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October 1st


A Muslim who heard the gospel from local missionaries while in prison put his faith in Christ and now spends all of his time talking about the Lord with friends, neighbors and fellow merchants. Elsewhere, workers who visited a prison last year saw 358 inmates receive Christ, including 70 Muslims. Visiting homes and screening the Jesus Film, local missionaries also planted two churches. They need donations for the training, Bibles and other tools to proclaim Christ and cultivate disciples. Workers request prayer for the Lord to open the hearts of tribes traditionally closed to the gospel.

October 2nd


The pandemic has provided opportunities for local missionaries to provide aid even as they shift to online means in order to reach more people with the gospel. Through radio broadcasts, Facebook and other online platforms, several people in new areas put their faith in Christ. A local missionary who prayed for a 59-year-old man severely ill with coronavirus saw him receive salvation, healing and a new life. At the same time, Christian Aid Mission supporters enabled workers to provide food to about 100 families economically crippled by COVID-19. Local missionaries need donations for the means to spread the gospel and strengthen new disciples. Pray they will further expand the kingdom in spite of the pandemic.

October 3rd


Working among large numbers of refugees and Iraqis internally displaced by violence, local missionaries are helping to repair damaged homes and heal bodies ravaged by disease and conflict. They opened a pharmacy in a compound for the displaced, providing free medicines and food, including baby food. Your support has enabled them to provide the medical aid, food and psychological help to traumatized people. Donations of $35 or $70 are sought to provide such compassionate aid. Local missionaries request prayer for healing of sick children and adults, aid for needy families and protection and strength for workers.

October 4th

Sri Lanka

Her husband addicted to strong drink and her youngest child suffering from a terminal illness, a young mother was in deep pain when a local missionary visited her home. The family gathered so she could share the gospel and pray for them. As they put their faith in Christ, the child was healed, the husband stopped drinking and their lives were transformed. Meeting in small groups in homes due to COVID-19 restrictions, the area church recently also saw five new people begin attending worship. Local missionaries carrying out such outreach and follow-up need donations of $60 or $120. Pray the Holy Spirit would be present in all workers’ efforts to bring Christ to the lost.

October 5th


A woman with terminal cancer told local missionaries who visited her at the hospital that their presence gave her peace. They later prayed with her to receive Christ, and a month later she left her earthly tent to go home with the Lord. Her family was moved by her testimony, and workers continue to bring the message of eternal life to her yet unbelieving husband and children. Many others are putting their faith in Christ through short mission trips and youth camps. Workers need donations of $50 or $100 for the means to carry out these and other gospel initiatives. They request prayer for wisdom, safety and God’s protection.

October 6th


Local missionaries’ aid for 25 trafficked women rescued from organized crime led to the victims putting their faith in Christ. Hundreds of other refugees have come to Christ through other humanitarian outreaches, from food aid to trauma counseling. Churches among Spaniards also have sprouted as a result of both social and evangelistic outreaches, with people at all levels of society praising workers for providing food and gospel hope through radio broadcasts, home visits and online means. Local missionaries need donations for the training and tools to share the love of Christ. Pray that workers will be protected from persecution and the pandemic.

October 7th


Identifying and forming relationship with a person of peace in a given village, local missionaries meet others and build enough trust with them to share the story of Christ. In this way they led 150 people to Christ over a six-month period, including an alcoholic whose life was deeply transformed, which contributed to his entire family also dedicating their lives to the Lord. At least 10 new Christians have persevered in spite of persecution from Muslim relatives, including a widow whose faith cost her economic support from her family. Donations are sought for the tools and training to make such strong disciples of Christ. Pray the Lord will strengthen workers to share Christ.

October 8th


War-ravaged Syrians are so desperate that they flee to a country with one of the worst economies in the region. Local missionaries find their own countrymen are in as much need as refugees, and they are providing food to hundreds of Syrian and Lebanese families each month. They are also meeting native and refugee needs for clothing, medical and dental care and education for children. Standing with grieving people in their material and spiritual needs has opened the way to share the love of Christ. Workers seek donations of $35 or $70 to provide such compassionate aid in Christ’s name. Local missionaries request prayer for protection from COVID-19 as they minister to the needy.

October 9th


Depressed and anxious as COVID-19 spreads, people who once opposed Christianity are now coming to local missionaries for prayers of protection and deliverance. They are hearing the gospel through personal visits, Zoom meetings and telephone calls, with many receiving Christ and preparing for baptism. In more remote jungles, personal visits are the only way to reach people, and the message of Christ’s love is blessing many. Local missionaries need donations for the tools and training to proclaim Christ and disciple those who believe in Him. Pray the Lord would breathe His Spirit into those suffering from COVID-19 and drive out the virus.

October 10th


A mosque leader who runs a rental car company found a Bible that local missionaries had left in one of his cars, and for the next week he refused to rent vehicles to Christians. The workers later rented another car from him and left a copy of the Gospel of Luke in the vehicle, which the imam read several times as he began to meet with them to debate about Christianity; months later, he has put his faith in Christ and was baptized. Other outreaches resulted in 23 tribal people taking baptism. Workers need donations of $60 or $120 for these and other disciple-making efforts. They request prayer that online church services will be edifying and that new believers will grow in their faith.

October 11th


The gospel is liberating indigenous people from bondage to alcohol and drugs and turning them toward clean lives of hard work. One tribal group with a strong oral tradition has Bibles translated into their language, and local missionaries shared biblical stories with them that villagers re-told to their children. In other areas, workers were able to reach people through online means. In each community where the salvation message took root, local missionaries prepared leaders with Bible courses to multiply the number of disciples. They seek donations of $25 or $50 to share the gospel and follow up with those who believe. They request prayer that churches be strengthened amid the pandemic.

October 12th

North Africa

A 67-year-old man was afraid to undergo badly needed eye surgery until local missionaries prayed for him, and as they prayed he heard Christ tell him not to be afraid. After the surgery restored his sight, he and his wife put their faith in the Lord and were baptized. Hundreds of people in the country are hearing the gospel through a local ministry’s social media and aid outreaches, resulting in 12 new small groups studying the Bible. Workers throughout the region need donations of $50 to present the gospel through the airwaves, internet and face-to-face, and to follow-up with those who believe. They request prayer for protection from hostile family, friends and officials.

October 13th