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January 1st | Ghana

With Islamist groups abroad pouring in funds to increase the country’s Muslim population, now at 18 percent, native missionaries are trusting God as they spread the gospel. In three kids’ camps organized by a native ministry, 129 children recently put their faith in Christ. The ministry’s radio broadcasts reached thousands of listeners, with 37 Muslims coming to faith in Christ. Workers throughout the country seek donations of $35 or $70 for these and other efforts to share the gospel and disciple new believers. Pray the Holy Spirit would permeate their outreaches.

January 2nd

Middle East

The Lebanese government has passed measures that make it harder for refugees from Syria to lay down roots in terms of housing and employment, though the international aid community agrees that most are not yet able to return home. Facing growing animosity from people on the street, refugee families trying to survive winter cold rely on food boxes and other aid from native missionaries. Workers throughout the region seek donations of $35 or $70 for critical aid that desperate refugees receive in Christ’s name. Pray that Christ will warm the souls of sojourners with relief, healing and wholeness.

January 3rd

South Asia

With native pastors of churches encouraging congregation members to bring the gospel to nearby villages where Christ is not known, tribal people are forsaking their gods and goddesses and worshipping the living God in house churches. Thousands of others have attended evangelistic camps and festivals where many put their faith in Christ; workers at various mission centers baptized 362 people during one six-month span. Native missionaries throughout the region seek donations of $35 or $70 for such outreaches, trainings and other means of evangelism and discipleship. Pray the faith of new believers would deepen amid growing opposition.

January 4th

Southeast Asia

A native missionary woman visits a village of rampant crime and drugs in the Philippines – an area where her son was stabbed years ago, recovering only after hospital treatment. His assailant has been freed from prison on parole, but she has forgiven him and wishes to bring the light of Christ to the darkness. With an emphasis on biblically grounded churches that strive to impact their tribal communities, such native missionaries are establishing God’s kingdom amid opposition from crime rings, animists, Muslims and other hostile elements. For training and other means of equipping native missionaries there and throughout the region, donations of any amount are sought. Pray that Christ’s reign of love and forgiveness will grow.

January 5th


A woman with cancer of the uterus received prayer from native missionaries, and she was healed. She soon put her faith in Christ and now enthusiastically proclaims Christ to others. An evangelistic campaign resulted in 12 others coming to the Lord, and the native ministry leader is teaching them a Bible course as part of discipleship. Another campaign resulted in 16 people giving their lives to Christ, and they are growing in faith through Bible studies. For such outreaches, training for missionaries and other means of evangelism and discipleship, native missionaries seek donations of any amount to help provide for needs. Pray that new churches will thrive and bring salt and light to their communities.

January 6th


With its longstanding evangelism training programs, a native ministry finds itself in prime position to reach out to the large number of Syrian refugees in its midst. Native missionaries providing blankets, grocery bags, counseling and medical aid have ready responses when the refugees ask, “Why do you come and help us when we are different in religion and nationality?” Separately, native missionaries sharing Christ one-on-one recently saw 20 people put their faith in Christ, and others come to faith through community social services such as vocational training. For evangelistic, aid and community engagement efforts that glorify Christ in the Muslim-majority country, native missionaries seek donations of $50 or $100. Pray for peace amid hostilities.

January 7th


Native missionaries who organize children’s camps say they receive a precious gift when they see how kids’ hearts are warmed upon hearing the gospel and putting their faith in Christ. Holding camps that as many as 1,000 kids attend, the workers are overjoyed to see the kids learn to love by putting the needs of others ahead of themselves. Such native missionaries throughout the country seek donations of any amount for these and other means of evangelism and discipleship. Pray that more young hearts will embrace the Lord and delight in Him.

January 8th


With the goal of putting a smile on every face, a native ministry holds that a redeemed and regenerated society will be free from injustice and exploitation in a way that secures the dignity and development of every person. Church planting must be accompanied by engaging communities to restore hope and engender goodwill in measurable ways, such as giving impoverished women a livelihood through sewing skills training. In order to train 120 tribal women in income-producing sewing skills, native missionaries seek 11 people to give $100 each to meet the total need of $1,100 for the year. Pray that mothers, grandmothers and other women will glorify God as their families become healthier and stronger.

