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November 1st | Nepal

A young woman in a remote village was terrified at the sight of any man – even her husband. Just 21 years old, Reshma was said to have been suffering from an evil spirit for three years. The terror in her compelled her to leap on any man who happened to pass in front of her, fists flailing, with otherworldly force. By the time native missionaries met her after a three-hour trek through the mountains, her husband had already left her. “Local shamans had tried many different kinds of treatment for her,” a native missionary said. “Nothing happened. So we prayed for her for about an hour, and she was healed, freed from an evil spirit. At this time we are hearing that her husband comes time to time to visit her.”Such healings are common in Nepal, bringing many people to the Lord, he said. The ministry leads evangelism and leadership training sessions for 21 students at a time, and one graduate recently planted a church in western Nepal. Among the students in the current session, some have faced persecution. “We feel honored and pleased to train these students that are so determined in their faith in Jesus,” he said. “As a result of your prayers and support, many churches are being planted, and many people are accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior.” Ministries throughout Nepal seek 10 donors to give $100 each for such trainings and other tools for evangelism and discipleship. Pray that new Christians would be equipped and inspired to reach the lost.

November 2nd


In a country where most people are mired in a version of folk Islam that includes devotion to ancestors and objects in nature, the Word of God in their language – be it French, Bambara, Fulani, Boomu or Dogon – can cut through the morass and bring the kingdom of Christ into their hearts. Native missionaries need Bibles for efforts to plant churches, train Christian leaders and educate children. The training includes seminars on church planting and growth, Bible camps and discipleship. For Bibles, training and other evangelistic tools, native missionaries seek donations to meet the total need of $38,500. Pray that Christ’s love will unite congregations.

November 3rd


With nothing but dangers to return to in Syria, refugees in Lebanon rely on native missionaries to help them survive. Besides receiving food and clothing, they are hearing the gospel and receiving it in droves. Native missionaries are reaching more than 4,000 children and youths who gather three times during the week and twice on weekends, while a coffee time on Friday nights brings the gospel to adults. Workers seek donations of $50 or $100 for such outreaches. Pray that souls yearning for home would find peace in Christ.

November 4th


Rural people in a village where native missionaries have established a feeding center for children and a church attest to how the community has been transformed. Children who once did not finish elementary school because of malnutrition are learning and thriving. The goodwill created by such outreaches has led the community to support the native ministry’s evangelistic events. Such compassionate aid projects throughout the country are made possible by donations of $30 that will help feed a hungry child for a month.

November 5th


In 120 evangelistic events and meetings throughout the country, native missionaries saw hundreds of people put their faith in Christ. One ministry is training 60 students, part of a continual stream of graduates who aim to plant 1,000 churches. For these and other evangelism and discipleship initiatives, native missionaries seek donations of any amount to help establish a witness for Christ. Pray the Lord would inspire and protect those sent out to establish points of light amid deep darkness.


November 6th


Native missionaries have gained the trust of predominantly Muslim Dongxiang villagers in northwest China by helping students at an elementary school and donating computers to increase educational opportunities. Regular visits to the school are just one of many evangelistic and discipleship efforts that native missionaries are undertaking in the country, made possible by donations of any amount to help meet the $15,000 need for the year. Pray that the message of Christ’s salvation would find receptive hearts.

November 7th

South Asia

As Hindus, animists and adherents of other religions are healed and put their faith in Christ, house churches are swelling beyond their walls. From majority-Muslim Bangladesh to predominantly Buddhist Sri Lanka to Hindu countries like India and Nepal, church buildings are needed for shelter and protection from religious hostility. Congregations throughout the region seek donations in any amount the Lord urges for worship buildings. Pray that people with deep prejudices against Christ as sole Lord of the universe would see Him as He truly is.

November 8th


House churches are mushrooming throughout the country as hundreds of native missionaries are trained to bring the Good News of eternal life in Christ through home visits and other outreaches. People hosting the fellowships in their homes need assistance to cover the costs of hospitality. The native ministry also seeks assistance for the trainings, important for walling out false doctrines. For these and other costs of evangelism and discipleship, donations of $50 or $75 are sought. Pray that fellowships would have unity in mind and purpose.

November 9th


Native missionaries on the continent are providing traumatized refugees from the Middle East and Africa not only clothes, food and medicines, but also books, school materials and spiritual/psychological help. The counseling provided to refugees is also extended to abused youths, convicted criminals in prison and their relatives, all with the healing that only Christ can give. The compassionate aid and gospel proclamation, which results in small groups that form into small churches, is made possible by your generous donations. Pray for God’s protection for Muslims coming and those witnessing to them.

