Fortify New Believers in Ghana

A native Christian worker who travelled to a northern region to disciple people who had accepted Christ on a previous visit found they were in need of biblical reinforcement. “Almost all who gathered under the trees were not sure of their salvation,” he said. “These 105 people rededicated to Christ.”

Help Bring Word of Eternal Life in Ghana

Christians in Ghana sitting under a tree for a Bible study from a missionary

The Spirit of God is opening hearts to the gospel. A native Christian worker and members of his congregation embarked on soul-winning outreaches in June that saw 30 people put their faith in Christ; 13 were baptized and joined the church.

Help Bring the Message of Eternal Life in Ghana

Many times a church pastor had shared the gospel with the hard-drinking, womanizing husband of a member of his congregation, though the man showed no interest. When the 42-year-old merchant had a heart attack, the pastor organized congregational prayer during his 10 days of hospital care.