Help Identify And Assess Native Workers

Native Christian workers have the cultural understanding to share the gospel with people who otherwise might not hear it. Their perseverance to evangelize and disciple new believers is a testament to their faith, especially in light of the increasing persecution that Christians around the world face.

Transform Lives With The Gospel in Pakistan

A man who considered himself a nominal Christian received a booklet from a local ministry and, as he read, he “gained a profound clarity about the nature of Jesus as the Son of God.” Previously, he struggled with doubts about his faith, particularly regarding Christ as divine, but he found all the answers to his questions within the booklet.

Extend Christ’s Love To Women in Uganda

During a six-month period, three mothers intent on aborting their babies chose instead to continue with their pregnancies because of the compassion they received from local Christian ministers. The ministry’s medical team has saved the lives of many unborn babies because of the Christian counseling they provide to the women who seek their help.

Support Refugee Outreach in Thailand

A native ministry sends relief packages of rice and dry food to the border areas at the end of each month to help feed the growing number of refugees who have fled Myanmar’s civil war. Workers are also providing medical assistance and help finding shelter.

Deliver Compassionate Aid To Refugees in Europe

A young mother fled her home country with her three children to escape an abusive husband, but she was separated from two of her children on the journey. When a refugee ministry in Europe was able to reunite the family and provide for their physical needs as well as help with legal documents, it paved the way for workers to also share the gospel.

Strengthen Church Leaders For Spiritual Warfare in North Africa

Eight young Muslim men were recruited from their villages by jihadists and spent more than a year involved in terrorism activities. But they soon realized their error in judgment and fled. When they happened upon Christian workers, they received Bibles in their native languages, and all chose to follow Jesus.

Support Biblical Education in Sri Lanka

A recent gift of five smartboards to a native ministry has provided an opportunity to expand the online theological program. The donation enables Christian leaders to better serve the needs of believers who are unable to attend some of the more than 230 available classes.

Equip Young Adults For Evangelism in China

Online Bible studies have sparked a spiritual fire, particularly among young adults, and ministry leaders see the value of mentoring and then sending these young people into government jobs and other venues in their communities to spread the gospel.

Expand Outreach And Discipleship Tools in Cambodia

Almost 7,000 people have received Christ through a native ministry’s radio program, which celebrated its third anniversary last year. The program is broadcast across the country via radio apps and social media, and people of all ages and from all walks of life, including political leaders and indigenous people, have benefitted from the Christian messages.