September 2022

Your Prayer Guide To Reach The World

September 1

Send the Gospel in South Asia

A family suffering from various diseases for many years thought the gods had cursed them. Broken, hopeless and bitter, they turned away local missionaries who offered to pray for them. When workers returned, the family gradually heard them out and eventually allowed them to hold extended, fasting prayer in their home.

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September 2

Bring Eternal Life to the Lost in Peru

A woman came to a native ministry’s worship and, deeply troubled, confessed that the man for whom she had left her husband and children was mistreating her, and she wished to seek God’s forgiveness and return home.

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September 3

Provide Christ-Based Training in China

Local missionaries met a university professor six years ago and developed a deep relationship with her, and she said she saw Christ in them and became a disciple. They have nurtured her faith for about a year, and she is now discipling others and helping in local outreaches.

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September 4

Help Plant Churches in Togo

Local missionaries took the gospel to a village that was in bondage to unclean spirits. Two village women saw demonic images day and night and couldn’t sleep, but they were delivered from these attacks after workers led them to faith in Christ.

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September 10

Unleash Gospel Proclamation in North Africa

A local missionary led a woman and her three children to Christ, and she and her kids began sharing the gospel with relatives and others. One of their neighbors also accepted Christ when one of their family members was healed of a debilitating illness following local missionaries’ prayer.

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Vietnamese man sits on mat holding medicine
September 12

Help Cover Worker Expenses in Vietnam

Qualified leaders were able to guide and disciple new churches thanks to officially recognized training they received from a native ministry. Workers offered the theological training through an extension program offered through 12 centers.

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September 15

Sow Gospel Seed in Cambodia

A native ministry was able to reach thousands of people with the gospel through its radio program. One listener said the Bible message brought rest to her soul for the first time since an accident that killed her relatives, as Buddhist monks had told her it happened because of things she had done in a previous life.

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Mexican family in their home made from concrete
September 16

Help Spread the Gospel in Mexico

The depressed wife of an unfaithful husband put her faith in Christ after visiting a native ministry’s worship service, and then gospel workers contacted her husband, a mason and electrician, to help them construct their church building.

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Six Nepalese men hiking through a mountainside covered with wild yellow flowers
September 17

Help Expand God’s Kingdom in Nepal

A mother suffering for many years from leg pain and an ear disease began to be healed after she put her faith in Christ and called on Him in prayer. Local missionaries have been following up with her in home visits and by phone to build solid foundations for her faith.

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September 18

Send the Gospel Far and Wide in Europe

The gospel is spreading strategically throughout Europe as refugees from troubled countries in the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere receive aid from local missionaries, hear about Christ and then relocate to other parts of Europe.

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September 19

Provide for Workers’ Upkeep in China

About 80 Christian ethnic youths attended summer camps where they were trained to abide in the Lord and cultivate a vision for the kingdom of God. About 20 workers were equipped to carry out these discipleship events, while others proclaimed Christ in mountain areas and on college campuses.

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Ghanaian school children stand together in their school some holding notebooks and coloring books
September 20

Help Plant and Grow Churches in Ghana

A community that practiced idolatry before local missionaries led many youths to the Lord has recently seen older adults also come to faith in Christ. Seniors that used to believe church was only for young people are now attending worship services, and workers are guiding the young people to grow in their faith as they obtain jobs and start families as adults.

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September 21

Help Provide for Needy Workers in South Asia

When a 17-year-old girl suffering from bleeding problems visited a church and asked for prayer, a worker prayed for her there and later at her home. She began attending services, slowly began to recover and has accepted Christ.

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September 22

Send Aid to Refugees in Greece

A Syrian refugee mother whose husband abandoned her when she became pregnant with her seventh child was homeless after officials rejected her application for asylum a second time.

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Christian missionary in Tanzania with his arm around Christian woman
September 23

Help Provide the Word of Life in Tanzania

Native missionaries are training new believers how to form and teach other disciples, advancing God’s kingdom amid hostile spiritual forces. Miraculous healings at evangelistic events opened many hearts to the gospel, and the message also sounded forth as workers visited people in homes, hospitals and small group meetings.

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September 24

Bring Gospel Hope to the Lost in Lebanon

The parents and four children of a Muslim family in a refugee camp put their faith in Christ after local missionaries had several gospel discussions with them. In discipleship they are growing in their faith and are inviting others in the camp to meetings; recently a distant relative also accepted Christ. In various outreaches, workers recently planted seven house churches.

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September 25

Proclaim Salvation to the Unreached in China

Visiting new Christians among the ethnic Lisu in their homes, local missionaries taught biblical truths and deepened their faith through a series of questions and answers. At the same time, workers recently visited unsaved families, sharing the gospel with them and planting eight churches.

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September 26

Help Draw People to Christ in the Philippines

Many unreached people became interested in Bible studies after workers provided food, helped them obtain livelihoods and educated their children, while others came to the Lord through gospel events, film screenings and social media.

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Burundian Christians stand in a group outside of their church
September 27

Help Lead People to the Lord in Burundi

In an area where most villagers practice traditional religions, local missionaries established a base for visiting homes with the message of salvation in Christ. After one such visit, a mother with three young children received Christ as Lord and Savior, and she has grown in faith in small group prayer and Bible study.

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A Jordanian family sits eating lunch in a barren area
September 29

Help Bring the Joy of Salvation in Jordan

A young Muslim began looking into Christianity online and made contact with a local missionary, but before they could meet, the seeker was frustrated when a traditional church he sought to visit turned him away because of his religion.

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September 30

Find, Vet and Evaluate Workers

If COVID-19 along with economic, political and other tensions have darkened lives in rich countries, imagine what it’s like for native missionaries in poor countries. Violence and the pandemic have ravaged the lives of workers from Nigeria to Burma to Iraq and beyond, many of them barely able to feed their families.

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