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May 1st


Poor people going hungry as they lost work to the pandemic were grateful to receive food, sanitizers and face masks from local missionaries. Workers provided food to more than 2,000 Christians suffering from pandemic lockdowns, church members grateful for the loving concern of their brothers and sisters worldwide. Among the beneficiaries of daily distributions of food was a woman paralyzed from a spinal injury who received healing prayer and put her faith in Christ. Workers seek donations to bring the love of Christ to people in physical and spiritual need. Pray that none would perish due to COVID-19, locust swarms or flooding.

May 2nd


Local missionaries offer educational training to Christian schools and homeschool networks, all the more critical as online resources are needed during the pandemic; 1,500 students and 120 teachers benefited from new resources, with gospel opportunities arising as they were shared. The same ministry trained cell group leaders and began men’s groups for those seeking to know God. People coming to Christ are discipled through texts, phone calls, one-on-one meetings and books. Donations of $30 or $60 are sought for the tools and training to carry out such evangelism and discipleship. Pray the Word of Life will continue to advance over and around obstacles.

May 3rd


In a country rocked by political upheaval and economic ruin, local missionaries are providing critical aid. An average of about 800 families receive food boxes from a native ministry every month; many of these families have no other way to obtain food. Local missionaries also provide hygiene kits containing face coverings, hand sanitizer and other items to combat the pandemic. Some workers are helping Christian families to pay rent and buy food, while others provide clothing, blankets and mattresses to refugees. Donations of $35 or $70 are sought to provide such compassionate aid. Pray the Lord will help people overcome steep physical challenges and find Him.

May 4th


A woman visiting one of a native ministry’s churches accepted the pastor’s call to repentance and put her faith in Christ. Seeing the change in her, her husband also became a Christian. The couple had never been able to have children, and doctors told them it was medically no longer possible, so they could only testify to the Lord’s power when they conceived and had a child. In worship services posted on Facebook and other social media, as well as in personal visits with pandemic precautions, local missionaries are reaching more people with the gospel. Donations are sought for such gospel proclamation and follow-up. Workers request prayer that the faith of new Christians would remain strong against powers of evil.

May 5th


Local missionaries prayed the Lord would break the grip of false gods, and later that day they visited a woman who was worshipping several idols. Explaining that the one true God sent His Son to die for the sin of humanity, they shared how Christ overcame death to win salvation for those who trust in Him. The woman put her faith in Christ and saw that her idols were powerless objects. In another area, 10 people who sacrificed to tribal deities received Christ. Local missionaries seek donations to proclaim the salvation message and follow up with those who believe. Pray that more eyes would be opened to the majesty of Christ and His salvation.

May 6th


A refugee from a nomadic people in Africa had much time to talk with a local missionary during COVID lockdowns, and as his interest in Christ grew, they discussed the gospel and prayed together. The refugee soon put his faith in Christ and plans to bring the message of salvation to his own people in his nearly 100-percent Muslim country. Most people at the ministry’s refugee center become Christians, and local missionaries expect to baptize 450 of them this year. Donations of $60 or $120 are sought for local missionaries to proclaim the gospel and disciple those who believe. Pray they would find strong fellowship in their host countries, home countries or other destinations.

May 7th


With more than 1.2 million COVID-19 cases, the world’s largest Muslim country has been paralyzed by lockdowns that have left people in desperate need. Local missionaries have been helping to meet needs for food and hope even as some of them trust God to meet their own needs. Discipling new Christians through Zoom talks and phone texts, workers also find opportunities to proclaim Christ in small groups and visits to homes, hospitals and prisons. Native missionaries seek donations of $60 or $120 to help meet their monthly expenses. Pray the Lord will provide for and protect local missionaries and those they’re serving.

May 8th


A woman felt troubled by curses and evils from the witchcraft she and her late parents practiced when she showed up at a new church that local missionaries had just begun. Hearing how her sin separated her from God and about Christ’s death and resurrection, she put her faith in Him and was baptized; she often testifies how she was set free from fear. Other workers led all the leaders of a once-unreached village to Christ, and three congregations were newly planted. Donations of $25 or $50 are sought for local missionaries to undertake such evangelism and discipleship efforts. Pray the Lord would break through all obstacles, including the pandemic, to advance the gospel.

