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December 1st | Europe

By the time a Syrian refugee family arrives in one of the countries of Europe, often they are as traumatized by the journey as by the atrocities they fled.  War widows who have spent months trying to keep their children fed while trekking from one country to another – their meager savings quickly dwindling – face humiliating rejection from border officials and people on the street. A native ministry in one European country retains a psychologist and experts in counselling to help the predominantly Muslim refugees cope.  “Emotional assistance is very important because of traumas that most of these people have had, but also we visit them in their houses, we help their marriages, their relationships with their children and also give spiritual assistance,” the ministry director said. “We always talk about Jesus, who is the main healer.”  Workers first address the pressing physical needs for food, water and clothing, as well as medical help.  “Many refugees come to us with big physical problems, so we provide medical assistance – the children have different kinds of handicaps, so we also provide rehabilitation and devices to help in their handicaps,” he said.  Disillusioned by the Islamist terrorism they experienced in Syria, many refugees are open to the gospel and have formed churches. The 450,000 Syrian Muslims throughout Europe make up an otherwise unreached people group that you can help reach. Your gift of any amount will help. Pray that refugees will glorify Christ’s name in Europe.

December 2nd


In this land-locked country in north-central Africa, native missionaries are proclaiming Christ through their work in nursing, primary school activities, the Jesus film and other means. One worker was able to reach 23 families among the Muslim Bilala and Arab peoples, with two Bilalas and three Arabs putting their faith in Christ. Another worker saw 16 ethnic Fulfuldes accept Christ. Native missionaries are building relationships like these that are yielding kingdom fruit, for which they seek donations in any amount to help reach their communities for Christ. Pray that those coming to Christ would help transform their communities.

December 3rd

South Asia

Through open-air meetings and house-to-house visits in remote villages, native missionaries in the village of Amuka saw 46 souls won to Christ, and they planted a church where 20 adults worship, along with 25 children attending Sunday School. Among those saved, 12 were delivered from occult practices. Workers are bringing freedom in Christ in the same way to people in bondage throughout the country, with many healed and delivered from powers of darkness. Workers seek donations of any amount to make these outreaches possible. Pray that godly leaders would cultivate their congregations with solidly biblical foundations.

December 4th


Despite officials shutting down nearby house churches, native missionaries have a burden for lost souls and are continuing to proclaim Christ’s salvation. Among other outreaches, they provide tutoring to schoolchildren and establish relationships that lead to opportunities to answer questions about Christ from both students and their families. Three students recently put their faith in Christ as Savior. The missionaries are encouraged and equipped with support from gifts of any amount to help meet the total need of $26,400 for the year. Pray that congregations new and old will be kept safe and shine holy light.

December 5th

Middle East

Refugees who have fled violence in Iraq and Syria would like to return home but have no homes to return to; their properties have been taken over, and only dangers from terrorists or political conflicts await them. The mainly Muslim refugees rely on the aid that native missionaries provide to sustain their families. A refugee in Lebanon acknowledged that he once was interested only in food packages but felt a divine presence with each distribution, and now he follows Christ. Workers seek donations of $34, which will help a refugee family with compassionate aid for a week. Pray for healing in malnourished bodies and traumatized souls.

December 6th


A tribal witchdoctor earned money practicing sorcery until a native missionary taught the Bible at this village, pointing out that God can work miracles at no cost. A spell the sorcerer tried to inflict on the missionary failed, and he asked the worker to tell him about this powerful God. Today the former witchdoctor helps teach the Bible in several villages, winning souls for Christ with his testimony. Such missionaries seek donations of $35 or $70 for trainings, retreats and other tools for evangelism and discipleship. Pray the light of Christ would overcome vast darkness.

December 7th


In the largest Muslim country in the world by population, curiosity about Christianity and openness to the gospel increases during the Christmas season, and native missionaries ramp up evangelistic campaigns. Often traveling to villages hostile to the message of salvation, they forge relationships that dissolve differences and create space for the gospel to be heard. They need donations of any amount for transportation, Bibles, materials and other tools of evangelism and discipleship. Pray that churches forming out of these outreaches will provide holy fellowship.

December 8th


Native missionaries go to a prison twice a week to proclaim eternal life in Christ to inmates and provide them counseling and aid. More than 100 prisoners now worship Christ, with 35 of them studying the ministry’s discipleship materials. That is just one of many outreaches by workers from various native ministries in the Muslim-majority country; with Christian Aid Mission donor help, native missionaries have planted churches in every major city in the country and in many towns and villages. They seek donations of $35 or $70 for such evangelism and discipleship efforts. Pray for workers to find people with ears to hear and hearts yearning for God.

December 9th


An 18-year-old woman who escaped the war zone arrived in Kiev with final-stage cancer. A native ministry helped transfer her from an unhygienic hospital to a safe one and helped her obtain medicines, and then prayer and better treatment miraculously healed her. Workers also run a thrift shop to raise money for people in need and feed the hungry in Christ’s name. They seek donations of any amount for these and other compassion projects. Pray that healed souls will bring personal salvation and community transformation.

