Support Discipleship Efforts in Israel

A young, single mother who struggled with severe anxiety began attending a mid-week Bible study and, as she became more involved, she saw her need for Jesus. The church members embraced her and, after a while, she chose to follow Christ and was baptized.

Spread Word of the Messiah in Israel

Through street evangelism, individual relationships and social media, native Christian workers are spreading the Good News of salvation in Christ, in addition to distributing evangelistic books and Bibles through their church and website. Discipleship of new Christians is done individually or through small groups that meet to study the Bible and discuss how to better live for Christ.

Help Advance the Kingdom in Israel

Two men play the accordion and violin for a Holocaust survivors in Israel

Native Christian workers have continued to faithfully bring word of the kingdom of God to the lost, with more than 600 people hearing the gospel over six months. Among the means of creating opportunities to share Christ were visits to Holocaust survivor groups and a weekly children’s Bible club, resulting in kids’ parents or grandparents attending worship services.

Help Proclaim the Messiah in Israel

Young Israeli man wearing a mask handing a prize to a little girl in a conference center

The brother of a man who received Christ at a local ministry’s church also became involved with the congregation, including attendance at meetings for young adults. Recently he called the ministry leader and joyfully told him he had repented and that Christ had given him a new heart.