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March 1st


A girl who was a Christian in name only never read the Bible and did not worship in any church. As she grew older, she began attending a church, where she studied a Bible curriculum designed by local missionaries that inspired in her a thirst for God and Scripture. She is grateful that integrating God’s Word into her heart transformed her life. The workers’ 610 classes in China are taught in person or online due to the pandemic. Local missionaries who are designing curriculum, teaching or training teachers need donations of $60 or $120 for their monthly expenses. Pray that people for whom the Word of God is coming alive would also find fellowship that strengthens them.

March 2nd


As harsh winter storms continue to hit refugees, local missionaries are providing desperately needed blankets, clothing, heaters and fuel, mattresses and food. Workers are also distributing hygiene kits to Lebanese families that contain face coverings, soap, hand sanitizer, toothbrushes, towels, detergents and other items as COVID-19 spreads, while other teams help Christian families to buy food and pay rent. Amid a steep economic crisis, the refugees and Lebanese families are deeply grateful and open to the gospel, with many receiving Christ. Workers seek donations of $35 or $70 to provide such compassionate aid. Pray that saved lives will result in salvation for eternal life.

March 3rd


The ethnic Maru who have come to Christ are pleading for Bibles in their language, and even villagers who do not know the Lord are eager to obtain copies. The Bibles are needed in worship, study and proclamation of the gospel. Villagers who have gained access to the Bible in their own language rejoice over their transformed lives as they come to repentance and saving faith in Christ. Local missionaries need donations of $16 or $32 to print 5,000 copies of the Maru Bibles. Pray that people with a hunger for God’s Word will be satisfied.

March 4th


The coronavirus pandemic has led to greater acceptance of the gospel as cell groups of five to 10 people are reaching more people aided by expanded online outreach. In six such home groups in a Quechua region, 240 people put their faith in Christ after they heard the gospel through Zoom and radio broadcasts that were later posted on digital platforms. In another area, 100 people received Christ. Over a six-month period, 290 new believers were baptized as 15 congregations were planted, and local missionaries need donations for the means to carry out such outreaches and follow-up. Pray the Lord will protect workers from coronavirus as they share Christ and disciple new believers.

March 5th


A woman closed to the gospel for 10 years recently called the leader of a native ministry and his wife, saying she was eager to have a personal relationship with Christ. The couple is discipling her. In a country where the population is less than 1 percent Bible-based Christian, local missionaries share the gospel in youth meetings, couples’ groups and other gatherings; at a recent women’s retreat, 24 of the 27 participants were non-Christians eager to hear the testimonies of the three Christians. Workers seek donations to undertake such evangelism and discipleship. Pray those coming to Christ would share their testimonies with many others.

March 6th

Burkina Faso

Relatives of two women who put their faith in Christ were preventing them from going to church services and threatening their lives. The family of one of the women drove her from home. Local missionaries provided financial and spiritual assistance to the two women, with one worker mediating the conflicts with family members in such a way that six of the relatives put their faith in Christ. Persecuted Christians need housing, jobs skills training, health care, clothing and in many cases education. Workers seek donations of $35 or $70 to provide such care to suffering Christians. Pray the Lord would protect His children and turn the hearts of persecutors toward His saving grace.

March 7th


A 2-year-old girl injured her eye, and no hospital was willing to admit her for emergency treatment due to a coronavirus lockdown. A native ministry’s eye hospital accepted her and repaired her torn eyelid, for which her parents were deeply grateful. Simple surgeries restore sight to thousands of people who would otherwise be hard-pressed to eke out a living. The local ministry, which screens about 15,000 people in free eye camps each year, needs donations to use toward a new hospital building. Pray that ophthalmologists and other highly skilled workers would continue to be protected from COVID-19.

March 8th

North Africa

The message of salvation in Christ is spreading as local missionaries use social media, YouTube and other online resources to reach people amid coronavirus restrictions. Many among the thousands of people hearing the gospel are requesting Bibles and biblical courses. At the same time, the pandemic has opened the doors for local missionaries to bring food and other aid to families and individuals who no longer have income. Many have been touched by how God has provided for them through Christian workers, who need donations of $60 to cover their monthly expenses. Pray that those the Lord is drawing to Himself will find ways to find fellowship amid the pandemic.

