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November 1st | South Asia

The Power Of One

Deep in southeastern Bangladesh’s Chittagong Division, the trees, bamboo, vines and even holes in the ground were the objects of the Chakma tribal villagers’ devotion. Sumon*, a native missionary hoping to bring the invisible God to the village, knew just the right kinds of food and other gifts to bring to the village head so he could ask him for permission to hold a meeting to tell the villagers about his God. Sumon put the concepts of sin and eternal life in practical terms that resonated with the Chakma people, using Scripture to cut through the cultural barriers. The village chief, Jumman, was the first to put his faith in Christ. After hearing Sumon and other native missionaries in the following weeks, he told the ministry leader that he had been thinking deeply about their teaching. “I have come to know from Matthew 28:18-20 and Acts 4:12 that only Jesus Christ has the power to save me from my sin, and only Jesus Christ can give eternal life,” Jumman said. “My parents and family are Buddhists but worshiping trees, bamboos, holes, idols, gods and goddesses, and sacrificing pigs and hens to evil spirits to appease them. I do not like the beliefs and sacrifices of Chakma people.” Native missionaries have planted more than 20 churches in the Chittagong area, bringing the gospel to otherwise unreached villages. Like those in Chittagong, native missionaries throughout South Asia are braving harsh environments and opposition as they rely on God for their livelihood. In Pakistan, India, Nepal and Bangladesh, missionaries with intimate knowledge of their respective cultures work with joy and gentleness to bring Christ to people in darkness, subsisting on meager incomes that periodically dry up. Pray that God’s name will be revered among those coming to know Him, and please consider a gift today to bring eternal life to people in great darkness. *Names changed for security reasons


November 2nd

Providing food and soap for the poor, roofs for widows and schoolbooks for kids, native missionaries build relationships for sharing Christ’s salvation. For these gospel bridges and for needs such as bicycles for evangelists, they seek assistance in any amount. Pray for wisdom to strengthen former Muslims facing pressure to return to Islam.


November 3rd

Bible school students have sacrificed steady income to prepare for serving their home churches or planting new ones. They survive on little food each day, but their teacher models how to follow Christ as they tackle three years of coursework. Each student seeks three donors to provide $110 each month for food, rent and utilities. Pray that they have strength and endurance.


November 4th

Evangelistic outreaches at Christmas time combine critical aid with gospel materials to displaced people. Those receiving food, clothing and other aid (any amount appreciated) hear the true meaning of Christmas. Pray that they will know the true gift of salvation.


November 5th
South Asia

A new church has formed in a region where a worship building would be a bright light and symbol of stability, but the fledgling Christians are not able to provide the full cost of construction. They seek donations of $50. Pray the building would be completed and help open hearts to eternal life.


November 6th

In the desperately poor area of Guajitos in Guatemala City, native missionaries provide after-school feeding programs and rescue older youth from involvement in gangs. The ministry seeks assistance to feed 25 children each month ($11 per child). Pray for wisdom, strength and perseverance as they reach entire families with the gospel.


November 7th

A native ministry is seeing a growing number of churches emerge as a result of its Bible school training, humanitarian work and evangelism outreaches, and it seeks to bring the gospel to three new areas. In order to send new missionaries and sustain current ones, it seeks assistance in any amount. Pray that God would fulfill the missionaries’ ministry vision.


November 8th

Thanks to Christian Aid Mission donors, a native ministry started a church where it is a light in a remote area with no schools, hospitals or electricity. Native missionaries undertaking such work throughout the country seek assistance for Bibles, transportation and discipleship materials, among other evangelistic tools. Pray that young churches would take deep root.


November 9th

Otherwise forgotten people with leprosy gratefully receive food and other necessities, as well as the message of Christ’s salvation, from native missionaries. Workers seek four donors to provide $104 each per month for this aid. Pray those in Christ would share their hope with others.


November 10th

Each year hundreds of children and their parents hear the gospel and come to Christ through Children’s Ministry Outreach, especially during the Christmas season. Native workers seek nine donors to give $101 each month for the outreach. Pray that those who come to the Lord would grow into beacons of light.


November 11th
South Asia

Many people have come to know Christ through evangelistic outreaches during the Christmas season. Native missionaries seek three donors to provide $100 each for each yuletide outreach. Pray the Holy Spirit would open many hearts to receive Christ’s salvation.


November 12th

New Christians, both Spaniards and refugees, use a discipleship curriculum to help them share their faith with relatives and friends. When those people accept Christ, they too need the training materials ($248 per month). Pray for Spain to be a light in Europe.


November 13th

As the Christmas season approaches, people are more open to hearing the gospel from native missionaries who need motorbikes and Bibles, as well as assistance for radio broadcasts, medical/dental outreaches and gospel films. They need assistance in any amount for these evangelistic tools. Pray that barriers to the gospel would fall.


