Provide Medical Care for Refugees in Jordan

Women wearing head coverings sitting in chairs in a Middle Eastern church

The needs of pregnant women and infants are growing among Syrian refugees suffering from conflict and displacement. With limited resources, native Christian workers are meeting the vital health care needs, both physical and emotional, of the mothers and infants.

Help Train Church Workers in Jordan

A Bible written in English and Arabic

The pandemic helped a seminary develop its online programs for church leaders and others being trained to expand God’s kingdom throughout the Middle East.

Help Transform Lives with the Gospel in Jordan

Jordanian woman receives a cardboard box out of the back of an SUV from a Christian missionary

A young man who served as an assistant to the leader of a mosque came to a local ministry’s church to argue with congregational leaders about Christianity. Later going through severe hardship, he had a dream that Christ was bearing his pain and had transformed His suffering on the cross to glory.

Persecuted Christians in Jordan Persevere

Jordanian man carrying a cardboard box on his head walking up concrete steps

A refugee in Jordan was supporting himself and his two children by working at a restaurant after his wife left him for accepting Christ. Recently a deep sense of loss struck him as he worked, and he sought out a secluded place to pray. “He did not notice that there were cameras in the room, and he made a cross sign while praying,” the leader of a native ministry said.

Provide Aid to Refugees in Jordan

Jordanian children sitting at semicircular desks in school

Meeting the urgent needs of Syrian and Iraqi refugees for food, clothing and medical care, local ministry workers specialize in helping children; they recently opened a school in a refugee camp for 20-25 students, as many children are unable to read and are not allowed to go to Jordanian schools.

Send Aid to Desperate Refugees in Jordan

Jordanian men and women work at a table making mosaics

A refugee father of two learned his home in Iraq had been destroyed and that he could not return. Local missionaries taught him to make mosaics, and he has earned income selling those through the church.

Help Bring the Joy of Salvation in Jordan

A Jordanian family sits eating lunch in a barren area

A young Muslim began looking into Christianity online and made contact with a local missionary, but before they could meet, the seeker was frustrated when a traditional church he sought to visit turned him away because of his religion.

Syrian Refugee Widow Learns to Overcome Affliction

Two Syrian women with head coverings on

A Syrian widow with several children had endured affliction before and after arriving as a refugee in Jordan. Islamic State (ISIS) invaders in Syria had seized her oldest son and, fearing they might take her other children, she and her husband had fled in 2013. Some of her children were able to help her husband in odd jobs he might find on the streets – until he was diagnosed with cancer.

Muslim Refugee Finds New Life in Jordan – but Relatives Do Not Approve

Traumatized from violence in northern Iraq, a Muslim woman was weak with an unknown illness after she and her young children took refuge in Jordan. She began attending a women’s Bible study and attending church services, but then she stopped after relatives visited. “She fasted in the month of Ramadan with them, fearing that she would be caught,” the ministry leader said. “She lived in terror of the discovery of her faith and of her participation in church.”