January 9th


Muslims in Syria are coming to Christ as never before, according to a native ministry that organizes wildly popular retreats for women, men and youth that introduce them to Scripture and Christ. Native missionaries baptized 89 adults and 24 youths of the hundreds that put their faith in Christ in one six-month span, but the potential is much greater. They seek donations of $60 or $120 to train, support and equip more workers to proclaim the gospel and disciple new believers. Pray for an increased supply line of prayer and funding for this unprecedented opportunity.

January 10th


More than 200 people attended a native ministry’s four-day gospel event, with 36 of them receiving Christ as Savior. At the ministry’s annual gathering, more than 150 of the 400 who attended put their faith in Christ, including 68 people healed of various diseases. Visits to homes by native missionaries yielded even more fruit as they shared the gospel and discipled new believers, teaching them about baptism and establishing new churches. Native missionaries seek donations of $35 or $70 to continue to share the gospel. Pray that new church leaders would find strength in Christ to instill biblical foundations in new Christians.

January 11th


In majority-Buddhist Burma (Myanmar), native missionaries are engaging their communities with the love of Christ through various projects. In one area, they paid the school costs of 70 needy children and helped provide teaching aides and materials. In another area they helped substance abusers overcome their addictions in rehabiliation centers. Many workers provided water wells amid drought, while others opened up opportunities for livelihood for youths by training them in computer and English skills. For these and other means of engaging communities in Christ’s name, donations of $50 or $100 are sought. Pray that those coming to Christ through these initiatives will tell many others of God’s lovingkindness.

January 12th


Attacks by Muslim Fulani herdsmen and Boko Haram militants have driven 3.3 million people from their homes, with 800,000 of those leaving the country. The remaining 2.5 million internally displaced persons have created an ever-growing challenge for native missionaries standing with individuals and families to ensure they have shelter, food and clothing. Workers provide spiritual and emotional counseling to heal them of trauma and shock, and they have cared for and helped resettle more than 600 people. For such acts of compassionate aid, including medical care, for displaced people from infants to the elderly, native missionaries seek 55 people to give $100 to cover the total need of $5,500 to continue this outreach. Pray lives will be saved and souls saved.

January 13th


Widespread poverty in rural areas contributes to several social ills and make it difficult for the poor to obtain health care. Native missionaries are setting up medical camps to bring healing to many suffering common illnesses and preventative measures against disease. Workers throughout the country are also providing regular meals and put on programs to raise awareness of the dangers of drug and alcohol addiction and how to combat human trafficking. They need donations of $35 or $70 for such expressions of Christ’s love that engage and transform communities and soften hearts to the gospel. Pray that God’s people working amid suffering and despair would be heartened to extend God’s love.

January 14th


A native ministry is seeing new church plants grow as it reaches both Turks and refugees from Iraq, Iran and other countries with the gospel. In a country that considers non-Muslims to be non-Turkish, two Turks who separately saw a church sign, walked in and decided to explore Christianity recently put their faith in Christ. One of the churches also led an Iranian woman to Christ, and another church has established a congregation of Iraqi immigrants. Native missionaries in these churches seek support of $60 or $120 to continue proclaiming Christ and discipling new believers. Pray that those new in faith will grow deep roots to withstand intense opposition.

January 15th


A man tormented by nightmares about demons came to a native ministry center seeking help, and workers told him how the death and resurrection of the holy Son of God could help him overcome evil. He put his faith in Christ, the nightmares went away and he opened a house chuch in his apartment building, where 18 people have come to the Lord. Native missionaries train such converts how to disciple believers who will start daughter churches, and thus hundreds of churches in various provinces of Spain have rapidly sprouted. Workers seek donations of $35 or $70 for such evangelism and discipleship efforts. Pray that strong fellowships will bring the healing light of Christ to many others.

