Community Engagement

Transforming Communities

Christian Aid Mission helps indigenous ministries bring hope and healing to entire communities through community engagement projects.

In poverty-stricken regions where illiteracy is high, indigenous missionaries open schools. They help pull women out of the soul-killing work of prostitution by teaching them a vocational skill such as sewing. In India, a Christian hospital provides free eye surgeries to destitute people. In Iraq, a mobile medical clinic visits displaced people in remote areas. In Indonesia, indigenous ministries help local Christians start small businesses to provide for their families and establish a place for themselves in communities that would otherwise reject them.

Ministries in Burma have found that wells are one of the most powerful ways to reach closed villages with the gospel. Villagers who no longer have to trek miles every day to obtain clean water are open to learning about the Living Water. Hundreds often attend ministries’ evangelistic outreaches, and those who accept Christ form churches.