Support Christian Workers in Nigeria

Native Christian workers sustain their families as the Lord provides even as they face risks of kidnapping and death at the hands of terrorists. Some workers are returning to villages to rebuild homes and schools that were burned down.

Help Reconcile People to God in Nigeria

Christ’s command to help the poor helped break down hostilities from Muslims and open the hearts of the poor to the Good News. “Our work has continued to grow as we witness converts in many fields,” the ministry leader said.

Support Kingdom Expansion in Nigeria

In spite of widespread terrorist dangers, local Christian workers are providing aid to the displaced, drilling boreholes for fresh water and proclaiming Christ’s salvation. After distributing more than 4,000 audio Bibles, workers followed up with recipients and many put their faith in Christ.

Send the Message of Eternal Life in Nigeria

Nigerian school children stand around their teacher in their red uniforms praying to the Lord

Distributing Bibles, visiting homes and proclaiming Christ in various venues, local missionaries brought the gospel to people from various walks of life. Providing education for children, water wells, health care and vocational training has also opened multiple avenues for proclaiming Christ’s salvation.

Transform Communities in Nigeria

Nigerian woman pumps water from community well into large bowl while another woman, boy, and man watch

Villagers used to walk more than seven miles to get water before local missionaries provided borehole wells for the community, which has brought good health.

Provide Workers’ Monthly Upkeep in Nigeria

Nigerian men and women stand waiting for medical services

Praise God that 48 pastors and other church leaders were trained and are willing to serve in areas of Islamic extremist violence and kidnappings. Workers in various regions shared the gospel and provided water wells, schools and medical services. “Your support through medical provision has helped us so much that doors have been opened to people in several ways and the gospel accepted,” the ministry leader said.

Muslim Fulani Attacks in Nigeria Displace Local Missionaries

Man pulls essential supplies from a cardboard box to give to a group of Nigerian women and their children

Local missionaries and their families were among 1,900 families who fled their homes when heavily-armed Fulani herdsmen raided predominantly Christian villages in southern Kaduna state, Nigeria this month.

The slaughter of Christian men, women and children by the Fulanis accelerated in recent weeks to unprecedented levels, with a three-day series of assaults displacing five native missionaries and their families, the leader of a native ministry said.

“The killing of Christians in southern Kaduna by the Muslim killers is unprecedented,” he said. “We have lost so much again and again, and our missionaries are being pursued and lost everything.”

Muslim in Nigeria Astonished by Christians’ Love

Nigerian woman pumps water from her community water pump while a man grabs something from his bike

Believing he had a divine mandate to stop all efforts to lure people away from Allah and his prophet, Idris had persecuted local missionaries in Nigeria in many ways.

When an area Christian donated land for a church building, he found a way to block its construction and built a mosque on the property, the leader of a local ministry leader said.

“He was extremely hostile to all efforts and to our missionaries, leading to the persecution against all of our converts there,” the leader said. “Idris even promised to kill our missionaries if they would not stop reaching their communities and preaching the gospel.”