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September 1st


Local missionaries were amazed at the Lord’s mighty hand when 607 people put their faith in Christ over a three-month stretch earlier this year. The work in five provinces resulted in the founding of 12 churches. Workers visited homes, followed up with people who responded to the gospel in presentations on radio and social media and invited people to seminars. Workers need donations to bring the message of eternal life and shepherd new believers to grow in their faith. Local missionaries request prayer for protection and strength in the face of persecution.

September 2nd


Having adjusted to the average 14,000-foot elevation of the Autonomous Region of Tibet with the Lord’s help, local missionaries were able to reach the Naxi, Amdo and Han peoples with the gospel. Building relationships over several years, workers provided Chinese and Tibetan Bibles in different locations to people thrilled to receive them; villagers had never received copies and were eager to learn God’s Word. Local missionaries need donations of $60 or $120 for their monthly living expenses. Pray the Lord would open new channels as disciples grow in their faith.

September 3rd


In spite of rains and rough terrain, local missionaries were able to deliver food and gifts to tribal children in jungle settlements. One child told workers the pandemic had kept his parents from selling their harvest, adding, “So they cannot buy me a present or food. Now I can understand that God takes care of me and my family.” Workers delivered food and medicines to ethnic families in other areas, including one where villagers request a missionary be sent to live among them and teach them God’s Word. Local missionaries throughout the country need donations of $35 or $70 to bring such aid to the destitute. Pray the Lord would keep them safe from COVID-19 and other dangers.

September 4th

North Africa

Impoverished women are especially oppressed in the region, with many targeted for abuse and discrimination. Local missionaries are helping to support them and their children financially, physically and spiritually, especially as many have lost work to the COVID-19 pandemic. Women receive free medical tests, x-rays and other health care, and widows or women abandoned by their husbands receive help paying for their children’s school fees, along with many other kinds of support, including Christ-based counseling. Workers seek donations for these and other community engagement initiatives. Pray that restored lives will result in glory, honor and praise to the Lord.

September 5th


Even the few refugees who can find work in a pandemic-ravaged economy are barely surviving and frequently call local missionaries asking for help. Workers provide food, water and other aid along with hygiene items such as disinfectants, soaps and masks. In so doing they develop bonds of trust and respect and are able to reach more people with God’s Word. Local missionaries need donations of $35 or $70 in order to meet humanitarian needs that far exceed resources. They request prayer for protection from multiple evils, physical and spiritual.

September 6th

South Asia

Family members of a 92-year-old man put their faith in Christ, but the elderly man was entrenched in belief in tribal gods and spirits and was completely closed to the gospel. Local missionaries continued to pray for him and proclaim the salvation message, and he finally received Christ’s grace and declared Him to be the only true God. In another area, two families long opposed to Christianity also received Him and are inviting neighbors to gospel meetings. Local missionaries reaching such people need donations to form committed disciples. They request prayer that the Lord use them to reveal Christ to tribal people steeped in the traditional beliefs of their ancestors.

September 7th


Refugees from Syria, Iraq and other troubled countries arrive having suffered unimaginable loss and tragedy. The help they receive from local missionaries gives them hope for survival and the tools to restart their lives: educational supplies for kids, medical care, job skills training and Bible study. Teams visit refugees in their run-down homes every day to share the gospel. Workers also meet myriad physical and spiritual needs of local Jordanians. Donations of $60 or $120 are sought for the monthly living expenses of local missionaries ministering in multiple ways. They request prayer for strength and wisdom as they face health risks and tough economic times.

September 8th


In a Central Asian country where the population is more than 90 percent Muslim and 0.3 percent evangelical, local missionaries gain credibility to share the gospel through service to communities. In one village workers are building a playground where children otherwise have no area for play, while in another area a ministry’s rehabilitation center for substance abusers brings healing through gospel power. Rehab workers plan to train former addicts in car repair so they can become self-sufficient – and share the gospel with others. Donations are sought for these and other projects to serve and transform communities. Pray the Lord would break down increased barriers to the gospel.

September 9th


In villages where there were no churches, local missionaries distributed Bibles, began Bible study groups and carried out evangelistic events when possible. They distributed food and Bibles as they shared the gospel. In spite of religious opposition in five villages, within six months workers established a church in each area, a total of 300 people worshipping Christ regularly. Local missionaries need donations of $25 or $50 in order to plant new churches where worshippers are rooted in biblical teaching. Pray that new believers will receive wisdom for how to be salt and light to their communities amid opposition and COVID-19.

September 10th


Two families who belonged to a sub-Christian church and had long resisted the gospel often argued vehemently with a local missionary. The worker continued meeting with them and persisted in proclaiming the salvation of Christ, and over time the Lord changed their hearts. The families now worship Christ at the local missionary’s church. Throughout the country, local missionaries recently led more than 100 people to Christ, with discipleship taking place mainly through phone and video calls amid a country hard-hit by COVID-19. Local missionaries seek donations in order to form well-rooted disciples. They request prayer for safety and provision as pandemic lockdowns continue.

