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September 1st


About 3.6 million Syrian refugees remain in Turkey as fighting continues in some areas of Syria, nine years after tensions erupted. Local missionaries see the pain in their faces as they bring them food, water and hygiene kits, along with diapers, formula and baby food. Workers have forged relationships as they listen to refugees tell of the atrocities they’ve fled, and the faces of the displaced brighten with hope as they receive aid and the gospel. Donations of $35 or $70 are sought for such aid. Pray the Lord will encourage both workers and refugees as needs continue to outstrip supplies.

September 2nd


In spite of potential opposition, local missionaries are proclaiming the salvation of Christ to various unreached peoples in villagers’ homes, at church services and at the ministry’s mission center, among other places. At one evangelistic event, nine people put their faith in Christ and have been baptized. Visiting a village 100 miles away by car and another 30 miles by foot, local missionaries proclaimed the gospel and saw 15 tribal people put their faith in Christ. Such workers seek donations for these and other evangelism and discipleship efforts. Pray that God’s harvest workers would be strengthened and encouraged.

September 3rd


Local missionaries prayed for a man who had been sick for years, and after he was suddenly healed and put his faith in Christ, nearly the entire community has been attending church services. In another area, a church has grown from 30 members to 63 in the past year. Elsewhere in the country, more than 50 new believers were baptized over a six-month period, and more than 75 people received training on how to take the gospel to predominantly Muslim areas. Workers seek donations for Bibles and other tools for such evangelism and discipleship. Pray that more people would find salvation and wholeness in Christ.

September 4th


A tribal father of three children stopped getting drunk, and a 19-year-old tribal man left drugs, after local missionaries shared Christ with them, and they put their faith in Him. While their faith is real, many tribal people profess to be Christians but practice sorcery, superstition and animistic rituals. Local missionaries are training Christians and especially leaders to establish cell groups solidly grounded in the Bible. These groups will evangelize nearby tribes, while some will go farther afield. Donations are sought for such training in evangelization and discipleship. Pray the Holy Spirit would guide workers and prepare hearts to receive His Word.

September 5th


Local missionaries learned that a girl was hearing voices provoking her to anger, and that relationships with her parents and others were deteriorating. Workers shared Christ with her and her parents. After they prayed for them, the girl said she felt deep calm and peace and wanted to learn more about the Lord. Local missionaries work with many children and college students through various programs, and after one recent activity 10 university students received Christ as Savior. Donations are sought for such evangelism and discipleship efforts throughout the country. Pray that Christians will connect with each other amid difficult times.

September 6th


A local ministry needs to expand with the growing needs of refugees from war-ravaged Syria, Iraq and elsewhere, but the flow of refugees outpaces the flow of contributions. Local missionaries provide diapers, baby formula, clothes, strollers, food and clothing as they help refugees with asylum paperwork and arrange medical care; they are also helping parents register children for school and have started a support group for Arabic-speaking teenagers. In order to sustain these and other services in Christ’s name with steady income, they seek monthly donations of $35. Pray the desperate people who have left so much behind will find relief and spiritual riches in the love of Christ.

September 7th


A 21-year-old woman in bondage to harmful spirits since childhood was delivered after local missionaries fasted and prayed for her, and her new faith led three families to trust in Christ for salvation. In one-on-one evangelism, open-air meetings, house visits, social media and other means, workers sharing Christ saw 380 people receive Christ and become baptized during a six-month span. Discipling new believers in Bible studies, house meetings, phone calls and other follow-up, workers throughout the country seek donations for such efforts. Pray the Lord’s protection and provision for people losing family and all else to follow Christ.

September 8th

North Africa

A native ministry receives many calls from Muslims and others who have learned about Christ from different TV channels, radio broadcasts and websites. Local missionaries follow up with the hundreds of people who call, helping them make contact with Christians in their areas and leading them to Christ; among 10 people who were baptized last year was an imam and a former Muslim extremist. In addition, 27 students graduated from the ministry’s Bible school. Workers seek donations for such evangelism and discipleship initiatives. Pray for the Lord to reveal Himself to Muslims and lead them into strong fellowships.

September 9th


A young man who was ill for seven months resented it when local missionaries visited him, preferring instead to sacrifice an animal. When that didn’t work, they prayed for him, and after he was healed he received Christ. In spite of threats from local officials, villagers are maintaining faith in Christ thanks to the teaching they received from native missionaries. At the same time, graduates from a local ministry’s Bible school are overseeing established, growing churches or starting new ones and discipling new believers in seminars and Bible studies. Donations are sought for such evangelism and discipleship efforts. Pray for protection and provision for God’s children.

September 10th


Coming together to worship, to ask God to help the sick and needy and to intercede in prayer for government leaders, local missionaries then go out to bring the message of eternal life in Christ in the Himalayan country. As a result, 135 people put their faith in Christ during a six-month period, and workers are discipling them to maturity. Local missionaries seek donations for discipleship materials, Bibles and other tools for evangelistic outreach and follow-up. Pray that God’s kingdom would grow in the face of increasing opposition.

