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March 1st | Worldwide

The Power Of One

From Iraq to the Philippines to Burkina Faso, Muslims are turning to Christ throughout the world thanks to the work of native missionaries. A family from Syria recently put their trust in Christ in a Turkish refugee camp after native missionaries provided food, water and blankets to them for months. One of the Turkish missionaries has Syrian ancestry and speaks fluent Arabic, and another speaks fluent Kurdish. The family who put their trust in Christ invited a relative to come to their tent to hear them speak about Jesus’ saving sacrifice. Upon arrival the team was surprised to find nearly 20 Muslims, including some children, eager to hear about eternal salvation. Weary of atrocities by Islamic State terrorists in the name of Islam, they listened carefully for three hours. Then they asked questions. “They are listening not only with their ears but also with their hearts.” “We answered their questions, and they invited us to come again, since they had even more questions,” one of the missionaries said. In the ensuing weeks, the team further explained to them the meaning of the life, death and resurrection of the Son of God. “They are listening not only with their ears but also with their hearts,” the missionary said. “Please pray for us that we can reach many more families at the camp, and that God will open hearts to hear what He has done for them.” Indigenous missionaries are providing aid and the gospel to Muslims throughout the world. Because of your support for their work, millions of Muslims were among the nearly 23 million people worldwide who heard the Good News of Jesus Christ for the first time. As native missionaries labor long hours in these countries, they express deep gratitude for your help in providing aid to people pining for lives free of fear and longing. Please consider a gift today to help them heal physically and spiritually, and pray that God’s Word would bear fruit throughout the world.


March 2nd

Native missionaries face persecution but are seeing God’s church grow as they engage in evangelism training, child and adult education, gospel films and more, all leading to new churches. Your gift of $60, $120, $180 encourages them to reach more for Christ. Pray the Lord would keep them safe and fruitful.


March 3rd

Through varied outreaches such as an eye clinic to help those with vision problems, native missionaries are finding open doors as the lost find eternal life in Christ. They seek assistance of $50, $100 or $200 for this and other evangelistic tools such as film screenings, open-air events and home visits. They request prayer for funding and good health for pastors and evangelists.


March 4th

An indigenous missionary led a woman who was living with her boyfriend to the Lord, and with persistent efforts to share the gospel with the young man, he also put his faith in Christ. The pair are now married and serving the church. This ministry has three faithful servants like this worker who need assistance for their living costs ($60/month each). Pray the light of Christ will drive out the darkness.


March 5th
Middle East

Refugee mothers plead with native missionaries to provide baby formula ($37 for a two-week supply) for weakened infants born in the cold of winter. Food sustains the lives of the weakest and creates curiosity about Christ among grateful families. Pray the Lord will meet them in their need.


March 6th

A native children’s ministry has strengthened many house churches by discipling children who have grown into mature Christians and presented a shining witness to their parents. Churches could double the number of children they serve with your gifts of $75, $125 or $200 for youth camps and youth ministry training and materials. Pray the Lord’s will be done, and His name honored, in China.


March 7th

Most of the kids at a native ministry’s children’s home come from Hindu families but grow in Christian faith as they read the Bible, pray individually and in groups and worship Christ. The shelter and many other projects provide compassionate aid and eternal hope to the poor, and native workers seek contributions of $30 to sustain them. Pray God’s name would be glorified among the children.


March 8th

Outside the restrictions and dangers of their countries of origin, Muslim refugees arriving in Greece, Spain and other countries of Europe are open to the gospel. Training, discipleship materials, Bibles and missionary support through your gifts of $25, $50 or $75 supply necessary tools for this historic task. Pray that hard barriers to Christ around the hearts of Muslims would melt away.


March 9th

A Bible correspondence course to disciple young pastors doubles as an evangelistic tool as curious Muslims take it and are transformed by the Word of God. Your gift of $25, $50 or $75 makes the gospel available to these seekers. Pray that those who put their faith in Christ will find sweet fellowship.


March 10th
Sierra Leone

A tribal occultist who came to Christ was paralyzed for three months after witchdoctors attacked him for deciding to follow Christ. Prayers of the brethren restored him, leading many others to see the power of God and listen to the gospel. Elsewhere the ministry has established 13 new cell groups and seeks gifts of $50, $100 and $200 to continue the work. Pray strong churches would grow out of the cells.


March 11th

Every year many of the students who graduate from a native ministry’s Bible Institute ($35 per student per month) share the gospel in their home states as part of the ministry team. The indigenous ministry seeks assistance for the institute and for other effective means of evangelism. Pray that God would use every aspect of the ministry to lead the lost to Christ.


March 12th

As the civil war dies down, native missionaries have the opportunity to share the gospel as never before with CDs containing gospel messages geared toward Muslims and, for former Muslims who have turned to Christ, teaching on foundations for faith and evangelism. Your gift of $24 will provide 12 CDs. Pray this open door will lead to strong church plants.


March 13th

Without pension or government aid, elderly native missionaries have spent their lives in ministry but in their later years are destitute. Assistance of just $10 a month enables them to buy basic food and medicine. Pray for health, healing and hope for these saints.


March 14th

Community engagement projects such as preschools and scholarship funding for schoolchildren help build gospel bridges. Both children and their extended families hear the gospel, resulting in the start of church plants. Your gifts of $50, $75 or $100 makes this possible. Pray that villagers in hard-to-reach areas will proclaim Jesus as Lord.


