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July 1st | Burma

The Power Of One

In a staunchly Buddhist country that is increasingly hostile to Christians, an indigenous missionary can see the gospel fall on many deaf ears. The spiritual darkness in Burma (Myanmar) can wear you down, but you would never know it from talking with Pastor George. Always upbeat, his faith is so practiced that, in the face of any setback, rejection or persecution, he will literally laugh at it – he knows it is only a light, momentary trouble on the way to eternal glory. But seeing people reject God’s love gnaws at him, as does the pathetic condition of the inmates his team visits in prisons. Inmates in Burma (Myanmar) are forced to do long hours of hard labor with little food, and their condition quickly deteriorates, he said. “We visited a prison and were able to preach the gospel to a group of about 50 and help the poor, pathetic prisoners in many and various ways,” he said. “We prepared a morning meal of rice and pork curry for them. We also distributed things they needed, such as brown sugar, fish paste and medicines.” After a joyful time of Bible discussion, Pastor George and his team said goodbye and promised to visit again if it were God’s will. When they begged him to return to teach more about the Bible and God’s love, their spiritual hunger touched him. “They said, ‘Please visit us once a month,’” he said. “On hearing this heart-rending plea, the tears gushed out of my eyes and flowed down my cheeks. We have heard the story of Jesus and His love frequently, but there are many prisoners who have never heard God’s plan of redemption.” The missionary recently baptized five prisoners who put their faith in Christ. The best food is the Word of God, he said, and native missionaries throughout the country are working faithfully to meet the same spiritual hunger. Please consider a gift today to send them to the harvest.


July 2nd

A new missionary station has opened in the northern village of Kryliv. About 30 people are attending worship services, besides youth meetings and Sunday school for children, in a run-down building in need of repair. Native missionaries seek 47 donors to give $100 for repairs. Pray that Christ will shine through them.


July 3rd

At an indigenous ministry’s school, traumatized refugee children receive help and the hope and healing of the gospel from eight special classroom aides. Seeing the transformation in their children, grateful parents also receive the good news of Christ from these aides ($220 each aid per month). Pray for more opportunities to share God’s love in the coming school year.


July 4th

Most of the 120 students at a Christian preschool and kindergarten are children of low-income, native missionaries who can get education in no other way. The native ministry running the school needs assistance to cover rent for their building (10 donors giving $95 per month covers one classroom). Pray that children can still grow in a godly way even as new religious regulations target unofficial pre-schools.


July 5th
South Asia

Due to infidelity, illness or poverty, children in South Asia are often left to the streets. Native missionaries rescue, restore and disciple them in the Lord, providing them shelter, food and education ($66 a month per child). Pray God would give each a new name and a new song in their hearts.


July 6th

The Kagoro and Wolof tribes in western Mali are unreached peoples, and native missionaries plan to visit their towns and villages to distribute Bibles, visit prisoners, screen the Jesus film and help stateless women and children obtain their birth certificates. They appreciate any amount of assistance to send gospel workers to these areas. Pray they will be sent and anointed.


July 7th

A young father arrives with his arm wounded by an Islamic State knife; a young mother shows up with a sick child and no money for medical care. Native missionaries provide medical aid to such refugees ($50 to $70 per person), tangibly sharing the love of Christ and seeing many come to saving faith. Pray for strengthened churches.


July 8th
Jammu and Kashmir

Native missionaries have seen Christ transform lives among different people groups; illiteracy has decreased, and idol worship and witchcraft have stopped. The ministry provides training for new believers, evangelists and youth with programs requiring 10 donors to provide from $100 to $250 each. Pray for new Christians to grow in faith and knowledge of the Lord.


July 9th
Middle East

Muslim refugee families grateful for clothing and shoes that native missionaries provide are more open to talking about Jesus. The gospel workers seek 12 donors to give $100 per month for this compassionate aid. Pray families will know the Source of the kindness.


July 10th

A gospel worker with Prince of Peace Mission Honduras recently saw 35 people put their faith in Christ, including one addicted to drugs and alcohol. After discipleship with the worker, he is free of substance abuse and shares his testimony with others. Eleven such missionaries need $100 per month for their mission work. Pray their faithfulness would lead many to Christ.


July 11th

In a country whose population is 98-percent Muslim, hostility toward Christianity calls native missionaries to create a climate where youths can find friends and mentors in Christ. Christian camps fill that need, creating conditions where gospel seeds can be sown. Workers seek 55 donors to give $100 each for the camp. Pray that young people will find life-changing relationships.


July 12th

A native ministry in Liberia brought great joy to a congregation in the Ivory Coast when native missionaries provided the church a roof with assistance from Christian Aid Mission donors. The church now needs four donors giving $100 to add 10 acres to its farm, which helps evangelists and others to be self-sustaining. Pray they will glorify God in all they do.


July 13th

Pastors whose churches are unable to meet the draconian requirements of official registration are imprisoned under various pretexts, but native missionaries visit them with aid items and food to supplement meager prison allotments ($110 for one month of food and transportation). Pray Jesus will be near the pastors and their families.


