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June 1st


The Holy Spirit is moving in spite of the pandemic. Holding a worship service under trees in a remote village, local missionaries presented the gospel and saw 32 people put their faith in Christ. Both non-believers and church members are hungry for the Word of God, and they happily receive Bibles as spiritual bread. The need for Bibles is great as villagers are subject to all manner of false doctrines. Local missionaries seek donations for Bibles and other tools to proclaim Christ and help new believers to maturity. Pray that more people will receive Bibles and that the Truth would cut through much deception and illusion.

June 2nd


The gospel is advancing further due to the COVID-19 pandemic through online versions of a local ministry’s worship services, mid-week Bible studies, weekly children’s Bible club and youth meetings. A local missionary has had various interactions with people who learned about Christ from his gospel messages on social media. He has also shared the gospel with a synagogue worker from an Orthodox background who has now read the four Gospels and some Christian books. Local missionaries seek donations in order to equip them to undertake such evangelism and discipleship outreaches. Pray the Holy Spirit would soften hearts to receive Christ.

June 3rd


A Bible school that trains 150 to 200 students per year continues classes online during the pandemic, equipping young people for pastoral and missionary service in the local area and elsewhere. One student who had little biblical knowledge upon arrival obtained a deep understanding from Scripture of how leaders rely on the Lord to help Christians through difficult times, and he is eager to bring to his ministry the kind of love and care that his teachers showed to him. Donations are sought for such training in evangelism and discipleship throughout the country. Pray for the Lord’s guidance and protection for newly trained church planters.

June 4th


A worshipper of idols and ancestors suddenly suffered paralysis in her leg. A local missionary visited and prayed for her, and after the Lord miraculously healed her, she received Christ and began attending church services. Her testimony helped bring four other people to Christ. Native missionaries in another area are able to proclaim Christ at several unreached villages thanks to new roads, and workers unable to hold Sunday services due to pandemic restrictions are reaching many non-believers through small groups at Christians’ houses. Donations are sought for such evangelistic efforts and discipleship. Pray for protection as new Christians face opposition from family and friends.

June 5th


Tribal people checking the quality of local missionaries’ translations of the New Testament into their languages are coming to the Lord as they listen to Scripture. One woman listening to a translation was healed after workers prayed for her; she confessed Christ as Savior and requested further visits from workers to help her study God’s Word. The Bible translations enable the indigenous church to grow stronger and redeem local cultures. Local missionaries seek donations of $24 or $48 to translate and publish copies of Scripture in tribal languages. Pray that translations of the Word would help bring faith that preserves the beauty of tribal cultures while redeeming them for God’s glory.

June 6th


Providing food and other aid to Spaniards as well as refugees, local missionaries shared the gospel with 300,000 people in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic over a six-month stretch. The fruits of this labor are the baptisms that take place every week among people of 12 different ethnic groups. Some of those coming to Christ are trafficked women who have been rescued, including one who said no one has cared for her as have local missionaries. Workers who plan to baptize 2,500 Spaniards and 450 refugees this year seek donations to proclaim the gospel and bring disciples to maturity. Pray for the Lord’s guidance and protection for new Christians.

June 7th


Online and on the street, local missionaries are bringing the hope of Christ to people shaken by political upheaval and poverty. In parks and other public places, workers use the Word of God to encourage those who have lost work to COVID-19 restrictions and provide rice along with the gospel. They then offer training to those who receive Christ, teaching them how to share their faith with others. Local missionaries also shared the gospel with inmates at a large prison, and donations are sought for these and other evangelism and discipleship efforts. Pray for protection from the pandemic and persecution, and that the Lord would call more people to Christ.

June 8th


Muslims who put their faith in Christ in this 57-percent Islamic country often lose what their families provided – housing, employment and security. New Christians from Muslim families need to find new community in churches, and local missionaries help by providing for their basic needs. Recently 70 persecuted Christians who had been raised as Muslims, including two widows, received such assistance in funds distributed to 14 households. Local communities took note of the love displayed among the Christians, and donations are sought to provide such love to persecuted Christians. Pray that young faith will remain strong amid intense pressures.

June 9th

Sri Lanka

A young girl suffered six months from an evil spirit, and her parents had done everything they could for her – except bring her to a native ministry’s church for prayer. When they finally agreed to attend, the Lord healed her, and the family now worships God and testifies to His power. Local missionaries in another area recently saw five people come to Christ, and a native ministry’s church in a different region baptized 40 people. Workers seek donations for such efforts to proclaim the gospel and follow up with those who put their faith in Christ. Local missionaries request prayer that the Lord will provide worship buildings for new churches springing up.

June 10th