September 11th


Swarms of locusts have destroyed entire harvests following previous losses of food from prolonged drought and then heavy flooding. The latest disaster comes amid the coronavirus outbreak, which has slowed efforts to eradicate the locusts. Local missionaries have brought relief aid to some victims who gladly received it along with the gospel. Praying for funding to meet overwhelming needs for food, water and hygiene items amid the disasters, workers need donations of $35 or $70 to help bring relief. Pray that lives will be saved, and that people will testify to the greatness of God.

September 12th


In areas where mainly unreached people groups live, local missionaries visiting villages have started 20 small groups of seekers and new Christians in the 98-percent Muslim country. Settling missionaries in villages long enough to raise local leaders, so far six new Christians have decided to train as pastors to carry on the work. Workers seek donations for these and other evangelism and discipleship activities. Pray that churches would form and survive amid opposition.

September 13th

Sri Lanka

Amid religious opposition, local missionaries share about Christ, distribute gospel tracts and hold discipleship weekly classes for those who come to faith. At a youth meeting, 25 young people put their faith in Christ, and some of the 400 parents who heard the gospel at a children’s program are now attending church services. Workers seek donations of $25 or $50 for such outreaches and discipleship. Pray those coming to Christ would shine God’s love to those around them.

September 14th


Local missionaries are breaking up hard ground so that gospel seeds can be planted. They are busy translating the Bible into different ethnic languages, recording translations, distributing clothing and medicines to the poor and holding revival meetings. Often they have to brave winding, treacherous roads to deliver clothing and other items to the poor, who eagerly greet them when they arrive late on cold nights. Workers seek donations of $60 to cover their monthly living expenses. Pray that hearts will be prepared to receive gospel seed.

September 15th

Middle East

The gospel is reaching people in one Muslim-majority country through local missionaries’ ability to share Christ by means of social media, radio and newsletters, but face-to-face visits and sustained follow-up are central. With knowledge of local customs and attitudes, evangelists build relationships over the time needed for people to see their sin in the light of Christ’s forgiveness, resulting in the recent baptizing of 36 new Christians. Donations are sought for such evangelism and discipleship. Pray that new Christians will find strong churches and grow in love and service.

September 16th


A tribal villager worshipped mountain spirits as his grandfather had taught him, and he looked to nature gods for salvation as they were the ones the medicine man summoned when anyone fell ill. Native missionaries shared the gospel with him, and when he became a Christian, he found a Savior who brought him the hope and peace that come with eternal life in Christ. People of other religious backgrounds have joined hundreds of such tribal animists in Christian fellowship thanks to local missionaries’ evangelism and discipleship work, for which donations of $25 or $50 are sought. Pray the knowledge of grace in Christ will break through cultural barriers.

September 17th


In remote areas where local missionaries work, more than half the people live in poverty and cannot provide for their children’s most basic needs. Local missionaries provide a nutritious lunch Monday through Friday to 50 children in one area, giving them the health they need to excel in school. A 16-year-old girl who long benefited from the feeding center plans to become a lawyer and apply the biblical principles she learned from workers. Local missionaries in other areas supply kids with clothing and shoes. Donations of $35 or $70 are sought for these outreaches and other compassionate aid for children. Pray the children will rise above poverty and defeat sin in Christ.

September 18th


Refugees from Syria arrive to find a country in economic shambles and people who resent their presence. Local missionaries provide refugees and needy Lebanese families food – 800 food boxes per month, as well as hygiene kits, clothing, other relief items and health care services. The ministry also makes education available for needy children, along with literacy programs for kids and young adults. Building trust through these services, workers then ask if they can share about Christ. They seek donations of $35 or $70 for such outreaches. Pray refugees and other needy people will not perish physically or spiritually.

September 19th


Hoping to escape severe poverty, young people in this nearly 100-percent Muslim country eagerly learn to read and write from local missionaries who teach French and English, the language skills needed to obtain good jobs. Young women who seek to learn sewing in the ministry’s living skills program are awaiting funding needed for the ministry to hire instructors, while older women continue to earn income through a program that equips them for livestock and tie-dye micro-enterprises. For these and other community engagement projects, workers seek donations of $25 or $50. Pray many troubled souls will receive eternal life in Christ as their dignity is restored.

September 20th


To help children overcome widespread poverty in rural areas of the country, local missionaries are distributing educational materials, books and school bags. Poor children also benefit from workers helping to provide health care and repairing their humble homes. Likewise, local missionaries help the aged, especially widows and other neglected women, with blankets, clothes, bedsheets and mosquito netting. For these offerings and other compassionate aid, workers seek donations of $35 or $70. Pray that dignity will be restored to the poor through the Lord’s servants.

