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September 1st | Middle East

The Power Of One

In the midst of war, a native missionary was huddled and praying with frightened Christians in their home in Afrin, Syria when shelling, bombs and mortar fire drove Muslim neighbors running to them. “They said that somebody got killed,” she said. “They came in shouting and said, ‘We were so scared, and we know that God listens to you, so we’re here with you because God is going to protect you.’” The native missionary and other Christians prayed with them, letting them know that they pray to Jesus and in His name. The neighbors gave their assent and bowed silently with them, perhaps the first step in a journey toward faith. Standing in solidarity with civilians struggling to survive in war-torn areas of the Middle East, and with those who are displaced, puts indigenous missionaries in prime position to share the gospel. Bright witnesses for Christ have drawn many Muslims to faith in the Lord Jesus in these areas, but the unprecedented harvest is leading to an unprecedented level of Islamic hostilities in the region. Muslim relatives, friends and neighbors are threatening and/or attacking Christians in the region at an alarming rate. Due to threats on their lives, families who have accepted Christ must be relocated, and native missionaries seek 10 donors to give $100 for each relocation. Pray the families would be protected and form fellowships in the places where they are scattered.


September 2nd
South Asia

A warm blanket in the upcoming cold months brings relief and comfort to the many poor and needy, especially in the bitter cold of the hill areas. Native ministries wish to provide blankets ($9 each) as an expression of God’s love. Pray they will know the love expressed on the Cross.


September 3rd

Christians in Africa face daunting social ills and pressures, but a native ministry provides materials to equip teenagers and parents with the life skills and discipleship resources to face the challenges in a biblical way. For the Family Impact materials needed in trainings throughout East Africa, the ministry seeks 50 donors to give $121 each. Pray families will be strengthened in Christ.


September 4th

In areas that gospel radio programs don’t reach, native missionaries distribute speaker radios with SD cards loaded with the Bible, sermons and worship songs in the Khmu language ($17 each). The radio players not only introduce people to Christ but help in discipleship. Pray that each player would bring many souls close to God in Christ.


September 5th

A native ministry relied on God’s grace and the support of the brethren recently to establish 93 new, in-depth Bible classes among Chinese Christians all over the world; now a total of 405 classes help new Christians build a solid foundation in Christ. The ministry seeks 10 people to give $55 each to help start a new class. Pray the gospel will spread as the teachers travel.


September 6th

In a native ministry’s hospital, children’s home, leprosy home and five community centers, proclaiming Christ’s eternal healing is a priority. As the ministry celebrates its 50th anniversary with free medical camps, assistance in any amount is appreciated for the outreach. Pray for God to be glorified.


September 7th

A native ministry has identified 170,000 deaf people who have not been reached with the Good News. Planning to put on seminars for the deaf on the Word of God and how to share the gospel, workers seek 21 donors to give $100 to cover costs of one outreach to 50-60 people. Pray God will fulfill their vision for more extensive ministry to the deaf.


September 8th

Going into jungle foliage where cobras lurk and witchcraft is practiced, native missionaries bringing the gospel to a remote village had to hunker down in their vehicle overnight when it broke down and wild animals tried to attack them. The ministry seeks assistance in any amount to expand its evangelism and discipleship efforts with tools such as a strong 4×4. Pray the Lord will go with them.


September 9th

The founder of a native ministry wrote a book ($5 each) that is highly effective in helping Turkish Muslims to understand the gospel. The ministry offers copies on a rack outside its church building but cannot keep it stocked as seekers furtively take them. Pray for eyes and hearts to open and receive Christ.


September 10th

Muslims often fear accepting Bibles in their home countries, but as refugees from the Middle East and Africa, they eagerly receive them from native missionaries offering aid and the gospel. A native ministry needs Bibles ($8 each) in several languages. Pray each refugee would have ears to hear the Good News.


September 11th

Besides its evangelistic outreaches and radio programs, New Life Evangelistic Ministry runs a Christian kindergarten and provides food, clothing and medicine for the poor. Workers would like to give shoes and clothing to at least 120 poor children ($35 per child). Pray that more churches would emerge and flourish.


September 12th

Sewing businesses help a native ministry plant churches in impoverished tribal areas by providing income for faithful believers and gospel workers. The self-sustaining projects ($165 for each sewing machine) provide opportunities to talk with others about the saving death and resurrection of Christ. Pray that new churches would grow strong.


September 13th

A native ministry that started as a small Bible college has planted more than 1,200 churches, carrying the gospel to remote areas where tribal people do not know Him. Each of its native missionaries needs just $132 monthly in order to devote their days entirely to seeing people come to Christ. Pray that God will sustain and refresh them.


September 14th

In a country where hardline Islam is holding increasing sway, a Bible correspondence course that has helped untold numbers come to Christ saw 8,643 students enroll in 2017, including many non-Christians. The native ministry providing it seeks contributions of $50 to help print materials. Pray that God’s Word would transform hearts and a hostile culture.


