Help Spread the Word of Life in Latin America

While thousands of people flee economic chaos in a Latin American country, native missionaries remain to bring hope in Christ. Besides providing aid to children and the elderly, workers have shared Christ in home visits, Bible studies and public events. A worker sharing the gospel in a park led a 22-year-old woman to Christ, one of 83 people who recently accepted His saving grace. An event for youths resulted in another 87 children and other young people accepting Christ. Workers discipling them and others need donations of $60 or $120 to proclaim the gospel and follow up with new believers. Pray the love of Christ would redound in glory to God.

Help Plant Churches in India

Christian missionaries share the gospel with Indian people

Praise God for the formation of a new prayer cell in which eight youths were delivered from demon possession. Local missionaries who prayed for healing and deliverance from unclean spirits in small groups and homes throughout the country have seen the Lord work in mighty ways, with many people putting their faith in Christ as a result.