November 10th

Middle East

A church-based ministry in Jordan offers refugees who have fled from violence in Syria and Iraq the ability to both survive and thrive. Native missionaries offer vocational training for trades to provide refugees a way to support themselves, and a school helps refugee children catch up with education that can make the difference between a beggar’s life and one of productive contribution. With donations of $35, $70 or $105, workers throughout the region are serving refugees with such aid and holistic service, which builds gospel bridges. Pray that refugees would see the love of Christ in workers’ compassionate outreach.

November 11th


In 90-percent Buddhist Burma (Myanmar), native missionaries spend much time building relationships with Buddhists and animists. Strong relationships have been built by providing not only fresh-water wells but water pipelines to remote communities, thus “clearing the ground” for the gospel. Providing education for needy children also opens the way for gospel proclamation. For such community engagement projects by this ministry, workers seek donations in any amount to reach the total need of $8,000. Pray that God’s name would be honored.

November 12th


Children in Islamic schools (madrassas) in the West African country of Gambia, where 88 percent of the population is Muslim, absorb from their teachers a hatred for Christians, and it is not uncommon to find them throwing rocks at church buildings. But the care and love that Muslim children experience while attending a native ministry’s school inures them against such hostilities, and a church emerged after the gospel reached their parents. Native missionaries offering such community engagement programs throughout the continent are bringing eternal life to children and their parents. The ministries seek donations of $50 or $75 to help toward these efforts. Pray for God’s kingdom to reign in Africa.

November 13th


Thousands of native missionaries are braving rough terrain, local opposition and barely enough resources to meet basic monthly needs, but they take joy in bringing the message of Christ to thirsty souls. For monthly upkeep, Bibles and other tools for evangelism and discipleship, missionaries throughout the country seek donations of $35 or $70. Pray that strong churches would take root and flourish among people living in deep darkness.

November 14th


In areas of tribal and religious conflict in Indonesia, native workers know how to navigate currents of prejudice and hostility to shrewdly make Christ known. Workers offer SD cards loaded with audio gospel content that islanders copy to their smart phones. Many otherwise unreached tribal people come to faith in Christ in this way, and for recording the content in various tribal languages and other tools for evangelism and discipleship, workers throughout the region seek 11 donors who can give $100 each to cover the cost. Pray that joyful churches would emerge from those finding eternal life in Christ.

November 15th


Throughout the country devastated by eight years of civil war, displaced people and others are in need of food, clothing and medical supplies that native missionaries are providing to Muslims and others in Christ’s name. For the critical aid that sustains the displaced and enables them to hear the gospel and become kingdom servants, native missionaries need donations in any amount to help meet needs. Pray that untold suffering from war would be transformed into kingdom light.

November 16th

Former Soviet Union

The children of women sentenced to the Chernigov, Ukraine penal colony are in deep need. Native missionaries bring clothes, diapers, baby food, toys, educational books and other necessities to children living without their mothers, as well as teach them about Christ, faith and prayer to the Heavenly Father. For such compassionate aid throughout the region, donations of any amount are sought. Pray that abandoned children will know the comfort of God.

November 17th


In a predominantly Muslim country where conversion meets with fierce resistance, native missionaries are bold to proclaim the Way to eternal life to friends, relatives and people they meet on the street. They are also able to hold open-air events because of their standing as native residents known to officials and their communities. With donations of $35 or $70 for these and other tools, native missionaries are making Jesus known to 11 different ethnic groups and planting new churches designed to multiply. Pray that knowing Christ will overcome opposition from Muslim friends and family.

November 18th


A native ministry is part of a wider effort to help refugees, and even as the predominantly Muslim refugees come to Christ, the secular volunteers helping to care for them are seeing the native missionaries’ love in action – and are also placing their trust in Christ for salvation. New churches are discipled with an emphasis on establishing daughter churches, including five congregations that grew out of invitations by the ministry director’s wife to help care and pray for other mothers’ children. Outreaches to children and people involved in the arts, such as gypsy flamenco dancers, have led to yet more churches. For these and other outreaches, the ministry seeks donations of any and all amounts. Pray for unity and leaders among rapidly growing churches.

November 19th


More than 4,500 elementary schoolchildren from minority ethnic groups who once had virtually no chance of hearing about Christ recently experienced the goodness of the Lord when native missionaries organized Christ-centered activities and games for them. They learned Christian values, and 26 of them accepted Christ. Native missionaries would like to organize more such activities, one of various tools of evangelism and discipleship for which they seek donations of any amount to help with the need. Pray that grateful parents would open their hearts to Christ.

November 20th


In open-air evangelistic events and visits to homes, native missionaries bring news of eternal life in Christ to tribal people who have never heard of Christianity. Four days of such “saturation evangelism” in a cluster of villages recently led to the planting of a church among three sub-tribes on a slope of Mt. Elgon. The ministry’s training of pastors and lay church leaders in evangelism and discipleship, biblical doctrine and cross-culture outreach aims to reach remaining unreached tribes in interior areas. Native missionaries undertaking such outreaches throughout the country seek donations to help meet these needs. Pray that the Word of God and strong leaders would wall out false doctrine.

