Provide Compassionate Aid in Zimbabwe

Two Zimbabwean women serving lunch to children at school

Learning of a widow who suffered partial blindness for five months, local Christian workers prayed she would be able to get an eye operation, though the costs were far beyond what anyone could afford. After more than three months, on faith they took her to a hospital – on a day when doctors happened to be doing eye operations for free.

Help Form and Strengthen New Christians in Zimbabwe

Zimbabweans sitting in a semicircle waiting for workers to deliver essential food items

When an elderly villager lost his adult daughter and son to COVID-19, a witchdoctor told him his wife and in-laws were to blame, causing the senior great conflict with them. Local missionaries traveled to pray and minister to him, and they led him to faith in Christ; he was heartened to learn how the workers had entrusted themselves to the Lord when they lost a loved one to cancer.

Support Local Missionaries in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean woman handing cotton balls to another woman outside of her home

A native missionary sent to a remote area recently planted a church there. In the process of announcing Christ’s love to villagers, he helped reconcile a woman to her mother-in-law, citing the biblical narrative of Ruth and Naomi.