Build Up The Body Of Believers in Uganda

A man addicted to alcohol was transformed after he heard the gospel from native missionaries. He became a leader in the local church and encourages his neighbors to attend worship services with him. A woman stopped consulting with witch doctors when she chose to follow Christ. Now she sings in the choir.

Extend Christ’s Love To Women in Uganda

During a six-month period, three mothers intent on aborting their babies chose instead to continue with their pregnancies because of the compassion they received from local Christian ministers. The ministry’s medical team has saved the lives of many unborn babies because of the Christian counseling they provide to the women who seek their help.

Help Spread the Word of Life in Uganda

Ugandan father talking to his oldest children while his wife and younger children stand behind him

A woman who left Islam to become a Christian had gone two months without a Bible when the native missionaries who led her to Christ were able to provide her one and helped her to learn to read. “She started practicing reading daily, and she is one of the most committed and devoted disciples in our church,” the ministry leader said.