November 21st


Native missionaries provided more than 30 widows and their children with basic necessities as well as spiritual help: counseling for the abuse they had suffered, correcting their distorted image of God, the message of salvation, and making them part of a community of unconditional love. For such efforts, Bibles and other means of evangelism and discipleship, native missionaries throughout the country seek donations of $50 or $100 to help meet these needs. Pray that broken souls will find completeness in Christ.

November 22nd

South Asia

Governments are increasingly turning a blind eye toward violence done to Christians as churches grow and become more visible. In India, local officials have broad powers and allow religious extremists to attack with impunity – with police officers bowing to pressure from the assailants and arresting the Christian victims under false charges of “forcible conversion.” Hindus, Muslims and tribal animists in other countries in the region also attack Christians. For aid to Christian breadwinners who have lost income due to economic boycotts and victims of violence with mounting medical bills, donations of any amounts are sought. Pray that areas where opponents seek to eradicate Christianity would become kingdom strongholds.

November 23rd


Native ministry leaders train tribal families to spread the gospel among people of their own ethnic group and language. Workers find that alcoholism decreases where the gospel has taken root, and the community benefits – their houses and clothes become clean, and relations improve as villagers sing Christian songs while they work their fields. Church planters seek donations of any amount to help with the training, transportation and other tools needed to continue evangelism and discipleship. Pray that new fellowships will grow in knowledge and love.

November 24th


In one year a ministry based in this 96-percent Muslim country issued 12,144 certificates to people who completed its Bible Correspondence Course – including many who were not Christians when they began but came to faith in Christ through them. Covering biblical books as well as theological topics, the 25 courses in Urdu and more than 50 in English introduce non-Christians to Christ, deepen the knowledge and faith of Christians and help prepare Bible teachers and pastors. With donations of $100 from 16 donors each, courses can be printed and offer a safe way for Muslims to learn who Christ is in a country of growing Islamic extremism. Pray that those who find Christ would find fellowship.

November 25th


Ministry leaders model how workers’ lives must reflect the Holy Spirit’s work so that those around them are drawn to God. From helping refugees obtain social security numbers, language lessons and schooling to offering food, clothing and counseling, native missionaries provide holistic help that paves the way for Bible studies and church plants. For these and other means of compassionate aid, they seek donations of $35 or $70. Pray for strength and joy amid serving long hours to those in despair.

November 26th

Southeast Asia

More people in communist Vietnam practice traditional folk religion (45 percent of the population) or no religion (30 percent) than the largest organized religion, Buddhism (16 percent). Native missionaries are working hard to bring eternal life to those who do not know Christ as they copy and distribute theological extension course materials and the Bible itself in Hmong and other languages. Training teachers and sending missionaries, the ministry has seen 40 new Christians emerge from four unreached people groups. For such training throughout the region, native missionaries seek donations of any amount. Pray that all obstacles to salvation would be demolished.

November 27th


Societal pressures make becoming a Christian extremely dangerous in this nearly 100-percent Muslim country, and those who do so show great faith, as do native missionaries in showing them the love of Christ. Workers help former Muslims disowned by their families to learn job skills to earn a living. The native missionaries also start their own microbusinesses, and they need donations in any amount for capital, Bibles and other means for making Christ known. Pray for God’s nurture and protection.

November 28th


As churches mushroom throughout the Himalayan country, the need for qualified leaders becomes urgent. Leaders of native ministries believe that evangelists and pastors must be solidly grounded in biblical faith in order to meet the challenges of ministry in an increasingly hostile context. The ministries provide trainings that solidify Christ’s kingdom. With donations of $50 or $100 for food and accommodation, travel, materials and other costs, the native ministries can train workers to return to their home villages to plant and strengthen churches. Pray that holy fellowships would emit a pleasing aroma both to God and to the surrounding communities.

November 29th

Sri Lanka

In both Buddhist and Hindu areas in the predominantly Buddhist country, native missionaries have relied on training, knowledge of their own people and the Holy Spirit to guide them in how to proclaim Christ. For training in gospel proclamation and leadership, Bibles in both Tamil and Sinhala languages and other tools for evangelism and discipleship, donations of any amount are sought. Pray that new Christians would find fellowship that equips and inspires them.

November 30st

Christian Aid

Some are the first Christians in their family, others are the children of generations of church-planters. In both cases, native missionaries have come to Christ within their own cultural context and know how to share Christ with their own people – in their own heart language and with inborn consideration of social preferences and biases. Dedicated to Christ and to their own people, they need only our assistance to be sent for service. Please consider a donation help Christian Aid Mission equip native missionaries, and pray that Christ’s command to make disciples of all nations would be fulfilled in our lifetime.