January 16th


Native missionaries were surprised when the keeper of an Islamic shrine invited them to his house to pray for his deeply troubled family. After praying for him in the name of Christ, they were able to leave him with an Urdu-language Bible, which he promised to read daily. It was one of 3,000 Bibles the workers plan to deliver over the year, along with Christian literature such as a compilation of Christ’s miracles that has proven popular and effective when sharing the gospel with Muslims. In order to purchase and distribute Bibles and other literature, workers seek 77 people to give $100 each to meet the total need of $7,700 this year. Pray the Word of God would take root in good soil.

January 17th


A native ministry has a school in each of two different villages where lessons about Christ and His teachings take place three times a week, leading many children to saving faith, along with some of their parents. Many other children come to Christ from outreaches in each of the areas where the ministry works, and the ministry’s churches recently carried out 15 evangelistic campaigns that resulted in 1,500 people repenting and turning to Christ. For such outreaches and other tools for gospel proclamation and follow-up, native missionaries seek donations of $60 or $100. Pray that fellowships will be one in spirit.

January 18th


A pre-school and kindergarten in Beijing provides Christian education programs to children of low-income families. At a discounted cost, poor families can obtain crucial early childhood education that is affordable. About half of the 67 students enrolled are children of pastors and full-time missionaries. Functioning without government subsidy and facing great financial challenges, school leaders seek your gift of $60 to help meet the needs of a child for one month. Pray this ministry’s service to children will also benefit their families and help those served by parents in Christian leadership.

January 19th


Working through contacts at a network of churches, native missionaries are shrewd in how they proclaim Christ – engaging in discreet conversations face-to-face with Muslim friends and relatives, and presenting the gospel openly in Bible studies and in worship service sermons. The leader of a native ministry also has the opportunity to reach many through a radio broadcast. For materials, equipment and support for native workers living by faith in order to reach those who do not know Christ, native missionaries seek 26 donors to give $102 each to help towards the total need of $2,640. Pray that fledgling churches will grow strong with solid foundations and inspired fellowship.

January 20th

South Asia

A tribal woman who practiced a blend of animist and Hindu beliefs was an alcoholic and had lost all hope when she met two native missionaries who told her about Christ’s love and power to forgive and deliver her from evil. She put her faith in Christ and knew peace for the first time. Such native missionaries recently saw 4,248 people put their faith in Christ in 75 villages. Planting 18 new churches, workers led 425 Bible studies while others trained both church elders and students. For such gospel outreach and follow-up initiatives, workers throughout the region need donations to help continue to spread the gospel. Pray the Holy Spirit would continue to penetrate the morass of cultural obstacles to eternal life in Christ.

January 21st

Sri Lanka

A woman suffering from kidney failure and glaucoma was in much pain and unable to walk when she met a native missionary who shared about Christ and asked if she could pray for her. The woman experienced peace after the prayer and put her faith in Christ, and one week later she was healed and now attends Sunday services. Workers at the same ministry recently planted seven churches after sharing Christ with 245 people. Native missionaries throughout the country seek donations of $35 or $70 for such gospel outreach and follow-up. Pray for the Holy Spirit to encourage and inspire evangelists working amid forces hostile to Christ.

January 22nd


In this Muslim-majority country where poverty is widespread, native missionaries work to improve living standards to help people realize their dignity as creatures made in God’s image. Training impoverished women how to harvest and produce moringa plant powder, they added nutritional value to food for malnourished children. Workers also saw 25 students from the ministry’s sewing school complete their second year, increasing their ability to provide for their families. For these and other community engagement projects, native missionaries seek donations of any amount to continue with such projects. Pray that gratitude for improved lives will overflow to Christ.

January 23rd

North Africa

In a region of deep and persistent poverty, native missionaries feel privileged to help provide education and vocational training. In one country, workers paid tuition and other educational costs for the primary school children of 79 widows. Native missionaries in other poor areas offered income-generating vocational training along with the Word of God, and many youths brought both new faith and new skills as they obtained jobs. Families obtained loans for microenterprises and low-cost medical treatment from volunteer doctors. For these and other initiatives to improve living standards for communities in the name of Christ, donations in any amount are sought. Pray that Christ’s light would shine in those overcoming poverty.

