Help Form and Strengthen New Christians in Peru

Local Christian workers praise God for opportunities to work among new tribal communities. Visiting homes and sending biblical messages to those they’ve met through WhatsApp, they have seen villagers begin to attend area churches with their families.

Support Native Missionaries’ Gospel Work in Argentina

A married mother of four children who had gone to church activities only as a child and never accepted Christ recently began attending worship services. “Listening to the gospel, she realized her need for forgiveness and salvation,” the ministry leader said.

Support the Spread of the Good News in Ecuador

The Lord penetrated the hearts of criminals as local Christian workers proclaimed the gospel in prison courtyards. “Several converted to the Lord and along with others attend the daily services,” the native ministry leader said.

Tribal Peruvian Trusts Christ in Fierce Conflicts

Peruvians board a small wooden boat on a river

His children tended to side with his wife in their fierce arguments, so a tribal man decided he would let them live without him. Living alone, he was stewing in a mixture of grief and resentment when native Christian workers paid him a visit and asked him why he was troubled. “Immediately he replied that he had fought with his wife, and that his children are always against him,” the leader of a native ministry said.

Open Gospel Opportunities in Mexico

Christian missionary provides dental care to Mexican man

To work among indigenous peoples who have resisted the gospel for centuries, native missionaries received training that includes practice periods among different tribes. In two areas they are also providing education to poor children, meeting a deep need as indigenous children have very limited access to schools.

Help Save the Unreached in Brazil

Brazilian man taught how to use electronic device by Christian missionary

Waves of COVID-19 have subsided and then resurged, and a native ministry leader and those close to him were infected and praise God that they recovered.

Send The Message Of Eternal Life in Peru

Peruvian women in decorative outfits worshiping together

After praying and fasting to discern where the Lord would send them, local missionaries recently set out to proclaim Christ and planted 17 congregations in the mountains, jungles and on the coasts. At the same time, their radio program daily reached about 200 towns in one area and 121 villages in another.

Gospel Finds Good Soil and Hard Ground in Brazil

Brazilian Christian missionary prays with men and women in wooden house

A woman in a remote jungle village of Brazil learned half of the gospel by habitually partying and getting drunk. Camila* didn’t need anyone to tell her that sin led to despair and spiritual death, because she had lived it by pursuing empty pleasures, a native Christian leader said. “She said that it no longer gave her joy,” he said. “She was very sad and with great despair for the future of life, especially when she thought about man’s eternity.”

Help Feed Poor Children in Latin America

Latin American children stand praying before they eat their dinner on the table in front of them

A nourishing meal helps impoverished children in Paraguay and other countries to learn, grow and hope for a better future. Every Sunday morning native Christian workers provide meals and Bible stories for poor children, then visit their homes to determine needs and share the gospel.

Help Power Gospel Outreach in Brazil

While native Christian workers establish new contacts with members of an ethnic group in one area, others have been working for more than 40 years in a village where another tribe has long resisted the gospel.