September 11th


A woman who recently participated in an evangelistic seminar put her faith in Christ and has since remained steadfast in the face of opposition from an occultist who tried to curse her. People are coming to the Lord through soul-winning seminars that local missionaries have organized in homes, and those who put their faith in Christ are engaged in Bible studies that eventually take shape as worshipping churches. Local missionaries round out their church-planting efforts by training pastors to lead them. Donations are sought for these and other initiatives to proclaim the gospel and form solid disciples. Pray that workers will be protected from COVID-19.

September 12th


Refugees from Syria, Iraq and other countries in conflict are not only parents anxious to provide a safe environment for their children but young singles and even minors who have no resources for shelter, food or health care. Local missionaries help minors with legal counsel and referral to government shelters for youths. The food, baby formula, clothing, integration help and other services they provide to all refugees can mean the difference between life and complications that lead to death. Workers need donations of $35 or $70 to provide such compassionate aid in Christ’s name. Pray for strength and protection as they minister to the most vulnerable amid the pandemic.

September 13th

Sierra Leone

A young man who grew up in the church without ever committing to Christ stopped attending worship altogether for four years. Just before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, he attended local missionaries’ evangelistic event and put his faith in Christ. Aspiring to plant churches, he has enrolled in Bible school. Elsewhere, 42 people recently received Christ, and workers have planted two new fellowships. Donations are sought for such evangelistic outreaches and discipleship. Workers request prayer for financial resources amid poverty and more laborers for the spiritual harvest.

September 14th


In a remote village among the ethnic Chachi, local missionaries helped several families and children with food, supplies and clothing made possible by Christian Aid Mission donors. The inhabitants of the mountain village accessible only by canoe were deeply grateful for the goods, as the pandemic had kept them from selling their fruit. Poor people in other places too remote for government help – including an abandoned mother of five children who said her family had nothing to eat that day – also received food, milk and clothes from local missionaries. Donations of $35 or $70 are sought to provide such compassionate aid in Christ’s name. Pray that villagers would come to know their dignity and value as children of God.

September 15th


Visiting homes in several villages, local missionaries proclaimed repentance and forgiveness of sins by faith in Christ and saw dozens of families from various ethnic groups obtain eternal life. In one village, eight people from the Chakma people trusted in Christ and received Bibles in the Chakma language for ongoing discipleship. In another village, a young man from the Maru tribe put his faith in Christ after going to talks where local missionaries shared the gospel. Workers need monthly donations of $60 to proclaim Christ’s kingdom and follow up with those who receive Him. They request prayer for guidance in order to bring the tribal people of the hill districts to salvation.

September 16th


A young doctor had nothing but contempt for local missionaries when they led his parents and sisters to Christ, but when his mother and father were dying of COVID-19, he asked the workers for prayer. When both parents suddenly recovered, he knew it had to be more than a coincidence, and he now worships Christ with them and shares his testimony with others at his hospital. Local missionaries proclaim the gospel as they distribute aid and Bibles, as well as in home visits and special events. Donations are needed for them to undertake such evangelism and follow-up. Workers request prayer for online church services and those worshipping in small groups at home amid the pandemic.

September 17th


Local missionaries are helping to expand people’s awareness that it is possible to be Jewish and a follower of Christ. Workers are seeing growth in such awareness and in faith in the Messiah. As they distribute Purim packages to Jewish Christian soldiers, workers have seen followers of Christ in the ranks grow from about 50 a dozen years ago to more than 300. Among those who worship with the local missionaries are 10 soldiers whose commanding officers have asked them to talk about their faith. Local missionaries need donations to proclaim the Anointed Savior and disciple those who trust in Him. They request prayer for the training of the next generation of ministry leaders.

September 18th


COVID-19 has left the poor without jobs and more destitute, but your generosity has helped local missionaries to provide life-saving supplies and resources. Workers are distributing groceries to slum-dwellers, food to street children and school supplies to kids from indigent families. One ministry is helping to cover the tuition fees and other expenses of 100 poor schoolchildren, extending a lifeline of hope for a better future. Donations of $35 or $70 are sought for these and other offerings of compassionate aid in Christ’s name. Pray that lives will be saved to the glory of God.

September 19th


A native missionary met with village leaders to discuss their ethnic heritage and was able to share a recording of the Gospel of John; they said it was the first time they had heard anything so profound in their language. In another area, resistance to local missionaries softened when villagers saw their language being recorded and shared; though workers were not allowed to preach the gospel directly, many people heard the message of eternal life in translated audio and video recordings. In visits to five cities and nine villages, workers led 19 people pray to receive Christ’s salvation and lordship. They need donations for their monthly upkeep. Pray the Lord will keep them safe.

September 20th


Refugee children from the Middle East and Africa arrive emotionally scarred from war or other dangerous situations, and local missionaries are equipped to meet their unique needs for counseling. Workers minister to entire families, providing practical, psychological and spiritual help, including assistance for refugees who have lost government aid. Through this holistic approach, local missionaries have ample opportunities to share the gospel. Donations are sought to equip workers to bring refugees physical and spiritual restoration. Pray for protection from persecution for both workers and the many refugees who accept Christ.

