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April 1st | Greece

An Iraqi Muslim in a refugee camp in Greece began attending a native ministry’s Bible study, stimulating all the participants with questions such as, “Is Jesus God or the Son of God?” After several weeks of study he asked how he could know Jesus personally, and native missionaries led him and his wife to put their faith in Christ. Soon he was able to encourage others toward Christ with his Bible knowledge. Native missionaries seek donations for the means to engage in such evangelism and discipleship projects. Pray that God would use refugees to spread the gospel in their later destinations.

April 2nd


Girls in Egypt are often conditioned from an early age to believe that they are worthless. At a native ministry’s women’s center, workers use biblical principles to teach women and girls about their intrinsic value. With changed self-perceptions, hope in God for better lives and practical help to obtain medical care, education and job skills, women are freed to live joyful lives in Christ. For these and other community engagement projects, native missionaries seek donations of $25 or $50. Pray the light of Christ will overcome darkened lives.

April 3rd

South Asia

A Buddhist monk spent months memorizing Buddhist teachings, studying other religions and meditating but did not experience the spiritual awakening he sought. Only after a native missionary who also had been a Buddhist monk told him about Christ did he experience transformation after making the Messiah of the Bible his Lord and Savior. He was one of 90 people a native ministry recently led to Christ, and native missionaries throughout the region seek donations in any amount for such evangelistic outreach and discipleship. Pray new believers would help build strong fellowships.

April 4th


A native ministry that focuses on training Christian leaders and other church servants relies more on taking them into various walks of life to teach biblical truths, rather than on classroom instruction. Trainees thus share the Truth in their lives with unreached people, comfort and encourage the sorrowful and show compassion to the poor; later the trainees then share what they’ve learned with each other and receive biblical guidance. Pastors, evangelists, youth counselors, care-givers and others benefit from such trainings that strengthen churches but need donations of any amount to meet the total need of $3,300. Pray that lessons learned will build and expand effective churches.

April 5th


When a Shiite Muslim arrived with his daughter in Turkey as a poor refugee, he decided to repent of his alcoholism and bad habits but found no peace in his religion; he felt certain he was eternally doomed. One day he borrowed a New Testament that a native missionary had given to another refugee, and he and his daughter learned the gospel from a native missionary and from online Bible lessons. They put their faith in Christ and now joyfully attend church, eager to learn more. For such evangelism and discipleship efforts, native missionaries seek donations of any amount. Pray the Lord would raise up bold evangelists and new leaders in a country increasingly hostile to Christianity.

April 6th


A native missionary and members of his church go door-to-door twice a week to share the message of Christ’s salvation; some people open their homes, others shut the door. A blind man opened his home and received Christ, and after several follow-up visits of prayer and study, his vision was restored. His testimony compelled many of his neighbors to visit the church, and 13 others received Christ. Native missionaries such as these throughout the country seek donations of $60 to cover their monthly expenses. Pray the Lord would open people’s minds, hearts and eyes to Christ as the Savior sent by God.

April 7th


In the country with the largest Muslim population in the world, native missionaries working in primitive areas with few financial resources increasingly face hostilities from Islamists. With some relying on microenterprises to support themselves with capital provided by a native ministry, they proclaim Christ in discreet personal encounters, Bible courses and radio broadcasts. For these and other evangelism and discipleship projects, donations of any amount are sought. Pray that all barriers to the gospel will be broken.

April 8th


Visiting huts in remote jungles and open-air markets in villages, native missionaries proclaim Christ in the Rift Valley. At one public market they saw how alcohol abuse and witchcraft oppressed villagers, and they prayed for deliverance and restoration. After four days of preaching, 205 people put their faith in Christ. For such gospel proclamation and follow-up with disciples in new church plants, workers seek donations of $50 or $100. Pray for Christ to reign in hearts full of darkness.

April 9th


Crime and drug addiction are on the upswing, but native missionaries are putting children and older youths on the path to God as they provide them food and other basic living items. Other workers are also providing communities with tube-wells for clean drinking water and assisting widows who have no other means of support. For these and other community engagement strategies that open the door the gospel, native missionaries throughout the country seek donations of $25 or $50. Pray the Lord will uplift and strengthen whole communities.

April 10th


With leaders of new house churches trained to immediately raise evangelists to start more congregations, Christ’s kingdom is spreading rapidly in southern Spain. Reaching out to Spaniards as well as refugees from Africa and the Middle East, native missionaries in a growing number of provinces have started small congregations that are flourishing. Four new churches in different neighborhoods were planted in one town alone, and at another new church, 18 people in two meetings came to Christ. For the tools necessary for such evangelism and discipleship, donations of $50 or $100 are sought. Pray for protection and wisdom for fellowships forming amid Islamist hostilities.

