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May 1st


Poor people going hungry as they lost work to the pandemic were grateful to receive food, sanitizers and face masks from local missionaries. Workers provided food to more than 2,000 Christians suffering from pandemic lockdowns, church members grateful for the loving concern of their brothers and sisters worldwide. Among the beneficiaries of daily distributions of food was a woman paralyzed from a spinal injury who received healing prayer and put her faith in Christ. Workers seek donations to bring the love of Christ to people in physical and spiritual need. Pray that none would perish due to COVID-19, locust swarms or flooding.

May 2nd


Local missionaries offer educational training to Christian schools and homeschool networks, all the more critical as online resources are needed during the pandemic; 1,500 students and 120 teachers benefited from new resources, with gospel opportunities arising as they were shared. The same ministry trained cell group leaders and began men’s groups for those seeking to know God. People coming to Christ are discipled through texts, phone calls, one-on-one meetings and books. Donations of $30 or $60 are sought for the tools and training to carry out such evangelism and discipleship. Pray the Word of Life will continue to advance over and around obstacles.

May 3rd


In a country rocked by political upheaval and economic ruin, local missionaries are providing critical aid. An average of about 800 families receive food boxes from a native ministry every month; many of these families have no other way to obtain food. Local missionaries also provide hygiene kits containing face coverings, hand sanitizer and other items to combat the pandemic. Some workers are helping Christian families to pay rent and buy food, while others provide clothing, blankets and mattresses to refugees. Donations of $35 or $70 are sought to provide such compassionate aid. Pray the Lord will help people overcome steep physical challenges and find Him.

May 4th


A woman visiting one of a native ministry’s churches accepted the pastor’s call to repentance and put her faith in Christ. Seeing the change in her, her husband also became a Christian. The couple had never been able to have children, and doctors told them it was medically no longer possible, so they could only testify to the Lord’s power when they conceived and had a child. In worship services posted on Facebook and other social media, as well as in personal visits with pandemic precautions, local missionaries are reaching more people with the gospel. Donations are sought for such gospel proclamation and follow-up. Workers request prayer that the faith of new Christians would remain strong against powers of evil.

May 5th


Local missionaries prayed the Lord would break the grip of false gods, and later that day they visited a woman who was worshipping several idols. Explaining that the one true God sent His Son to die for the sin of humanity, they shared how Christ overcame death to win salvation for those who trust in Him. The woman put her faith in Christ and saw that her idols were powerless objects. In another area, 10 people who sacrificed to tribal deities received Christ. Local missionaries seek donations to proclaim the salvation message and follow up with those who believe. Pray that more eyes would be opened to the majesty of Christ and His salvation.

May 6th


A refugee from a nomadic people in Africa had much time to talk with a local missionary during COVID lockdowns, and as his interest in Christ grew, they discussed the gospel and prayed together. The refugee soon put his faith in Christ and plans to bring the message of salvation to his own people in his nearly 100-percent Muslim country. Most people at the ministry’s refugee center become Christians, and local missionaries expect to baptize 450 of them this year. Donations of $60 or $120 are sought for local missionaries to proclaim the gospel and disciple those who believe. Pray they would find strong fellowship in their host countries, home countries or other destinations.

May 7th


With more than 1.2 million COVID-19 cases, the world’s largest Muslim country has been paralyzed by lockdowns that have left people in desperate need. Local missionaries have been helping to meet needs for food and hope even as some of them trust God to meet their own needs. Discipling new Christians through Zoom talks and phone texts, workers also find opportunities to proclaim Christ in small groups and visits to homes, hospitals and prisons. Native missionaries seek donations of $60 or $120 to help meet their monthly expenses. Pray the Lord will provide for and protect local missionaries and those they’re serving.

May 8th


A woman felt troubled by curses and evils from the witchcraft she and her late parents practiced when she showed up at a new church that local missionaries had just begun. Hearing how her sin separated her from God and about Christ’s death and resurrection, she put her faith in Him and was baptized; she often testifies how she was set free from fear. Other workers led all the leaders of a once-unreached village to Christ, and three congregations were newly planted. Donations of $25 or $50 are sought for local missionaries to undertake such evangelism and discipleship efforts. Pray the Lord would break through all obstacles, including the pandemic, to advance the gospel.

May 9th


In a country where more than 81 percent of the population is Hindu and growing more intolerant of Christianity, local missionaries are no less bold as they adapt new strategies in the face of opposition and coronavirus restrictions. Often hungry themselves due to shortages of income and food from the pandemic, workers are zealous to reach needy people whose spiritual needs are also evident; recently dozens of people trusted in Him for eternal life. Local missionaries, including many who travel for days in areas without roads, seek donations to proclaim Christ and disciple those who believe. Pray the Holy Spirit would go before and after workers to guide and protect them.

May 10th


Citizens are increasingly desperate as COVID-19 batters an already war-ravaged economy, and the gospel is one of the few things that offers them hope. Through evangelism, discipleship and life skills teaching, local missionaries are seeing new Christians take courage to care for the growing community of faith and others. The radiance of new lay leaders and maturing Christians is leading Muslims and others to ask how they can be so joyful, resulting in more opportunities to share the gospel. Workers seek donations to undertake outreaches that have resulted in 12 new churches. Pray the Lord would help workers to meet people’s urge