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May 1st | Southeast Asia

The Power Of One

Religious freedom laws in Laos were the farthest thing from village officials’ minds when Pekelo and his wife decided to stop trying to appease the locals’ gods, spirits and deceased ancestors. The couple had put their faith in Christ after listening to gospel radio broadcasts. At first, the animists who led the village were not too concerned. Before long, though, eight other families had put their faith in Christ – 30 people. The officials feared that too many people no longer making sacrifices and petitions to the local deities could lead to retaliation from the ancestors, spirits and gods. They decided it would be better to make the Christians fearful. As an example to the families who had converted to the strange new faith and anyone who might be thinking of doing so, they told the couple to renounce Christ or leave the village. Relocating away from the relatives, work and friends in the only place they had ever known, the couple felt the grace of Christ strong in them even as they felt weak and afraid. They went to a seminar in another part of the country where native missionaries equipped them and dozens of others with training to strengthen their faith. It was a great time of spiritual refreshment to be with other Christians, and they received a solid biblical foundation for going forward in Christ. Last year the native ministry planted 21 house churches as 1,918 people in 12 provinces came to Christ. In Laos as elsewhere in Southeast Asia, people are coming to Christ but need discipling to prevail against opposition. Pray for Pekelo and his wife to know how and when they might return to their village, and for stamina for others in Southeast Asia facing similar hostilities. Your gift of $35, $70 and $105 helps provide evangelism and discipleship in Southeast Asia’s harshest areas.


May 2nd

Native missionaries serve faithfully in the “hard soil” of some of Europe’s most atheistic countries. Summer will bring opportunities for gospel outreach and youth camps and other means, for which native missionaries seek gifts of $25, $50, or $75. Pray the Word of God would be received even in the hardest of areas.


May 3rd

Working in Muslim northern Nigeria, native missionaries have found an unprecedented opportunity to provide aid and the gospel to people displaced by violence and others. There and elsewhere in the country, the ministry seeks assistance of $50, $100 or $150 to bring the gospel to suffering people in spiritual darkness. Pray that this window will remain open.


May 4th
Middle East

International media leave millions of needy refugees for the next story, and aid from foreign organizations also departs – but native missionaries remain. Your gift of $34, $68 or $102 provides life-saving food, water and clothing, among other aid, that opens refugees’ hearts to the gospel. Pray they would find grace and hope in Christ.


May 5th

Native missionaries have an opportunity to share Christ with the unreached Yi people, in spite of a government crackdown on religious activities. A gift of $50, $100 or $150 enables them to bring God’s love to a people living in great darkness. Pray for Christ’s light to shine in their hearts.


May 6th
South Asia

Impoverished children can lose the opportunity to get a life-changing education simply because their families lack the resources to provide them with such things as school uniforms, books, notebooks and admission fees. Native missionaries can provide those items for an average of $35 per child. Pray kids get the schooling they need to earn a livelihood as adults.


May 7th

The meal that native missionaries provide to poor Quechua children each weekday is the only one they’ll get on most days. Building relationships with these 50 kids allows workers to reach their parents with the gospel with your gift of $30, $60 or $90. Pray the Lord’s love will lead them to become leaders of hope and change.


May 8th

A devout Muslim listened to a Christian radio program for weeks and, after discussions with the native missionaries running it, put his faith in Christ. Muslim relatives took his wife away, but he and their four children remain faithful. Assistance of $50, $100 or $150 for this and other evangelism projects is needed. Pray for God’s protection for those being saved amid threats and persecution.


May 9th

Native missionaries are establishing prayer cells where people are hearing the gospel and coming to faith in Christ. A Bible institute that equips students for starting such prayer cells and doing outdoor evangelism, children’s ministry and preaching is one of many programs that your gift of $35, $70 or $105 sustains. Pray the Holy Spirit would work in those who share the gospel and those who hear.

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May 10th

Medical and dental clinics that native missionaries bring to a majority-Muslim area are hugely popular. Grateful villagers hear the gospel, and many put their faith in Christ. Workers seek 25 people to give $100 each in order to care for 300 people. Pray healing will lead to praise of Jesus’ name.


May 11th
Sri Lanka

After inviting Buddhist children to a Sunday school, native missionaries met their parents, who in turn introduced them to three other families; they all put their faith in Christ. Workers doing such work seek assistance of $25 , $50 or $75 to bring the gospel that frees people from oppression. Pray that God will give workers faith and stamina.


May 12th

A Burmese man had tried many ways to get free of alcohol and drugs, but only when he surrendered to Christ at a native ministry’s discipleship program ($25 per man monthly) did he recover. Now he shares about freedom in Christ with 30 addicts from diverse religious backgrounds. Pray for spiritual freedom through Christ’s transforming power.


May 13th

As Muslim refugees from the Middle East and Africa come to Christ, needs for discipling and training are growing fast. For curricula, new believer and leadership instruction and a training facility, among other needs, native missionaries seek gifts of $35, $70 or $105. Pray for former Muslims to be rooted in their faith.


May 14th

Predominantly Muslim Rohingya people have come to faith in Christ and make up the first generation of church leaders among their ethnic communities. They are under intense pressure and need the encouragement and training of a native ministry’s six-month training ($43 per month per person). Pray impoverished pastors unsure of their next meal will be able to spiritually feed their flocks.


