Help Turn Occultists to Christ in Africa

Athletes and those supporting them at market-day matches resorted to witchcraft in efforts to gain an edge, but one of the top athletes heard the gospel at a native ministry’s evangelistic event and received Christ, leaving the occult to serve the Lord in a church.

Equip Gospel Workers in Lebanon

The kingdom of God is expanding as local Christian workers and refugees coming to Christ share the gospel. Muslim refugees from Syria and elsewhere who have accepted Christ are eager to testify to others despite dangers.

Provide Compassionate Aid in Lebanon

Two Lebanese women walk into a store while other Lebanese women walk down the street

The need for medical care is growing as living conditions deteriorate among both the vulnerable and those with higher incomes. Medicine prices have also skyrocketed after the government lifted subsidies on most drugs.

Enable Workers to Form Strong Disciples in Lebanon

Lebanese Christian missionary delivers aid in cardboard boxes to Lebanese women

Amid social, economic and political chaos, Lebanese nationals and refugees are putting their faith in Christ as local missionaries reach out to them. Distributing Bibles and gospel CDs and providing food and help finding work to the unemployed, workers also proclaimed Christ in home visits as they planted seven new home fellowships.

God’s Power Seen in Possessed Refugee Girl in Lebanon

Lebanese women, boys, and man stand behind gate in concrete building

The Muslim uncle of a 17-year-old girl under demonic influence was visibly irritated when local missionaries showed up at the door of their home in a refugee camp. The Muslim parents of the girl had requested they come to their home at the camp in Lebanon for Syrian refugees, but her uncle did not approve, especially as it was the Islamic month of Ramadan and the girl had already driven out a Muslim cleric who tried to help her. “The cleric had been met by the young woman’s screams and her aggressively pushing him away from the home,” said the leader of the local ministry. “As he began to leave, their daughter encouraged his quick movement from the property as she picked up stones and began throwing them his way. He left promptly and did not return nor seek out her parents.”

Help Train Ministry Workers in Lebanon

Lebanese men and boys sit on a grassy mountainside on a sunny day

Students who graduated from a local ministry’s seminary are not so much beginning service as they are continuing in ministries they have already practiced. “They have been faithfully serving the Lord in each of their unique contexts and putting theology into practice all throughout their training period,” the ministry leader said.

Help Refugees and the Poor in Lebanon

A refugee camp built from plywood, old buildings, and tarps

When refugees and Lebanese nationals impoverished by a collapsed economy receive food, clothing and other aid from local missionaries, they often ask workers why they are helping them. The workers gladly share about the love of Christ.

Help Form New Christians in Lebanon

A bag of groceries filled with tea, oil, and canned goods

Despite the presence in a refugee camp of Islamic relatives and neighbors, a Muslim family of six has put their faith in Christ after hearing the gospel from local missionaries who provided aid. The family members are inviting others in the camp to meetings.

Support Workers in their Outreach in Lebanon

Syrian refugees and Lebanese families hit hard by economic turmoil experienced the love of Christ through local missionaries helping them emotionally and physically. Workers provided food for 37,600 refugees from Syria and 18,720 Lebanese nationals over the course of six months.

Bring Gospel Hope to the Lost in Lebanon

The parents and four children of a Muslim family in a refugee camp put their faith in Christ after local missionaries had several gospel discussions with them. In discipleship they are growing in their faith and are inviting others in the camp to meetings; recently a distant relative also accepted Christ. In various outreaches, workers recently planted seven house churches.