November 14th

In a village known for its snake charmers, the only source of water is a dirty pond green with algae. A native missionary would like to install a tube well to provide clean drinking water and opportunities to share Christ. He and other workers seek donations of $100 for such means of serving their communities. Pray that engaged communities will become the bride of Christ.


November 15th

A native ministry that organizes youth camps hears testimonies from now-adult Christians about how Christ has transformed their lives, including one man who is now witnessing to his family and community. Native missionaries seek assistance in any amount for such community development programs meeting physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Pray that God’s name will be glorified.


November 16th

A native missionary shared Christ with a poor man bedridden with illness, and he put his faith in Christ. As the missionary discipled him, the Lord healed him and enabled him to walk, and now the man teaches the Bible to his neighbors. The ministry has five such faithful missionaries in need of provision ($100 each per month). Pray that they will be encouraged and Spirit-led.


November 17th

The gospel is aired on radio broadcasts with a potential reach of 12.3 million listeners each week, most of them Muslims. Listeners contacting the station are directed to the ministry’s church, where they grow closer to Christ. The ministry seeks 10 donors to give $75 per week for the broadcasts. Muslims often become curious about Christ during the Christmas season; pray for them to receive His grace with joy.


November 18th

Whereas previously Muslims and Christians rarely spoke with each other in this 55.7 percent Muslim country, now there is more interaction, a great window of opportunity for evangelism. A native ministry plans to train and send missionaries to the unreached but needs assistance in any amount. Pray for wisdom and protection as Christ’s salvation becomes known among Muslims.


November 19th

Ministries assisted by Christian Aid Mission have planted 18 churches in the past six months, with others forming. The native missionaries making home visits and traveling to remote peoples seek assistance in any amount for the evangelism and discipleship that Christ uses to establish new churches. Pray that God’s kingdom spreads and feeds the spiritually hungry.


November 20th

More than 15,000 people have come to faith in Christ in 23 church plants thanks to a native ministry’s training of missionaries over the past 20 years. The ministry has trained more than 1,000 disciples through its missionary training program ($55 per person). Pray that new churches will bring more light.


November 21st

In a Muslim country where it is dangerous and illegal to proclaim Christ, a native ministry witnesses through care for the poor and, when safe, words. The ministry needs assistance in any amount to show Christ’s love in word and deed. Pray for children and their parents to come to know Jesus as Lord.


November 22nd

Thanks to a native ministry’s community service programs caring for children, more than 1,500 youths became open to accepting Christ. Now workers are extending their outreach to the kids’ parents. These and other missionaries welcome assistance in any amount to help meet families’ physical and spiritual needs with such projects. Pray for God’s kingdom to expand in a dark and hostile land.


November 23rd

Ministries in Indonesia prepare all year for Christmas outreaches featuring food, songs, gospel films and Bible distribution. Native workers seek assistance in any amount for these outreaches. Pray that strong churches would grow out of these harvests.


November 24th

In the past six months, native missionaries have seen 200 people put their faith in Christ and establish three new congregations among the Korwa, Oravan and Mundal peoples. For the missionaries’ meetings, discipleship camps and other evangelistic tools they seek assistance in any amount. Pray for their protection amid growing opposition.


November 25th

In an unprecedented time of religious freedom, native missionaries are discipling and sending Christian villagers to reach nearby communities with the gospel. They seek assistance in any amount to bring eternal life in Christ to the Songha-Zarma and other tribes. Pray for open doors and the binding of all evil influences.


November 26th

After training from a native ministry, a missionary went back to his village and planted a church despite persecution – and now there are five congregations. Native ministries seek assistance in any amount for such evangelism and discipleship tools. Pray missionaries will be encouraged and strengthened.


November 27th
Uttar Pradesh

A strong group of Christian leaders meets to cast vision, pray and equip each other to complete the Great Commission in India. Then those leaders hold the same kind of meetings with Christians in their circles. They seek assistance of $50 per participant for these meetings. Pray that India may shine brightly for Christ.


November 28th

Muslims who receive Jesus face almost certain persecution, and those fleeing for safety are grateful for aid such as housing, transportation costs and food. A native ministry seeks 10 donors to provide $100 each for relocation costs. Pray that new believers would be encouraged.


November 29th

A native ministry’s livestock and rice farming program supports its Bible school and students, enabling it to raise up and send native missionaries to unreached areas. The ministry seeks 55 donors to give $100 to sustain the program for one year. Pray the farm and spiritual harvests would be abundant.


November 30th
Christian Aid

Traveling in Asia with evangelist Billy Graham in the 1940s, Dr. Robert Finley was struck by how effective native Christian leaders were because they knew the language and culture of their people. Today his Christian Aid Mission helps native ministries reach more than 1,700 people groups. Please consider a gift to evaluate and sustain native ministries, and pray for a witness among every nation.