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June 1st


Native missionaries planting churches among several tribal peoples in three states have followed up with discipleship camps that have enriched new believers in the knowledge of God and the Scriptures. More than 300 new Christians benefited from these camps. Training church leaders and evangelists to reach their own people, the ministry saw 735 people baptized over a six-month span. Workers need donations for the training, materials and other tools for such evangelism and discipleship efforts. Pray the Holy Spirit will guide local missionaries through obstacles and dangers.

June 2nd


A Muslim mother of two with a degree in agricultural engineering fled to Jordan with her mother and siblings when Islamic State militants took over swathes of northern Iraq, leaving behind a good-paying job as her property was damaged in war. Native missionaries befriended her, and she asked many questions about Christ’s sacrifice. Learning the Bible as well as an income-generating trade from the workers, she put her faith in Christ and became an avid participant in church. Native missionaries seek donations for the means to equip and support such workers. Pray that those coming to Christ will be deeply rooted in Scripture and fellowship.

June 3rd


A native ministry that has planted 12 churches with more than 500 members recently saw 20 more people put their faith in Christ. Two workers were also sent to the hometown of students attending the native ministry’s mother church, and they founded a new fellowship that has seen more young people put their faith in Christ. Evangelists and church-planters seek donations for training, materials and other tools necessary for such evangelism and discipleship efforts. Pray the Lord would lead local missionaries to receptive hearts by any means possible amid coronavirus concerns.

June 4th


In one of the poorest states in the country, boys and girls are flocking to a skills development project that native missionaries offer. Most of the 74 youths undergoing training are girls who are learning job skills in areas such as computers and tailoring that will enable them to rise out of poverty and escape being trafficked. More than 100 unemployed youths found various public sector jobs after the training. Local missionaries seek donations for this and other community engagement projects throughout the country. Pray for the Lord to reveal Himself to those benefitting from His kindness.

June 5th


Local missionaries travel long distances to reach people who otherwise have virtually no chance of hearing about Christ. Workers proclaim Christ in their homes, in park outreaches and at open-air meetings and follow up with house visits. They also meet physical needs, providing food to the poorest children. An entire family in one rural area recently accepted Christ, including a 14-year-old girl whose cancer disappeared after the evangelists prayed for her. For such holistic outreaches and follow-up, workers seek donations. Pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and protection of workers.

June 6th


In areas rife with rebel dangers where many youths are tempted to join extremist militants, a tribal boy in a mountain village was invited to a native ministry’s sports camp. Learning about Christ moved him to begin attending church and later seminary, and now he is a student pastor at another church. Native missionaries engaged in sports outreach, radio and Facebook ministry and other evangelism/discipleship projects seek donations to sustain these outreaches. Pray that native missionaries will be encouraged in the face of poverty and opposition.

June 7th


Some 500 people received care at a native ministry’s medical clinics, with many of them receiving prayer and miraculous healing as well. Workers extend the love of Christ to communities through medical clinics, courses that help culturally oppressed women realize their worth in God’s eyes, and micro-enterprise funding, among other outreaches. They also provide shoes and supplies to schoolchildren and brighten kids’ lives at cancer hospitals with singing and encouraging stories. Donations of $25 or $50 are sought for these and other community outreaches. Pray the poor and oppressed will be uplifted in body, soul and spirit.

June 8th


Predominantly Muslim villagers in several impoverished areas were relieved to have clean drinking water when local missionaries recently installed a total of 30 tube-wells. Workers also helped to meet the financial needs of widows, who along with those who received clean water asked workers why they were caring for them. The answer was the love of Christ. Workers seek donations for these and other community engagement projects such as education and medical outreaches, which also open the way to discussions about the love of God. Pray that impoverished villagers would find the Bread that brings eternal life.

June 9th


Syrian refugees who manage to find work make about $200 a month in a country where they pay at least $150 just in rent. In one area there are many widows and orphans, and disease is rampant. With Christian Aid Mission donor help, native missionaries are able to help widows with rent payments and provide them and others with food, medicines, fuel for cooking and heating and clothing. Workers seek donations of $35 or $70 for such compassionate aid. As a great awakening to Christ is happening among refugees, pray that those who have spent years in despair will find hope in Him.

June 10th


Drugs are breaking up families and destroying lives, and native missionaries are providing rehabilitation for addicts by showing the unconditional love of Christ and teaching that He can heal those who put their faith in Him. Likewise, workers are counseling couples and families on how to heal their lives with God’s help. They also reach out to prisoners and ex-convicts, prostitutes and narcotraffickers and have opened a safe house for trafficked women. Such projects are restoring lives thanks to donations of $35 or $70. Pray for the Holy Spirit to break demonic strongholds and regenerate lost souls.