April 11th


A mother of eight who lives in an area where poor children often resort to prostitution to survive received a micro-enterprise loan from a native ministry. With just 20,000 rupees (US$280), she was able to buy three buffaloes and some goats, and she began selling milk from them that helped her children to attend school. Native missionaries have also started women’s empowerment groups that help them obtain bank loans for housing and farm businesses. For such projects to engage and build up communities throughout the country, donations of $25 or $50 are sought. Pray that God’s people would be shining lights for their communities.

April 12th


The chief shaman of a village lived in a hut that had no door; no one knew how he entered or left, but he answered from within and appeared outside it. Villagers lived in fear of dark powers, with men refusing to shake each other’s hands at certain times of the year in the belief that they would be paralyzed. Native missionaries were sent to proclaim Christ there, and now the village has the ministry’s largest church, a shining light that people from throughout the region visit to seek God. For such evangelism and discipleship efforts throughout Liberia, native missionaries seek donations of $50 or $100. Pray that gospel seed will find good soil in which to take root.

April 13th

Middle East

Muslims who were once part of the middle class in Syria had to flee when jihadist militants took over their homes, cars and other belongings. They never expected to be facing hunger and want in tent camps in Turkey, but many have found Christ there thanks to native missionaries who know how to communicate in their language with cultural sensitivity. Recently three more Syrian refugees revealed to workers that they have put their faith in Christ. For the tools needed to proclaim Christ and disciple new believers among refugees throughout the region, native missionaries seek donations of $35 or $70. Pray for spiritual growth and safety as Christ’s kingdom spreads among traumatized refugees.

April 14th


In a land soaked in centuries of belief in millions of false gods, native missionaries recently saw many people put their faith in Christ as they proclaimed His saving death and resurrection. Many came to faith after healing prayer. A woman who practiced witchcraft for many years was so ill that doctors said there was nothing they could do and expected her to die, but she came to a gospel meeting and received prayer that healed her completely; she and her entire family became Christians. For such outreaches and discipleship, donations are sought. Pray that workers will be encouraged and equipped to reach more people.

April 15th


Islam is the majority religion in this country, but many people are atheists, and among the traditional Christian denominations the Bible and the message of Christ’s atoning sacrifice and resurrection are largely unknown. Against this backdrop native missionaries work hard to organize youth meetings, summer camps for young people and children’s outreaches. For these and other evangelism and discipleship activities, they seek donations of $3,300 to cover the total ministry need. Pray they will bring the peace of Christ to generations that have no hope.

April 16th


A member of an ethnic Gypsy group learned how to read from a native missionary, then how to read the Bible. A year later he put his faith in Christ and shared his salvation story with his family, who all became Christians as well, and he continues to proclaim Christ with other members of the community. Elsewhere, workers saw people from Hindu communities come to Christ. For Bibles, training and other tools for such evangelism and discipleship efforts, native missionaries seek donations of any amount to help reach the lost for Christ. Pray for courage and perseverance as new Christians face intense societal opposition.

April 17th


The chief of an ethnic Ticuna village and nearly everyone else in his community got drunk regularly, and he staunchly rejected the gospel that native missionaries presented. But after almost getting shot to death in a hunting accident, he told one of the workers that he wished to become a son of God. He and nearly everyone else in the village put their faith in Christ, and the drinking and resulting in-fighting stopped. To train, send, equip and support workers for such evangelism and discipleship, donations of any amount are sought. Pray that God will lead the way for native missionaries’ pioneering outreaches.

April 18th


Among millions of internally displaced people in Syria are many Muslims astonished that Christians help them. Native missionaries provide food packages for desperate families, some medical care when funds are available and emotional and spiritual support in home visits. Workers report they need greater funding to keep up with people’s needs for food and basic living items, costs for relocation of persecuted Christians and their own monthly expenses, as they survive on scant pay. Donations of $35 or $70 are sought to help cover these costs. Pray that missionaries working long hours under harsh conditions will not be discouraged.

April 19th

Burkina Faso

A native missionary completed his training in church planting and tailoring skills along with 59 others, and after a few weeks of prayer he was sent to a Fulani village. There he encountered a man who was violent under the influence of demonic forces, and the worker and another native missionary visited and prayed with him regularly. The man was delivered and saved, his family opened their home for Bible study, and nine other people accepted Christ. For such evangelism and discipleship initiatives throughout the country, donations of $50 or $100 are sought. Pray for God’s protection and inspiration for workers in hostile territory.

