers prayed for him. They provided him an audio Bible, as he was unable to read, and two weeks later he showed them a room full of his idols, saying Scripture had revealed to him that he needed to get rid of them and rely on God’s power alone. Local missionaries need donations for Bibles, training and other tools to make such disciples and plant churches. They request prayer for the Lord’s protection and power to break strongholds that are restraining people from receiving Christ.

July 24th


People hungry for God’s Word eagerly accepted 400 Bibles that local missionaries distributed in 20 villages. Workers then formed groups to study the Bible, guiding them to read it daily and answering their questions. As people came to faith in Christ, cell groups formed with the aim of growing into churches in eight villages where Christ’s name previously was not known. “Now, day by day their faith has become strong,” a ministry leader said. Workers also visit homes to identify prayer needs and proclaim Christ. Local missionaries seek donations to undertake such outreaches and help believers toward maturity. Pray the Lord would reveal Himself to the lost.

July 25th


Impoverished people in a remote village were suffering from COVID-19 when native missionaries arrived and shared the message of eternal life. Villagers who received forgiveness in Christ abandoned drinking, smoking and idol worship, exchanging them for prayer, fasting, improved relationships and worshipping the Lord. In another area, local missionaries led three families to put their faith in Christ. Workers seek donations to proclaim Christ among the unreached and help new believers to grow in Him. Local missionaries request prayer for protection from opposition and COVID-19.

July 26th


The COVID-19 pandemic has cut into the initial period that the government assists refugees with housing, so a local ministry has an urgent need for assistance to provide monthly rent for families and individuals fleeing African and Middle Eastern areas of conflict. Local missionaries also plan to rent a facility to give refugees shelter while helping them to find work and become independent. These efforts along with food, medical assistance, education for their children and other aid all present gospel opportunities that lead to church plants. Donations of $35 or $70 are sought for such compassionate aid. Pray the Lord will protect both workers and refugees from the pandemic and persecution.

July 27th


A policeman who used to imprison church leaders heard the gospel at a house church, and he listened to the local missionary’s teaching for the next six months before putting his faith in Christ. In the following months he shared the gospel with his family and others, resulting in 116 people receiving salvation. Local missionaries in 22 provinces who went to seven unreached people groups saw 115 people put their faith in Christ over a six-month stretch. Donations are sought for the Bibles, training and other tools of such evangelism and discipleship. Pray the Lord will remove fears and other obstacles to acceptance of eternal life in Christ.

July 28th

South Asia

When a doctor told a 53-year-old woman with a tumor in her leg that her other conditions made it too dangerous to operate, she and her husband went to a local missionary for prayer. They trusted in Christ for salvation, and as they were praying three days later, her tumor disappeared. Many others have been freed from demonic possession, emotional disturbances and physical ailments through workers’ prayer. One family was delivered from devotion to witchcraft when they received Christ. Donations are sought for workers to continue helping people to trust in Christ and grow in Him. Local missionaries request prayer that fruits of the Holy Spirit will be seen in new believers.

July 29th


Tribal people who otherwise would have no way of hearing the gospel learn about the Savior of the world as local missionaries visit them in their homes. Local missionaries stay at 25 mountain villages to build relationships. They also share Christ with friends, relatives and acquaintances, and in some areas, workers are able to gather small crowds in public places to hear the message of salvation. As a team they go from village to village once a year to sing the message in well-attended musical presentations. Donations are sought to equip local missionaries to proclaim Christ and cultivate disciples. Pray that hearts yearning for Christ’s love would be freed from opposition by friends and relatives.

July 30th


With one local ministry alone on track to baptize 450 refugees this year, the opportunity for people fleeing troubled areas in the Middle East and Africa to find Christ in Europe is huge. After years of refugee flows, many are finding their way back to their own countries – where they seek to plant churches with the help of workers who led them to Christ in Europe. Local missionaries need donations for this initiative, for training new disciples to plant churches in Europe and for other evangelism and discipleship outreaches. Pray the Lord would shield local missionaries and new Christians from persecution.

July 31st

Christian Aid

For the heroes of the faith who toil in obscurity proclaiming Christ under difficult conditions, you are their hero. The native missionaries know they would not be able to reach as many people, or in some cases anyone, without your support. Most of them are poor like the unreached people they’re serving, and they are grateful that the worldwide Body of Christ shows up to rescue and help sustain their ministries. Please consider a donation today to enable Christian Aid Mission to find, evaluate and assist these workers who know best how to reach their people. Pray the Lord’s protection and provision for them, and that Christ’s presence would be close as they face barriers to build His kingdom.