June 11th

South Asia

Orphaned street children are finding a way out of poverty and crime through the help of an orphanage where native missionaries provide shelter, food and clothing. It also provides a school that gives the children the hope of a better life. Mostly from Muslim families, the children are learning how to trust in God and His design for the salvation of humanity; workers see a positive change in their demeanor within a few months of arrival. Local missionaries seek donations for this service and other community engagement projects. Pray that young lives will be transformed and bring honor, praise and glory to Christ.

June 12th


A resident of a native ministry’s drug rehabilitation center described himself as ignorant and far too dependent on his own efforts before he received help from Christian workers. The consistent love, kindness and concern for his welfare he received at the center transformed his life, and since becoming a Christian, he says he has had the joy of helping other addicts. The center seeks donations to cover the total $5,500 needed to pay for rebuilding its facility. Pray the Holy Spirit would work mightily in people stricken and bound in addiction.

June 13th


At an evangelistic event featuring worship in song, people began to dance, and native missionaries sensed the Holy Spirit was about to act in a remarkable way. They were in an area known for devotion to demonic activity. The ministry leader rose to speak, and after his message, 89 people came forward to put their faith in Christ. To follow up with those coming to Christ and for other evangelism and discipleship efforts, workers need donations of $50 or $100. Pray the Holy Spirit would conform new believers into the image of Christ in all stages of their lives.

June 14th


Native missionaries recently planted nine churches by training workers to invite villagers to small group meetings and talk with them about eternal life in Christ. By this method they were able to reach seven ethnic groups in the northern part of the country. At the same time, the native ministry’s Bible college is training workers to plant five churches by mentoring them while they do two years of field work. The ministry seeks donations to meet the total need of $11,000 for missionary support for such workers. Pray that fledgling Christians will grow strong in order to grow strong churches.

June 15th


At 90 years old, a Holocaust survivor from Ukraine has been walking to a native ministry’s weekly church services since attending a ministry event two years ago. He is growing closer to Christ, one of 800 Holocaust survivors who have regular contact with native missionaries. Gladly receiving New Testaments and catered meals at ministry events, the Jewish guests become more open to the gospel. Workers ministering to them and seeing church members increasingly eager to share the message of Christ’s salvation seek donations for such evangelism and discipleship efforts. Pray for the Holy Spirit to break down years of anti-Christian bias.

June 16th

Sri Lanka

A native missionary went to a home where an entire family was sick and suffering under demonic powers. All family members were delivered from illness after the worker prayed for them and began following Christ. New people are showing up at house church meetings every Sunday as native missionaries offer healing prayer and spread the word of Christ’s salvation. Workers seek donations to carry out such evangelism and discipleship outreaches. Pray that workers would be encouraged by God’s work among them.

June 17th

Southeast Asia

Already poor people in a 97-percent Buddhist Southeast Asian country are struggling during a time of deep economic difficulty, and native missionaries are helping to meet huge needs by offering free dental and vision clinics. In one month they provided seven such clinics in seven locations, treating 805 people and passing out gospel tracts; among those treated, 262 put their faith in Christ. For these and other community engagement projects throughout the region, workers seek donations to continue these efforts. Pray that the spread of God’s kingdom would bring light and warmth to people in great darkness.

June 18th


About 150 people, including children, showed up for teaching by local missionaries based in areas around an impoverished village, and 20 of them put their faith in Christ. Members of fellowships from the surrounding villages helped pray for the sick, and the event not only brought healing but greatly edified churches. That was just one outreach of a ministry that recently saw 40 others receive eternal life in Christ. To disciple them and others and proclaim Christ further, workers seek donations of $25 or $50. Pray for God to encourage and strengthen workers facing concerns and difficulties.

June 19th


The average child in this formerly communist, Soviet satellite country grows up around people who have no knowledge of the Lord. Atheism maintains a stronghold, and 57 percent of the population is Muslim. With less than 1 percent of the population evangelical Christian, native missionaries are reaching youth through summer camps, Bible studies and other children’s outreaches. They seek donations of $30 or $60 for these and other means of evangelization and discipleship. Pray God will lead children past the thorns of secularism to Christ.

June 20th


Working among the poor and downtrodden, including orphans, native missionaries are overjoyed to see lives transformed as they share Christ with people who might otherwise never hear of Him. A young woman living on the street who drank and had no hope for her life made a complete turnaround after trusting in Christ; she now has a diploma in nursing. A team of evangelists visiting a farm recently saw 60 laborers put their faith in Christ. Donations are sought for such evangelism and discipleship efforts. Pray that God would lead workers to others who have hearts receptive to the gospel.