May 9th


In a country where more than 81 percent of the population is Hindu and growing more intolerant of Christianity, local missionaries are no less bold as they adapt new strategies in the face of opposition and coronavirus restrictions. Often hungry themselves due to shortages of income and food from the pandemic, workers are zealous to reach needy people whose spiritual needs are also evident; recently dozens of people trusted in Him for eternal life. Local missionaries, including many who travel for days in areas without roads, seek donations to proclaim Christ and disciple those who believe. Pray the Holy Spirit would go before and after workers to guide and protect them.

May 10th


Citizens are increasingly desperate as COVID-19 batters an already war-ravaged economy, and the gospel is one of the few things that offers them hope. Through evangelism, discipleship and life skills teaching, local missionaries are seeing new Christians take courage to care for the growing community of faith and others. The radiance of new lay leaders and maturing Christians is leading Muslims and others to ask how they can be so joyful, resulting in more opportunities to share the gospel. Workers seek donations to undertake outreaches that have resulted in 12 new churches. Pray the Lord would help workers to meet people’s urgent physical and spiritual needs.

May 11th


The coronavirus pandemic has opened opportunities for local missionaries to share the gospel as they distribute food packs and Bibles. In one area, workers delivered food to 100 families. In another area, native missionaries delivered more than 2,000 food bags along with 1,000 Bibles and 2,000 New Testaments. Among the many people who have lost their jobs to the pandemic was a widow who wept for joy when local missionaries arrived with a food pack for her and her hungry children. Donations of $35 or $70 are sought to provide food and the message of eternal life in Christ. Pray that hope and healing would come with the light of Christ’s love.

May 12th

Sri Lanka

A father was desperate for someone to care for his 7-year-old twin girls, as his wife had left him, and as a fisherman he had to go out to sea each day. A local ministry’s home for marginalized girls took the twins in, where they are loved and nurtured. Likewise, native missionaries operate a school for needy children who otherwise would have no means to obtain education. Many of the kids’ parents lost their jobs as domestic workers to the pandemic, and local missionaries were able to provide them with food packs. Donations are sought for these and other outreaches of community engagement, compassion and gospel proclamation. Pray the name of Christ would be revered above all others.

May 13th


A young mother addicted to cocaine had been to two rehabilitation centers without success. When she spent money set aside for her children’s Three Kings Day gifts on illicit drugs, she asked her mother for help. Her Christian mother brought her to a church service where, after hearing the message from a native ministry leader, the woman put her faith in Christ. Freed from her addiction, she now leads the ministry’s women’s prison outreach. Local missionaries reaching people from all walks of life with the gospel seek donations to proclaim Christ and guide new believers to maturity. Pray those who are saved will resist family pressure to recant.

May 14th


As Muslim Fulani herdsmen violently take over more Christian farmlands in the name of Islam, needs are growing among streams of people displaced from their homes. Slaughters by Islamic extremist groups are also driving people from their villages. Fear of attacks keeps many Christians from working their fields, and job loss from pandemic lockdowns has compounded the prevalence of hunger. Local missionaries providing food and other aid to camps for Internally Displaced Persons as well as to people starving in their homes need donations of $35 or $70 to continue supplying such aid. Pray that devastated lives would be fully restored as people experience Christ’s care and renewal.

May 15th


With appropriate pandemic precautions, a local ministry offered a camp for 13 students and kids from its church, teaching life skills with Christian principles. The workers also took Christian youths to parks and other open spaces to hand out gospel tracts and face coverings. Training for youth ministers, teachers and Bible study leaders has continued online amid the pandemic, along with discipleship training. Local missionaries throughout the country seek donations for such efforts to form and strengthen faith in new believers. Pray that non-believing relatives of church members will join them for online services.