September 21st


Talking only to an imaginary being in the jungle and spending most of his time alone, a 22-year-old man was considered to be possessed by an evil spirit for more than 10 years. Local missionaries visited him, got to know him and invited him to their ministry center for regular prayer and Bible teaching. Since putting his faith in Christ, he has lived a normal life and attends prayer and worship meetings. Thanks to Christian Aid Mission donors, local missionaries recently visited a new village and proclaimed Christ to an unreached ethnic group. Donations are sought for such outreach and discipling of new believers. Pray for wisdom and safety for workers.

September 22nd


People living in the shadow of Islamic extremist violence and COVID-19 saw a bright spot in their lives when local missionaries provided six boreholes to provide clean water, raising sanitation levels and reducing water-borne diseases. Workers also delivered critically needed medicines and other medical supplies, opening the door to the gospel when the chief of one village received treatment. People whose lives were in tatters were able to begin anew when local missionaries offered them vocational training. Workers need donations of $30 or $60 for these and other community engagement projects. Pray the Lord’s protection over local missionaries and those they’re serving.

September 23rd

Southeast Asia

A mosque leader who heard the gospel from a local missionary and put his faith in Christ had to leave his home, his Muslim friends and his town or else be killed. Workers helped him relocate safely. Local missionaries come across a steady stream of such persecuted Christians within the predominantly Muslim “10/40 Window.” Another Muslim who accepted Christ took refuge in a worker’s church building because his wife, refusing to let him see his children, forbade him from entering their home. Donations are sought to help such persecuted Christians relocate and retool so they can begin new lives. Pray new believers will persevere against intense pressure from family and friends.

September 24th

Sri Lanka

While COVID-19 prohibited most local missionaries from going to the lost, many people came to workers’ house churches and received divine healing and salvation. A lame woman came to a prayer meeting and walked out praising the Lord. “In spite of the COVID-19 problem, God is working in a wonderful way,” a ministry leader said. The father of a physically and mentally ill boy lost his job to the pandemic, and when they visited a church and accepted Christ, the son was healed, and the family soon began a new business. Workers need donations to proclaim Christ and disciple such people. Pray local missionaries would continue to rely on the Lord’s leading as they proclaim His kingdom.

September 25th


A woman who became desperately ill called local missionaries after visits to several shamans failed to bring any relief. After workers led her to put her faith in Christ, they prayed for her health, and almost immediately she was healed. They have continued to disciple her through small group Bible study. Due to the pandemic, local missionaries often receive training through online means. Workers seek donations for these and other means of evangelization and discipleship. Pray the Lord will lead workers in how and when to share the gospel amid pandemic restrictions.

September 26th


A man who worshipped the idols of his tribe’s traditional gods was also deeply into witchcraft, but after he was injured in an accident, he turned to a church for help. Local missionaries explained who Christ is and gathered around him to pray for him. The Lord healed him, prompting him and several other villagers to put their faith in Christ. Through revival meetings, Bible studies and other outreach, more than 560 people recently received Christ as Lord and Savior. Donations are sought for the tools and training to make biblically grounded disciples. Local missionaries request prayer that new believers would grow in love for the things of the Lord.

September 27th

North Africa

COVID-19 has revealed the vulnerability of the working poor; with the pandemic eliminating many jobs, they are even more dependent on food from local missionaries. Mothers unable to afford two meals a day are especially thankful as they come from near and far to obtain food for hungry children. Such aid keeps parents from sending their kids to beg in the streets and helps young students to succeed in school. Donations of $35 or $70 are sought for workers to carry out such compassionate outreach to the poorest of the poor. Pray the Lord would provide local missionaries vision and wisdom as they extend Christ’s love.

September 28th


People are without hope in a country reeling from COVID-19, economic paralysis and an anti-religious history. Local missionaries have built relationships with people from all walks of life through proclamation of Christ in public places, youth meetings and activities, and one-on-one talks as they distributed literature. The pandemic has created an unprecedented level of openness to the gospel. Workers need donations for the tools, training and means to bring the gospel to hurting people and follow up with those who accept Christ. Pray the Holy Spirit would provide more divine encounters resulting in kingdom fruit.

September 29th


People going through hard times have more questions for local missionaries than they did before the pandemic, which workers are answering through texts, phone calls, Zoom talks and small groups, bringing people closer to Christ. Workers discipling a timid new Christian helped her learn how to share Christ with her parents and grandparents. Ministry team leaders are being trained online, with many of them discovering and trying new ways to plant churches. Donations are sought for such evangelism and discipleship throughout the country. Workers request prayer for healthy family relations and personal peace amid uncertain times.

September 30th

Christian Aid

Since founder Bob Finley noticed how effective native Christians were in making disciples of their own people, Christian Aid Mission has placed a priority on assisting ministries that are strategically sharing the gospel with unreached people groups. Vetting these ministries includes background and reference checks and personal visits from organization directors, and the accountability process is ongoing. Please consider a donation to help Christian Aid Mission find, evaluate and support the local missionaries who are doing the most to make disciples of the remaining unreached peoples. Pray that workers will be encouraged by support from the worldwide Body of Christ.