July 2022

Your Prayer Guide To Reach The World

July 1

Transform Lives with the Gospel in Bolivia

The wife and children of a young man fled to another house after one of his drunken, violent rages. He rejected the gospel when a local missionary visited his home, but when the worker returned a month later, the villager said he wanted to repent and receive Christ.

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July 2

Support Local Missionaries in Iraq

Children are a high priority for local missionaries; 50 percent of the Bibles they distribute are children’s versions, and they hold Sunday school for kids in two refugee camps where an average of five young ones put their faith in Christ every month. Workers have also helped families displaced by military conflict rebuild and return to their homes and return to normal employment.

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Ethiopian men and women take blue t-shirts from cardboard boxes and grocery bags
July 3

Send Aid to Disaster Victims in Ethiopia

Civil war has displaced millions and brought unimaginable suffering. At the same time, drought continues in some areas and seasonal flooding in others, driving hundreds of thousands of people from their homes, all amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Native missionaries had local knowledge and connections to provide the displaced with medical supplies, blankets and mattresses, as well as food such as rice, flour and oil.

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July 4

Equip Evangelists to Make Disciples in China

A family that had turned to gods and idols for the healing of one of its members asked a local missionary to intercede, but first workers took several days to pray for the visit. They then went to the home, shared the gospel and taught about biblical healing, and the family repented and received Christ.

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Christian missionaries share the gospel with Indian people
July 5

Help Plant Churches in India

Praise God for the formation of a new prayer cell in which eight youths were delivered from demon possession. Local missionaries who prayed for healing and deliverance from unclean spirits in small groups and homes throughout the country have seen the Lord work in mighty ways, with many people putting their faith in Christ as a result.

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July 6

Bring Salvation to the Unreached in Indonesia

A tribal group has embraced Christianity but lacks basic biblical doctrine, and some are leaving the faith to marry Muslims. A native ministry has committed to discipling group members with sound teaching. A former Muslim who benefited from such discipleship and dramatically conformed his life to biblical truth has become a local missionary who is especially effective in discipling others.

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July 7

Help Provide Crucial Aid in Spain

Shell-shocked refugees from Ukraine, the Middle East and Africa welcomed the spiritual counseling and prayer that local missionaries offered along with food, housing and other aid. Opportunities to share the gospel arose as trust deepened, and many at the ministry’s refugee center put their faith in Christ and helped to serve new arrivals.

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July 8

Help Cover Local Workers’ Expenses in Sri Lanka

In a country suffering great instability, local missionaries provided hope in Christ and helped people cope in various ways. Students continued receiving support for their education, and workers also provided food to low-income people in the native ministry’s church.

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July 9

Send Gospel to Youths and Others in Syria

Wildly popular activities for children and older youths take place during the spring school term, summer break and Christmas holidays, including Bible studies and talks that bring many to faith in Christ. “When we see people getting baptized and giving their lives to the Lord, this is part of the achievements and beautiful things you see happening,” the ministry leader said.

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July 10

Help Form Strong Disciples in Peru

Praise God that 98 people recently put their faith in Christ and were baptized, many of them hearing the gospel only after local missionaries traveled over rough terrain on motorcycles amid cold weather.

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July 14

Help Equip Evangelists in Bangladesh

Workers with a native ministry have been bringing the gospel to people in 18 districts; in the first two months of the year, they proclaimed Christ’s salvation in 26 areas, and in one they saw five people saved and take baptism.

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Nigerian men and women stand waiting for medical services
July 15

Provide Workers’ Monthly Upkeep in Nigeria

Praise God that 48 pastors and other church leaders were trained and are willing to serve in areas of Islamic extremist violence and kidnappings. Workers in various regions shared the gospel and provided water wells, schools and medical services. “Your support through medical provision has helped us so much that doors have been opened to people in several ways and the gospel accepted,” the ministry leader said.

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July 16

Help Train Ministry Workers in the Middle East

A young Muslim in North Africa whose family raised him to become a mosque leader had memorized extensive koranic texts, but reading the Bible online led him to Christ. His desire to serve those in his country led him to study theology at a Middle Eastern seminary that offers courses on site or online.

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July 17

Bring Christ’s Love to Refugees in Greece

An Iraqi refugee who arrived at a local ministry’s center with her 10-year-old daughter learned the gospel from one of the leaders and put her faith in Christ and, as she was illiterate, the director gave her an audio Bible. Her Muslim husband did not object to her new faith, and in discipleship she has eagerly grown closer to the Lord.

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July 18

Spread the Message of Salvation in Nepal

The pandemic has halted open-air evangelistic events but not the gospel, which workers have continued to share with friends, relatives and neighbors and through social media. “By God’s grace, your prayers and support, God has brought 121 people into repentance and obedience to the gospel, and 95 have been baptized,” the ministry leader said.

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July 19

Help Plant Churches in Burundi

Local missionaries praise God for three people putting their faith in Christ. Workers welcomed them to the fellowship and prayed for their relatives, and one of the new Christians later brought his family to a worship service. A relative of the ministry director also recently received eternal life in Christ.

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July 20

Support Imperiled Missionaries in Burma

Military conflict drove a local missionary and his family to an area where they took shelter beneath a stilt house, and his ministry sent bags of rice and tarps for shelter to him and others in the region. In spite of horrific conditions, workers are distributing aid and sharing the gospel with people who see no hope.

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July 22

Share Word of Eternal Life in Pakistan

Evangelists trekked to remote areas to hand out Bibles and share the message of Christ’s salvation with impoverished villagers, and months later they were leading studies of Scripture among those hungry to know more. “Now they are very happy to have the Word of God,” the leader of a native ministry said.

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July 23

Support Evangelistic Outreaches in Kyrgyzstan

A local missionary recently gathered a group of young people and answered their questions about Christianity, an opportunity to thoroughly explain the gospel. The native ministry’s church recently invited children and older youths for various games and activities, where they also studied Scripture, many of them for the first time.

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July 24

Help Cover Missionary Expenses in Turkey

Refugees from Afghanistan, Ukraine, Syria and other troubled countries have arrived in desperate need, and local missionaries praise God that your support has enabled them to provide aid. Refugees coming to Christ have formed fellowships, and at the same time workers are reaching native Turks.

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Tanzanian women sit on the ground with their babies in their laps
July 26

Plant and Grow Gospel Seeds in Tanzania

Leaders of a village and their relatives put their faith in Christ when they witnessed people healed of their illnesses after local missionaries prayed for them and led them to the Lord. Among those saved were two women who left their habits of drunkenness and witchcraft. Another woman who had tried to start a family with her husband for five years also received Christ, and she became pregnant after workers prayed for her.

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July 27

Help Cover Worker Costs in South Asia

Tribal people suffering from COVID-19 received oxygen tanks from local missionaries, who also provided sanitizing and protective equipment, medicines and other aid. Workers with the same ministry are involved in extensive evangelistic outreaches, with one team making their way across tough terrain to a village where four people put their faith in Christ.

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July 30

Provide Aid to Refugees in Europe

A young woman who had been abused in her home country arrived at a ministry based in Europe and became involved in its women’s group, and there she had the opportunity to share about her trauma and receive healing.

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July 31

Help Find, Vet and Evaluate Workers

Native Christian ministry workers are on the front lines of missionary work. As those who can best relate to and share the gospel with people in their own land, they are most effective at fulfilling Christ’s command to make disciples of all nations, tongues and tribes. The Lord has blessed Christians in developed countries to be their supply line.

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