September 15th
Middle East

Muslims who become Christians receive intensive, month-long discipleship training ($400 per person) in a safe location, away from Islamic influences. With strong biblical teaching and counseling, they return home with a deeply rooted faith. Pray they will become house church leaders who can disciple others.


September 16th

From AIDS orphans living on the street who find loving homes to college students who find freedom from sin in Christ, a native ministry’s varied evangelism outreaches transform lives in myriad ways. For the supplies needed to carry out the outreaches, they seek 50 donors to give $115 each. Pray for God’s protection as Islamic opposition increases.


September 17th

A native ministry trained a missionary who went back to his village and planted a church despite persecution – and since then five other fellowships have sprouted. The ministry equips workers in evangelism and discipleship in a two-month program ($60 monthly per trainee) and then sends them back to their villages for a month of field training. Pray the churches will grow strong.


September 18th

In majority-Buddhist Burma (Myanmar), people who know nothing of Jesus see gospel films and receive Bibles from native missionaries, and many put their faith in Christ and form new churches. Native missionaries seek 10 donors to give $99 each for each evangelistic event. Pray each village in these unreached regions will see vibrant churches in their midst.


September 19th

Reaching isolated communities accessible only by boat, Serving Jesus Christ missionaries have established and nurtured growing congregations, including 10 churches in need of Bibles and discipleship material for children’s and adult Sunday school classes ($150 per church). Pray Christ’s light will fill their hearts.


September 20th

Since a local government and area schools in Tibet allowed a native ministry in, workers have shared the gospel while providing more than 3,000 sets of clothes, 80 desks and 20 water purifiers. With plans to visit the area three to six times a year, they seek 10 people to provide $100 each for each outreach to the remote area’s schoolchildren. Pray that much needed supplies and gospel light will reach the children.


September 21st

A native ministry in north India has planted 300 churches among 17 different people groups, and it wants to undertake income-generation projects such as buffalo farming in order to support its missionaries. It needs 10 donors to provide $100 for each project. Pray for strength and wisdom to bring the gospel to many more souls.


September 22nd

Small loans for microenterprise generate life-sustaining income, and a single goat can be sold in times of crisis or bred for the sale of multiple offspring. Providing these kinds of resources for the poor enables new Christians, orphans and widows to flourish and serves as a gospel bridge, and a native ministry seeks 33 donors to provide $100 each for such assets. Pray that in Christ they will overcome a fallen world.


September 23rd

In this 79-percent Muslim country, training of church leaders is critical for the preservation and growth of Christianity. A native ministry’s Bible school plans three programs of apprenticeship and education for young pastors and seeks 40 donors to give $100 each for the first event. Pray that the Holy Spirit will equip new church leaders.


September 24th

Native ministries in Bangladesh bring the gospel to several unreached people groups at meetings where villagers listen to folk songs and then the gospel. Follow-up workers baptize believers, form them into fellowships and provide discipleship. For each discipleship program, five donors giving $100 each are sought. Pray that seeds fall in good soil and take strong root.


September 25th

A native ministry providing food, clothing and medical care for people who have fled horrific violence is also helping them rebuild their lives elsewhere. Workers are helping them obtain farms for their livelihood, as well as homes (seven donors giving $100 each provides one home). Pray the gospel continues to spread among the displaced.


September 26th

A girl who lost her mother in childbirth lived on the streets with her grandmother, as her father lived at his workplace. He left her at a native ministry’s orphanage when she was 5, and two years later she radiates joy and attends school. The orphanage can take in more kids like her for $66 each per month. Pray they will receive native missionaries’ encouragement to follow Christ.


September 27th
Middle East

The love of Christ expressed through compassionate aid such as food packages, medicine, blankets, hygiene kits, water and other desperately needed items ($136 per family per month) is softening hearts and building relationships for the gospel. Pray for each soul to hear and receive the call of God during this historic opening in the region.


September 28th

In impoverished areas with thousands of malnourished children, native missionaries provide meals to kids ($7.25 feeds one child for a week) and their mothers in outreaches where the good news of Christ’s salvation is shared. Pray that these little ones and mothers will be filled with the Word of God and follow the Lord Jesus wholeheartedly.


September 29th
South Asia

Native missionaries from different ministries can benefit from each other’s knowledge and insights to bring the gospel to unreached people groups. Together in the Spirit they can accomplish the task, but 10 donors providing $100 each for travel and meeting costs are sought for each ministry leader. Pray that God will make their faithfulness fruitful.


September 30th
Christian Aid

For a fraction of the cost to send a foreign missionary overseas, a native missionary who already knows the language and culture of a lost people can bring them the love of Christ. Indigenous missionaries have deep desire to reach their own people and are deeply grateful for your assistance. Please consider a gift to help Christian Aid Mission find and assist them, and pray that Jesus will reign in all people’s hearts.