Help Proclaim the Messiah in Israel

Young Israeli man wearing a mask handing a prize to a little girl in a conference center

The brother of a man who received Christ at a local ministry’s church also became involved with the congregation, including attendance at meetings for young adults. Recently he called the ministry leader and joyfully told him he had repented and that Christ had given him a new heart.

Help Proclaim the Good News in Israel

Christian missionary handing bag of goods to an older Jewish lady in Israel

An unbelieving soldier who attended a local ministry’s church for more than two years came to realize his knowledge of science did not conflict with faith as he had thought, and he recently testified of accepting Christ at his baptism.

Secular Jewish Refugees Discover the Living God

A Jewish refugee couple from Russia was not interested in hearing more about Christ after they attended an evangelistic event in Israel, but they did accept an invitation to participate in a marriage seminar. A native ministry based in Israel offered the seminar as part of its effort to meet needs in the community.