Christ Revealed to Truth Seekers in the Middle East

“Jesus saved your life,” the American soldier told Saif* after he was freed from an ISIS prison. Who is this Jesus? Saif wondered, and he vowed to find him. What he discovered transformed his life and that of his family. “I am Christ,” the man in Mahdi’s* dream told him, and he instructed Mahdi where to look to find the answers he sought. When Mahdi obeyed the command and met Christian missionaries who presented him with a Bible, he knew he’d truly been in the presence of the Lord.

Help Christian Leaders Befriend The Lost in the Middle East

The leader of a local prison admitted to a pastor that he had secretly taken one of the New Testaments the pastor and his co-workers delivered to the prison for the inmates. The man hoped that the pastor would discuss the Scriptures with him because when he read on his own, the words “brought him such comfort.”

Disciple New Believers in Türkiye

When a teenage girl told her family she’d become a Christian, they destroyed her Turkish Bible and forbade her from attending any church services. Refusing to renounce her beliefs, the girl marked a tree near her home with the sign of the cross and sits beneath it to read an English Bible, which her family cannot understand and therefore does not realize its value.

Share God’s Word With Seekers Of Truth in Syria

A devout Muslim woman was tasked by her family to intervene with a relative who became a believer after she delivered a healthy baby. Prior to the planned intervention, the Muslim woman attended several Christian meetings to gain a better understanding of her relative’s new beliefs and therefore be better equipped to bring her back to Islam.

Extend Grace To Refugees in Jordan

An African refugee with severe health problems came to a native ministry’s medical clinic, where he was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease so advanced that he had to have both legs amputated. When the disease attacked his kidneys, ministry workers connected him with specialized doctors.

Help Train New Christian Leaders in Türkiye

Hundreds of people have been baptized or are awaiting baptism in churches that have been planted across the country. One new church only has two to three attendees, but they are new believers with a “fresh joy in the Lord.”

Give Hope To Struggling Families in Lebanon

Farmers in one ministry’s sustainable agricultural project reaped 35 tons of potatoes this season. The harvest, alongside a variety of green vegetables, was delivered to local families who also received donated winter clothes in preparation for colder weather.

Lift Up The Persecuted Church in Iraq

A widow and her two daughters became believers after they received a Bible, but they could not publicly express their faith because they lived in a camp alongside extremists. Ministry workers were able to move them to a different location where they can now freely live as Christians, and the children attend Bible study.

Meet People’s Needs in Jesus’ Name in Lebanon

The need for medical care is growing as living conditions deteriorate among both the vulnerable and those with higher incomes. Medicine prices have also skyrocketed after the government lifted subsidies on most drugs. A native ministry is helping to meet the need at its clinic at the church site and at its community center, serving about 100 to 120 patients weekly. Both Lebanese and Syrian refugees receive care. Workers also helped them survive winter with blankets, tarps, food and vouchers to acquire fuel for heaters.