Help Meet the Huge Demand for Bibles​

Bibles are absolutely critical to the work of indigenous ministries. Native missionaries take every opportunity to share the gospel and provide Bibles while they work to meet people’s practical needs. They share them at evangelistic events, orphanages, hospitals, prisons, marketplaces, refugee camps, and so many other places.

Many ministries are having trouble keeping Bibles in stock and need help to meet the huge demand for God’s Word in their countries—a phenomenon that’s been developing in the last several years.

You can help get Bibles into the hands of people who are searching for truth in places where copies of God’s Word are scarce or hard to obtain with your gift of $24, which will provide three people with Bibles in their local languages. Change lives and make an eternal difference by helping to share God’s Word with people from every tongue, tribe, and nation so they can know our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.