January 24th

Middle East

In Turkey as in other areas of the Middle East, refugees are hard-pressed to find work, and those who do are paid little and sometimes nothing for long hours of labor. The aid they receive from native missionaries is vital. Diseases have multiplied with winter weather, and they need blankets and fuel for warmth and cooking, along with clothing, food and sometimes medical help, all provided by donations of any amount. Pray that these expressions of Christ’s love and compassion will lead to healing and salvation.

January 25th


Reaching seven ethnic groups in five states of northern India, native missionaries recently planted nine churches by training workers to gather small groups of villagers and proclaim Christ to them. Gospel workers trained at the native ministry’s Bible college are mentored for two years of field work in which they aim to plant five churches. The ministry seeks donations toward the total need for missionary support of $11,000. Pray that new believers cast out of their non-Christian families will find new community among the brethren.

January 26th


A Muslim refugee couple from Iran and their 3-year-old son were denied asylum in Greece, and the father was arrested for illegal entry, leaving the mother and child alone where they lived in an abandoned building without income. Native missionaries provided funds for food and helped them re-apply for asylum and get the father set free from detention. With prayer the family obtained asylum and was accepted for housing, and like many other families the ministry has helped, they began attending Bible studies and put their faith in Christ. To provide such services along with clothing, helping to enroll children in school and arranging medical care, the ministry seeks donations of any amount. Pray the Lord would continue to inspire workers’ compassionate aid.

January 27th

South Asia

A hostel for poor, orphaned or semi-orphaned boys provides an opportunity for them to become educated and live in a loving community. The native ministry that cares for the 30 boys, ages 7 to 15, also provides skills training to 74 girls and boys that enables them to obtain jobs – crucial for self-worth, stronger family relationships and getting onto a path of productive responsibility. Native missionaries offering such community engagement projects in Christ’s name throughout the region need donations of any amount to keep them going. Pray for God to raise up supporters who would raise up the poor.

January 28th


In one of the poorest countries in the world, a native ministry leader is thankful to have realized his dream of starting a Bible school where 14 students are now taking a six-month short course ahead of being sent to plant churches. He is also grateful to God and Christian Aid Mission donors for monthly support of 10 gospel workers. The native ministry’s missionaries have reached about 600 people with the gospel in the Muslim-majority country in one six-month period and planted a new church, with 39 putting their faith in Christ. For such evangelism and discipleship efforts throughout the country, donations of any amount are prayerfully sought. Pray that the light of Christ will show many people their need for Him.

January 29th


Through a variety of approaches, native missionaries are reaching their country for Christ. They organized soccer games at which Christian literature is distributed and the gospel preached; at one recent match, 12 youths put their faith in Christ as Lord and Savior. Other outreaches resulted in salvation for women working as prostitutes. Recently 100 people were baptized, and a Muslim widow with three children accepted Christ in spite of opposition from relatives. For these outreaches, training and other means for spreading the gospel and discipling new believers, native missionaries seek donations of $35 or $70. Pray God’s will would beat strongly in the hearts of new Christians and new churches.

January 30th


Refugees from the Middle East and Africa arrive with many psychological and other health problems, and native missionaries are providing families emotional and spiritual healing. Native ministries also help refugees cover housing costs when they first arrive. Refugees would have trouble finding work if native missionaries were not also providing language instruction and help in starting micro-enterprises as expressions of Christ’s love. Workers seek donations of $35 to help provide crucial services to newly arrived refugees. Pray people who have lost everything will find peace and stability in the love of Christ.

January 31st

Christian Aid

The lives of most native missionaries are not filled with the comforts that many in the West enjoy, yet they approach each day with the joy that comes from serving Christ whole-heartedly. Those God has called to comfort, heal and preach the gospel among their own people are uniquely qualified and inspired to make witnesses for Christ in every nation. They lack only financial resources. Please consider a donation today to help find, evaluate and support native ministries, and pray the Lord would continue to encourage and equip them.