September 21st


Local missionaries planting churches in villages and towns are seeing lives transformed as the Lord carries out His work in people’s hearts. Two teenage girls, sisters raised by a violent father, were shy outcasts who became joyful witnesses of God’s love after putting their faith in Christ; they now are responsible for bringing most people into a church youth group. Other young people who were once hurtful are polite and well-behaved since receiving Christ. Local workers reaching such youths and others seek donations to share the gospel and disciple new believers. Pray the Lord would establish sweet fellowships to hearten the brethren and attract seekers.

September 22nd


An unemployed widow with six children received food and clothing from local missionaries who also shared the gospel with her; she put her faith in Christ and now lives a transformed life of hope. Besides sharing the gospel in charity projects for widows and others, workers also proclaim Christ at evangelistic events, home visits and children’s Bible clubs. The gospel is also creatively introduced in women’s meetings, medical clinics and sports outreaches, and for such evangelism and discipleship efforts, donations of $35 or $70 are sought. Pray the leaven of the kingdom of God would spread throughout the land.

September 23rd


In areas where many poor Christians work making bricks at kilns, local missionaries recently planted three home fellowships. Area residents had never heard the message of Christ’s salvation. In another area where no missionaries had gone, local evangelists began distributing Bibles and proclaiming the gospel, and two other home fellowships sprouted; in all, 30 people received Christ and received baptism. Workers seek donations of $25 or $50 for such evangelistic efforts and follow-up. Pray the fledgling fellowships will spread word of Christ’s salvation throughout their communities.

September 24th


Many people are suffering from illness due to widespread poverty, and as a result many are coming to Christ as a result of healing prayer by local missionaries in the 93-percent Muslim country. In one part of the country, workers planted seven churches over a six-month period, mostly among people who have never heard the gospel. Workers seek donations $25 or $50 for the gospel literature, transportation and other tools of evangelism and discipleship needed to bring hope in Christ. Pray that warm fellowship will expand to include other people living in the cold of unbelief.

September 25th


A narcotrafficker harbored deep anger as he listened to a ministry leader proclaim Christ in prison; the inmate interrupted his message with several insulting comments the first few meetings. One meeting he remained quiet, began listening and confessed his sins. He became a Christian, and now after his release he helps lead a church in his house, where most of his family members are believers. The ministry leader has trained him and others how to start churches that quickly reproduce. He and regional leaders in various parts of Spain seek donations for these and other evangelism and discipleship initiatives. Pray that churches will show the love of Christ in unity and service.

September 26th


A native missionary who speaks fluent Bambara shared the gospel in the 95-percent Muslim country. While most inmates do not dare make an immediate public profession of faith for fear of retaliation, a prison staffer told the evangelist that he was deeply touched and wanted to receive Christ. At a previous prison visit, the warden told the evangelist that several Muslim prisoners had decided to become Christians and had joined a small group for follow-up by a local pastor every Sunday. Workers seek donations for Bibles and other tools of such evangelism and discipleship. Pray many more people will know Christ.

September 27th


Unable to care for their children, the impoverished parents or guardians of 78 young children and 20 older girls are grateful that their kids receive the nutrition they need, along with support to attend area schools – all in Christ’s name, thanks to Christian Aid Mission donors. In a country suffering from widespread poverty, the children find food and shelter that is both life-saving and life-changing at the local ministry’s hostel. Local ministry workers throughout the country seek donations of $35 or $70 to provide such compassionate aid. Pray that children will be lifted out of poverty and fulfill their calling in Christ.

September 28th


Refugees from conflicts in the Middle East and Africa arrive with physical and emotional wounds. Local missionaries are in prime position to smooth the way for their transition to other cultures, meet their basic needs for food, clothing and housing and provide Christ-centered counseling for healing. Workers also help free refugee women who have fallen into prostitution or are being trafficked. Local missionaries rescued one Nigerian woman who had resorted to prostitution in order to pay for her trip to Europe, and she and her son turned to Christ and are now church members of strong faith. Workers seek donations of $35 or $70 for such outreaches to refugees.

September 29th


After local missionaries led a Buddhist businessman to faith in Christ two years ago, he stopped taking kickbacks and began to sell only safe and healthy products. Relationships with his wife and others improved, and he has made his place of business available for church services. Local missionaries braved opposition to hold worship services before the new coronavirus hit, on one occasion discreetly inviting trustworthy Christians to share their testimonies, which led to 10 people receiving Christ. For such evangelism and discipleship activities, workers seek donations of $60. Pray that God’s kingdom would expand in a way that honors and preserves the excellence of Chinese culture.

September 30th

Christian Aid

Working among hundreds of unreached people groups, ministries based in countries around the world are sending local missionaries to build relationships among people of their own or similar culture. They go eagerly with a singular purpose: to establish witnesses for Christ where none exist. You give them the wheels, training and other assistance to achieve their goals and enable Christian Aid Mission to find, vet and equip these workers with your donations. Pray they would receive power from on high and be led to hearts that would receive the Savior.