May 16th


Leaders at a native ministry recently trained 14 workers, and then sent them to plant churches among seven unreached people groups. Pray the Holy Spirit would go with them as He did workers who saw 115 people receive Christ during a previous six-month stretch. Pray also for protection and that faith will remain strong amid opposition; recently 13 people from three families put their faith in Christ, and villagers destroyed their homes for leaving the tribal religious rituals and beliefs. Donations are sought for training and tools to proclaim Christ and disciple those who receive Him. Pray that workers will be able to meet physical and spiritual needs of people suffering from COVID-19.

May 17th


A 31-year-old drug addict’s destructive lifestyle cost him his marriage, family and home, and he was often high when a local missionary shared Christ with him. One day the missionary cited Isaiah 55:11, that the Lord’s word would not return void; the verse penetrated his heart, and he put his trust in Christ. God helped him overcome his addiction, and now he ministers to drug addicts and is studying at a Bible institute to be sent to the unreached. Local missionaries reaching people through cell groups, home visits and online means seek donations of $25 or $50 to share the salvation message and cultivate faith in those who believe. Pray the Lord would open more hearts to His Word.

May 18th

Middle East

Refugees from areas of conflict had such a deep sense that their lives were in danger that they left everything they ever had or knew to survive – in hopes of giving their children a chance at life. Chances of finding jobs have become even more bleak since the onset of COVID-19, and other diseases are also becoming more common. Many refugees have only relief aid to keep them alive. Local missionaries providing food, water, medicines and other aid seek donations of $35 or $70 to show the love of Christ to refugees. Pray that God’s grace would gladden their hearts and help them recover.

May 19th


Working around pandemic restrictions to bring healing, wholeness and salvation, local missionaries are zealous in their service. Some provide orphans with food, shelter and health care, along with paying their school tuition; some offer free medical care to destitute women and the elderly; others dig wells for safe drinking water. Prayer teams visit villages to ask the Lord to keep residents safe and explain that Christ cares for them so much he suffered death for their salvation. Donations are sought to equip workers to bring Christ’s love to a growing number of suffering people. They request prayer for aid, transportation and construction materials.

May 20th


Local missionaries were greatly encouraged to see the Lord working in their midst; praying for a group of imams, they were astonished at how soon a few of the Muslim leaders decided to receive Christ. Opportunities to share the gospel with several hundred people who had never heard the salvation message in the 90-percent Muslim country also put a spark in their hearts. Talking to people on the streets and in their homes, some workers started a Bible study at which 14 young people accepted Christ. Local missionaries seek donations of $25 or $50 for such outreaches and discipleship. Pray that new Christians will remain strong in the face of family opposition.

May 21st


A local missionary dreamt about a non-Christian volunteer calling on the Lord. When the volunteer called her that day, the missionary explained the gospel, and they continued to discuss Christianity by email. The volunteer later came to faith and continues to testify to friends and family how the Lord freed her from guilt. Local missionaries recently held a camp for about 60 youth group leaders to teach them effective ways to talk about Christ with teenagers and design activities appropriate for them. Donations are sought for such outreaches of evangelism and discipleship. Pray the Lord would continue to call people to faith in Christ in spite of many barriers.

May 22nd


Illiterate women began meeting to hear about God from the Bible when a local missionary offered to teach them, and now they have put their faith in Christ and meet primarily to pray. Their prayer cell has led to others in the village believing in Christ. As they renounce pagan deities and pray to Christ, villagers are seeing their homes and lives transformed. The worker has also started a Sunday school for children, teaching them Bible stories and about relationship with God. Local missionaries throughout the country need donations to carry out such evangelism and discipleship. Pray that new churches will be of one heart as they learn to serve each other and their surrounding communities.

May 23rd


A 52-year-old alcoholic with COVID-19 was close to death when he tuned in to a native ministry’s radio program and heard the gospel. He called the station, and when local missionaries visited him the next day to pray for healing, he had already put his faith in Christ and asked for a Bible. They were able to provide him one thanks to Christian Aid Mission donor support. He has recovered, reads his Bible constantly and shares how the Lord transformed his life. Local missionaries have seen more than 290 others receive Christ, and they seek donations to carry out such evangelism and discipleship. Pray that new believers will grow deep in the knowledge and love of God.