December 10th


Muslim, communist or animist, residents of remote villages are more open to the story of Jesus during the Christmas season, and native missionaries hold Christmas parties where many villagers hear the gospel for the first time. Workers spend much of the year preparing for this evangelistic high point but need to cover the costs of food, music, gospel films and Bible distribution. For these and other means of evangelism and discipleship, they seek donations of $35 or $70. Pray that churches growing out of these efforts will be built on solid foundations.

December 11th


With poverty prevalent and many people fleeing Islamic extremist violence, a native ministry has medical workers serving in several fields who are engaging communities in Christ’s name. Working among 34 people groups, native missionaries are providing community assistance such as water, sanitation and medical/health services. More than 140,000 people have benefitted from the ministry’s water and sanitation project, including a medical and health component. For that and other community engagement projects, the ministry seeks donations of any amount. Pray for workers’ safety as they strive to save lives.

December 12th

Middle East

Christmas is celebrated even in Muslim-majority Iraq, and during the Yuletide season native missionaries see more people open to the gospel message – and reading the Bible. Native missionaries in Iraq undertake a massive distribution of Bibles at gospel events, in public schools and in personal evangelism on the street during the Christmas season. Workers throughout the region find people are more curious and open to the story of Jesus’ life during the Christmas season, which goes through the first week of January, and for Bible distribution they seek donations of $32 to provide four copies or $64 for eight. Pray the Word of God would penetrate hard hearts.

December 13th

South Asia

In impoverished countries where women are oppressed in large measure because they have few options for making a living, native missionaries offer training in sewing clothes and other items. Over a six-month period, 45 women learned the skill and the gospel and tell amazing testimonies of how the Lord worked among them during the training. For these and other community engagement projects throughout South Asia, donations of $50 or $100 are sought. Pray that Christ will be bring peace and well-being to the poor.

December 14th


A 37-year-old mother suffered abuse from her husband that her three children witnessed, and two of the traumatized children – her 15-year-old daughter and 11-year-old son – tried to commit suicide. Taking her children out of this toxic environment, she ended up at a native ministry where they learned of God’s love for them, self-acceptance, salvation and how to trust the Lord even in painful times. Helping such women, children and others in this way and through medical, health and financial means, the ministry seeks donations of $35 or $70 to meet the needs. Pray that victims of abuse would enjoy daily companionship with God.

December 15th


A native ministry organizes gatherings in areas of a largely unreached Muslim tribe where native missionaries from the same background sing the tribe’s traditional songs before delivering the message of Christ and Christian literature. Workers return to these areas to follow-up with those who accepted Christ, baptize them, form them into fellowships and provide long-term discipleship. For such evangelism and discipleship tools throughout the country, workers seek donations of any amount to meet the total need of $7,700. Pray for purity and vigor in new churches.

December 16th


When a native ministry’s church closed over the mere accusation of conversion, new fellowships emerged in three nearby villages, and six months later the shuttered church re-opened. In another area, a pastor, his daughter and two others were arrested, but they proclaimed Christ to officers and the gospel spread throughout the police station. The next week, 10 new people joined their worship service. Ministry workers seek donations of any amount to help meet the total need of $9,900 for proclaiming Christ and strengthening disciples amid such opposition. Pray the Lord would draw near to those risking their lives to proclaim His salvation.

December 17th


A children’s feeding center not only helps the local community but nurtures the seed of faith. High school graduates who grew up benefitting from the feeding center are now sharing their faith with co-workers at their factory jobs in other villages. Many of their parents have also received Christ. Native missionaries seek donations in any amount to help cover the total need of $5,471 to feed children in ways that will bear fruit for years in unseen ways. Pray that Christ’s kingdom will be reflected in children nurtured at the feeding center.

December 18th

North Africa

Providing school supplies to impoverished children has built enough good will in a community that native missionaries have begun broader ministry there. Bridges for explaining the sacrificial love of Christ are also built through projects to teach young people, widows and others the skills needed for livestock, tie-dye and similar micro-enterprises. These and other community engagement projects are made possible by donations of $50 or $100. Pray for God’s protection for workers and those they’re serving.

December 19th


A young woman who had recently accepted Christ rarely prayed or read the Bible until a native missionary called her, wrote encouraging notes to her and invited her to join a Bible study. Soon, “by His grace and the prayers of this sister,” the new Christian said she learned the importance of meditating on God’s Word and applying biblical truth to her everyday life. Workers lead about 500 such Bible studies, up from 75 in 2016, and they seek donations of $32 or $64 for such evangelism and discipleship tools. Pray that God works in increasing measure in the lives of new Christians.

December 20th

Former Soviet Union

Native missionaries in predominantly Muslim Central Asia rely on personal connections to share the message of Christ’s salvation at weddings and other social events, along with visiting nursing homes, hospitals and orphanages. Distributing Bibles as they go, they work quietly and effectively; more than 200 people were recently baptized. Throughout Central Asia and former Soviet republics, workers starting home fellowships with one or two families seek donations of $35 or $70 for such evangelism and discipleship. Pray that workers, new Christians and ministry leaders – all an oppressed minority to one degree or another – will safely make Christ known.