March 9th


Local missionaries recently led seven young people to the Lord, and another villager listened intently to the gospel but was unwilling to commit to Christ as his Buddhist wife strongly opposed the evangelists. At the baptism of the seven new believers, however, the man ran into the river while a worker was reading Scripture. The man confessed his sin with tears and was baptized. At one of the evangelistic camps last year, another 60 people put their faith in Christ. Workers receiving just $120 a month for such evangelism and discipleship seek donations of $60 to help with their monthly expenses. Pray that new Christians will find fellowship amid pandemic restrictions.

March 10th

Sri Lanka

The Lord is doing amazing things. A deaf and blind child was healed after prayer by local missionaries, three families turned to Christ and are attending church services, and 48 new believers are awaiting baptism. In another area, a girl possessed by an evil spirit received prayer when her family brought her to a church service, and she was delivered. A man who lost his sight came to the church and received prayer, and he was healed and is attending worship services. Local missionaries seek donations of $25 or $50 for such evangelism and discipleship work throughout the country. Pray that new Christians would grow strong in their faith and be able to withstand opposition.

March 11th

Middle East

COVID-19 and failing economies have worsened conditions for refugees, making it impossible for them to find even the low-paying jobs they once sought. Diseases are becoming more common in refugee camps. Many refugees have given up looking for work and are wholly dependent on relief aid as they dream of leaving the region and fleeing to Europe. Receiving food, water, blankets and other aid from local missionaries, thousands have heard the gospel and also have received Christ as Savior. Workers seek donations of $35 or $70 to provide for refugee needs in Christ’s name. Pray that those who feel forgotten will find the Lord has remembered them.

March 12th


People from various ethnic groups have a yearning in their souls evident to local missionaries. Workers find the healing love of Christ fills that void as they bring the gospel in regular home visits. Sharing their testimonies to one household last year, local missionaries saw the freedom and joy an entire family experienced after they put their trust in Christ. Workers reach out to remote mountain villagers with the gospel, music ministries and the healing power of Bible-based family counseling. Local missionaries throughout the country need donations to carry out such evangelism and discipleship initiatives. Pray that those coming to the Lord would share their joy with others.

March 13th


Besides the hunger caused by lockdowns to slow the spread of coronavirus, a greater danger for villagers in the northeast is the threat of Islamic terrorists slaughtering them as they work their farms; many won’t risk going to their fields and are starving in their homes. Local missionaries providing food and other aid to camps for Internally Displaced Persons now also are bringing such aid to people in their homes. Workers need donations of $35 or $70 to provide compassionate aid to them, their children and those persecuted for their faith. Pray the Lord’s protection over people afflicted by terrorists and lockdowns and those working to save their lives.

March 14th


A boy born to a Christian family received no teaching and was an atheist by the time he got to university, where he expressed his hatred for God with a rebellious lifestyle. A university student mentored by a local missionary shared the gospel with him. He sought forgiveness, and as local workers discipled him, he excelled in both faith and studies and has turned away from ungodly behaviors. Workers continue to share the gospel taking appropriate pandemic precautions. They seek donations for such evangelism and discipleship tools to share Christ and help people grow in Him. Pray for the Lord to break down strongholds of opposition to His kingdom.

March 15th


A father who was no longer able to provide for his family because of the pandemic was among those local missionaries identified as most in need of contributions of money and goods. Due to COVID-19, workers are sharing the gospel more through Facebook and other online platforms. They and other Christians prayed for one villager hospitalized with coronavirus for more than two weeks, and after he was discharged, he had a long conversation with a local missionary. The man put his faith in Christ and tells many others how the Lord saved him. Local missionaries ministering to such people need donations of $60 or $120 to help cover their monthly expenses. Pray the Lord’s protection over workers and those they’re serving.