May 24th


Disillusioned young people often give up on finding jobs and turn to crime or drugs. Native missionaries offer hope with vocational training to obtain work and micro-loans to start small businesses. Workers also make medical care available to breadwinners, including single mothers, helping them continue to provide for their families. Parents too poor to send their children to school receive tuition assistance and supplies from local missionaries, who also provide food so kids can excel in their studies. Workers seek donations for these and other outreaches to help uplift entire communities. Pray that dignity will be restored to people made in God’s image.

May 25th


COVID-19 restrictions called for smaller worship gatherings, so a ministry serving refugees divided into two groups – a worship service in Arabic, and another in Farsi and Sorani languages. Each week the services are fruitful and filled to capacity, and ministry directors have converted an office into a multifunctional space to disciple new believers. They are also providing messages of exhortation, encouragement and Bible knowledge to church members in various languages by video recordings on social media and regular Zoom meetings. Donations are sought for such evangelistic outreach and follow-up. Pray the Lord would use workers to call more people to Christ.

May 26th


The young daughter of a non-Christian couple persuaded her mother to take her to a church after a visit from a local missionary’s family. After several weeks of taking her daughter to Sunday services, the girl’s mother is gradually cultivating faith in the Lord. Turks and refugees are coming to Christ in various ways: sermons posted on the internet, radio broadcasts, home visits, Bible distribution and prison visits, among other means, all yielding spiritual fruit. Local missionaries seek donations for the means and tools to undertake such gospel proclamation and discipleship. Pray Christ’s name would be honored in a land where it is increasingly scorned.

May 27th


Islamic extremist groups are extending their reach in Africa, seeding terror among Christians and displacing thousands from their homes. Some Christians face threats from Islamists in the very camps to which they’ve fled, while for others the most dangerous assailants are members of their own Muslim families. Relatives of a Muslim woman who put her faith in Christ recently drove her from her home. Persecuted Christians need housing, jobs skills training, health care and clothing, among other help. Donations are sought to provide such care. Pray that those who have lost loved ones will be comforted and will know the hope of seeing them again for eternity.

May 28th

South Asia

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many families with no means to buy food and other necessities, and local missionaries are providing aid as funds are available. The scarcity of food is compounded in areas hit by locust swarms or storms that have flooded villagers out of their homes. Native missionaries are providing aid, including food, water and vitamins to malnourished families, and helping to repair damaged homes. Donations of $35 or $70 are sought to provide compassionate aid throughout the region. Pray that those hit by calamity would survive, recover and thrive to God’s glory.

May 29th


The gospel continues to advance despite the pandemic. Local missionaries are proclaiming Christ through Facebook, email, text messages and publications. When a young woman who showed in her speech and actions that she was emotionally disturbed received prayer from local workers, she was freed and put her faith in Christ; this led her family to get rid of an idol they had kept for many years, and they are impressed by her testimony. Outreaches to proclaim the gospel one-on-one and in small groups are leading others to Christ. Donations of $25 or $50 are sought for such outreach and discipleship. Pray new believers will be built into strong churches that will be shining lights to their communities.

May 30th

South Asia

A 38-year-old man with cancer put his faith in Christ after two Christian women shared the gospel and prayed for him. A local missionary brought him a Bible, prayed for him and organized four days of healing prayer with other native workers. The new Christian was healed and is testifying to others how God saved him. In another area where local missionaries began sharing the gospel 25 years ago among tribal animists who fiercely resisted, there are now 40 Christian families worshipping Christ. Donations are sought for such efforts throughout the region to make disciples able and eager to form new churches. Pray the Lord will continue to help faithful servants establish His rule.

May 31st

Christian Aid

At a fraction of the cost of sending a foreign worker, Christian Aid Mission assists native missionaries working among more than 2,000 unreached ethnic groups – people from the missionaries’ own or nearby culture. They know intuitively how to establish relationships and communicate the message of salvation. Usually poor like those they are serving, they rely on your help for the means, tools and training to bring the gospel to difficult areas where there are no churches. Please consider a donation to help Christian Aid Mission find, evaluate and support native missionaries, and pray that God will bless and keep them safe and strong.