December 21st


Native missionaries undertaking work in areas highly resistant to the gospel receive training and tools to access communities and share the Good News, and they are finding the Lord is opening hearts of individuals, families and communities who are accepting Christ. As more people receive Christ and participate in a native ministry’s discipleship training, leaders emerge who benefit from a 10-month leadership training course. For these and other trainings in evangelism and discipleship, donations in any amount are sought and appreciated. Pray churches will transform communities as the faith of many deepens.

December 22nd


Rarely are congregations in this poor country large enough to support evangelists and pastors, and a native ministry serves both communities and Christ’s kingdom through a youth entrepreneurship training program. Students receive Bible education along with vocational training to become trade workers such as electricians, with the aim of producing bi-vocational ministers who can support themselves as they proclaim Christ. For this and other community engagement projects, donations of $35 or $70 are sought. Pray that communities will heal as souls flourish.

December 23rd


Native missionaries take great joy in being able to share Christ with people in this West African country, where 95 percent of the population is Muslim. Besides helping to feed, clothe and care for the poor, native missionaries are reaching thousands of men, women and children with the gospel of salvation and are seeing many enter the kingdom of God. In order to make more disciples and see them to maturity in Christ, donations of $35 or $70 are sought. Pray that God’s kingdom will take root in areas that might otherwise fall to Islamic extremists.

December 24th


A man paralyzed for two years was healed after native missionaries prayed for him, and he and his wife put their faith in Christ as sole Lord and Savior. They are just two of the 500 people who received Christ after evangelists shared about Him with 1,750 people over a six-month period; five new churches formed. For such outreaches and programs like the three-day discipleship trainings that follow, donations of any amount are sought. Pray for those facing loss of government benefits for trusting in Christ.

December 25th


Native missionaries are seeing the fruits of their labor as Christians from five people groups presented vibrant worship songs in their native languages at a recent church service. The church also recently baptized 13 people from the five tribes, most of them converts from other religions. In subsequent discipleship classes, husbands, wives and children learn together. For such evangelism and discipleship, the ministry seeks donations of any amount to keep evangelizing efforts strong. Pray the Lord would protect and expand strong churches.

December 26th


In impoverished neighborhoods plagued by drug use and crime, the centers where native missionaries carry out core ministries serve as community hubs of relationship and recovery. A native ministry in Albania, for example, holds gospel events, hosts couples retreats and disciples youths in a rented building that local people have long regarded as the social heart of the community. Such outreach and worship places serve as beacons of light, and native workers throughout the region pray that they will not go dark with donations of $35 or $70. Pray that relationships will form in these places and reveal the love of Christ.

December 27th


Wildly popular children’s clubs for both Lebanese and refugee kids help heal hearts, overcome adversity and bring salvation, but not all children who want to attend are able due to lack of trained leaders. Weekly Bible clubs serve about 600 refugee children per month, with activities including gospel messages that eventually reach their parents. For training more leaders and other means for reaching children, native workers seek gifts of any amount to help reach the total need of $13,200. Pray for God to sustain and grow the children’s ministries, and that new faith would grow deep roots.

December 28th


In Vietnam, where nearly one-third of the people are atheists and almost one-half practice folk religions, native missionaries are zealous to expand God’s kingdom. They discover deep hunger for God especially in cancer hospitals, where they have seen many patients and their families come to Christ by providing them MP3 players with gospel-loaded memory sticks. By this and other means of evangelism and discipleship, native missionaries throughout the country seek 43 donors to give $100 to reach the need of $4,367. Pray for sweet, holy fellowships to sprout and take root throughout the country.

December 29th


A student taking a native ministry’s Bible correspondence course learned from a study on the Law and Psalms that God loves humankind above all other creation because we are made in His image. Another student saw how Christ is the One about whom all the prophets spoke.  Another student who was not a Christian said, “I have come to know that Jesus Christ is the one through whom we can get eternal life and also access to our Lord God.” The courses will reach even more people in this Muslim-majority country with donations of $50 or $100. Pray that God’s Word would grow and strengthen churches.

December 30th

Middle East

When an infant girl from Syria suffered severe burns in a cooking accident in her refugee tent in Turkey, a native missionary made hospital treatment available for her. The girl recovered the ability to use her hands and feet after surgery and months of painful recovery, during which the native missionary helped her Muslim family in numerous ways. Seven years later, her family and other relatives have put their faith in Christ. For such aid in Christ’s name for refugees throughout the region, workers seek donations of $34 that help a refugee family for a week. Pray that those fleeing the effects of war would experience the love of Christ.

December 31st

Christian Aid

Missiologists believe completing the Great Commission of a witness for Christ in every nation is possible within this generation, but that it will not happen without the native missionaries who are doing the most to proclaim the gospel to unreached peoples. Yet most missions giving misses native missionaries. Please consider a donation to help find, evaluate and equip native missionaries, and pray that they will be encouraged and strengthened as they face difficult conditions and challenges.