Help Care for Orphans and the Poor in Chad

Impoverished orphans and children whose parents are too poor to care for them have recovered their lives through a native ministry’s orphanage, which provides them schooling, three meals a day and health care. Another native ministry assists 100 poor, abandoned or orphaned children with education, food and medical care, in many cases also providing maize or rice for their families.

Send the Life-Changing Gospel in Chad

The son of a Muslim woman who came to faith in Christ sought to attack those who led her to the Lord – until the Savior was revealed to him as well, and he received the gift of eternal life. Native Christian workers visiting homes have planted a church in one area that has gained favor with Muslim neighbors.

Help Build the Kingdom in Chad

Chadian Christians smiling while standing on the steps of a building

Praying for the Holy Spirit to act on the Word sown in hearts and minds, native workers gave thanks for their co-labor with the Lord last year, when 473 people put their faith in Christ and 39 home churches sprouted. The last three months of the year were fruitful as 61 people accepted God’s grace and 16 churches were planted.

Help Send Gospel Hope in Chad

Chadian children stand on the steps of their school wearing their school uniforms of all green.

A girl whose father died told native Christian workers caring for her that she was in deep despair before learning about Christ. “Christ set the example by accepting to die for us,” she said. “I regained my sanity when I gave my life to Christ; today I radiate joy because I have Christ.”

Help Bring Word of Life Everlasting in Chad

Chadian men and women stand around their town well to pump water

People in predominantly Muslim areas are more open to the gospel as local missionaries improve their lives with clean water, health care and education, but in some areas they brace themselves against hearing the gospel after receiving such expressions of Christ’s love.