June 21st


With the mission of teaching biblical truth, a native ministry is providing curriculum and Bible studies in several provinces in the country, especially those under tight control. Its 612 Bible study programs are in high demand to meet the increasing need for training small group and church leaders. This year most classes have been conducted online to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. The ministry seeks donations for these and other such evangelism and discipleship efforts. Pray that Christians will find ways to fellowship in spite of the new coronavirus and social opposition.

June 22nd


Speaking the message of eternal life in Christ and following up with those who have heard, native missionaries recently saw 585 predominantly Muslim people put their faith in God’s Son for their salvation. Continued follow-up in Bible studies, teaching and worship helps them to become God-centered disciples. Workers have also planted two new churches and begun an outreach to pre-teens. For these and other evangelism and discipleship efforts, they seek donations of $50 or $100. Pray that new believers would find new community in God’s family.

June 23rd


Local missionaries reached about 600 people with the gospel in this 90-percent Muslim country, resulting in 39 people receiving Christ as Savior over a six-month span. The ministry has begun a Bible school where 14 students are being trained to plant churches. Among its discipleship programs, the ministry has organized women’s meetings in various churches, providing them biblical grounding in order to protect their families from non-Christian influences. For such evangelism and discipleship efforts throughout the country, donations of $50 or $100 are sought.

June 24th


Nearly 100 primary and secondary schoolchildren are receiving financial aid to attend school thanks to help from local missionaries. Workers are also providing afterschool tutoring, as the children’s parents often have little or no education and can offer little help. And the ministry is helping to construct a school for children with disabilities who otherwise would have no opportunity for education. For these and other community outreach projects, donations of $25 or $50 are sought. Pray that the poor and needy would fulfill their God-given potential, help build stronger communities and glorify God.

June 25th


Native missionaries planting churches among several tribal peoples in three states have followed up with discipleship camps that have enriched new believers in the knowledge of God and the Scriptures. More than 300 new Christians benefited from these camps. Training church leaders and evangelists to reach their own people, the ministry saw 735 people baptized over a six-month span. Workers need donations for the training, materials and other tools for such evangelism and discipleship efforts. Pray the Holy Spirit will guide local missionaries through obstacles and dangers.

June 26th


Refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and elsewhere arrive in desperate need of the clothing, food, and legal and spiritual counseling that local missionaries provide. Workers have seen a huge increase in the number of people they help to obtain insurance numbers, social security numbers and transportation cards, as well as access to public hospitals, interpreters and housing – all in the name of Christ. The gospel opportunities growing out of meeting these needs are countless. Native missionaries seek donations for such compassionate aid. Pray that new believers will connect, worship and serve in the worldwide body of Christ.

June 27th

North Africa

In discreet evangelist outreaches in different areas, 1,000 predominantly Muslim people heard the gospel message. Because of cultural fears and taboos, it is difficult to know how many of them had seeds of faith planted in their souls. Elsewhere, at several medical outreaches, 50 patients bravely put their faith in Christ. Native missionaries also made hundreds of visits to Syrian and other refugees, telling the gospel through a program of Bible stories. They seek donations for such outreaches, training and other tools for evangelism and discipleship. Pray that Muslims coming to Christ will find fellowship that edifies them and provides the social connections they forfeit in leaving Islam.

June 28th


An emotionally troubled young man came to a native ministry leader for help, and the leader prayed for him. Within six months he had not only become a Christian but was leading a house church, where his drug-addicted brother along with his girlfriend and 18 others put their faith in Christ and found freedom from destructive habits. Native missionaries are being trained to start such self-replicating churches throughout the country and beyond with your generous donations. Pray that wayward souls will find rest and regeneration in Christ’s atoning sacrifice.

June 29th


Amid growing hostilities or indifference toward Christ from people who worship millions of so-called gods, native missionaries are bringing the message of eternal life in home visits and special meetings. Many young people recently received Christ as their personal Savior at one gospel meeting, and people of all ages did so during Lenten season services. In several meetings people were delivered from illness and witchcraft, and workers in another area planted churches in surrounding villages. For the training and other tools needed to carry out such evangelism and discipleship, donations of $50 or $100 are sought. Pray that new believers will glorify God in their daily interactions with others.

June 30th

Christian Aid

Local missionaries in countries throughout the world are seeing the needs of the poor increase even as their own resources dwindle in the face of suffering from the COVID-19 global pandemic. While obeying their government’s orders, they are ministering to the needy as they are able, often at great personal risk to themselves and their families. Please pray for their safety, sustenance and emotional state, and consider a donation today to help Christian Aid Mission find, evaluate and equip them for service.