Provide Aid to Desperate Refugees in Greece

A local ministry over the course of a year arranged for 105 nights of emergency housing for the most vulnerable refugees, such as unaccompanied minors and single women with children facing homelessness or domestic violence. Thousands of other refugees received baby formula, diapers, food and clothing.

Help Bring Life in Christ in Greece

Refugees in Greece meet with Christian missionaries in a local restaurant

Praise God for refugees coming to Christ as a local ministry provides them aid that creates occasions to share the gospel. Local missionaries went to a refugee camp to pray for one family that had recently arrived and continued visiting them after they moved into a house.

Muslim Refugee’s Pain Puts Her on Path to God

Middle Eastern refugees sit on the sidewalk in Greece

As native ministry workers in Greece began building trust with a Muslim refugee from a country in the Middle East, she told them how she had married at 14 and that her husband had physically abused her. She had divorced her husband, but they were living together again for the sake of the children – though he continued to verbally abuse her. The refugee mother of four had obtained replacement documents with help from the workers, but she continued to come to the ministry office for no apparent reason.

Provide Aid to Desperate Refugees

Middle Eastern refugees sit on couches made of wooden pallets while gathering supplies for their children

A refugee with a serious disease could not obtain critical blood transfusions because he didn’t have the legal papers that hospitals required. A local missionary found a way for him to receive Emergency Room care at a hospital, where doctors found his condition so critical that they treated him for nearly a week.

Send Word of Eternal Life in Greece

Refugees in Greece gather on a carpeted floor for a bible study

Refugees receiving aid often ask to know more about Jesus, and workers have ample opportunities to lead them to Christ in Bible studies, home visits and talks via Zoom. “We also have a number of people who converted through our ministry and have moved to other European countries – we are in close contact with them through WhatsApp and Zoom to disciple and strengthen them,” the ministry leader said.

Help Desperate Refugees in Greece

Refugee in Greece has hands laid on her and prayed for after being baptized

A Kurdish family of four from Iraq had walked 37 days through mountainous terrain when they arrived with a skin disease at a native ministry’s center. Workers provided them breakfast, clean clothes and medicines and looked up a hospital with an emergency dermatologist.

Send Crucial Aid to Refugees in Greece

Greek women sits on a couch hugging a Middle Eastern refugee woman

A minor who had fled a troubled country arrived at a local ministry’s offices with only the clothes on her back. Native missionaries helped her find accommodation and provided her food and clothing.

Provide Aid for Refugees in Greece

Islamic terrorists tortured a young man and killed his father, so he fled as a refugee to Greece, where local missionaries led him to faith in Christ. In the course of providing aid, workers have multiple opportunities to share the gospel with people coming from troubled countries in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, including three who were so eager to declare their faith in Christ that they were baptized despite snowy weather.

Send Aid to Refugees in Greece

A Syrian refugee mother whose husband abandoned her when she became pregnant with her seventh child was homeless after officials rejected her application for asylum a second time.

Help Send Word of Redemption in Greece

A young Muslim from Iraq arrived as a refugee after Islamist militants tortured him and killed his father. When local missionaries led him to faith in Christ, he said he felt a sense of freedom, peace and joy.