Help Implant Faith in Christ in Ghana

Young Ghanaian sits in studio producing a Christian radio show

Praise God that workers with a native ministry providing assistance to widows led 39 of them to put their faith in Christ. The gospel is also spreading through a literacy class where 180 adults use the New Testament as a text. “Most will encounter Jesus as they read the Gospel,” the ministry leader said.

Help Equip Gospel Workers in Ghana

Small Ghanaian school children stand outside in their school uniforms with their teachers

From soccer tournaments where youths hear the gospel to seminars for merchants on how to do business with Christian principles, local missionaries have seen much fruit from multiple opportunities to proclaim Christ. Through their sports ministries, 179 young adults have received the Lord’s salvation.

Help Plant and Grow Churches in Ghana

Ghanaian school children stand together in their school some holding notebooks and coloring books

A community that practiced idolatry before local missionaries led many youths to the Lord has recently seen older adults also come to faith in Christ. Seniors that used to believe church was only for young people are now attending worship services, and workers are guiding the young people to grow in their faith as they obtain jobs and start families as adults.

God Abides with Former Teacher of the Koran

Ghanaian Christians kneeling together on the ground praying and worshiping God

Kazim Safisa was once like the young Muslim men waiting for him in front of his village home in West Africa with knives, clubs and cudgels. Returning home from a long day working his farm in Ghana, the new Christian knew the cultural dynamics behind their Islamic zeal. Not long before, Safisa had been a zealous sheikh, going village to village teaching on the Koran. He knew why they felt “infidels” like him must die.