March 16th


Refugees from Syria, Iraq or Iran arrive with little idea about how they are going to build new lives either in Greece or other parts of Europe. Local missionaries give them tools to integrate into society, such as Greek lessons for Arabic-speaking youth and adults. This language skill opens doors to employment and other opportunities. Workers also lead meetings for traumatized refugee women, many of them victims of abuse or oppressive customs, so they can heal as they support each other. Donations of $50 or $100 are sought for such community engagement ministries. Pray that wounds would be healed and lives restored as refugees receive help in Christ’s name.

March 17th


Lacking education and job prospects, many poor youths receive hope from local missionaries offering assistance with school fees and supplies. Younger children receive regular food supplies for the nutrition they need to succeed in school, and older youths obtain native ministry micro-loans to start small businesses. Local missionaries providing such help in Christ’s name have opportunities to share the gospel, giving deeper hope to youths otherwise lacking spiritual grounding and role models. Donations are sought for these and other outreaches designed to engage communities by meeting critical needs. Pray the Lord’s help would lead people to hope in Him.

March 18th


A local missionary returned to her hometown with a team to address land conflicts among her clan, and the effort resulted in a new church – whose new building is now a symbol of unity among reconciled kinsmen. Local missionaries reach people separated from the Lord through home visits, missional small groups, hospital ministry and other outreaches. Mobile teams bring discipleship and leadership training to each community where people have come to Christ. Workers throughout the country seek donations for such evangelism and discipleship initiatives. Pray the Lord would give local missionaries boldness and wisdom and lead them to hearts open to knowing Him.

March 19th


Whether in lockdown or allowed to gather for worship, local missionaries are seeing unreached people come to the Lord as they proclaim Christ in-person or through online means. A refugee they led to Christ some years ago has shared the gospel via Zoom with others confined to their homes due to pandemic restrictions, leading to new Christians in several cities. Teams have also traveled to various cities to baptize people who came to Christ online. Donations are sought to undertake such evangelism and follow-up. Pray that faith will grow strong in believers new and old, whether in fellowship that is in-person or online.

March 20th


A rising number of coronavirus cases has compelled local missionaries to adapt their methods; in one area, workers comply with COVID-19 restrictions by taking people one-by-one to a river for secret baptisms. In other areas, opposition means baptisms must take place hours from new Christians’ villages. In areas where workers were not able to travel due to lockdowns, local missionaries visited individual believers’ houses, strengthening and equipping them. Workers seek donations of $25 or $50 for such evangelism and discipleship efforts. Pray that local missionaries would overcome limited internet coverage, COVID-19 restrictions and other obstacles to bring Christ’s love to the needy.

March 21st


The coronavirus pandemic didn’t stop local missionaries from obtaining government permission to feed needy people, and as a result, workers began distributing food to 60 people daily – which soon grew to 1,400. The feeding program soon spread to other cities. As townspeople with tears of joy asked why they risked bringing them food, local workers trained to share their testimony and the gospel had countless opportunities to share the gospel and expand God’s kingdom. Donations of $35 or $70 are sought for local missionaries to share the love of Christ in word and deed. Pray that new believers would find their way around opposition and the pandemic to find church fellowship.

March 22nd

South Asia

During coronavirus lockdown, a local missionary began supplying unemployed road workers with drinking water and developed relationships with them. They received the gospel from him, seven put their faith in Christ, and upon returning to their village after the lockdown they shared the gospel with others. Now more than 20 families are in touch with the local missionary to learn what it means to follow the Lord, and the son of a local leader has accepted Christ. Workers throughout the region need donations to carry out such evangelistic outreaches and follow-up. Workers seek prayer for the Lord to open more doors for gospel proclamation to unreached people.

March 23rd


More than 150 impoverished children and orphans are studying at a local ministry’s Christian school for free. In another area, a local ministry provides a boarding school to poor children where they experience the love of a Christian home; workers cook their meals, help them in their studies, guide them in daily chores and nurture them spiritually. Other poor children whose parents cannot work under coronavirus lockdowns receive life-giving food. Local missionaries seek donations of $30 or $60 so that workers can meet the needs of impoverished children. Pray that children will gain strong foundations of love and knowledge that will serve them all their lives.