July 14th
North Korea

With utmost caution, native missionaries bring gospel hope to those who have lived in one of the world’s most repressive countries. Working near the border in China, they need support (10 donors giving $100 per month) to carry out their dangerous work. Pray for God’s protection and provision.


July 15th

Thanks to Christian Aid Mission donors, native missionaries planted Righteous Blessing Church three years ago. But now a government project requires them to move out of their building. The state is not compensating them, so 50 donors are sought to provide $100 each for a new building. Please remember their need before the Father.


July 16th

House churches are mushrooming as an indigenous ministry disciples new Christians to establish more congregations. Native missionaries plan to plant 150 churches in 150 villages by the end of the year and seek 22 donors to give $100 each for transportation and food costs. Pray Christ’s light and warmth would penetrate the cold, secular darkness.


July 17th

Praising God, people suffering from leprosy – husbands, wives and children – clap hands without fingers while standing on feet without toes. Their enthusiasm brings tears to visiting pastors who come to preach at their services, who seek 10 donors to provide $100 each to build a room and toilet for those traveling long distances to minister. Pray for God’s comfort and healing for those suffering from leprosy.


July 18th

A young woman involved in idol worship, witchcraft, drinking and drugs put her faith in Christ under the teaching of a native missionary. Her transformed life resulted in several others coming to Christ, including a Muslim doctor who brought others to Jesus. The native missionary and other workers welcome assistance in any amount. Pray God will shield and inspire them.


July 19th
Sri Lanka

A native ministry has planted two churches with 450 Christians in one area among the largely unreached Sinhalese, who make up 75 percent of the country’s majority Buddhist population. Native missionaries are working to establish three more churches in other areas and need $60 per month for each worker. Pray the Holy Spirit would break through stiff barriers.


July 20th

Extremely poor Quechua farmers in the northern Andes of Bolivia are involved in witchcraft, but workers with Quechua Evangelistic Outreach are seeing the Lord save lives and souls. As more new Christians and children attend Sunday school, 10 congregations need Bibles and class materials ($150 per church). Pray that God will bring His work in them to completion.


July 21st

As China tightens controls on religious institutions, native missionaries are pressing ahead. God opened a new door for them to share Christ with unreached Yi people even as the darkness – the government’s crackdown – tried in vain to rule. Pray for God to lead and protect as they win souls for Christ.


July 22nd

Native missionaries bring many people to Christ, including those in tribes who had never heard of Jesus, through open-air meetings, seminars and outreaches to the poor, widows and orphans. Living by faith, they welcome gifts of any amount. Pray God will multiply their efforts.


July 23rd
Andhra Pradesh

For more than 50 years, graduates of an indigenous Bible college have proclaimed Christ’s salvation and established churches, saving lives and souls. In the current anti-Christian climate, the native Bible college is facing financial difficulties and seeks 35 donors to provide $100 per month. Pray that gospel workers will continue to be sent to those who do not know Christ.


July 24th

About 120 young people from Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Russia, among other countries, will come through four mountain passes to 86-percent Muslim Kyrgyzstan in August for a missions conference empowering them for kingdom service. Indigenous missionaries seek 44 donors to give $108 each to cover conference costs. Pray that God-ordained connections will inspire faith and zeal.


July 25th
South Asia

Missionaries lay down their lives to share the love of Christ with unreached, tribal peoples on remote islands. These indigenes do not have a word for “God.” The gospel workers’ boat engine recently broke, and they seek eight donors giving $100 each for a new one. Pray they would get back to the secluded islands to share Christ in word and deed.


July 26th

Native missionaries built relationships for gospel proclamation in 100 villages in 2017 by drilling wells. The indigenous ministry leader drilled a well at his home that leads to many gospel discussions when villagers visit to draw water. For one well, 10 donors giving $33 are sought. Pray for more souls to drink the water that quenches thirst forever.


July 27th

Impoverished ethnic Fulanis in one community rarely got three meals a day, but now they are receiving food and clothing from native missionaries – and their first knowledge of the gospel. The workers welcome gifts in any amount. Pray they have the means to reach villages where Christ is not known.


July 28th

In cancer hospitals where native missionaries have found patients open to the gospel, MP3 players with gospel-loaded memory sticks ($11 each) help new Christians and seekers grow closer to Christ. Planning to expand to three new languages, the ministry needs 200 MP3 players monthly. Pray the message of God’s love would spread.


July 29th

Tibetan children in Nepal face poverty and violence, but Christian schooling gives them self-confidence and the truth of salvation. One hundred children need school supplies for the upcoming year ($20 per child). Pray the Lord will protect and save these children.


July 30th
South Asia

Church leadership and evangelism training is sorely needed to avoid doctrinal error, especially for those from Muslim backgrounds. For training materials, instructors, food and transportation, 12 donors giving $100 each are sought. Pray for discipleship to take deep root.


July 31th
Christian Aid

In his early days abroad, Dr. Bob Finley saw how capable, committed and Christ-like native missionaries were, and he grieved that the most effective workers for the advance of the gospel were dismissed if not disparaged. Now native missionaries are recognized as doing the most to bring Christ to unreached peoples. Help Christian Aid Mission to find and assist them, and pray they will be encouraged and God-inspired.