Help Proclaim Freedom in Christ in Mexico

A 17-year-old tribal boy was carrying deep resentment over abuse he suffered from his parents and was beginning to rebel. Family members of a native Christian worker recently shared the gospel with him, and he put his faith in Christ. He learned to forgive his parents and felt a great weight lifted from him.

Bring Salvation to the Broken in Peru

A 22-year-old man who devoted himself to pornography and throwing stones at a native ministry’s church building was tormented by nightmares and what appeared to be ghosts. A neighbor invited him to a church service, where a native worker spoke about the peace of Christ.

Help Disciple Tribal Believers in Brazil

A village recently obtained online access that cleared the way for workers to create a WhatsApp group to discuss the Bible with tribal people. Workers also sent solar Bibles and used cell phones with SD cards containing the Jesus Film, Bible studies and praise songs, including material in their native language.

Transform Lives with the Gospel in Peru

Christian missionary in Peru handing a Bible to a Peruvian man in a building with a tin roof

A rural villager who belonged to a sect opposed the gospel, saying only members of his religion would be saved. When he fell ill, he accepted a worker’s invitation to attend a church service, where he responded to the gospel with tears and gave his life to Christ.

Partner in Leading People to Christ in Uruguay

Young women sitting at a table for a Bible study in Uruguay

More young people are coming to Christ in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. A native worker and his wife shared the gospel with a young woman who was suffering severe depression, and she put her faith in Christ. “The Lord saved her, and she found a new hope in Jesus,” the ministry leader said.

Send the Gospel to the Unreached in Argentina

Argentinians sitting outside singing songs while one of them plays a guitar

A tribal group in a remote jungle village heard the gospel for the first time when native Christian workers recently visited them. After three days, 25 villagers accepted Christ. The team appointed one of the tribal converts to lead the new group.

People in Mexico Hear Gospel for the First Time

Christians in Mexico gather for a picture in their church building made from gray bricks

Two indigenous families in rural Mexico had no inkling of God’s existence until they heard audio recordings of the Gospel of Mark in their tribal language. “When listening to our audios in their language, something changed in them,” the leader of a native ministry said. “These families have changed their way of being and thinking.” The two families recently put their faith in Christ and have begun attending church services.

Send Workers to the Spiritual Harvest in Peru

Peruvian women sitting on a hill wearing traditional clothes with large hats

A four-night evangelistic event earlier this year resulted in 150 people putting their faith in Christ, one of many outreaches that native Christian workers recently undertook. One worker preaching at a similar event saw 57 people accept Christ, while another went to a village with a small church and carried out a campaign where nearly all the residents repented and joined the existing congregation.

Help Provide Gospel Transformation in Chile

A man and woman sitting on a bench in their house in Chile wearing jackets

A man hospitalized with COVID-19 received healing prayer and put his faith in Christ, and native Christian workers continued to visit him 80 miles from their church base to share the gospel with his family. “Then we evangelized their neighbors, and several people accepted Jesus as their Savior, and they have started flocking to us,” the ministry leader said.

Help Workers Share the Gospel in Mexico

A group of Christians stand together for a picture in their church which is made from gray bricks and a concrete floor

A native Christian worker is visiting a town that is very closed to the gospel in order to reach people from his own ethnic group. “He is constantly visiting that community with the purpose of raising a church,” the ministry leader said. Workers are bringing the Good News to another ethnic group in two towns that have become open to their visits.