May 15th
Middle East

When new Christians must flee persecution from their Muslim communities, native missionaries become their only family. Native missionaries shoulder the responsibility of helping them relocate and providing emergency living assistance, for which they seek assistance of $35, $70 or $105. Pray for those who have lost family, jobs and possessions to follow the Lord Jesus.


May 16th

With an adult literacy program and many other kinds of outreach, native missionaries have established four new churches in three districts among three different tribal groups, baptizing 62 people. They seek assistance of $30, $60 or $90 to continue bringing holistic healing to unreached villagers. Pray they can complete plans to reach all people groups for Jesus.


May 17th

A native ministry is establishing churches among several unreached people groups through various means, including training in evangelism and discipleship for missionaries who then plant churches. Your gift of $60, $120 or $180 will help toward the costs of these trainings and other evangelism projects. Pray the Lord will go before those being sent and prepare hearts.


May 18th

After a native missionary’s rural church held two evangelistic events, 50 people put their faith in Christ, and he is discipling them. The ministry needs 200 Bibles ($6 each) to distribute in other campaigns. Pray for strength and faith for the missionaries.

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May 19th

Having left their jobs and hometown friends, Bible school students trust God to provide for their daily needs as they study in preparation for planting churches or serving existing congregations. Gifts of $60, $120 or $180 help cover their costs. Pray the Lord will fulfill their hopes and desires.


May 20th

In a Muslim area where a warrior tribe resides, native missionaries have planted a church where 80 Christians now meet under a large tree for worship. Workers have seen many other breakthroughs through training, testimony, film, evangelistic events and other tools, all supported by your gift of $50, $100 or $150. Pray the Lord would guard their work and lives.


May 21st

Praying for the sick, passing out tracts and visiting villages to lead house churches, native missionaries are seeing people come to Christ. They are able to undertake these and other outreaches thanks to your gift of $60 per month in missionary support. Pray God will honor their faithful efforts with much fruit.


May 22nd
Middle East

Engaging closed communities with the gospel begins by meeting a practical need. Medical outreach meets felt needs among refugees and the displaced through stationary, mobile and pop-up medical clinics. Workers seek gifts of $30 , $60 or $90 for medicines and related costs. Pray for spiritual healing to accompany physical relief.


May 23rd
Burkina Faso

A Muslim shaman put his faith in Christ after interrupting a trip to visit with a native ministry leader he’d heard on the radio, and he ended up staying on site to join the ministry’s training. He later returned home and started a church with his family and neighbors. For the training center and other tools for evangelism, the ministry seeks gifts of $30, $60 and $90. Pray the Holy Spirit would transform church planter trainees.


May 24th
Southeast Asia

As summer food, medical and dental outreaches approach, native missionaries need Bibles to distribute as they present the gospel. They seek gifts of $30, $60 or $90 for Bibles as well as New Testaments and audio Bibles. Pray that God’s Word will find good soil.


May 25th

Hundreds of children suffering daily from hunger receive a deeply felt act of Christ’s love when they receive food at evangelistic outreaches. Native missionaries seek 13 donors to give $100 each for the outreaches. Pray the children would taste the goodness of the Lord.


May 26th
Sierra Leone

In areas rife with occult and idolatrous practices, native missionaries are reaching people with tracts, personal testimony, film and training of evangelists to form small groups to disciple and plant churches. Your gift of $25, $50 or $75 helps enable many lives to come to the saving knowledge of Christ. Pray that the Holy Spirit would break down all barriers to the gospel.


May 27th
Middle East

For those not free to come to a church service or speak with Christians, native missionaries use radio, YouTube and gospel-loaded SD cards and CDs, among other means, to reach curious seekers in their homes and tents. Workers seek gifts of $15, $30 or $45 for such tools. Pray that more Muslims would put their faith in Christ through these highly effective means.


May 28th

Native missionaries constructing church buildings face great struggles but persevere, as the structures are seen as important symbols of God’s kingdom in otherwise unreached and lesser reached areas. Your gift of $50, $75 or $100 helps construct a building for 150 people. Pray that God’s name will be glorified.


May 29th

Native missionaries recently taught 375 church leaders in subjects such as discipleship and faith foundations – resulting in denominational walls coming down and estranged couples reconciling, besides equipping them to lead people to Christ. Your gift of $35, $70 or $105 supports these trainings and other evangelistic efforts. Pray that the Lord open doors to those who are trained.

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May 30th
South Asia

When a native ministry brought leaders of various denominations together to impart vision for mobilizing churches for prayer and evangelism, it spurred many pastors to make it their churches’ top priority. This training and other ministries’ efforts to equip leaders are made possible by your gift of $35, $70 or $105. Pray that an inspired vision will bring many people to saving faith.


May 31th
Christian Aid

Native missionaries are laboring in obscurity in some of the most difficult and impoverished places in the world. They go with zeal to bring the gospel to the unreached, though, as they are answering God’s call. Please consider a gift to help Christian Aid Mission find, evaluate, and assist them to complete the task of a witness for Christ in every nation.