March 24th


The daughter church of a local ministry’s home church has planted another congregation – a granddaughter church. Local missionaries sharing the gospel saw many people come to know Christ, and as various areas come out of coronavirus lockdowns they plan to resume visiting homes, planting seeds among some families and nurturing the faith of others. Church-planting plans include training youths for church leadership. Local missionaries seek donations to establish such fellowships in remote areas. Pray for spiritual growth and that more churches will be able to meet as the number of COVID-19 cases falls.

March 25th


An elderly man who practiced witchcraft told local missionaries he had never heard anything like the message they were proclaiming, and he repented, trusted in Christ for salvation and was baptized. Now he and all his family members are worshiping the Lord. Workers distributing 500 Bibles in various areas saw 750 people come to Christ, and in spite of obstacles from coronavirus restrictions have provided discipleship in small groups for 450 of them. Donations of $25 or $50 are sought for Bibles, training and other tools of evangelism and discipleship. Pray that church-planters will receive guidance and power from on high to bring eternal life to the lost.

March 26th


Many refugees from Syria, Iraq and other areas of conflict arrive without access to the internet in countries where they must file asylum applications online. Local missionaries give them online access as well as critically needed food, clothing, baby formula and other aid. Local missionaries are also providing emotional and spiritual counseling to traumatized refugees. At a feeding center, refugees became involved in cooking and distributing the food – with many eager to share testimonies after putting their faith in Christ. Workers seek donations of $35 or $70 to provide aid in Christ’s name. Pray for protection for workers and new believers threatened by intense opposition.

March 27th


A 27-year-old woman left her husband because of his addiction to drugs and alcohol. A local missionary told him about new life in Christ, and the man put his faith in the Lord, entered a rehabilitation regimen and persuaded his wife to take him back. She agreed and also received Christ, and they have opened their home for a Bible study so that relatives and neighbors can hear of their transformation. Local missionaries expand the kingdom through such cell groups and have increased their outreach in spite of the pandemic. They seek donations for such gospel work. Pray that word of eternal life in Christ would spread and take deep root among more people.

March 28th


Adapting evangelistic efforts to internet methods due to the pandemic, local missionaries proclaimed the gospel and later were able to reach families in person. One worker shared Christ with a young woman via the internet, and she later put her faith in the Lord. During lockdown, another local missionary led a visitor to the ministry center to Christ. The next day, a Christian and his wife visited a local missionary’s house, where another person received Christ. Now with many restrictions lifted, workers throughout the country seek donations of $50 or $100 for the means to present Christ and disciple those who trust in Him. Pray the Lord will ordain more divine encounters to expand His kingdom.

March 29th

South Asia

A group of villagers were guiding people on how to use black magic, but local missionaries spent much time in prayer for the village, initiated relationships and saw two families delivered from the occult when they gave their lives to Christ. Constantly seeking guidance from the Holy Spirit, workers led 239 people to Christ over a six-month period, all of them confessing their faith as they were baptized. Donations are sought for such evangelism and follow-up throughout the region. Pray the Lord would continue to protect and guide local missionaries amid the coronavirus pandemic.

March 30th


Forging new friendships in areas of unreached tribal people, local missionaries are making disciples and training leaders to pastor churches. Three families comprising 18 people put their faith in Christ among one unreached people group, while in another, an entire family accepted Christ. Two people received Christ in a third village, and in another, one person accepted Him. Workers seek donations for the tools and means to carry out such evangelism and discipleship efforts. Pray the Lord would lead local missionaries to strategic people in strategic areas to advance Christ’s kingdom.

March 31st

Christian Aid

Often we receive referrals about native organizations working to proclaim Christ in areas where people groups remain unreached. We give priority to such ministries, especially those not already receiving adequate help in areas of poverty or persecution. Once background and reference checks are completed and ministries are approved for funding, ongoing accountability includes regular communication about use of funds and impact. Please consider a donation today to help Christian Aid Mission find, equip and evaluate local missionaries, and pray for their provision and protection.