Provide Gospel Training and Tools in China

Chinese children sitting in red chairs playing with dominoes at a green table

Praises that a teenager who experienced the care and teaching of native Christian workers recently put his faith in Christ, as God’s Word broke the bondage of belief in ancestral deities. At the same time, discipleship through trainings, camps and Bible studies strengthened the faith of young people and others.

Help Send the Word of Life in China

Chinese Christians sitting in rows behind desks listening to a speaker talk at a training conference

The pandemic forced church members to spend more time with family, and native Christian workers encouraged them to share personal stories and literature with relatives. Praise God that workers and church members saw lives transformed in Christ as they connected more deeply with family members.

Help Support Gospel Workers in China

Chinese Christian gathered together in an apartment sitting at a table for a bible study

The gospel made new inroads as native ministry leaders encouraged church members to serve their neighbors by cleaning the homes of the elderly, moving furniture and helping with trash removal. Looking after children, the church members formed relationships with parents and invited them to church Christmas celebrations.

Help Form Biblically Grounded Disciples in China

Native Christian workers receive monthly training to inspire and equip them to explain the Good News. They have set up Bible studies in the homes of various church members who then invite non-Christian relatives and friends to join them, presenting natural opportunities to share the gospel.

Support Workers Leading People to Christ in China

Regional supervisors in 13 areas are establishing Bible classes that are bringing many people closer to the Lord. Utilizing their native ministry’s curriculum, workers have established new classes in seven provinces, bringing the number of groups to more than 800.

Help Bring Gospel Transformation in China

A native ministry’s rehabilitation center welcomed four new residents last year – two alcoholics, a drug abuser and an internet addict in his early 20s who was incessantly playing computer games. Initially he was withdrawn, rude and suffered insomnia, but now he no longer plays computer games, his sleeping disorders have disappeared and his health and manners have improved.

Help Support Workers in China

Native workers providing Bible training and seminars strengthened the faith of Christians and introduced the gospel to others. Mobilizing church members to pass out gospel tracts, workers continued years of kingdom advance.

Enable Gospel Outreach in China

In different areas every month, a native ministry trains 20 new missionaries to proclaim Christ to remote tribal peoples. At the same time, workers from nine ethnic groups have been reaching their own people in rural areas with the gospel.

Help Power Gospel Initiatives in China

Members of churches that had been shut down for various reasons are receiving visits from native Christian workers and are meeting in small groups, where the gospel is shared with visiting friends and neighbors. At the same time, one ministry’s new training center has helped it equip workers to bring the love of Christ to tribal peoples.

Send the Message of Eternal Life in China

Chinese woman wearing a mask locks the door to her house

Native Christian workers found various ways to encourage church members to share Christ amid the pandemic. Some visited with neighbors while going out for mandatory COVID-19 tests, deepening relationships and following the Holy Spirit’s guidance into discussion of the gospel.