March 15th

When a native missionary preached the gospel in Amazonas Province, 55 people gave their lives to Christ. He also shares the gospel daily through the ministry’s radio station, and for the many people who respond and other outreaches, Bibles are needed. Your gift of $30 provides five Bibles. Pray the Word of God will convict and fortify many.


March 16th

Native missionaries have seen the power of God touch people from different tribes and backgrounds in different ways as they come to accept Christ as Savior. Many who once were lost in sin testify how they now live peaceful lives in Christ. Seeking assistance of $50, $100 or $200 for daily needs, transportation and other tools, they request prayer for more open doors for the gospel.


March 17th

Native missionaries may have to endure robbery or illness as they travel, but such troubles pale when they see people growing close to Christ. Workers who have developed 412 discipleship classes, up from 230 a year ago, need help with living allowances (10 donors providing $55 monthly for each missionary) and transportation costs. Pray that God will continue to bless their steps.


March 18th
Middle East

When rains leave floor coverings, mattresses and blankets cold and muddy, refugees are astounded that Christians are the ones to bring help and compassion. To bring these practical expressions of the love of Christ to refugees, native missionaries seek assistance of $30, $60 or $90. Pray for the love of Christ to draw refugees to Him.


March 19th

A native ministry meets people at their point of need in highly atheistic Albania by hosting marriage and family retreats, where couples hear the gospel daily and build relationships with Christians. Four donors providing $100 each are sought for twice-monthly, weekend retreats. Pray that whole families would receive the Lord as couples hear the gospel.


March 20th

In massive slums where crime and disease are rampant, an indigenous ministry rescues poor children from lives as illiterate rag-pickers by offering them informal education, nutrition and social training with a moral/spiritual bent. Workers seek help in reaching the $300 a month needed to serve 100 children. Pray the kids will cherish the Lord and His Word.


March 21st

Fearing their voodoo trinkets would lose the powers ascribed to them, tribal animists threw stones at native missionaries who recently went to their village to make Christ’s salvation known. The missionaries persisted, and later some assailants came to faith in Christ at an open-air event. Seeking donations of $50, $100 or $200, the missionaries request prayer to reach tribes in the north and south.


March 22nd

A participant in a native ministry’s evangelism and discipleship training has since planted a church. Ministry leaders are impressed with the dedication of students in the current session who have faced persecution from family, community and officials, including jail time. Your gift of $60, $120 or $180 will help toward the costs of these trainings. Pray that Christ’s name will be honored.


March 23rd
West Bengal

In the face of poverty, illiteracy and hopelessness, a native ministry is running children’s education centers and providing community health education, along with gospel literature, Bibles and home visitations. Your gift of $35, $70 or $105 strengthens these and other efforts by the ministry, such as its 70 house churches, where 600 former Muslims are nurtured. Pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and power.


March 24th

In spite of pressure from Muslim leaders, people are putting faith in Christ and have transformed into responsible, loving and productive citizens. Native missionaries who spend days prayer-walking through enemy territory before endeavoring to touch lives with the gospel seek assistance of $50, $100 or $200 in order to plant churches. They request prayer for access to villages and authority over spiritual obstacles.


March 25th

“Go to these Christians – they will help you. They love Muslims,” newly arrived refugees hear from fellow Muslims. They go to receive food ($65 per food package) and assistance but leave having heard the gospel and formed relationships with the native missionaries. Pray for each desperate arrival to know the Bread of Life.


March 26th
Sri Lanka

Indigenous missionaries work in difficult circumstances – such as riding motorbikes through crime-ridden areas – and with difficult challenges as they gently guide new Christians struggling to leave wayward tendencies behind. The missionaries seek assistance of $60 per person a month for ministry work. Pray for strength and faith amid opposition.


March 27th

Gospel-loaded MP3 players spread the Good News among the illiterate and among largely oral learners in refugee camps, military checkpoints and public schools. Your gift of $36 will provide six MP3 players. Pray that the message of eternal life in Christ will find receptive hearts.


March 28th
South Asia

Northern India holds the world’s largest number of unreached people groups, but lights for Christ are igniting there and across South Asia. Your gift of $35, $70 or $105 will help reach more for Christ throughout the region. Please pray for the more than 125 indigenous ministries assisted by Christian Aid Mission that are sharing the Good News and acting as God’s hands and feet.


March 29th

Native missionaries bring medicines and other kinds of compassionate aid to heavily Muslim, impoverished peoples in mountainous areas, creating bridges for the gospel. Your gift of $35, $70 or $105 makes this possible. Pray that eyes will be opened to Jesus as Lord.


March 30th

Though many hearts are hardened by alcoholism, malice, greed and envy, people are coming to Christ through the faithful efforts of native missionaries. Visiting homes and proclaiming Christ in public socializing places, they say they will plant more churches depending on funds at hand and seek gifts of $50, $100 or $200. They request prayer for protection, safety, health and wisdom.


March 31th
Christian Aid

Their dedication unwavering in spite of obstacles, opposition and poverty, indigenous missionaries proclaim eternal life in Christ. They need only the encouragement that comes with knowing the worldwide body of Christ supports them in prayer and funding. Please consider a gift to help Christian Aid Mission find, evaluate, and assist more native missionaries to complete the task of a witness for Christ in every nation.