April 20th

South Asia

Native missionaries heading up an adult literacy program in west Nepal gave hope for a better life to poor villagers by teaching them how to read and write, which provided opportunities to share the gospel. Native missionaries in the region also started a school for refugee children from Bangladesh and looked after 77 children in extreme need at an orphanage. Donations of $25 or $50 are sought for such projects that engage and transform communities. Pray that people with deep needs will find deep comfort in Christ.

April 21st


An intensely troubled teenage boy reached a boiling point when his parents told him to stop playing video games on his smart phone – he put a knife to his mother’s neck and traded blows with his father. His mother invited native missionaries to her home to speak and pray with her son. God’s truth and love transformed both the parents and the son, and the family began to embrace each other and give glory to God. Native missionaries carrying out such work throughout the country need support with donations of $60 a month. Pray that God would connect workers with hurting hearts willing to hear them.

April 22nd


The “King spirit” and spirits of houses, forests, rivers, rice and livestock are some of the deities that ethnic Khmu people have worshipped for centuries. Small house churches are quietly spreading word of freedom in Christ’s salvation as they mushroom throughout the communist country thanks to the work of native missionaries. With deep knowledge of native customs and language, pastors and evangelists proclaim Christ and oversee house churches, for which they seek monthly support in donations of $60. Pray that their gospel and discipleship work will produce deep faith to withstand strong societal resistance.

April 23rd


Native missionaries made a long trip over rough terrain to speak to inmates at a prison they had never visited before. The afternoon sun was hot, but the prisoners appeared visibly refreshed as a worker proclaimed the gospel in their native Bambara language, with many of them saying he spoke the truth. After distribution of Bibles in French and Bambara, a young Muslim said he had decided to become a Christian. For this and other evangelism and discipleship projects, workers seek donations of any amount. Pray that many troubled souls would find peace and eternal life in Christ.

April 24th


In a country that is nearly 90 percent Muslim, most people in churches founded by a native ministry were formerly Muslim or Hindu, and they are sharing the gospel with their relatives; many family members received Christ’s salvation at Christmas programs. Baptizing 48 new believers, native missionaries planted three churches during one six-month span. For outreach, training of evangelists and pastors and other tools for evangelism and discipleship, workers throughout the country seek donations of any amount. Pray that new Bible studies would form worshipping congregations.

April 25th

Sri Lanka

Divine healing of serious illnesses led many people to put their faith in Christ, and a native ministry planted seven house churches over a six-month span. An entire family was sick and suffering under demonic powers, and a friend invited a native missionary to their house to pray for them. The entire family was delivered and now worships Christ at the worker’s church. For visits to hospitals and homes and other means of evangelism and discipleship, workers seek donations of $35 or $70. Pray that God’s kingdom would reign in peace amid growing hostilities.

April 26th


Refugees from Turkey, Jordan, Syria and other Middle Eastern and African countries arrive in Europe traumatized and without language skills, and native missionaries play a vital role in helping them obtain housing as well as psychological counseling. Many refugees come with addiction to drugs and alcohol, and workers help them to find rehabilitation services. For these services along with basic items like food and clothing, donations of $35 or $70 are sought. Pray that God would use people in transit for His purposes.

April 27th


Native missionaries are traveling to remote areas to bring Christ’s love to people who have no hope. Some rush to the sites of disasters, as native missionaries in Sichuan Province did last June after an earthquake left children in need of care and counseling; others bring word of Christ’s redeeming death and resurrection; others help schools and communities with supplies and expertise. All of these ministries depend on reliable transportation, for which they seek donations of any amount. Pray that God’s children would face no impediment to reaching the needy.

April 28th


Many people in this Muslim-majority country have lost relatives to Islamic extremist militants from Boko Haram, which is based in neighboring Nigeria. Native missionaries visit survivors in their homes and provide food and financial assistance to those who have lost loved ones to Boko Haram and other jihadists, strengthening and encouraging them in Christ’s name. For such compassionate aid, they seek donations of $35 or $70. Pray that sorrowful souls will find hope in Christ.

April 29th


In an area of wrenching poverty, native missionaries provided 150 people with free vitamins, medicines for common diseases and dietary advice for people with diabetes, high or low blood pressure, and those with liver or heart problems. In other areas, 210 poor children received free school tuition, monthly hygiene supplies and spiritual teaching. Workers carrying out such compassionate care projects throughout the country seek donations of $35 or $70. Pray that workers will be protected and inspired by the Holy Spirit.

April 30th

Christian Aid

Before they connect with anyone from Christian Aid Mission, native missionaries are already doing what God has called them to do and are trusting Him for their daily sustenance. When Christian Aid Mission connects them with you, they give deep thanks and praise to God and are greatly encouraged to connect more unreached people with Christ and His healing, wholeness and salvation. Please consider a gift today to help Christian Aid Mission find and assist these devoted workers, and pray the Lord will strengthen and sustain them.